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[PDF] Batman Vampire Tales of the Multiverse By Doug Moench – serv3.3pub.co.uk ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Batman Vampire Tales of the Multiverse By Doug Moench ➺ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk This volume collects the dark tales originally presented in BATMANDRACULA RED RAIN BATMAN BLOODSTORM and BATMAN CRIMSON MIST written by Doug Moench with macabre art by Kelley JonesThe legendary horror This volume collects Tales of PDF/EPUB ✓ the dark tales originally presented in BATMANDRACULA RED RAIN BATMAN BLOODSTORM and BATMAN CRIMSON MIST written by Doug Moench with macabre art by Kelley JonesThe legendary horror known as Dracula has descended Batman Vampire PDF or upon Gotham City — and he's brought his deadly children of the night with him Now it's up to Batman to stop the Lord of the Undead's assault on his city — but after being bitten Vampire Tales of Kindle Õ by Dracula Batman himself joins the ranks of the undead Will Batman be an even greater threat to the citizens of Gotham City than DraculaTALES OF THE MULTIVERSE is a new series of titles collecting stories of familiar heroes reimagined in startling ways.

10 thoughts on “Batman Vampire Tales of the Multiverse

  1. Chad Chad says:

    DC's done a bit of a bait and switch here This was previously published as Batman Vampire It's a trilogy of Elseworlds stories where Batman becomes a vampire This should be fantastic Batman fights Dracula then becomes a vampire himself But the writing is awful Kelley Jones's art is horrendous Batman has about 30 ribs Everyone looks as if they are in a funhouse mirror The women are all ridiculously large breasted with misshapen boobs They look like they had plastic surgery gone wrong Stay far far away from these Elseworlds stories and read volumes 1 and 3 instead They are great

  2. Robert Robert says:

    The art is to my mind some of the worst ever and completely distracts from any value that the story itself may have It was a chore to finish

  3. Timothy Boyd Timothy Boyd says:

    Nice collection of one of the disturbing but interesting Batman Elseworlds stories While I was not a fan of the art the story was exceptionally well written Very recommended

  4. C. Varn C. Varn says:

    This collections is Doug Moench's revisiting Batman as a vampire from BATMAN DRACULA RED RAIN BATMAN BLOODSTORM and BATMAN CRIMSON MIST This is a much darker take on Batman and a tragic one the art is very dated to the 1990s now but the gothic color scheme and lettering is effective The story arch is bleak but comes to a definitive end

  5. Zack! Empire Zack! Empire says:

    Eh I was excited by the idea of this book but didn't end up enjoying too much about it These Elseworld Collections DC is doing are a great idea and this one having three Elseworld stories set in the same world seemed like a good place to pick one up but there just wasn't too much for meI would have liked to see of Batman fighting vampires before he becomes one himself I guess the point of the story WAS that he becomes a vampire but I just wasn't feeling itI would say don't pick this up unless you are really a fan of gothic horror or vampires I don't know if I would really tell someone interested in the Elseworlds series to start here

  6. Edward Taylor Edward Taylor says:

    Collected here are the three Elseworld comic series of Batman vs Dracula then vs the Joker plus vampires and then the worst of the DC baddies before he himself is finally laid to rest It is a very different view of the Batman universe one where Batman is not only a tortured soul but also a lost man who gives in to the evil within his veins The first book vs Dracula was interesting the subseuent stories of a vampiric batman were dragged out way too much to try and prove the point of his slow and painful fall into the abyss It could have been better but it also could have just stopped with the first one and I would have been all good with it

  7. Mohammad Aboomar Mohammad Aboomar says:

    The vampire batman stories are not definitely not your usual batman stories

  8. Martin Martin says:

    Collecting Batman Dracula Red Rain 4 stars Batman Bloodstorm 4 stars and Batman Crimson Mist 3 stars this is one book you can really sink your teeth intoOne of the interesting and disturbing Elseworlds tales DC Comics ever published the collected Batman Vampire may not be for everybody but if I could enjoy it I believe anyone can The writing is consistently good but I think the real 'draw' here is Kelley Jones' art The weakest part of the trilogy was Crimson Mist with all the Bat villains the bloodshed the be headings etc but it did have a fitting and logical ending

  9. astrid astrid says:

    Close to greatness Jones's art has its impressionistic visceral moments but hasn't dated well His faces are uneven to say the least Alfred goes from a gaunt old man to what appears to be a human chipmunk and no female character is spared from undignified poses even in death The contrast heavy inks in the third volume goes a long way toward rectifying some of these issues but by then the story's on its way outMonech fares better The plot is suitably tortured and bleak and takes a few nice twists Batman's narration and the unhurried pace weave a deeply gothic atmosphere Shame about the art then Let us not spare the scene where Selina Kyle flees the undead via running water and comes out the other side mysteriously stripped to her underwear and writhing like a pole dancer Good stuff

  10. Chantay Chantay says:

    I liked bits and pieces but I mostly found the dialogue trying to hard to pass as deep and dark Also I couldn't truly understand half of what was written for the internal dialogue of Batman; I felt like I was prying into some Goth kids wet dream in their diary

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