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Download ☆ A Dark History The Kings and ueens of Europe By Brenda Ralph Lewis – ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ A Dark History The Kings and ueens of Europe By Brenda Ralph Lewis ✸ – Beneath the splendor and sophistication of the monarchies of continental Europe are tales of scandal mystery and skullduggery A Dark History The Kings ueens of Europe peels away the glitz to take a wr Beneath the splendor and sophistication of History The Epub ß the monarchies of continental Europe are tales of scandal mystery and skullduggery A Dark History The Kings ueens of Europe peels away the glitz to take a wry look at what really happened in the corridors bedrooms and dungeons of European power from the Middle Ages to the present daySpanning the whole of mainland continental Europe this history includes the burning of the Knights Templar Vlad A Dark Kindle - the Impaler’s stakes Elizabeth Bathory’s bloodbaths Louis XV’s womanizing the mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask King Ludwig I’s doomed love affair the suicide pact of Austro Hungary’s Crown Prince Rudolf and the troubled life and tragic death of Princess Grace of MonacoTales of murder insanity obsessive love and horrific torture illuminate the troubles of royal dynasties inter breeding and empire with examples drawn from Spain Belgium Romania Sweden the Netherlands Dark History The PDF/EPUB è Austro Hungary Germany and France Illustrated throughout with contemporary paintings and engravings alongside modern photography A Dark History The Kings ueens of Europe offers a fascinating portrait of the dark side of European monarchy.

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  1. Lois Lois says:

    Interesting royal gossip covering much of Europemultiple kingdoms empires duchies etcUnfortunately the author listed bisexuality as a mental disorder and continually uses 'gyy like it's the proper name for the Romani peoples and not a slurSigh

  2. GoldGato GoldGato says:

    After reading this book it becomes uickly apparent why Europe has fostered both World Warstheir historic leaders just haven't been all there so to speak The oven was on but the bread wasn't cooking If you want to get a neat summary of some of the worst European royal personalities then this is an excellent book to make your start There's Don Carlos of Spain one of the insane and deformed Hapsburg nutballs who loved torturing animals and little girls His own father had him killed which was a mercy A good example of the horrors of in breeding The Germans and French are well represented here also but not the Brits I'm sure the Sceptered Isle has its own book devoted just for those special nuggets of tea and murderBook Season Autumn nutbuckets

  3. Lorraine Lorraine says:

    This edition 2017 of Brenda Ralph Lewis’ Kings ueens of Europe The Dark Secrets of Europe’s Monarchies includes The Kings ueens of England which has previously been published as a separate book The author provides information about some unsavory events which had taken place when particular rulers were in power For example King Leopoldo III 1901 1983 was never forgiven by the Belgian people for the death of his wife the extremely popular ueen Astrid who was a former princess of Sweden in a car accident in 1935 when he was driving the car The author also mentions Ludwig II of Barvaria who was declared insane and removed from the throne Ludwig II was known for the magnificent castles he built such as Neuschwangau and Linderhof She also devotes a chapter to “The Mayerling Tragedy” which discusses the murder suicide of Crown Prince Rudolf and his mistress Baroness Maria Vetsera in 1889 The section on the Kings ueens of England includes uestions on the death of William II or William Rufus one of the sons of William the Conueror information on the Plantagenets War of the Roses through Prince Charles Princess Diana’s relationship There are illustrations and photographs that are uite interesting This book covers many areas such as politics the World Wars and illness within certain royal families

  4. Arthur Joseph & Arthur Joseph & says:

    This book talks about mental illness and anything other than cisgender heterosexuality as if it were something horribly odd to be gawked at It also talked about the people with in the book in a disrespectful and dehumanizing way The research is half assed as well In the King Ludwig II section alone there were several claims made by Lewis that 30 seconds either on google or with McIntosh's biography would disprove a hundred times over She also excludes uite a bit from her chapters when certain bits of information don't seem to suit the narrative she wishes to sellThis book to me seemed like a case of someone trying to spin a narrative or an interesting story for the sake of spinning a narrative or making an interesting story rather than someone actually wanted to show case interesting figures in history as they werein an academic and respectful lighting

  5. Alecia Alecia says:

    I was a history major in college and I always found the struggles of the monarchy to be fascinating In class you hit the highlights but if the royalty in uestion didn't start or end a war or something eually dramatic they were pretty much left out the conversation While this book does cover Elizabeth Bartoldy and Vlad the Impaler it also covers many royals you've never heard of The book loses steam in the last few chapters which cover the modern era the dark history read like tabloid scandals Still it was well researched and well written Some of the salacious bits will make for great random trivia to inject into faltering dinner conversations

  6. Crys Crys says:

    I’m a psych major so I found this very interesting in learning about the mental illness that plagued the earlier monarchs I actually also used it as part of my research into Elizabeth Bathory for one of my courses Very informative and a pretty uick read Lots of pics for those who like that kind of thing

  7. Karly TyGr Karly TyGr says:

    This will satisfy any Royal History Nut with it's brief stories and rich photographs I am personally interested in certain Kings ueens so this was a great way to get an overview without needing to go crazy in depth about every detail Very interesting stories to be sure and a cool way to see who shaped what for today's world

  8. Mark Mark says:

    Fun read of some of the most messed up of the Mad Kings And ueens in European history Scandal truth rumor and everything in between is given eual weight in a kind of tell all tabloid presentation Not that the subjects are unworthy of such treatmentthese are a veritable rogues gallery of lunacy

  9. Neil Neil says:

    Really shocking stories of how a group of people thought themselves above the law and could do what they wanted and could get away with it These are the modern day billionaires The book was interesting and worth a read Easy reading if you're into historical reading

  10. Sorcha Sorcha says:

    Certainly an interesting history of European royalty though it devolves uickly from the tyrannical and insane to those with repeated affairs Overall not uite what I was expecting but still enjoyable

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