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[Ebook] Bittersweet Deceit Bound by Your Love #2 By Blakely Bennett – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮Epub❯ ➜ Bittersweet Deceit Bound by Your Love #2 ➛ Author Blakely Bennett – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Lainie is a thirty year old full figured woman entrenched in a love affair with a married man Although Lainie loves Mason desperately she vows never to say those three little words while he remains wi Lainie is a thirty Bound by Epub Ü year old full figured woman entrenched in a love affair with a married man Although Lainie loves Mason desperately she vows never to say those three little words while he remains with his wifeStay an enigma in Lainie’s close knit group of friends has been circling her with interest trying to garner her attention When circumstances make it clear who’s blocking his way—Mason—Stay goes Bittersweet Deceit PDF \ full court press in pursuit of Lainie Lainie doesn’t see Stay as relationship potential because she is blinded by her love for Mason However the she learns about Stay the she comes to realize she never really knew him in the first place An unexplainable mystical connection evolves between Lainie and Stay and she has to choose between a man she so hopelessly loves and a man who offers Deceit Bound by Kindle Ö her everything she needs.

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  1. P.J. Fiala P.J. Fiala says:

    Wow Great BookLainie is close to thirty owns her own clothing boutiue and is in love with a married man who has told her he will not leave his wife he will not shuffle his children back and forthMason is the super sexy married man Lainie can't say no toSpending her life waiting for Mason to call and dropping everything including plans with friends and family to be with him has become her life Is it enough? There isn't a future with a married man No children no dinners out nothingStayman is a friend and part of a close knit group of friends Lainie considers her second family Lainie hasn't noticed Stayman but he has noticed her As Lainie and Stayman's friendship grows and Lainie hits rock bottom she has a decision to make; stay with a married man with no future or explore a relationship with Stayman and have a chance at a truly happy lifeLainie's gut wrenching decisions made me mad sad and happyBlakely's writing made me feel like I was living this story Her descriptions are vivid and real her timing is believable This story is different from the norm Who would you fall in love with Mason or Stayman?

  2. Ann Pankhurst Ann Pankhurst says:

    Yet another awesome story about love relationships HOT SEX friendship and family by the incredibly talented Author Blakely BennettBittersweet Deceit is the second book in The Bound by Your Love series and although I loved the first one Stuck in Between Bittersweet Deceit is my favourite of the two This story is about Lainie who is having an affair with Mason an older married man whom she is hopelessly in love with but won't say it until he is hers Mason although he says he loves her won't leave his wife because of hurting his children I could easily see why Lainie fell for Mason he is sexy handsome charming charismatic imaginative and very hot I connected with Lainie the main character right from the start and felt all of her doubts and pain about being with a married man Then there is Stay who is from her circle of close friends I love love love Stay he is also very sexy hot and funny and has liked Lainie for a long time but knew she was in a relationship though not who with so he hadn't acted on his feelings for her Once Stay knows about Mason he declares that he is going all out to win Lainie I love the connection between Stay and Lainie though he is a little vulnerable himself he clearly cares about her and loves herWho will Lainie choose? Stay who offers her everything she could want in a relationship or Mason who though she loves him she will never completely haveOnce again Blakely manages to make you feel all of the passion and pain her characters are feeling very real She also brings in the other characters in the gang of friends who's stories will eventually be told in the future books in this series so we get a glimpse into their background I can't wait to find out who's next

  3. M.W. M.W. says:

    Just wow I finished Stuck in Between a couple weeks ago and she blew me away with the uniue love dynamic with Jacs Bond and Red In Bittersweet Deceit your old friends from Stuck in Between still make an appearance but this story concentrates on Jac's friend Lainie This author took another very complicated love dynamic one that is familiar to many people and really drove the point home in a way we can all relateAt one point I found myself wanting to throw my reading device against a wall You know how things are going to end and yet you can't scream at a character to wake up and smell the coffeeWhat I really really really loved was the relationship that developed between Lainie and Stayman in the aftermath It was like having someone apply first aid to her heart Stay turned out to be strange and uniue but oh so amazing Miss Bennett's books suck you in and you find yourself incapable of pulling back out She is truly amazing at creating situations that do happen but aren't common Another knock it out of the ballpark book where complicated relationships are concerned

