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[Ebook] Blood Defense By Marcia Clark – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Read] ➱ Blood Defense Author Marcia Clark – Serv3.3pub.co.uk First in a new series from bestselling author and famed O J Simpson trial prosecutor Marcia Clark a “terrific writer and storyteller” James Patterson Samantha Brinkman an ambitious hard charging L First in a new series from bestselling author and famed O J Simpson trial prosecutor Marcia Clark a “terrific writer and storyteller” James Patterson Samantha Brinkman an ambitious hard charging Los Angeles criminal defense attorney is struggling to make a name for herself and to drag her fledgling practice into the big leagues Sam lands a high profile double murder case in which one of the victims is a beloved TV star—and the defendant is a decorated veteran LAPD detective It promises to be exactly the kind of media sensation that would establish her as a heavy hitter in the world of criminal lawThough Sam has doubts about his innocence she and her two associates her closest childhood friend and a brilliant ex con take the case Notorious for living by her own rules—and fearlessly breaking everyone else’s—Samantha pulls out all the stops in her uest to uncover evidence that will clear the detective But when a shocking secret at the core of the case shatters her personal world Sam realizes that not only has her client been playing her he might be one of the most dangerous sociopaths she’s ever encountered.

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  1. Kaceey Kaceey says:

    A blast from the pastWe all remember Marcia Clark from the days of OJ Right? She was brilliant then though we all know how that ended Well Ms Clark has resurrected her career as a crime thriller author And with her extensive background would certainly have first hand insight into the criminal world than most and it shows here In the first novel of her new series the main character is Samantha Brinkman a struggling lawyer whose clientele isn't exactly the paying type With the latest murder of a rising Hollywood star and her roommate Samantha can only dream of landing a case like this Maybe even one that pays In a bizarre twist the accused killer a police detective comes knocking on her door asking for her help Could she be so lucky to land the case of a lifetime? Or is there an ulterior motive to why this case landed in her lap? Suddenly this whole case hits much too close to home My only negative is that at times I had difficulty keeping track of all the players Found it a little confusingbut maybe that's just me A fast easy and fun read Overall I really enjoyed it and will be picking up the next in the series Great job Ms Clark

  2. Zoeytron Zoeytron says:

    Being troll bait for haters is part of the gig'Criminal defense attorney Samantha Brinkman works out of a small raggedy office in a uestionable part of town The office is furnished in 'early I don't give a damn' decor sports an on its last legs computer and an out dated copier The looks of the place where she hangs her shingle don't really matter too much Not many walk in clients in that area Indeed most of her customers are in custodyVery readable with a goodly amount of humor The minutiae of the inner workings of the courtroom were the most interesting portions of the book for me I liked it alright but it wasn't strong enough for me to start slavering for the next in the series This was a Kindle First selection for the month of April

  3. Monica Monica says:

    As a True Crime buff I'm always on the hunt for documentaries or books on major murder cases I became interested in the OJ Simpson case and wanted to learn about the investigation and trial I was in elementary school when the crimes and subseuent media circus took place and so knew only that Simpson had been acuitted in the wake of one of the most racially charged periods in LA’s history I’d never been especially curious about Martia Clark To be honest I was only vaguely aware of her as the ice cold take no prisoners prosecutor who’d been humiliated on the national stage when her staggering courtroom defeat put a double murderer back on the streets But when I came across her book on her lifethe trial I dug in because I’m a memoir buff too My first impulse was to dismiss her fictional stuff because much like Nancy Grace’s offerings they seemed to scream ghost written cash grab Still I figured I’d try one and either DNF or pan it if it turned out to be trash I’m actually glad I gave her a try Overall Blood Defense is a compelling story with some twists and turns and a fair bit of action I was surprised to find I liked it better than some of the other courtroom thrillers I’ve read including Lisa Scottolini’s Risotto and DiNunzio and Rosato and Associates series The book does the work of a police procedural and courtroom drama and dispenses with nearly all of the sexist elements that turn me off Sam is a complex character a woman of courage and conscience with a heartbreaking past and a decidedly grey moral code Her portrayal is mostly fair though there are places where she seems to emblemize some of the problematic aspects of defense attorney’s; a prosecutor’s general disdain for that profession comes through crystal clear whether or not this is Clark’s intention As a lawyer she makes no apologies for doing whatever she feels is necessary to protect her client even and especially if it involves bending andor breaking the law herself She harbors neither faith in nor illusions about her clients’ innocence some of them are human filth and will turn your stomach as much as they do hers or moral character; her first job is to win The novel culminates in not one but two shocking twists one of which might either send you spinning or turn you completely off the books Even now I don’t uite know how I feel about the revelation but I’ll see how things develop over the course of the series That said the manuscript should have gone through a few rounds of editing; so numerous are the continuity errors that I began to think I was reading a first year creative writing major’s first draft When I say numerous I’m talking at least half a dozen and they were of the “SMH” “Oh Come on” variety see status updates Here’s hoping she got her literary legs under her by book two Ultimately Blood Defense was a nice ride and a decent kickoff to what promises to be a gripping series Four stars

