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[PDF] 14 جرام By Essam Youssef – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰Ebook❯ ➥ 14 جرام Author Essam Youssef – Serv3.3pub.co.uk رواية ربع جرام من الأدب الاجتماعى الذى يتخلل –بعمق ذلك النسيج المجتمعى للفترة التى تمثلها الرواية وتتبنى مشك رواية ربع جرام من الأدب الاجتماعى الذى يتخلل –بعمق ذلك النسيج المجتمعى للفترة التى تمثلها الرواية وتتبنى مشكلة إدمان المخدرات باعتبارها ظاهرة حياتية من أهم المشكلات التى تعانى منها كافة المجتمعات الإنسانية وترسم طريق الحل والخلاص ولا يأتى ذلك فى سياق موعظة وحكمة مباشرة وإنما من خلال لغة أدبية رشيقة ترسم أدق المشاعر وأكثرها خصوصية وتحس بأن شخوصها أناس يحيون بيننا نتعاطف معهم ونحاسبهم ونحاول أن نصل بهم إلى بر الأمان.

10 thoughts on “14 جرام

  1. Shaymaa Shaymaa says:

    God this book is for saving You get all feelings as if your living inside it You laughcry get excited happy and sometimes depressed as you move along Its a complete package But in my opinion its a message not only to drug addicts but also to pepole with any kind of addiction visualizing how one may move from rock bottom up to surface again Well done Essam looking forward for your next one

  2. Basma Basma says:

    it took me only two days to read this book the lives of these young lost souls touched me so much i wanted to know how will they end up and i consider Salah's story one of the greatest succuss stories

  3. Yosra Yosra says:

    One of my best books ever I never cried while reading a book but I did a lot in this novel A must read novel 3

  4. Mohamed Ghaly Mohamed Ghaly says:

    In terms of writing style I wouldn't give the novel than 2 stars BUT the beauty of the novel lies in the real life story of hope comeback and success Anyone who experienced the addiction of a friend or family member will relate to it I personally learned 2 things about drug addiction from this real life story 1 That addiction is a long life psychologicalillness that can manifest in numerous forms drugs alcohol sex work 2 Leading a structured life style with help from others especially those having the same problem and intention to control it can prevent the addict from falling and can help him exercise control and lead a successful life Miss you my friend

  5. AHamid Daif AHamid Daif says:

    So awesome that I couldn't drop it for like 10 Continuous hours and as soon as I finished it I was about to walk down the streets looking for junkies to tell them all that there's hope really there's hope only if you really want and that the only thing drugs can give you is the desperate need to uit

  6. Jade Sam Jade Sam says:

    Captivating thrilling humerus and tragic And the best part is that those events actually happened The monkey part was epically wild، and when he was robbed for a specific amount and was given his change back I don't to give it away but that was hilarious I don't remember the details but I definitely recommend it

  7. Noha Noha says:

    the book is that Awesome i have never felt so positive before after finishing a book my first time i really interacted with the characters I wish i could meet Salah in my opinion that book should be taught in schools

  8. Nayef Alghamdi Nayef Alghamdi says:

    One of the most grabbing stories Trust me you'll get hooked from the 1st chapter the drama is breathtaking It's one of those books that It should have a sign read at your own risk coz its un believably addictive

  9. Yasmine Yasmine says:

    One of the best books I have ever read It took me into another world that I knew nothing about I'm a person that never sympathized with addicts I thought they were weak careless people that deserved to die This book made me change my mind and really have sympathy for addicts A must must read

  10. Eman M Eman M says:

    Very superficial story and weak scenario

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