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Download ☆ A Baby for the Alien Prince The Alva #1; Celestial Mates By Miranda Martin – ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ A Baby for the Alien Prince The Alva #1; Celestial Mates By Miranda Martin ✸ – Take a Human female as a mate on the off chance of saving his race Absurd At least that's what Prince Elorshin Do'ana thinks It's true the Alvan race is dying There have been no new births in years an for the MOBI ☆ Take a Human female as a mate on the off chance of saving his race Absurd A Baby PDF/EPUB ² At least that's what Prince Elorshin Do'ana thinks It's true the Alvan race is dying There have Baby for the eBook ´ been no new births in years and if they don't do something their entire race is doomed Baby for the Alien Prince Kindle - However Elorshin doesn't want to bind himself to a mate that can't fully share in the fated bond that all Alvan crave Forced into a marriage by a House powerful than his own Prince Elorshin doesn't think he will ever know happiness that is until he meets his bright luscious bride Margot Whelan wants two things one of which she will never have Love and a baby The second can't happen not as long as she's on Earth Population control is too strict When she sees an advertisement for the Celestial Mates Dating Agency she decides to take the chance After all what future does she have on an overpopulated Earth She agrees to marry the hot seven foot tall indigo alien with sparkling emerald eyes and oddly sexy fangs He struggles with the war between what his body craves and what his heart needs Somehow Margot must get past the language barrier and forge the connection Elorshin so desperately desires A love that Houses will go to war for A Baby for the Alien Prince is a stand alone novel in the Celestial Mates Shared Universe It is a science fiction romance story with a stubborn alien and an eually stubborn human female plenty of action packed adventure and hot steamy alien romance.

10 thoughts on “A Baby for the Alien Prince The Alva #1; Celestial Mates

  1. Peggy Fonseca Peggy Fonseca says:

    I was disappointed that there wasn't to the book The title led me to believe there would be to the story line dealing with a baby other than the last chapter It had good potential but didn't live up to it

  2. Sally906 Sally906 says:

    When I saw the title how could I not read it? It was either going to be uite dreadful or really good Well it was really good Politics intrigue danger romance and a bit of rumpy pumpy going to look up the second in the series because you can never have too many blue alien hero’s 😃

  3. Cameo Cameo says:

    45Very goodAt last a story with an alien which doesn't have a girl obsessed with her weight and an alien addicted to BDSMWell written And the story is engagingThe moment at the agency made me laughThe world his hostile which brought a bit of piuant to the plotAnd the H is very attractiveI liked will probably read the next if we stay on this worldThe other prince from the major house was uite intriguing I like anti hero and the fact that he is a bit of a jerk at first ticked me

  4. Tera Comer Tera Comer says:

    I really enjoyed this book and hope that there will be future books of the Alvan race I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it

  5. Leigh UK Leigh UK says:

    Easy read with lots of actionWell this was certainly an adventure for our daring h Margot Lots for her to take in learn process and even to just surviveHere's the bullet list Good writing few typos Very likeable characters Introduction of a fascinating new world Enough action to keep you on your toes Enough sexy times to make you fan yourself when you're not wondering if Margot will make it to the end of this story in one pieceSo why not 5 stars?Well I feel mislead This was no pregnant h The baby was conceived born and sleeping in the nursery within the first 2 pages of the epilogueMy point? The cover of this book is all kinds of misleading I was expecting a pregnant leading lady throughout most of the book No such luck

  6. Annette Annette says:

    Well I feel like the title is a bit misleading or maybe my expectations were a tad off To me this story basically introduces the aliens and their hierarchy I felt that the language barrier was a hindrance It was also odd that her purpose to have a baby was so repeatedly rejected The violence and weird deadly animals wereoddly timed The flow just seemed off

  7. Donna Donna says:

    The title for this book almost doesn't fit There is only one little section that has to do with a baby I think a better title would have been 'A Mate for the Alien Prince' or something along that line It was an interesting book I got a few laughs out of her learning the language Overall it is a nice pleasant love story

