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[Ebook] A Helping Hand By Shayla Kersten – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❴Reading❵ ➹ A Helping Hand Author Shayla Kersten – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Deputy Sheriff Rich Taylor has many secrets His sexuality is only the top of the list Even his best friend Dan doesn't know Rich is gay For good reason His feelings for Dan are than friendship When Da Deputy Sheriff Rich Taylor has many secrets His sexuality is only the top of the list Even his best friend Dan doesn't know Rich is gay For good reason His feelings for Dan are than friendship When Dan's injured the thought of losing him forces Rich to admit his years long lust has turned to love An accident turns State Trooper Dan A Helping Kindle - Fletcher's life and his car upside down With his right hand out of commission he has to rely on his best friend for his basic sometimes intimate needs After spending most of his life looking for the right woman he begins to wonder if he's been looking at the wrong gender an impossible concept in their small minded world.

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  1. Gigi Gigi says:

    I re read this one in August 2013 as part of the Tennessee Cops series This is a kicks ass angst o rama Two cops best friends one taking care of the other after a car accident serious sexual tension I mean seriously? What else do you need for a fucking hot MM romance romp? LoveHighly recommended for all MM romance fans It's on my favorites shelf and was a blast to re read

  2. Nic Nic says:

    This is a great story of friends to lovers Rich is gay but his best friend does not know Dan has been searching for 'the one' for years without luck Both work in law enforcement When Dan has an accident Rich realises he could have lost him and realises his true feelings Rich helps Dan while he recovers from his accident and this close contact leads to Dan feeling things for Rich that leave him very confusedJeremy Rich's 'friends with benefits' makes an appearance in this story and seems a great guy I haven't read the blurb for the next book in the series but I hope it gives Jeremy his happy ending

  3. Lenore Lenore says:

    All right This is one of those rare cases where I end up hating ok not liking would have sounded suave but I'm in bitch mode right now EVERYONE in the bookRich You're in love with your ostensibly straight best friend That doesn't mean you should let him treat you like shit and keep going back to him for humiliation frustration and misery Not to mention the gratuitous sex where he does nothing to reciprocate either physically or emotionally Get one of those blow up dolls You'll get out of that relationshipDan I love you I love you not I'm gay I'm not gay I want you I don't want you I like women I don't like women I'm jealous I'm not jealous Hot cold Hot cold Hot cold Fuck you Dan So muchSharon No comments Horrible horrible personJeremy The biggest fucking doormat everArgh

  4. Gbook Gbook says:

    I really don't know what to say I was interest up to the point where Jeremy was brought in I understand he was important for the story but jeez seriously I don't understand why I have to read two scenes where they are intimate I don't see the point I was so turned off I get that we have to see how it would be like if Rich had someone to want him need him love him but come on I was so emotionally attached to the characters that I felt I was watching Rich cheat on Dan Even though Dan and Rich weren't anything around that time but man I felt sick For the first time I actually wanted to skip reading this book or just skip this author all together I did however like the characters I just would have rather the scenes between Jeremy and Rich not have been so graphic I wanted to give this book a 3 but I won't do that just to satisfy others I won't re read this book again Either way I will continue to read the story about Jeremy but who knows

  5. Jenn Jenn says:

    35 Some of the writing was actually done well but the plot was so completely ludacris and cheesy Not to mention the ex girlfriend was beyond insane over the top and dubious as a character 60% of the sex scenes were with one of the MC's friends with benefits and I think they would have benefited from a severe editing Not to mention no one is that nice after getting dumped from a 5 year relationshipno oneOnce again a nice simple plot would have served this story much better than all the drama Car accidents evil exes friends with benefits GFY homophobic beatings etc Just stop already and take it down a notchHowever lol I enjoyed the writing most of the time I just wish plot points had been adjusted

