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Read ✓ Alinora By Kara Lockley – [Reading] ➻ Alinora ➱ Kara Lockley – Lily had almost everything she ever wanted Good friends a nice house a thriving career The only thing missing was love Until she started dreaming of a carefree romance every night Her dreams were so v Lily had almost everything she ever wanted Good friends a nice house a thriving career The only thing missing was love Until she started dreaming of a carefree romance every night Her dreams were so vivid they made her doubt her sanity Was too much time at the office forcing her stressed out mind to create a retreat at night Or were her dreams somehow real.

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  1. Sasha Sasha says:

    Alinora is about a young woman Lily whose real life is turning out nothing like she expected It’s not fulfilling and so she turns to the escape she creates in her dreams And they are just that—dreams—or so she thinks In this dreamland called Alinora Lily encounters a handsome man with whom she immediately falls in love and he with her But is Alinora really than it seems?I don’t mean to be blunt in this review but I don’t think it can be helped so I guess I’ll get right to it The writing style in this book was like a twelve year old’s and someone who didn’t study grammar in middle school at that Lockley used sentence fragments throughout the story in lieu of commas or semicolons It really bothered me and even if I weren’t a grammar Nazi I would have still been taken out of the story every time I noticed something like that An example “She climbed out of her clothes and laid them neatly on the bench at the end of her bed Peeled off her sheer black stockings and laid them down too”This wasn’t even like the artsy kind of beat poet grammar structure It was just fragments Fragments everywhere weepsThe best part of this book was probably when Lily was uestioning whether or not she was crazy There are a lot of ways that Lockley could have taken this story to a better place For example she could have made Lily genuinely crazy and the reader could have witnessed her descent into madness Or she could have made it like a ghostsupernatural story and have Alinora really be this dark insidious place underneath all the creepy perfection in fact I was actually anticipating this version since to me Alinora seemed way too perfect and utopian to be real However I think that would have reuired a little too much creativity on the author’s part and so she decided to take the easy way outI also couldn’t get over how from first sight Lily and Caleb were instantly attracted to each other and falling in love I use that word liberally here and sleeping with each other At least they introduced themselves first It just wasn’t believable and it made me like Lily less because she acted like a mooning twelve year old with nothing better to do than to pine after some guy she dreamt about instead of actually I dunno stopping her complaints about her life and actually doing something to fix it And talk about whiplash—the book skipped the whole romance buildup and got straight down to the sexing in the woods part Oh and Lily considers on than one occasion killing herself to see if she can stay in Alinora with Caleb and their baby forever Oh yeah suicide is super romanticJesusFinally the ending was extremely abrupt I literally shut off my Nook and stared off into bewildered space for a few moments trying to process what the heck I had just finished reading The only analogy I can think of is as if I were in a moving vehicle that was speeding down a street only to take a sharp turn and abruptly crash into a brick wall No closure no warning Nothing The endI can’t recommend this book I usually try to find some part of the book I liked but even as I was writing this review I struggled with that It was a free download which means that I wasn’t expecting much to begin with but I was really let down by so many aspects of this bookFor book reviews visit my blog The Bookshelf

  2. Ronda Tutt Ronda Tutt says:

    Excelent Sweet Short Story 50 pages Lily a house designer and Caleb a wood furniture pottery maker meet in a different time deminision when they fall a sleep and enter into their dreams The deminision is called Alinora a world where everything is peaceful and happy They meet make love and fall in love as everyone wants their dreams to come true but back in reality when they awake the strangest thing happens Lily's pregnancy is not a dreamLily feels like she is going crazy because she can't figure out how the pregnancy could be for real She finds the answers in Alinora from a Seer named Sasha and she learns that Caleb lives in her earthly realm and in her area so Lily searches for him and their relationship starts over slowly in the real world What brings it to a head is that Lily gives birth to their baby girl in Caleb's houseSuch a wonderful Short Story I wanted