  8. Emily Pennington Emily Pennington says:

    Prince Elorshin of the Minor House Do'ana is summoned by Prince Naefaren Viir of the Major House to which they are allied He is surprised to see someone else at their meeting Prince Naefaren begins by reminding him of the declining birth rate of the Alvan people He is directing Prince Elorshin to mate with an off worlder Another House had tried this unsuccessfully but Naefaren believes it is possible Elorshin his against this especially as it impacts his future His people mate for life and there would be no second chance for him to find his fated mate But if he does not comply Naefaren will cut off his people from access to the core well which will mean their destruction Elorshin has no other option but to complyMargot was a maid for the privileged surface dwellers The world was so full of people now that the masses lived underground with barely enough space to move around That is why she is waiting for the lottery results so she could go into space heading for other habitable planets which could take many lifetimes to reach She would finally at least be permitted to have a baby And even though she may end up living her entire life on the ship she would live in a comfortable environment The darkness of space could be no difficult to endure than her underground existence now Her children would have room to live and a family of their own And future generations would live above ground in homes they build She did not win the lottery that night – but maybe something even better awaits her?Fortunately Margot found a vid in the elevator that advertised Celestial Mates She was matched to a Prince on Alva and was transported to her mate But Elorshin was hesitant to bond with her If she was not his fated mate there would be no other chance to find that happiness Because they did not speak the same language he couldn’t even talk to her about it and not understanding his rejection caused her pain Would they be able to overcome the misunderstanding and find love? Could Elorshin take a chance or would he lose this special woman?I really enjoyed this book It was not what I had expected but it captured my attention and I was glad to read it The story line was good and the characters were described well I liked both main characters very much I definitely recommend this book

  9. DelAnne Frazee DelAnne Frazee says:

    Title A Baby For the Alien Prince Celestial Mates The AlvaAuthor Miranda MartinPublisher Miranda MartinPublished 4 24 2017Pages 163Genre Science Fiction FantasySub Genre Paranormal Romance Aliens VampiresASIN B071V62VT2Reviewed For NetGalley and Miranda MartinReviewer DelAnneRating 45 StarsElorshin is forced into marrying an alien bride by the Naefaren Viir Prince of a Major house of his people He as only a prince of a poorer house has no choice but to acuiesce to the demand Forever relinuishing any hope of a true mate match Margot went to Celestial Mates hoping for the chance at having on Earth something that due to overcrowding and scare resources is unlikely to happen When she meets the cold stranger to become her mate and he rejects her at every turn she flees Straight into danger Elorshin risks his life to rescue her and just as it seems they may have a chance a Prince from a Major house much larger than Elorshin's claims her as his Torn apart from one another they face an uncertain futureFast paced and a uick read You will be surprised at how uickly you are pulled into the story and do not want to stop reading Just about the time you think you have it all figured out everything is turned on its axis A great read to be enjoyed by and who look for an alpha male and female; both full of desires and hopesMy rating of A Baby For the Alien Prince Celestial Mates The Alva is 475 out of 5 stars Link Link Not AvailableBooks A Million Link Not AvailableGoogle Play Link Not AvailableIndigo Link Not AvailableKobo Link Not AvailableGoodReads Link Reading Room Link Link

  10. Lisa Jo Lisa Jo says:

    This was interesting The world building was awesome I loved everything Martin created in this sci fi world The creatures the minor and major housesthe struggle between good and evil was really well done The romance was a bit confusing at times I really liked the main character and thought they made a great couple Elorshin was a kind and gentle hero I appreciated the fact that he didn't immediately accept Margot Only because he doubted the probability that she would be his perfect mate He was disappointed that he was risking his chance at one true love by accepting Margot But he uickly learned how special she really was Margot was a very resourceful and intelligent heroine She made her own way in the world and accepted the circumstances of her life would not change unless she changed them herself Her desire for a family lead her to Celestial Mates and the start of her new life But the language barrier really made for some unclear signals This book was by no means sweet or clean but I felt like the physical side of their relationship was just thrown into this book to make it hotter The timing was badit just felt all wrong It made absolutely no sense the first few times they were together view spoilerEspecially the second time when she runs away and he chases after her She's attacked her driver is killed and the dust hasn't even settled before they're ripping each others clothes off It's darkit's the middle of no whereand the dead guy is not to mention the dead creatureright there It was a little gross hide spoiler

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