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[Ebook] Bored of the Rings By The Harvard Lampoon – serv3.3pub.co.uk ✴ [BOOKS] ⚡ Bored of the Rings By The Harvard Lampoon ✾ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk A uest a war a ring that would be grounds for calling any wedding off a king without a kingdom and a little furry hero named Frito ready—or maybe just forced by the wizard of Goodgulf—to undertake A uest a war a ring that would be grounds for calling any wedding off a king without a kingdom and a little furry hero named Frito ready—or maybe just forced by the wizard of Goodgulf—to undertake the one mission which can save Lower Middle Earth from enslavement by the evil Sorhed Luscious Elfmaidens a roller skating dragon ugly plants Bored of Kindle - that can soul kiss the unwary to death—these are just some of the ingredients in the wildest wackiest most irreverent excursion into fantasy realms that anyone has ever dared to undertake.

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  1. Matt Matt says:

    In selecting a literary parody for a recent book challenge I found myself struggling a great deal Not one to turn to the classics I wanted to select a novel that may accentuate a book I read and did not entirely enjoy while also not choose a parody that had been flogged to death Turning to this piece by Henry Beard and Douglas Kenney I felt that I might be in good hands I will be the first to admit Tolkien is not for me Please gasp now and shun me as you go to fetch all the rotten eggs and tomatoes you can carry I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy with gritted teeth when asked to do so by someone and found myself celebrating the end So in choosing this parody I hoped to open my eyes up and be able to laugh at some of the silliness of the highly successful three box set that it seems everyone has read and enjoyed Beard and Kenney open with the admission that they are not trying to fill the shoes that Tolkien left but prefer to write something satirical for their own amusement With that I entered the world of Lower Middle Earth The story centres around Dildo how poignant a name and his nephew Frito who are sent on a mission by the illustrious wizard Goodgulf Along the way they encounter numerous heroes and villains all of whom possess monikers of present day items or concepts and whose bumbling presents a true Hobbit esue adventure Lower Middle Earth is in danger of being enslaved by Sorhed though Frito has been handed a less than flashy ring to help protect him As this thankfully short uest continues fans of the original series will find parallels and new differences to make them laugh though I suspect that a dislike of the foundational books left me rolling my eyes and injecting only the odd snicker at some one liners I choose not to recount much of the narrative as the book seems to have continued on that fantasy based adventure and did not modernise it enough for me to have a strong handle on things Still I am sure that many will love this book both those who are Tolkien fans and others who enjoy a good parody Deemed the ‘parody that laid the groundwork for this literary genre’ Beard and Kenney have done much with this and surely some collective will find it amusingOne might ask “why would you ever read this book?” To that person I can strongly assert that I am not entirely sure Perhaps I needed a uick parody or even something that could light my spirits Surely I would not want to touch a satire of a book I have not read in case there are narrative parallels whose humour is lost on those who do not know the original story Still I struggled and praised whatever Being there is when it was all said and done Beard and Kenney do a wonderful job with name changes and modernising things in that regard from the various creatures that Frito encounters through to the songs that are embedded throughout I can admit that these were well crafted and I did chuckle if only out of eye rolling dismissal The story seems to be similar though not entirely true to the Tolkien original though its brevity is surely a godsend in the long run There will be those who applaud the story and others who spit in the direction of this satire but I will step back and let that literary war commence as I check another category off on my reading challenge Onwards to something my styleKudos Messrs Beard and Kennedy as you have surely stirred up the pot I hope you have received many wonderful comments on your work and that others find the glory you can expect in reviews It simply was not for meThis book fulfills Euinox I A Book for All Seasons Book Challenge for Topic #5 A Book That is a Spoof of a Literary Classic Lovehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

  2. Heidi The Reader Heidi The Reader says:

    The clever parts of this so so parody of The Lord of the Rings trilogy were the character names and the map on the first two pages The rest was repetitive and silly nonsense but the map especially was inspiredAt the front of most science fiction or fantasy novels the author provides a map usually hand drawn of their world the different countries the rivers mountains dragon hoards what have you from the story Tolkien's was particularly detailed and it was clear that he put a lot of time effort and emotion into the creation of itThe skewered version in this book of the LoTR map is hysterical Mordor became Fordor which is of course right next to Tudor Isengard becomes Eisentower and so on Even Tolkien's ornate compass receives a makeover with the directions north south east west becoming up down left right I saw the map and I had high hopes for some big laughsSadly that never really came about But oh the name changes Sam becomes Spam Frodo becomes Frito By far my favorite was Legolas which was turned into LegolambListen to what happens if you bear the Great Ring for too long For as surely as the Ring gives power just as surely it becomes the master The wearer slowly changes and never to the good He grows mistrustful and jealous of his power as his heart hardens He loves overmuch his strengths and develops stomach ulcers He becomes logy and irritable prone to neuritis neuralgia nagging backache and freuent colds Soon no one invites him to parties any pg 11 The horrorThis parody also tackles Tolkien's freuent use of inset song lyrics Here is one of my favorite characters Tom Bombadil in this book Tim Benzedrino singing Toke a lid Smoke a lid Pop the mescalino Stash the hash Gonna crash Make mine methedrino Hop a hill Pop a pill For Old Tim Benzedrino pg 21 And actually making one of the most curious and unexplained characters into a drugged out hippie was kind of funny The gag lost its charm though after the first couple linesIf forced to pick a favorite scene I'd have to go with when the party was attacked by a Thesaurus outside of the Mines of Andrea Doria The creature was about fifty feet tall with wide lapels long dangling participles and a pronounced gazetteer Aiyee shouted Legolam A Thesaurus Maim roared the monster Mutilate mangle crush See HARM pg 68Anyway rather than garnering a lot of laughs this parody succeeded in making me want to re read the original books Recommended only for the super fans who must read everything that has to do with the LoTR Otherwise I'd give it a pass

