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Read ✓ A Good Old Fashioned Future By Bruce Sterling – ❴Read❵ ➪ A Good Old Fashioned Future Author Bruce Sterling – From the subversive to the antic the uproarious to the disturbing the stories of Bruce Sterling are restless energy filled journeys through a world running on empty the visionary work of one of our mo From the subversive to the antic the uproarious Old Fashioned MOBI î to the disturbing the stories of Bruce Sterling are restless energy filled journeys through a world running on empty the visionary work of one of our most imaginative and insightful modern writersThey live as strangers in strange lands In worlds that have fallen or should have They wage battles in wars already lost and become A Good ePUB ✓ heroes and sometimes martyrs in their last ditch efforts to preserve the dignity and individuality of humanity A hack Indian filmmaker takes the pulse of a wounded and declining civilization st century Britain A pair of swashbuckling Silicon Valley entrepreneurs join forces to make a commercial killing in organic underground slime and computer generated jellyfish A man in a Japanese city takes orders from Good Old Fashioned ePUB ¹ a talking cat while pursuing a drama of danger and adventure that has become the very essence of his lifeFrom The Littlest Jackal a darkly hilarious thriller of mercs and gunrunners set in Finland to a stark vision of a post atomic netherworld in his haunting tale Taklamakan Bruce Sterling once again breaks boundaries breaks icons and breaks rules to unleash the most dangerously provocative and intelligent science fiction being written todayContents Maneki Neko Big Jelly with Rudy Rucker The Littlest Jackal Sacred Cow Deep Eddy Bicycle Repairman Taklamakan Cover illustration by Eric Dinyer.

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  1. Peter Tillman Peter Tillman says:

    A fine collection Here's a good 1999 review by my colleague editor and critic Nick GeversWhile perhaps not uite as impressive or balanced as Bruce Sterling's two previous collections Crystal Express 1989 and Globalhead 1992 A Good Old Fashioned Future is a fine book combining a surface of ebullient humor with a core of keen intellectual concernThe collection has 3 of my all time favorites all 5 star stories• Maneki Neko • 1998 • short story online copy available• Bicycle Repairman • Chattanooga • 1996 • novelette• Taklamakan • Chattanooga • 1998 • novelette

  2. Michael Burnam-Fink Michael Burnam-Fink says:

    Let me get this out of the way I am a Sterling fan I love everything he's done unconditionally but I think A Good Old Fashioned Future is his best short story collection and the best introduction to his work From the soft and thoughtful Maneki Neko to the gonzo cyber entrepneur terrorist punk of The Littlest Jackel to the tour de force trio of linked stories at the end Sterling shows us precisely how strange our very human future is going to be and how we might survive and thrive in it

  3. Nihal Vrana Nihal Vrana says:

    As a big Sterling fan I must admit that this is not his best work but they are a uite enjoyable set of stories I did not care much about the connections between the stories honestly Also Sterling's style does not mesh well in collaborations I did not enjoy Difference Engine much eithe rfor example and the collaborative story on artificial jellyfish was a flop because of that I don't know who was responsible for the jerky dialogue in that really irked me However from being a visionary point of view; those things autonomous gel based biorobots are being actually done at the moment so he really understands Zeitgeist no wonder he has a book with that nameOne thing I really enjoy in Sterling's books is the travelogue angle as he actually does this professionally; it just adds another significant uality to his stories Moreover he really understands other cultures; for example in Zeitgeist he really understood the situation in Cyprus which really amazed me back then as it is such a complex set of events I'm Turkish thus I'm pretty familiar with Cyprus In this collection it was the same with Finland even though I was there only once; he was able to create the proper attitude for Finnish person Not many people can do thisOverall the stories as always with his books were chokeful of interesting ideas and weird projections It did not have the effect of Distraction or Schishmatrix which makes me shudder each time when I think about it but I do not regret reading it at all