  4. Nicole Huffman ~ Author Groupies Nicole Huffman ~ Author Groupies says:

    What I love about Blakely Bennett is that her books make you look at love and relationships differently and out of the box Her characters relationships are never easy heavily complicated and not your normal book couple relationships I fell in love with Jacs Red Bond and their unconventional relationship in Stuck in Between and I wasn't sure if the next book could compare BUT Bittersweet Deceit surpassed my expectations and Stay surpassed Red on my Book friend list I am #TeamStayman What I LOVED about this book That Lainie was a real woman with curves and insecurities She has curves and both of the men in her life love them and help her to realized how beautiful she is and to be comfortable in her own skin It was great to have a female character I could relate to and it made the story that much better and believable Stay is a BEAST By far some of the hottest most well written sex scenes I have ever read Do men like him exist? DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IN FRONT OF OTHERS you will be fanning yourself and wanting a Stay of your own SERIOUSLYOMG Usually any form of cheating is my book pet peeve BUT I was okay with it in the story line and it helped to build Lainie into the person she is supposed to be Also the whole situation was different than most you will understand after reading There is no cliffhanger and we get a HEA Each book in the series is about a different couple so they can be read as standalones but I recommend reading them in order We get glimpses into Jacs Red and Bonds relationship and the whole group of friends in the book They have such different personalities but they all work and are there for each other I cannot wait to see who Blue is going to end up with Bond?? but the next story I am the most excited about is Sams She has turned her life around and deserves her HEA after all that she has been through I love this author and her books and I HIGHLY recommend this out of the box crazy HOT melt your panties series Go one click now

  5. Serena Kett Serena Kett says:

    If you liked Blakely Bennett's STUCK IN BETWEEN #1 then your going to LOVE this Bittersweet Deceit Bound by Your Love #2 Is my favourite so farI loved the characters especially Stay mmmmm yum The story line was epic the feelings I got from this book was a real roller coaster of emotions I could really relate the Lainie's feelings throughout the storyI laughed and even cried and was turned on too whisperingwhen a book makes you feel this way you know your on to a winnerI couldn't put it down but I didn't want it to end eitherJust fabulousSorry no spoilers from me I'm afraid Just read it for yourself you definitely won't be disappointedThank you again Blakely Bennetttruly amazing author friend x

  6. Debbie R Debbie R says:

    Oh I am in love with this book Stay is my manwell in my eyes Lainie is a girl that has a little bit of meat on her and I love that because you don't see many characters that are in stories Mason is a guy who in my eyes is just a person who wants his cake and candy at the same time Now that I got my opinions out let me tell you about this storyLainie falls for Mason who is a married man We can't always tell our hearts who to love so sometimes we follow our hearts instead of our minds Stay is a friend of Lainie's and hangs out with the group that Lainie does Stay has always had feelings for Lainie but Lainie doesn't look at him in that wayIn a moment of truth actually in uite a few instances in my opinion it is Stay who is there for Lainie not Mason Stay offers Lainie way than Mason can including a friendship and than a few stolen moments here and there that Mason can offer Stay can take out Lainie to dinner and dates Mason can't do none of those things Who will Lainie choose? Does she stay with Mason or will she choose someone who loves her and has loved her with no strings attached? I know who my choice is but who do you think will be Lainie's ? Pick up this book and find out

  7. Sara Sara says:

    WOW Lainie starts a relationship with a married man When Stayman I adore eventually declares his feelings Lainie's world is up turned Can she make the right decision? Will Mason leave his wife? Will she choose Stayman? Who will get her heart? If there's one thing I ask read Lainie's story It's a roller coaster of emotions and the sex is unbelievably GOOD

