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[PDF] A Higher Voice By Sheri Wren Haymore – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❴Read❵ ➮ A Higher Voice Author Sheri Wren Haymore – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Legendary rock singer Britt Jordan is at the pinnacle of his career at least as far as the world knows But Britt's voice is failing and a terrible event in his past haunts him every moment He thinks t Legendary rock singer Britt Jordan is at the pinnacle of his career at least as far as the world knows But Britt's voice is failing and a terrible event in his past haunts him every moment He thinks that his A Higher eBook Á life is a hopeless shipwreckuntil the night he is stopped dead in his tracks by a woman's smile With the same determination that propelled him to stardom he begins to create a new life with Dena and her daughter Bonnie Britt's presence in Dena's life brings than paparazzi however His baggage includes a brother who wants to destroy him and a stalker intent on killing his wife Willing to sacrifice any price to save his family he finally must find a higher plane on which to face his past and his future.

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  1. Carrie Williams Carrie Williams says:

    I just finished A Higher Voice stayed up until midnight and am so grateful to have been along for the ride with these characters From the very first pages I felt integrated into the lives of the central characters Britt and Dena It's the type of story where I found myself wondering Hmm I wonder what's happening with Britt and Dena? when I was away from the book It is clear that the author demonstrates great care for her characters and the flow of the story as well What a precious story of love and transformation driven by page turning suspense I highly recommend this book and am uite sure that you will want to keep turning pages until midnight as well Enjoy enjoy enjoy

  2. Melanie Adkins Melanie Adkins says:

    Britt Jordan wasn't sure what was wrong or how to stop it He did know he felt out of control He felt lost and unsure Then he met Dena Martin Her smile stunned him Her laughter was music like he'd never heard before All Britt knew for sure after meeting Dena was that he never wanted to let her go Their biggest problems came from Britt's rock star lifestyle How would their lives meld? Neither was sure but they couldn't wait to begin that life together Romance Tenderness Devotion Each of these words describe what happens in this book Ms Hay did a superb job of writing this book The characters are wonderfully full and rich If you can only buy one book this month Buy this one It will take you places you can only imagine and you'll believe in happy endings again Thank you Ms Hay for giving us a book we can read again and again and never tire of In the spirit of such books as Gone With the Wind and Sense and Sensibility this book is timeless I found no issues in this one I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 cheers because I never dreamed such devotion existed any Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review

  3. Beth Beth says:

    A Higher Voice is a love story in every sense of the word and the Author's main character Britt Jordan exemplifies that love story in every part of his life From his passion for his music to his lasting love for Dena and her daughter Bonnie Britt's love story starts on page one and never diminishes or ends until the reader has finished the last page Britt's journey to discover who he is keeps the reader wanting and also proves that the author Sheri Wren Hay is wise beyond her yearsTo be able to put into words and describe in detail a love that is far beyond a physical presence in someone's life takes a skill that I haven't found in other books I have readHay gives the reader just enough suspense to keep them on the edge of their seats guessing who done it while at the same time giving the reader thought provoking uestions on love loyalty trust and honesty I loved the fact that as Britt made changes in his life Dena's love for him and trust in him never waveredA Higher Voice is an outstanding read I will definitely be looking for other books by this author Great job Sheri Wren Hay

  4. Amanda Amanda says:

    From the first page I was rooting for Ms Hay's characters Britt and Dena With great care she writes their stories and the scenery around them perfectly Britt is likable he is a master of his career he hasn't lost touch with reality and reads like a man any of us could know Dena is charming a strong mother with unfortunate drama in her life She is patient kind and loving almost to a faultAfter reading several shorter novellas this one was a bit harder for me to get through It is a whopping 450 pages Within that our villain seemed to be a cookie cutter version of a stalker and with the amount of page turns given to A Higher Voice I expected a little character development in that plot point Otherwise the book is superbly written and edited nicely Once again my feelings on Christian fiction are solidified It's not what people might think it is there are some really great stories out there of true acts of love This is definitely one that refuses to be put down once started This is a great debut novel for Ms Hay and I look forward to seeing from her down the road

  5. Vianey Vianey says:

    From the beginning I'm entirely into the book the two main characters Dena and Britt are well developed and you get to know about them as the story goes on they are very enjoyable characters It was such a page turner each page had a little surprised and I wanted to keep reading to see what would happen next It was very well written and I loved the characters It had a good story line and felt sad to finish it but it was an amazing ending I highly recommended it I am so glad I received this book for free from the first reads giveaway

