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[PDF.ePUB.MOBI]  A Partisan's Daughter Author Louis de Bernières – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰Read❯ ➳ A Partisan's Daughter Author Louis de Bernières – Serv3.3pub.co.uk The new novel from the acclaimed author of Birds Without Wings and Captain Corelli's Mandolin is a love story at once raw and sweetly funny wry and heartbreakingly sadChris is bored lonely trapped in The new novel from the acclaimed author of Birds Without Wings and Captain Corelli's Mandolin is a love story at once raw and sweetly funny wry and heartbreakingly sadChris is bored lonely trapped in a loveless sexless marriage In his forties he's a stranger A Partisan's Epub / to the s youth culture of London a stranger to himself on the night he invites a hooker into his carRoza is Yugoslavian recently moved to London the daughter of one of Tito's partisans She's in her twenties but has already lived a life filled with danger misadventure romance and tragedy And though she's not a hooker when she's propositioned by Chris she gets into his car anywayOver the next few months Roza tells Chris the stories of her past She's a fast talking Scheherazade saving her own life by telling it to Chris And he takes in her tales as if they were oxygen in an otherwise airless world But is Roza telling the truth Does Chris hear the stories through the filter of his own need Does it even matterThis deeply moving novel of their unlikely love narrated in the moment and through recollection each of their voices deftly realised is also a brilliantly subtle commentary on storytelling its seductions and powers and its ultimately unavoidable dangers.

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  1. Kevin Ansbro Kevin Ansbro says:

    Chris the narrator of the story is a forty year old Englishman trapped in a loveless marriage to an insipid wife whose veins run on skimmed milk a figure of speech of course she doesn’t literally have skimmed milk in her veins That would be ridiculousBedevilled by frustration and desperate for some knee trembling rumpy pumpy he sets out in his shit brown Austin Allegro one night with the express intention of paying for sexHe invites a prostitute Roza into his car; only Roza isn’t a streetwalker she’s a free spirited Yugoslavian with a penchant for role playThe story alternates between Chris and Roza’s narrated memoirs but in the process failed to hold me in any kind of thrall Nothing astonishing happens; it just uneventfully kerb crawls alongI’m a huge fan of Mr L to the d to the B but this was him tapping out a story whilst simultaneously saving his concentration for something important to him than writing a bookFans of the prose twister’s work expecting him to rescale the dizzy heights of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin are advised to look elsewhere

  2. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    A novella about an unusual love affair between a lonely Brit and an illegal immigrant from Yugoslavia When? At the end of the 70s The central theme is the complicated love affair but also the plight of illegal immigrants and the lies we tell each other The stories we fabricate I never knew for certain exactly what was told to attract and what was truth What makes this book are the lines Relationships are captured through the words of the two each telling their own version of the story There is humor There are lines of adolescents perfectly portraying pubescent behavior Even if the story is told than shown I just didn't care Authors can break most any rule if they do it rightThe narration of the audiobook is done by two Jeff Rawie for the man and Siân Thomas for the girl Both were very good I felt they were the characters speaking The lines and the unusual story are the charm of the book A woman needing to talk and to be heard And the man? Sexually aroused but also seeking contact What happens at the end? You will have to read to find out but I thought the ending was good Little things happen in life but these little things may have huge conseuences

  3. Connie G Connie G says:

    A Partisan's Daughter is the unusual story of a modern Scheherazade Chris is a lonely salesman in a loveless marriage in 1970s London He impulsively stops by a woman dressed like a streetwalker She told him that she wasn't a prostitute but he could give her a ride home to make up for his mistake She felt that he was a nice guy and asked him to drop by for coffee sometimeRoza the Yugoslavian daughter of one of Tito's partisans was in England illegally and living in a seedy communal house She tells Chris about her life every time he stops by for coffee Her tales are full of danger and adventure and are often very erotic Roza was the only thing that made Chris really feel alive before he went back to his dull normal existence each day It's uestionable if she's a reliable narrator or even if Chris is totally truthful Years later he looks back on his experience with Roza as his one great last chanceThe story shows the power of storytelling as emotional reactions are stirred up between the teller and the listener When someone is enthralled with the stories they keep coming back Were Roza and Chris each just providing what the other one needed or was there truly love? It's a strange but thought provoking book 35 stars

  4. Alex R Alex R says:

    To tell the truth the only reason I bought this book in the first place was because I had a coupon that I was itching to spend and this was the first book I could find that looked remotely interesting Afterwards it sat in my room gathering dust until I decided to organize my book collection in my closet into read and to read I made a promise to myself that before I buy another book I must get through all my to reads and not be wasteful This was the first book I chose from my to read sectionAs soon as I started reading it I just could not stop Though it did not really have a life changinglarger than life plot like most other books had I loved its simplicity The story is told from two perspectives switching sometimes every other chapter The first character is Chris who is an aging man who is caught inbetween feeling old and young which really just leaves him left out His wife whom his calls The White Loaf shows him no affection or even attention to him any and really on spends his money On a whim one day he decides to pick up a prostitute something he has never even tried before Introduce the second character Roza Feeling like her life is getting dull again she decides to stand out on a street corner and pretend she is a prostitute and fool men After Chris suffers from the embarassment of trying to pick her up she proceeds to get in his car and asks him to drive her home After he drops her off she offers him to come over some time for coffee Soon after this proposition Chris comes over to her dingy apartment freuently to tell her over the top stories about her life They become attached to each other though maybe not for the same reasonsWhat I really loved about this story was that I was just two ordinary people and not your average love story They weren't portrayed as beautiful people falling in love with each other They were your everyday people; aging chubby filled with smoke and disdain I also loved hearing each and every one of Roza's tales whether they be real or not She kept Chris and the reader wanting to come back and hear I would recommend this book to anyone who isn't looking for a fairy tale or some mysterious adventure but just your average realistic yet unconventional love story