  8. Amber Lynne Amber Lynne says:

    I was given an advanced review copy of this bookAll I have to say is holy hotness I didn't think it could get much steamy than the sexual threesome of Jacs Red and Bondbut somehow Blakely Bennett made Lainie and her men Mason and Stayman Stay steamy enough that I didn't need an extra man in the bedroomIn book #1 of the Bound by Your Love series we meet beautiful Lainie best friend of Jacs and clearly holding on to a deep dark sexual secret that she is not ready to talk about In book #2 we found out that Lainie is having a steamy love affair with Mason who despite saying he has an awful relationship with his wife will not divorce her because of the pain it will cause his two younger children I couldn't believe that Lainie would sell herself short and continue her relationship with a married manbut then I read about their sex life and I was convinced that I would probably deal with his BS too Mason reminded me of Mr Big from Sex the Citysmoking hot knew he was hot a little cocky but mostly had an appetite for sex that will never be satisfied Whenever Mason leaves Lainie always has second thoughts and journals to get out her feelings I LOVED this aspect of the book normally we hear the thoughts of a character but in this case we get insight into their head because they are writing down their thoughts as well I think that this was a big part of the reason I felt so connected to LainieI could picture myself getting into her situation and be thinking the exact same thoughts When all is fair in love waris walks Stayman long time friend of the group and he is determined to show Lainie how she should be treated and what she deserves from love I am such a sucker for a guy who has swagger and Stayman definitely has that He knew what situation Lainie had gotten into but that didn't stop him from throwing on the charm and trying to win her over I truly loved everything about his character he was sweet spicy sexy laid back but when we got to his sex scenes with LainieHOLY EFF was I sold on Stay It's characters like him that grab you in take you for a ride and let you never look back and remember who else is around I loved how he charmed the pants off of Lainie even when she didn't know that she was ready to move on When trouble in paradise came to a head with Mason I knew that I would miss his spicy sex scenesbut I didn't even have a chance to recover once Stay took over I cannot wait to read from Blakely she continues to make the characters relate able funny and sex scenes that will make you need some alone time Each book that I have read from her I enjoy and If you loved Jacs' storyyou will LOVE Lainie's story

  9. Kelly Smith Reviews Kelly Smith Reviews says:

    I've read a lot of books Most of the non paranormal erotica I read is really a heartless book meant to simply indulge a reader's carnal desire There's no heart and soul Not so with Blakely Bennett's Bittersweet Deceit novel the second book in her Bound By Your Love series following Stuck In Between You don't have to read Stuck In Between to enjoy Bittersweet Deceit The backstory is clearWe meet Lainie Simmons the best friend of Jas the protagonist of Stuck In Between and learn about her hot sexy affair with a married man She loves him and he says he loves her but refuses to leave his wife and kidsHer friends especially the handspme and boyish Stayman think she can do better but insecure Lainie doesn't want to see it that wayHow many hearts will have to break before she sees the light?Immediately we are taken into a steamy sex scene between Lainie and Mason her married lover It was better writing in those few pages than in an entire slew of erotica short storiesAs a reader with a build like Lainie's and some of her insecurities I connected with her uickly Also there's a line about wanting someone who doesn't want you the same way I swear my heart shattered simply reading that line Both men in the story Mason and Stay are extremely sexy in disparate ways I know which one I prefer were I to meet them in my real life hahaIt's a story that will melt your heart and wet your panties to be uite blunt about it But with all the sordid scenes there is just as much real emotion between the charactersA nice subplot is Lainie's evil mother and Stay's kind Granny It adds a bit of reality to the storyMy favorite thing about it however? The energy connection that two of the characters have No one acknowledges or even believes in energy connections between two individuals let alone writes about itI loved this book I will be buying the preuel and the next installment of the series when it's released But for everyone but if your heart doesn't go through the wringer from beginning to endcheck and make sure you're reading the right book hahaExcellently written and greatly entertaining55 a real winner

  10. Kim Lamb Kim Lamb says:

    Bittersweet Deceit my addiction The author sucks you in uickly keeps you hoping for She does not disappoint with the erotic scenery painted in her words Lainie and Mason create interesting storyline and then there's Stay Love love love the book Can't wait for the next one to come out and wondering which one out of the group will be portrayed No spoilers you MUST read it yourself I guarantee that you will struggle to put the book down Way to go Blakely Bennett Another home run out of the park

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