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Download ☆ Alien Beast Alien Darlings #2 By Sophie Stern – ❰Download❯ ➵ Alien Beast Alien Darlings #2 Author Sophie Stern – He's a war hero She's a virgin He's broken She's perfect When he finds her in the midst of an alien war Luke takes Willow for himself He can't help himself He's never taken a prisoner alive before but He's a war hero She's Alien Darlings Kindle Ò a virgin He's broken She's perfect When he finds her in the midst of an alien war Luke takes Willow for himself He can't help himself He's never taken a prisoner alive before but Willow is different He needs her He wants her Most of all he craves her Willow is a human who has the worst luck in the world When the tour ship she's on malfunctions and crash lands on the wrong planet she's thrust Alien Beast eBook î into the middle of a war one she has no desire to be in Then everything changes She's captured by an alien beast unlike anything she's ever seen before And the worst part is that after awhile she's not so sure she wants him to let her go.

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  1. Mara Mara says:

    I bought the book by mistake while browsing with my tablet I didn't think my mistake would involve something bigger than 4 bucks Let me first warn the other readers that this isn't a novel it's barely a novella 20 chapters notwithstanding But this isn't the bigger problem UnfortunatelyThis is one of those books that really should have remained in a trunk I haven't read this author before nor I plan to This is wishful thinking not talented writing There are gross problems in characterization none world building none timing wrong you name it there wasn't a single aspect that wasn't completely off I hadn't read one of those I wish you hadn't tried at my expenses book in a while This isn't lack of polishing this is someone who really needs to go back to school for basics 101 on how to write I am sorry these words are harsh but this is also a book that it's sold at for 4 dollars This is not a free story on a fan fic site You expect at least something What you get is someone's personal fantasy Pretty stupid unless it's yours And I think the same of my fantasies

  2. Ruby.D Ruby.D says:

    I don't know why this book didn't work for me It have everything i liked super hot sexy alien H virgin h rescued love story type Everything was perfect until that one little part view spoiler the 3 some fantasy hide spoiler

  3. Thay Thay says:

    Hot Summer ReadGreat read by the pool while on holiday The hero and heroine were great together although Luke does see her through rose coloured glass I don't know what's so brave about her especially when her twin is so much badass and interesting I hope her book comes out soon

  4. Robyn Robyn says:

    Sexy BeastWillow never knowing what the touch and love of a man is finds it all in Luke A man no a beast with a passion for falling for the good girl

  5. ToniB ToniB says:

    Good characters and interesting plot but Delivery of the story is slow I found myself skipping over gaps The further into Alien Beast I read the larger the gaps got

  6. Dot Miller Dot Miller says:

    Just An Okay Space Romance AdventureAlien Beast by Sophie Stern is the story of a young woman Willow who has been cast out by her parents because she refused to marry the man they had chosen for her They have also blocked her and her twin sister Wilma’s attempts to speak with each other As a result Willow decides to spend her savings and take a month long space cruise along with her best friend Ashley although Willow is flying economy and Ashley is flying first class The cruiser is scheduled to make a stop at the planet Dreagle; however that stop is to be skipped due to a war being fought on Dreagle Nevertheless the cruiser experiences problems and is forced to make a crash landing on DreagleLukanterao from the planet Reslenoau is a huge man which has earned him the moniker of the Beast Luke constantly repeats to himself that he’s not a hero even though he is regarded as one; he’s just a man who wants to be on his ship with his best friend Lesmenterao Luke recently rescued a number of children from Taneyemm who were being held captive on Dreagle probably destined to become slaves or sex toys The Taneyemm people hailed Luke as a hero and enlisted his aid in their war on Dreagle This war has just been wrapped up when the cruise ship crash lands on Dreagle and the Taneyemm have enlisted Luke’s aid in a rescue mission Just as he was ready to give up on finding anyone else alive on the lower decks Luke discovers Willow who has been injured and carries her to safety The remainder of the book relates their further adventuresAlthough the book was okay I was somewhat disappointed that the author glossed over so many of the subseuent events and how the people involved were able to do what they did In addition pages and pages were devoted to thinking about sex masturbating and the actual sexual acts I don’t mind a reasonable amount of sex in a book but when it seems that over half the book is devoted to it I don’t care for it The final thing I was annoyed with was that the book started at 5% and ended at 82% with the remaining 23% in the beginning and at the end devoted to all of the other books written by the author together with a 3 chapter excerpt from another of her various series As a result the book was a lot shorter than I was anticipating This was an ARC version of the book and although I didn’t notice any typos I did notice a number of incorrectly used words for which I’ve made my notes available on GoodreadsI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