  5. William William says:

    Nobody does love and loss like De Bernieres This is Scheherezade retold but in it everyone is trying to save themselves in different ways It's also about the power of storytelling itself It starts a bit slowly and initially the characters are not entirely sympathetic but as the veils come off you are helplessly drawn in I don't generally read everything any one author writes but for me DeBernieres is an exception

  6. Jayne Charles Jayne Charles says:

    This isn’t so much a story as the recalling of someone telling a story – all very arm’s length For this reason I found it hard to get into and I was constantly reminded that as much as anything else it was a way of proving that Louis de Bernieres’ encyclopaedic knowledge of international history and culture now extends to the BalkansOnce I reached the middle third things speeded up and I found it enjoyable Books by this author are always full of intelligence with freuent humorous sideswipes I particularly liked the Yugoslavian horse named “Russia” ‘because it was very big a complete liability and always going where it wasn’t wanted’ He is also bold in his choice of subject matters and the plot of this visits some very dark placesNot my favourite by him but still good and relatively accessible compared to his other work

  7. Laura Laura says:

    Every great novel must have a great first sentence I am not the sort of man who goes to prostitutes really catches the eyeI finished this book last night I read from 8 1130 and finished the last half it's a uick read There is a surprise that is supposed to happen at the end but it just never happens Perhaps it means that the story is in the journey and not in the ending but it was a bit annoying This book is like Birds without wings in that it is the story of yugoslavia through the eyes of a partisan's daughter talking to a lonely british man in London It's a love story sort of It's a tragedy sort of I didn't find the writing nearly as good as birds without wings nor the historical information This book is of a temptress tempting you to be interested to look up about the history of Yugoslavia on your own by dropping hints of how interesting it is It even does so much as to take the main characters to the library to motivate you by example Some uotes I enjoyed in the bookThat's the odd thing about affection though If you have a large amount of it to bestow and if the right person isn't there to receive it you bestow it on someone else until a better candidate comes alongI felt very safe with her and I began to experience her fear of passing time because when a friendship is so sweet and close it always opens up the possibility that it will not last foreverThere is also a wonderful stint about a conversation between a young woman and an old man They both envy each other's age and life He tells her of his experiences and how he is touring the places in which horrible things took place or horrible people are laid to rest so he can spit on their graves Overall a worthy read but Birds Without Wings is still his masterpiece I wish I had all the uotes from that book that I love written down

  8. Michael Michael says:

    Scheherazade redivivus We exist in the minds of others and in our own minds in the tales we tell about ourselves Our autobiographies are always intentionally and unintentionally works of creative nonfiction and sometimes are entirely invented to enhance our self esteem to entertain our friends or to intrigue lovers and potential lovers This is a book about such tales about those who need to tell them and those who need to believe what is told It is both the narrative of an elaborate courtship ritual and an examination of those crucial words which are so often and so tragically left unsaid John Donne tells us No man is an island entire of itself What he does not tell us is that every man is at best a peninsula and that our stories form the isthmi by which we seek connection with others Sometimes the stories are not enough and sometimes they are too much but as long as the stories are told and heard Scherherazade lives for another night and Shahryar dreams of what is yet to come If we are birds without wings at least we can sing to each other In A Partisan's Daughter the author has sung well once again

  9. Dale Dale says:

    A Partisan's Daughter is the latest novel by Louis de Bernieres the first since Birds Without Wings It is a very small novel almost a novella Set in the late 70s and early 80s it is the story of a young Serbian woman Roza who is living illegally in Britain and Chris a middle aged traveling salesman who has become besotted with her He visits her whenever he can he's unhappily married and they drink tea while she tells him stories of her lifeHe is a miluetoast kindly but dull afraid of adventure and hardship without passion and completely unsure of himself He thinks he is in love with Roza but makes no move towards her other than to visit and to listen to her stories She is intelligent top of her class but left University after one year because she was dumped by her boyfriend She ran away to England hoping for a different lifeThis is a very low key novel It leaves you with a sense of sadness and loss but doesn't strike very deeply The constant motif in the story is that small mistakes in judgment or sometimes just plain chance and misfortune lead to terrible conseuencesIt is brilliantly written and well worth reading

  10. Tatuu Tatuu says:

    You shouldn't think people love you You should wait for it to be said because if you push it it rolls over the edge and it gets broken ParaphrasedRoza appears to be too trusting and she is the kind that when people treat her in a certain way and do certain things forto her she concludes that they love her This leads to her being disappointed in many ways which in turn also leads to her running awayall the timeYou can go as far as you like but a broken heart travels with you her father told her and he was right

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