  4. Chris Chris says:

    My favourite stories are Maneki Neko and Bicycle Repairman

  5. Gregg Wingo Gregg Wingo says:

    Bruce Sterling is one of the greatest of cyberpunk writers Although he does not have the force and seriousness of William Gibson he does bring the same level of imagination combined with a fabulously hilarious sense of the comedic to this collection of stories As with both authors central to these works is not just the techno toys of the future but the very postmodern uestion of the nature of capitalism and the human experience with it Literature professor and critical theorist Fredric Jameson ruminates on A Good Old Fashioned Future as followsBut that excitement also expresses the truth of emergent globalization andstories like those collectedare authentic artifacts of postmodernity and little masterpieces in their own right offering a Cook's tour of the new global way stations and the piuant dissonances between picturesue travellers and the future cities they suddenly find themselves in Tokyo to be sure Tokyo now and forever in which a Japanese American federal prosecutor from Providence Rhode Island finds herself entangled in a conspiracy waged through ceramic cats; but also the California of misfit inventors in which a new process for manufacturing artificial and aerial jellyfish threatens to convert all the oil left in the ground in Texas into so much worthless Urschleim Finland then offers an unsurprisingly happy hunting ground for meetings between 60s style terrorists and the former KGB along with ruthless young ecological nationalists veteran industrial spies and an aged Finnish writer of children's books immensely popular in Japan Meanwhile Bollywood actors in flight from the Indian tax system have the luck to happen on the biggest mass grave in history in Bolton in an England decimated by the plague and now good only for making cheap movies on location; while in Germany in Düsseldorf the new institution of the Wende is explored in which observed by a 'spex' salesman from Chattanooga all the destructive collective movements of the time from football hooligans to anti modern moral majorities periodically coincide in a ritual 'turbulence' Indeed it is Chattanooga its burnt out downtown future megastructure now a rat's nest of suatters which serves as the stage for a complex and characteristic encounter between a de sexed bicycle repairman new gender movements have proliferated in this future including that of Sexual Deliberation which artificially eradicates the sex drive and the private police of a long serving and now senile congressional stalwart whose artificial identity replacement the so called mook risks being unmasked by an unwanted package in the mail Finally classic Science Fiction returns with the discovery in a Central Asian desert by twenty first century bounty hunters of an enormous artificial underground cavern in which the Zone the latest future form of the old East Asian Co Prosperity Sphere now run by China has housed three world sized human communities as an experiment in testing the viability of 400 year long space flights I have only incidentally mentioned some of the wacky SF technology taken for granted in these tales significant are the priorities of global cyberpunk in which technological speculation and fantasy of the old Toffler sort takes second place to the historically original literary vocation of a mapping of the new geopolitical ImaginarySo yes the collection is a pondering on our future and a good belly laugh too It is a rare opportunity when we get to think worry and have a good laugh all at once Truly an American piece of literature worth reading