  3. Mona Mona says:

    In this forty eight page short story Kara Lockley has given us a complete fantasy in which Lily owns her own highly successful interior decorating business but her personal life is barren Her adoptive parents are dead and she’s all alone in the world She’d like to fall in love and have a family but can’t seem to meet the right manLily moves into her new house at the edge of a wild forest and begins to dream at night of another world called Alinora where everything is perfect It’s in this perfect world that she meets Caleb Night after night as she sleeps their relationship grows stronger and they fall in love She begins to yearn for this other world preferring it to the real world to the point that she uestions her sanity and decides to consult a therapist In Alinora Lily and Caleb have a house and live together During one visit Caleb remarks that her stomach is getting round and she happily tells him she’s pregnant When she wakes from the dream she wonders how real her pregnancy is Turns out it’s very real—she’s pregnant in the real world too Somehow she must learn how her real world ties in with Alinora and find Caleb—if he actually exists She must also figure out what to tell her friends and employeesIn these few pages we’ve been given a complete fantasy novel in short form The characters the world building and the way everything wove together seamlessly made this a magical read indeed Alinora is a delicious bit of dessert after a steady diet of meat and potatoes I feel almost guilty for enjoying it so muchMona Leigh

  4. Maranda Maranda says:

    I'm not sure about this one yet The writing is a bit oddI'll update when I'm finished I think it might take a bit to get through though Update sort of spoilersI finished this tonight And I have to say I was not impressed At all It's not very often I read a book in this case short story and say Wow that sucked And I actually hate wanting to say that now I think this could have had some really good potential but the author just didn't work it out The writing was choppy and I never felt as if I knew any of the characters It idea of it was fun Lily a work a holic single woman builds her dream house and finds out the land she built on is sacred ground While she sleeps she's transported to Alinora which is basically heaven She meets Caleb they do it in her dream fall in love and OMGHEISREAL blah blah blah You can guess what happens the story was too predictable and the ending just fell totally short of what I'd call a good ending

  5. Andrea Andrea says:

    Alinora is a short story full of romance and fantasy Lily the main character is a workaholic and once she moves into her new house built in the middle of the woods she starts dreaming These dreams are vivid real and Caleb the man of her dreams literally induces her carefree romance that every time she dreams occurs But problems start as her retreat becomes literal in the real world And from there Caleb and Lily's romance becomes complicated Alinora is a great short romance to read I love the ending and the whole content of the story Kara does a nice job in the 48 pages and 16 chapters that are written and unlike other short stories builds her characters so that you want

  6. Karen Karen says:

    I liked this book but I could only give it two stars due to the fact that it is in serious need of editing It's a good story but the writing is at about a grade 9 level I was almost turned off from the book right from the first page because of this but I wanted to give it an honest try Thank goodness it was a short story I would have been hard pressed to finish it if it had been a full length novel

  7. Shannon Shannon says:

    I think this was one of my first adult romance books that I had first read back in 2011 This book is very tame so reading it on the cusp of high school I do not think did any damage or at least I do not think it did It has been awhile since I last read it so this reread was very much needed Plus it was updated with an epilogue which made it even better If you want a short story about another place that is filled with love peace and happiness then pick this book up

  8. Diamond (kindle lover) Diamond (kindle lover) says:

    This is a very cute storyand a good fast readA really thought that Caleb was going to be a dead beat dad though but he wasn't he was still there for her Alinora is a beautiful and a uniue title for this bookI like how the baby girl was named Alinora tooeven though I thought Lily was gonna have a boyThis is a great read for when you wanna pass time

  9. Clarissa Clarissa says:

    I uite enjoyed the twist in this book between one reality and the other It was uite a lovely break from traditional romance novels The fact that it was a short story Ms Lockley got right into the heart of it without multiple pages of ramblings of how muscly the man was or how homely the woman thought she was

  10. Shelley Shelley says:

    This one was a BN freebie so I read it today at work in between stuff It was sweet and cute and a good length Sometimes it is nice to have a uick completely unreal love story to read I enjoyed it

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