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Download ☆ The Accounting GameBasic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand By Darrell Mullis – [PDF / Epub] ✎ The Accounting GameBasic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand ☂ Darrell Mullis – Basic Accounting Fresh From the Lemonade Stand The world of accounting can be intimidating But often than not there's no way to avoid it even non financial jobs venture into financial jargon and conce Basic Accounting Fresh From GameBasic Accounting MOBI ò the Lemonade Stand The world of accounting can be intimidating But often than not there's no way to avoid it even non financial jobs venture into financial jargon and concepts For those trying to get done at the office organize the dollars and cents in a small business or just in need of a refresher there's no reason to turn to the average number crunching class again The Accounting Game presents financial The Accounting ePUB ✓ information in a format so simple and so unlike a common accounting textbook you may forget you're learning key skills that will help you get ahead This book uses the world of a kid's lemonade stand to teach the basics of financial language and records You'll run your own lemonade stand and make it grow by creating signs to advertise it borrowing money from Mom buying lemons and sugar and selling to the whole neighborhood As you Accounting GameBasic Accounting Kindle Õ run your stand you'll begin to understand and apply financial terms and concepts like assets liabilities earnings inventory and notes Accounting GameBasic Accounting Fresh from Kindle - payable plus Know the difference between accrual vs cash accounting methods Create and understand an income statement and balance sheet Track inventory using LIFO and FIFO Create cash statements and understand cash flow and liuidity Apply your new knowledge to real life situations The revolutionary approach of The Accounting Game takes the typically mundane subjects of accounting Accounting GameBasic Accounting Fresh from Kindle - and business finance and makes them something you can easily learn understand remember and use The Accounting Game is produced by Educational Discoveries the training industry's leader in accelerative learning technology More than peoplehave graduated from The Accounting Game the world's most successful one day financial seminar.

10 thoughts on “The Accounting GameBasic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand

  1. Danail Stanev Danail Stanev says:

    If you are new to accounting you have to read it Fantasticly clear

  2. Karen Chung Karen Chung says:

    This book is a great introduction to how accounting works especially for those of us who are really just not that crazy about numbers calculations and the nuts and bolts of money matters but who may be involved in a business startup I finished the book without doing the exercises which usually means you haven't learned the material thoroughly and do plan to reread it a second time doing the exercises this time The first reading was good for getting to know basic principles like the difference between the accrual vs cash method of accounting and which is appropriate for what kind of business; the difference between an income statement balance sheet and cash flow statement; and how straight line vs double declining depreciation works and when you use which The one thing to be aware of is that at the end you'll be told that you've just learned about only one of the three crucial bottom lines needed to measure the health of a business If you want to know about the other two plus the six crucial drivers of the three bottom lines and that you should sign up for a workshop by calling an 800 number You suddenly feel like all this time you were just being set up for an ad at the end But the book is still a great resource and probably one of the most accessible entrance points to accounting around so I recommend it highly

  3. Caleb Rogers Caleb Rogers says:

    A good starter book for anybody interested in basic accounting Teaches how to read the three basic accounting sheets using a Lemonade Stand example You literally can't not understand this book It is so simple I'm sure a ten year old would grasp its contents At times it can get a bit silly and repetitive with it's uestion answer format but its short and you WILL grasp these concepts after reading I got it on kindle which probably isn't effective because it has you constantly updating little balance sheets as you go through Not really necessary I still understood but I bet my long term memory would be a lot better if I had the physical book to fill in the accounting forms in Maybe you can download the forms somewhere?Long story short this thing will take you 3 days max to finish Read it and understand how money works in business

  4. Bibiduck Bibiduck says:

    I hate accounting because I failed this subject when undergraduate But this book is so vivid that pull me back I am now reading it the second time

  5. Dmitry Dmitry says:

    Rather nice begginner level introduction into balance sheet income statement cash flow statement and a small array of other accounting related things Easy to read lots of examples

  6. Rohit Patel Rohit Patel says:

    Have no clue what accounting is? Then this book is for you The book covers the fundamentals of accounting in an unconventional manner by using examples that even a 10 year old would get By the end you would have a decent understanding of all the basic terms of accounting that you would have heard like balance sheet income statement cash Statement and would hopefully not find yourself blank while reading comprehensive books on accounting

  7. Ruth Mini Ruth Mini says:

    I loved this book It made accounting so simple to understand I am horrible with math and this book was really helpful

  8. Ingrid Ingrid says:

    A MUST READ FOR EVERYONEAs a clueless teenager and prospective undergrad student invested in my financial education I picked up this book with low expectations How I underestimated this book so much Usually I'd skip past books like these with comic sans font and kid friendly sesame colors under the impression that while these books generally had good intentions of explaining complex concepts they only watered it down to simplex and useless jargon I saw so many 5 star community reviews and really I had no right to judge that I finally said to myself Why not give this free ebook a go? And I did Right from the start the authors drove their pitch home They educate you through the story of a boy you the protagonist who is opening your very first lemonade stand business over the summer Here and there they weave in scenarios in this 'story' where you're forced to encounter new concepts concepts about accounting Within hours I had a solid grasp on concepts like balance sheets income statements and cash flow statements FIFO and LIFO records and accrual vs cash accounting You'll be amazed at the volume of words and ideas you've absorbed at the end of this book Seriously if you're a sucker who has the attention span of a pinto bean you CAN no WILL read this book in 3 days topsI would recommend reading this book in paperback rather than online though It makes the experience that much fun and easy considering you don't have to do any math in your head And proudly wave this book with your 'Accounting Game Diploma' in the air when you have

  9. Ahmed Ahmed says:

    I think this book was a great introduction for non financial people like me the fact that it used an example of a thing so simple like the lemonade stand to project accounting on it is so demystifying and it takes all the fear of trying or learning something new from the euation in fact i grew curious about accounting and i am capable to go for trying to understand complex topics or taking it a level deeper exactly because i have read this book i like how it projects actions as transactions and then trying to analyse these decisions if there was going to be a better decision that would have skyrocketed the business even it's so simple and intriguing and the language was really easy and the narration was fun i guess i'm giving it a highly rate of 4 stars because i really learned a lot from this book and how i connected with it i understood the concepts and i feel like i have made a pretty solid foundation start digging deeper later so yeah Highly Recommended

  10. David David says:

    Ehhh This book is extremely elementary and may be a good starting point for those with zero accounting background It only provides high level overviews of the three financial statements For someone who wants a comprehensive overview of accounting I would recommend a much detailed and advanced alternative Mike Piper's Accounting Made Simple although also with its own flaws is a better read for those with a little accounting backgroundPros Short read Hits all the bare basics but nothing Cons Repetitive concepts and sentences are repeated over and over gets annoying chapter after chapter Too elementary and basic Not something you can pick up after reading and easily reference Conclusion I came in with the wrong expectations of the book thought that this would be a good refresher of accounting but ended up being disappointed by how elementary and basic the book was This may be a great source for someone with absolutely no accounting background It does not in my opinion provide anything useful for those with somewhat of an accounting background who are looking for a comprehensive refresher on accounting

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