  4. Jean Jean says:

    Marcia Clark famous for her role as lead prosecutor in the 1994 95 murder trial of former football star OJ Simpson is now a mystery fiction writer I was excited to receive an ARC copy of her new book Blood Defense from NetGalley I also wish to thank Thomas Mercer and the author for providing me with this opportunity to read this first in a series legal thriller in exchange for my unbiased reviewMs Clark’s protagonist in this book is a defense attorney named Samantha Brinkman Is this woman totally a figment of Clark’s imagination or is she an amalgamation of defense attorneys encountered by the prosecutor in her career? Sam as her friends call her is witty sarcastic and a fast thinker She’s a struggling solo practice lawyer who follows the rules except when the rules get in her wayWhen an LAPD cop is the prime suspect in the murder of his actress girlfriend and her roommate Brinkman can hardly contain her glee It doesn’t matter that she believes that her client Dale Pearson is probably guilty; she knows that the media attention will likely propel her practice to a higher level We get the story in first person from Brinkman’s point of view which is edgy and sometimes brutally honest but it is also uite funny at times I also chuckled at some of the names of Ms Clark’s characters; it seemed to me that she got her inspiration from real life I’m wondering Ms Clark was Amanda “ueen” Trace based on a certain TV legal commentator named Nancy ? And Dale? Was your inspiration for him perhaps an Illinois police sergeant who was convicted of killing his fourth wife? The names are uite similar even though the details are obviously different The references to present day pop stars may date this book in a few years howeverThe defense of Dale Pearson proves challenging and Samantha and her small team of Michelle and Alex have their work cut out for them Beset by media leaks missing witnesses big surprises and dangerous malicious situations it actually looks like Dale might be telling the truth Or is he? Along the way we learn that Samantha has a terrible relationship with her mother “Celeste” and we eventually learn why Perhaps the hard edge and the sarcasm are a cover for all of the pain she has endured At the very end Sam reveals something deeply private and troubling about herself Why? I’m not sure how I feel about it and I’m still processing that I do feel that several of the events that happen in the course of the investigation are over the top The pace is steady and there is certainly no lack of action even though some of it is improbable Was this was an intentional perhaps farcical testimony by the author who probably dealt with than a few inane situations in her legal career? This is my first venture into Marcia Clark’s realm as I have not checked out her Rachel Knight series I think this new series shows promise since Blood Defense has elements that will appeal to many readers a dogged defense team consisting of a loyal office manager an ex con investigator with an uncanny knack for loosening tight tongues and deciphering technological puzzles and an up and coming lawyer who is learning to play her cards right by manipulating the media and betting the odds We see consultations a lot of investigation jailhouse visits pre trial hearings jury selection and trial action Samantha Brinkman is not a perfect person; some might not even find her likeable I found her intriguing however and I will probably read one Brinkman book to see where it goes4 stars

