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Read ✓ Bill Griffith By Bill Griffith – [Reading] ➽ Bill Griffith ➳ Bill Griffith – Bill Griffith is best known as the creator of the Zippy daily comic strip currently running in over 300 newspapers nationwide but Zippy was conceived as an underground comix character before he became Bill Griffith is best known as the creator of the Zippy daily comic strip currently running in over newspapers nationwide but Zippy was conceived as an underground comix character before he became embraced in the mainstream and Griffith himself was a seminal figure in the underground comix movement during which he was a cartoonist an editor and an entrepreneur Bill Griffith Lost Found collects hundreds of Griffith’s early underground comics most of them long out of print and unavailable Much of the work will be unfamiliar and a real revelation to those readers who only know Griffith from his long running Zippy strip Beginning in Griffith contributed stories to a long list of legendary undergrounds Lost and Found is not only a collection of these underground comix — hand picked by the artist himself — but a mini memoir of the artist’s comix career during the early days of the San Francisco Underground and his nearly twenty year on again off again involvement with Hollywood and TV Griffith’s running recollections and commentary serve as a wry and often hilarious counterpoint and context to the stories themselves Lost and Found follows Griffith’s career from New York to San Francisco in chapters like “New York The East Village Other and Screw”; “The Arcade Years”; “First Zippy Appearances”; “Young Lust” ; “Cast of Characters Claude Funston Mr The Toad Shelf Life The Toadettes Alfred Jarry and the Griffith Observatory” While the vast majority of the book is non Zippy comics it also features the earliest appearances of Zippy not seen in any other collection Zippy fans will be happy to see the very first Zippy stories from to when Zippy was primarily a sidekick for Griffith’s first major character Mr The Toad Also included is a page unfinished never before published comics version of the first few scenes from the Zippy movie screenplay Zippyvision Intended as a companion piece to the unproduced film the story details Zippy’s sideshow origins and his later life in a boarding house catering to showbiz wannabes Previously uncollected later work features Griffith’s comics for High Times The National Lampoon The San Francisco Examiner and The New Yorker Bill Griffith Lost and Found finally collects the work of one of the great pioneering cartoonists.

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  1. Steve Rainwater Steve Rainwater says:

    This is a huge 360 page collection of Griffith's older and obscure comics for the hardcore fans Some of the familiar characters like Zippy Griffy and Mr The Toad are here but there are other stranger often R rated comics This is definitely not for anyone who is easily offended There's rampant nudity sex drugs language and of course ever present non seuiturs If you're a fan of Invisible Ink there are two comics in this book that cover Griffith's early life and touch on some of the same time periods and events as that book If you're a fan or collector this book is worthwhile Otherwise you should probably skip it and get something modern like the Zippy annuals

  2. Terrence Terrence says:

    I enjoyed the Zippy comics and the strange biography bits the VERY R rated material was a surprise to me

  3. Alan Alan says:

    Lost and Found is a freewheeling raunchy collection of work than Griffith's usual Zippy the Pinhead book Oh Zippy's here too—some of his earliest appearances in fact back when he was Mr Toad's sidekick and not vice versa show up in this volume—but here Zippy gets nekkid A lot And he's not alone either This is Bill Griffith's unbridled id at work Along with the usual social commentary and surreal non seuiturs this book features cartoon characters getting busy often than not Now I like that kind of thing but I also think it necessary to provide fair warning if it isn't already obvious that this ain't no kiddie comic bookIt isn't all smut though by any means Griffith's character analyses include pieces on Liberace the absurdist playwright Alfred Jarry and the painter Henri Rousseau We find out about Zippy the Pinhead's relationship to Saturday Night Live's The Coneheads And there is also serious self analysis both in comic form—I especially liked the revelation Griffy gives himself at the finale of Cast of Characters p241 1980—and in the Introduction Thinking Inside the Box an extended autobiographical pieceThis Fantagraphics edition is typically solid and well produced with crisp reproductions of each comic on heavy paper stock I don't know that I'd hand this to someone as their first exposure to Griffith's body of work but if you're up for it there's a lot of meat here As it were yow

  4. Daniel Daniel says:

    One pleasant surprise about many of the cartoonists from the first generation of US underground comix eg R Crumb the late Spain Rodriguez Kim Deitch is that as they grew older their work often got better with Bill Griffith being one of the most dramatic examples of this I honestly think that his Zippy strips of the last twenty years or so are among his very best So it's interesting to see how he started out It's a bit of a shock to see some of the crudeness of his early strips in terms of both techniue and subject matter but despite that many of his life long fascinations with pop culture ephemera and the absurdity of modern life are nevertheless clearly on display Of his early comic book work I think I like the Young Lust stories best with their mutant takes on classic romance comics tropes The explicit sex scenes they include seem less out of place than they do in some of the early Zippy strips where it's still a bit of a shock for me to see Zippy Mr Toad etc all naked and gettin' busyIn all honesty it's kind of hit or miss and may not appeal to the casual reader but for long term GriffyZippy fans it's a treasure trove

  5. Mitch Mitch says:

    I was always happy as a kid to receive a Zippy comic strip inside my bubble gum Sure the other comics were great but nothing could compare to Zippy

  6. Ted Ted says:

    good stuff

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