  7. Amy Weller Amy Weller says:

    This book is amazing The story of Willow and Luke is filled with love lust and a bit of danger Willow has told her parents she will not marry the man they have chosen for her and has taken the last of her savings to book a month long space trip from Mars Her best friend Ashley is also going along Willow's parents have turned their backs on her and she's wondering what will happen once the trip is over It is on this trip that she learns that Ashley's brother keeps slaves on a dark planet a planet they are scheduled to visit on their tour Before they can get there however the ship is forced to make a crash landing and Willow is terrified when she can't get out of her room She is finally rescued by Luke He is there to help rescue dragon children and certainly is no hero as far as he's concerned In fact he only aids in the rescue because his friend and pilot takes the keys to their ship He finds Willow barely alive and is immediately drawn to her wanting to protect her Which he needs to do The man he rescued from the same floor as Willow tries to harm her in the medical tent and he arrives in time to stop it He then decides that he can't live without Willow and takes her to the ship leaving the planet with her Things are going well until one day they receive word that they are to return to Mars immediately Luke doesn't want to tell Willow but he does and she knows it's not something he wants to do When they arrive chaos ensues Ashley's brother takes Willow prisoner and Luke and his friend Les manage to escape and run into Willow's twin sister Wilma She helps the two of them free Willow and the four of them take off heading to the Hidden Planet and wonders Willow has never seenI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

  8. Anne Anne says:

    OMG WHAT A STORY ITS JUST A FANTASTIC READ Wish i could give you stars What a great read Willow is going on a space cruise to escape from her family They wanted her to marry someone just because he was rich and well placed in the community but Willow couldn't do it Her parents were not pleased but that wasn't something new But what they did do that really hurt Willow was stop her from having any contact with her twin Willow just needed to escape and the cruise was ideal But that was before the ship crashedLuke had been fighting in the war and all he wanted to do was disappear and stop seeing death all around him when he gets told of the ship coming down and there were people from Mars alive on board He didnt want to help he knew he would just be seeing death again but his friend had taken the ship keys so he couldnt go anywhere till they helped But he was happy he stayed once he set eyes on the very injured human There was just something about her and when she said thank you his heart swelledthis is a fantastic read there are so many twist and turns The characters were brilliant and im so excited for the next book but I cant say much as it will give away a plot I just couldnt put this book down its super addictive loved itI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

  9. lf lf says:

    Her life can't get any worse and then it does again and againYou just have to feel sorry for Willow in Alien Beast Her life is not going the way she wants it to so she decides to escape Only her escape to find a different planet to live on turns into another a whole other situation But through this Luke one of the other ship passengers she was on saves her a couple of times only to then take her captive for himself It seems that he needs to have her but there is even about to happen to the plucky but unlucky h along the way with her H This book is packed with all sorts of things happening and a lot of divergent subplots in the story Willow is a sweet young woman who just wants to get out of an arranged marriage when her life turns upside down and then does a few loops For the most part the story was fun and lively But there were a few turns that happened which to me did not make any sense nor fit into the overarching story line Overall I think the book was okay but not the author's best and not one I would read again I received a copy of this book for my honest review My opinions are all my own

  10. sherri jones-teachout sherri jones-teachout says:

    Love tames the beast Willow has been separated from her twin sister for refusing to marry the man her parents have chosen for her To escape Mars she has bought a trip on a ship and hopes to find another planet to live on But several days out their ship crashes on a planet at war And there are suspicions the ship was sabotaged She is rescued by Luke and while recovering from her wounds she is almost killed by a crazy man who she suspects killed a young girl on the ship and he wants to silence her Luke saves her just in time and then takes her away from the planet on his ship After so much time being miserable on Mars she is now safe happy and has fallen in love with Luke But what she doesn’t know is someone is after her and wants to kill her Can Luke save her again and will she ever see her twin sister again? I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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