  5. Monnie Monnie says:

    Like many folks I was glued to the TV set during the infamous police chase and subseuent capture and trial of former NFL star OJ Simpson charged with the murders of his ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and waiter Ronald Goldman The trial was riveting and it was especially interesting to me to watch the teams of attorneys on both sides in action The lead prosecutor was Marcia Clark from the Los Angeles District Attorney's office She impressed me maybe in part because I'd never before seen a female prosecutor in such a high profile high stakes trial and when the glove came off so to speak I suppose I even felt than a little sympathetic in case there's a living soul out there who doesn't know OJ was acuitted Later when I found out she'd turned to fiction writing I told myself that one day I'd give one of her books a tryBut life intervened the multi hundred page Harry Potter books hit the stores and my good intentions went by the boards Apparently though somebody up there likes me; out of the blue the publisher of this book Clark's most recent and the first in a series featuring rather hard boiled criminal defense attorney Samantha Brinkman offered me a copy in exchange for an unbiased review That was of course an offer I couldn't refuseAnd guess what? I'm impressed all over again I admit to favoring mysteries and thrillers with a legal flavor every so often I even drag out one of Erle Stanley Gardner's classic Perry Mason books to reread for goodness sake but I never fail to cross my fingers when I find one by a new to me author This time I'd uncrossed them by the end of the first handful of chapters; no worries here I was hookedAt the beginning Samantha's tiny firm consisting of Sam her longtime friend Michelle and ex con and hacker Alex is hired to defend a veteran LAPD detective who's charged with the murder of two young women one of whom is a popular TV star If she's successful and maybe even if she isn't it's a case almost guaranteed to grab the media's attention and catapult Sam and her firm to the criminal defense elite As might be expected though there's many a slip between the cup and the lip; one particularly noteworthy piece of news in fact almost derails the whole case and certainly makes it harder for Samantha to do her job effectively and objectively But do it she does with her usual fools rush in overlooking of the rules when it suits her purpose and there are than a few other twists as the drama shifts from the courtroom to out of the office sleuthing the latter of which put the lives of Samantha and her crew in danger My favorite parts though happened in the courtroom; I've always been intrigued by legal strategy be it how to work the media craft meaningful opening arguments or pick the best possible jurors during voir dire There's no shortage of that here and I loved it; take for instance Samantha's instructions to her client not to laugh smile or frown anywhere near the jury no matter what No innocent man on trial for murder laughs she tells him At anythingIn the end I'm delighted to award this book 5 stars; reading it was time well spent Not only am I eager to read the next installment of this series I've already looked into getting my hands on her Rachel Knight books

  6. Liz Liz says:

    Ok so Marcia Clark the prosecutor in the OJ trial writes a mystery in which the main character is a defense attorney And her attitude seeps through Samantha isn't one of those “true believers who didn't care how many victims their clients had disemboweled who thought they were all just poor misunderstood unfortunates” But she is a fighter for her clients I like Ms Clark’s writing style She imparts a dry sense of humor onto Samantha As she comments on a prosecutor “wearing a dress from Forever 21 no one told her it was just a name not a promise” She also does a good job detailing Samantha’s relationship with her mother which impacts her issues with trust Her plot moves along at a decent clip not really fast paced but fast enough She throws in a few curve balls along the way However the bit about the nightmares that are peppered through the book are infuriating You know they'll be brought into play eventually but she needed to flesh out a little reasoning for them earlier on This is a decent not great mystery Outside of Sam none of the other characters are really three dimensional But it’s good enough that I will read #2 in the series to see how Clark moves forward

  7. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    4 Captivating Page Turning Stars They say write what you know Well Marcia Clark knows trials fame twists turns and surprise outcomes She also knows how to write extremely engaging novels and this is another one Very exciting to have a brand new series by her Looking forward to A gifted copy was provided by Thomas Mercer via NetGalley for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  8. Lori Lori says:

    I'm sorry but I don't understand how this book has gotten such high ratings The story was stupid and the characters had no depth I was only able to finish it because I have a compulsion to finish what I start thanks mom Bottom line don't waste your time