  6. Toby Toby says:

    Maneki Neko 1998 What if a botnet were made up of people who in exchange for anonymous favors performed carefully choreographed tasks that on their own were of no grave import but in the aggregate amounted to a human denial of service attack? Good hook for a story Sterling also uses suirt to mean move data from one device to another well ahead of Microsoft's use of the verb to describe file sharing on their Zune music playerBig Jelly 1994 Cowritten with Rudy Rucker This one is uneven; a stereotypical Texas oil man is supposed to be 25 but talks in a manner that made it impossible to cast anyone other than the expected grizzled Texas Businessman see The Simpsons for one archetypal example in the mind's eye; an increasing dread throughout Act II fails to pay off and we're left wondering if the world comes crashing to an end or if everyone just Gets Happy playing with giant fake jellyfish; A brief interlude at Monterey CA and concerning John Steinbeck rings some good nostalgia bells for me Sterling shows foresight in describing Fort Ord's closure which shouldn't have yet happened when this was written A fair satire of business ethics and what happens when Research meets Commerce; a cautionary tale from the early 90s What happened to Bill Gates? We don't learn it but it sounds awfulThe Littlest Jackal 1996 We're trying to hack the structure of multi national cashflows It's the Infobahn It's the nineties It's borderless and it's happening What starts as a weird post everything espionage tale turns into I don't know what exactly but Leggy Starlitz represents the new hotness while this guy Raf the name no doubt is a reference to the old school Red Army Faction is old and busted Nobody ends up with what they're after anyway and Leggy Starlitz pitches into the dark Baltic water without any gear The titular Littlest Jackal is a liberal arts major Finnish Revolutionary Awesome And Sterling uses a lot of exclamation pointsSacred Cow 1993 Bruce looks to a 2050 ish future where a generation ago Mad Cow disease has decimated Western beef eating cultures leaving India a global economic and cultural powerhouse Cell phones never got invented I guess and Bollywood Schlock is high entertainment The story is a little nothing just a toothless little riff on this what if Were mad cow and Bollywod A Thing in 1993? I don't rememberDeep Eddy 1993; Bicycle Repairman 1996; Taklamakan 1998 The last three stories in this collection form what could easily pass for a long novella They're set in the same universe and tell the story of three loosely related characters Deep Eddy features the titular data courier on a trip to Germany during a Wende a sort of anarchist's street party where he's caught between the forces of a Cultural Critic and a Moral Referee; The Bicycle Repairman of the second story is Eddy's one time roommate who gets caught between a rogue political AI and its handler; Taklamakan features an urban spider climbing enthusiast who showed up in Bicycle This last story is the best of the bunch and probably of the whole collection almost at the edge of cyberpunk and space opera it asks the heaviest of Bruce's What Ifs What if instead of genocide you disposed of your ethnic undesirables by telling them they're going on a starship trip but instead you bury them in arcologies underground? Taklamakan is bizarre tense and packs a lot story into its pages than ought to be there

  7. Steven Reiz Steven Reiz says:

    Excellent short story collection

  8. Chloe Chloe says:

    I am now completely convinced that Bruce Sterling should not write novels His short stories are so much better than any long form writing that he's ever published that I don't understand why he doesn't write Compiling seven stories written during the tumultuous nineties Sterling offers his strongest work to date Clear visions of probable futures that are far concise and far less meandering than his normal workThe collection opens with Maneki Neko in which Sterling unfolds a future world where life is aided by a vast computer network of anonymous members who provide little pick me ups when needed from baby clothes for an expectant mother to advice on where to get your hair cut But woe unto anyone who tries to sabotage the networkThen there's Big Jelly a piece co written with Rudy Rucker Probably the weakest story in the bunch about a pair of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs set to make a killing with organic underground slime and computer models of jellyfish The Littlest Jackal introduces a familiar Sterling character Leggy Starlitz of Zeitgeist as he attempts to set up a money laundering operation on a chain of Finnish islands that are about to erupt in revolutionary bloodshed Likewise Deep Eddy introduces us to a world where Hakim Bey's theoretical Temporary Autonomous Zones run wild in Dusseldorfuick reading for anyone interested in seeing where we're going and where we've been Even a decade since this collection was put together it still seems visionary even though the concepts put forth seem closer to reality than ever

  9. Sadie Sadie says:

    I can't tell if a Stirling Gibson or Stephenson future awaits but this was brilliant Moomintrolls robotic evolution hipsters gone extreme I can't believe this is nearly 20 years old Read this It will help

  10. Paige Ellen Stone Paige Ellen Stone says:

    This collection of Bruce Sterling's short works is wonderful The stories date from the nineties and so it is nice to look back at his speculations and see how right he was how wrong he was and how we are on the way to realizing many of his speculations Most of the stories could ualify as sci fi cyberpunk and that makes them delightful I particularly enjoyed two stories Deep Eddy and The Bicycle Repairman which are intertwined and occur simultaneously in two different placesThe stories are full of Sterling's dark humor absurdities and creativity The book easily stands on its own but ualifies as a must have for Bruce Sterling freaks of which I am one Get it read it you'll be glad you did

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