  6. Jilrene Jilrene says:

    2something I don't care starsYeah I didn't like Dan at all Rich was bordering on TSTL These guys are cops? Oh well Could be my mood It wasn't light enough to be fluff but no where near deep enough to be anything else

  7. Janna Janna says:

    Wow This novel is very very hot sweet sexy lovely arousing enjoyable and surprising I really recommend this book if you like reading about MM love friends turning into lovers and handsome straight guys discovering their attraction to a man with all the confusing feelings and doubts that go with that discovery Because Shayla Kersten truly wrote a great story with all these ingredients And luckily this novel is the first in a series of three the other two titles are Hidden Force and Hidden Hands All are MM stories with policemen as heroes I’m gonna read them for sure because if they’re only half as good as this one gaspA Helping Hand is the story of best friends Rich and Dan who live in a small town and work for the Sheriff’s Department Dan is a lady’s man; he’s dating a lot in his search for the right woman to spend his future with Rich is gay but uiet about it And he’s in lust with his friend Dan for years now When he witnesses Dan’s car take a spin and crash he realizes that his feelings go much deeper A period follows in which Rich has to take care of Dan because of his injuries In this period the two men get to share intimate moments which lead to And this really shakes their worlds Not only are their dialogues and actions very well written their feelings doubts and behavior are also believable and developed very well The love scenes between the two men were scorching hot and a real joy to read

  8. Ami Ami says:

    Goodreads summary is enough for the book so I just go straight to my opinion this time I am never such a big fan of gay for you story Why? Because I'm always worried that somewhere down the road the person will think that it's just a phase rather than actual love Though it doesn't necessarily means that I avoid books with this theme altogether Some GFY stories are really goodThis one however doesn't really work well for me especially how the problem is solved I can feel how Rich who IS gay falls in love with his best friend Dan I'm invested enough in him feeling the worry that the friendship will change and the pain of thinking that Dan can't love him back It's the resolution of Dan that I'm not satisfied with The change from friends to lovers is too rushed I just don't believe Dan will be able to accept that Rich is Mr Right simply because his girlfriend used to tease his ass and then he dreams of Rich and then feels jealous because Rich has certain someone in Memphis I just don't buy it not when Dan tells Rich that he wishes that Rich is a woman Plus Dan still fears of the outcome of him being gayAND almost 14 of the book actually explores Rich being with Jeremy in Memphis instead of working on changing the friendship to lover with Dan In my heart I sort of wish Rich moves to Memphis to be with Jeremy instead BUT I still give this 3 stars because I really REALLY like Rich

  9. Amara Amara says:

    This was my first book by this author and I enjoyed it sort of It had some ok heat to it which is always good and some plot to go with it I didn’t love the characters though I had mixed feelings on both Rich and Dan I felt Rich expected Dan to come around to being accepting and out pretty uickly for a guy who’d been straight all his life I wasn’t all that jazzed about Rich getting frustrated and running off to Jeremy instead of fighting it out either Jeremy was a good supporting character I just plain felt sorry for him but at least he took a risk and tried I didn’t love Dan either All his worrying about what everyone would think got a little tedious for me I understand confused straight guy and all but I would have liked to see him worry a little less about what everyone might think confused or not His attitude over Sharon just irritated me He was supposed to despise her but still thinks about them in bed and seemed unable to really stand up to her She was so infuriating I wanted to kill her myself The biggest problem that I had was that after all the angst the ending seemed unfinished It needed something to tie up all Dan’s worry over how the town may feel about he and Rich being gayAll and all it was an ok book I’ll probably give another one of Shayla Kersten’s book a try Maybe Jeremy will get a HEA

  10. Candice Candice says:

    I liked this book but not as much as the first one Two main things kinda bothered me with this one Dan's back and forth indecision which was understandable and the whole storyline with Jeremy I know that it wasn't technically cheating but I felt that it really didn't add to the overall story and the same could have been accomplished without it That being said I still enjoyed the overall story and this author's writing

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