  6. Lisa Cobb Sabatini Lisa Cobb Sabatini says:

    I had no idea what to expect when I began reading Sheri Wren Hay's A Higher Voice and the author kept me guessing and surprised throughout the novel Britt the main character is very complex and extremely unpredictable Part love story and part mystery A Higher Voice is wholly about soul searching and understanding oneself and the ones we love I should have seen the ending coming but I did not A very good read

  7. Meg Meg says:

    A wonderful prolific story filled with flamboyant characters that grab you and pull you straight into a plot full of twists and turns Filled with mystery mayhem excitement jealousy love laughter; than sufficiently covering all the emotions a great all night page turner should bring

  8. Michelle Willms Michelle Willms says:

    A Higher Voice by Sheri Wren HayBritt Jordan is a famous rock singer He’s been a hit for than 20 years Lately though he’s had some issues He’s hearing overwhelmingly loud noises in his head and feels excruciating nausea Nothing seems to uiet the noise or calm the sickness except dumping ice water over his head – complete pitchers of ice water Nothing that is until he meets Dena MartinDena is the owner of a small town newspaper and the mother of a 12 year old daughter The connection between Dena and Britt is instantaneous Within days Britt knows this is the woman he wants to share his life She has uieted the noise in his head and healed the sickness in his gut by her very presence There is to this simple story though Britt is losing his voice His career will be lost to him without his voice – but Britt has damaged it beyond repair with years of screaming into the microphone Add to this ongoing drama a stalker; a psychotic brother who looks eerily like Britt and hates him fiercely and the story gains even intensitySheri Wren Hay wrote most of her characters as multi dimensional beings making Britt easy to like He walks off the page and takes on the persona of a “real” person The reader gets wrapped up in the saga of Britt’s and Dena’s lives Secondary characters are not as well developed One example is Phillip Britt’s brother who is stalking Dena There simply aren’t enough details provided to make his hate understandable He comes off as a cardboard cutout of a character Dena though definitely a well created character is occasionally too sweet almost saccharine I found myself asking how many people are always this kind and always this patient and found it unlikely any human could be uite this perfect Dena could be annoying with her sweetness She was also a really religious person and brought the “Christian” aspect to the book Frankly I am not a fan of Christian fiction and as a general rule do not read or review it That being said Hay never came off as preachy and only had her characters mention “being saved” or church or other traditional Christian terms a very few times When it came time for Britt to do some soul searching at no time was any specific type of religion foisted about This was a very refreshing change For those considering reading A Higher Voice and I encourage folks to do so I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcomeA Higher Voice is an exceptionally well written novel with a smooth writing style and fun characters Even though the novel is uite thick it is so wonderfully engrossing and the tale so appealing I read it almost entirely in one sitting The author is able to pull the reader into the story so deeply the outside world ceases to exist The reader wants to know what happens to the characters The characters’ lives take on meaning and importance Hay is an author to watch I received a copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own

  9. Christine Gardner Christine Gardner says:

    This book was enjoyable I like the concept of the story and found myself engaged in Britt's story My few criticisms are that I thought Britt's erratic behavior was confusing at times and found myself re reading paragraphs to try to understand what was happening I also kept waiting for something really tragic to happen or prolonged nail biting moments based on the build up but all crisis's were over fairly uick More could have been done using Phillip and Lori's characters Their stories really never evolved into anythingOn a positive note I liked that the love story between Britt Dena started right away and lasted throughout the book I found the faith trust that Dena had with Britt very refreshing It gets tiresome always reading stories with overwhelming jealousyBritt's love of his wife and his music was endearing I loved Britt's journey of self exploration and that he ultimately learned to love himself and his life I received this book for free through Good reads first reads and received my first signed copy of a book from an author which was a highlight for me I appreciate the opportunity to have read Sheri Wren Hay's work and to provide my feedbackI recommend this book to anyone looking for a good love story and for anyone wanting to understand what it's like to take a hard look at what and who they are

  10. Renee Renee says:

    I thought A Higher Voice was a good read It was pretty enjoyable and I liked Britt's story Aside from the underlying messages about Dena and her beliefs I found her likeable I was really engaged in Britt's storyline It was a different type of book with a star who was not typical It was hard to imagine Britt falling for Dena and how they stayed together was a positive aspect He really evolved and learned a lot about himself Very refreshing There was a lot to like about this book and I would say if you are in the mood for something clean and refreshing give this one a try I liked that the love story between Britt Dena started right away and lasted throughout the book You can relate to Dena and her need to protect her daughter It was showing the faith Dena had in a different way along with her trust in Britt's feeling for her The author added a little sub plot with the music production and concerts concerning Britt

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