  9. Matt Matt says:

    Launching her new legal series Clark introduces the reader to defence attorney Samantha Brinkman While she is hard working Brinkman struggles with a bare bones staff; her best friend as receptionist and a recently released criminal as investigator Brinkman and Associates put their hearts into their cases but cannot seem to find a way out of a sea of debt After the murder of television star Chloe Monahan and her roommate the city is abuzz with speculation Who would want to kill such a sweet young woman in cold blood? Brinkman uses her time as a regular on some of the television legal shows to garner some personal attention by discussing the in passing Her lack of prestige is dwarfed by her knowledge and leaves her wondering if she could ever net representing the accused News leaks that the accused killer is a police officer Dale Pearson who surprises everyone when he arrives on the doorstep of Brinkman and Associates They rush to sign him up and begin their own investigation which is difficult than first expected Pearson's past consistently butts up against media reports and Brinkman must succumb to the possibility that her client is guilty and it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out It is not enough that Pearson had an unethical relationship with one of the victims but his record with women leaves much to be desired A shocking revelation forges a bond of sorts between Brinkman and Pearson which helps to solidify their attempts to dismiss the charges Working every angle on a shoestring budget Brinkman begins to uncover some telling facts and discovers that there is to these murders than simply an argument between Chloe and Pearson However proof is harder to acuire when dealing with those who wish to railroad an easy target With the trial looming Brinkman will have to bring than speculation and a stellar opening argument to acuit her client Clark presents this great legal thriller that does not slow down and keeps the reader wondering at every turn Being a great fan of Clark's Rachel Knight series I had high hopes with this novel However it took a while for me to warm up to the story and its characters as they were not as refined or driven by success After taking some time to get acclimated it is the contrast of the Samantha Brinkman character that makes her one the reader can enjoy A strong protagonist who has little but her mental acuity and a thirst for justice Brinkman chooses to run her practice above board and struggles at every turn She rubs elbows with the lesser element but is not sullied The story is one not only of legal antics but personal self discovery where Brinkman pushes back against a mother who expects her to forge a reputation based on money rather than integrity A strong narrative and fast paced dialogue helps the story to flow from initial investigation to a courtroom drama pulling on many of Clark's experiences as a trial attorney Brinkman like Knight may be a force to be reckoned with given time and a favourable reaction by readers I cannot see how this could be an issue for those who enjoy entertaining fictionKudos Madam Clark for taking the time to develop a new character readers can enjoy More women in legal thrillers who take charge will certainly add nuances to a male saturated genreLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at

  10. Kris - My Novelesque Life Kris - My Novelesque Life says:

    On occasion NetGalley will have books listed on their site that are not available to reuest but you can “wish for it” The publisherauthor may later decide to grant a reviewer wish I am not at all sure how this decided I have “wished” for a few books and not really thought much about it I was so excited to see one of my favourite authors Marcia Clark had her newest book on NetGalley And then I saw it was a “wish for it” item SIIIIIIGH Less than a week later I get an email entitledYou Wish Has Been Granted I finally got my wishRATING 4 STARS2016; Thomas Mercer 400 Pages Samantha Brinkman is a defense attorney in Los Angeles and striving to hit the big leagues She has a part time gig on HLN that doesn’t pay the bills but may help her get bigger clients Helping her along is her Gal Friday and childhood friend Michelle and former client turned new not legally an investigator AlexSoon all news networks are airing the case of a popular young TV actress who is found murdered in her apartment Her roommate and inspiring model is also found murdered with all clues pointing to the actress’s older boyfriend a LAPD cop As all defense attorney’s vie for the high profile case the defendant Dale comes to Samantha to take his case Even after saying yes on the urging of Michelle and their mounting bills to taking the case Sam is not entirely sure she believes in Dale’s innocence As she starts to investigate the case talk to Dale and interview witnesses she is finding that nothing in this case is straightforward And if Dale is not the murderer is the real murderer watching her?Ever since I read Clark’s first book Guilt by Association I have been a big fan of her legal thrillers They are a stylish Grisham that has you hanging on every suspense moment and twist I love that Rachel Knight is so realistic and easily to relate to When I saw that Clark had a new book out this year and was not a Rachel Knight book I was a little disappointed And seeing that Samantha Brinkman was to be a new series I worried over the future fate of Rachel I of course was going to read Blood Defense either way – and did enjoy this book I really liked that we got to see the defense side of things as Rachel was a prosecutor and Samantha was a likeable character Like in the other series friendship is the key to making Sam successful Characterizations by Clark are always well done in my opinion What I did think lacked in this book was a romantic interestor maybe even banter with a frenemy I recommend this book and any other Marcia Clark book to fans of legal thrillers suspense and mystery I received both eARCs from NETGALLEYMy Novelesue Life

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