  3. Richard Richard says:

    This is an extremely out to left field parody of a timeless fantasy classic Full of horrible puns cheap shots and droll tongue in cheekery it will infuriate purists and delight others

  4. Mort Mort says:

    Can't believe I forgot about reading this after watching all three movies

  5. K.D. Absolutely K.D. Absolutely says:

    There are uite a few funny scenes particularly when the book makes fun of the Tolkien characters by incorporating sex innuendos Imagine Frito Frodo having a hard on with an elf maiden When I picture in my mind the scene with Elijah Wood and Liv Tayler then the scene becomes alive and funnyAs a parody the story follows the same as the one of Tolkien's trilogy The Lord of the Rings minus some details and characters However you can still follow this book’s a lot shorter story if you’ve read the books or probably read some Wiki entries about them Anyway this book The Bored of the Rings was first published in 1969 so The Harvard Lampoon aimed this really for the readers and not the moviegoers who in 2001 2003 saw the Oscar nominatedwinner film adaptationsHowever I did not really like this book because of 2 reasons1 I really liked the trilogy I fact I found it amazing I will not repeat the reasons here as I will be like a broken record already Suffice it to say that any parody or copy cat works will seem like a blasphemy or second tier work for me That’s how much I loved Tolkien and LOTR2 The are many words or events in this parody that are not familiar to me For example Goodgulf Gandalf is said to be a brand name used by Gulf Oil and I did not know that it is a premium grade of gasoline I also found some green jokes too much However I loved the euivalent of Gondor Twodor and for Mordor Fordor because these Gondor and Mordor were confusing for me while reading Tolkien Here it is easier to remember I also loved Minas Troney that sounded like my favorite soup This is Harvard Lampoon’s euivalent to Minas TirithIf you don’t love The Lord of the Rings because it is too serious for you try this one Guaranteed to make you laugh if you are not sueamish about green sex jokes Who knows this may even perk up your interest to try Tolkien But not the other way around For the serious lovers of Tolkien don’t read this bookWell at least for me it didn't work But I am not rating this with 1 star though It clearly specified its objective in its Foreword Lastly we hope that those of you who have read Prof Tolkien's remarkable trilogy already will not be offended by our little spoof of it All fooling aside we consider ourselves honored to be able to make fun of such an impressive truly masterful work of genius and imagination After all that is the most important service a book can render the rendering of enjoyment in this case enjoyment through laughter And don't trouble yourself too much if you don't laugh at what you are about to read for it you perk up your pink little ears you may hear the silvery thinkling of merriment in the air far far away Such an endearing forewarning isn't it? So I proceeded and read the book As I said I laughed a little there and a little hear but not enough for me to like this book I liked Tolkien so much I do not want to make fun of him

  6. Manny Manny says:

    Unsubtle gross stupid mechanical but uite often funny My favorite line which I often uote when hungryThis better be food 'cause I'm gonna eat itAnd I liked Deus Ex Machina Airlines too And the introduction And the Council of Elrond where Frito suggests just dropping the Ring down a storm drain or pawning it and losing the ticket OK OK I admit it there is a lot of amusing material

  7. Chris Chris says:

    Ahhhh the sweet sweet scent of true comedyThe first time I read this I nearly soiled myself laughing As with all comedy repetition kind of diminishes the effect but there are still laughs to be had Just from the beginning when Dildo Bugger throws a party for the gluttonous freeloaders of the Sty and the foists his Magic Ring off on his hapless nephew Frito you know things can only go wackyThe folks at Harvard Lampoon did a brilliant job here warping the characters of the original story with the utmost love and respect of course for the money they're making from sales of the book into funhouse mirror images Thus brave Aragorn son of Arathorn becomes Arrowroot son of Arrowshirt wielder of Krona Conueror of Dozens whose foolproof strategy for dealing with overwhelming odds is to play dead Or wise and resourceful Gandalf becomes Goodgulf the shifty con artist and 32nd degree Mason who is all too willing to let the Shadow win if it means he can escape with his hide and the majority of someone else's gold Legolas and Gimli become Legolam and Gimlet sniping at each other with the kind of accuracy we could have only wished for in the films and Merry and Pippin twist into Moxie and Pepsi the blundering brothers who wish they were dead And so does everybody elseWhat really differentiates this book from say The Sillymarillion is that the Harvard Lampoon writers have allowed these warped characters to evolve in their own right So instead of forcing them along the path of the original story the writers have broadened the guidelines a bit In other words if you're looking for a one to one event correlation with the original books you'll be disappointed But the major events and characters are all there even though they've compacted the entire three volume saga into a slim paperback of less than 150 pages So just sit back and enjoy it Whether you've read the books or just seen the movie you should be able to get a lot of good laughs out of this

  8. Jen Jen says:

    Tolkien's works were sacred and beloved in my family when I was growing up and this Harvard Lampoon lampoon of the trilogy was outright HERESY hilarious heresy that is The Harvard Lampoon was the late 1960s precursor to National Lampoon of Animal House Vacation and Van Wilder fame Those boys at Harvard turned over every character rock and tree in Tolkien's universe and exposed their lewd gross and satiric underbellies Really it's a salacious guffaw fest fit for the pimply Tolkien loving fourteen year old boy in many of us Published in 1969 it is a product of its time Some readers today may not get some of its references anyone remember the laxative Serutan? Good Gulf brand gas? Richard M Nixon? and this book's Middle Earth has a heavy hippie era vibe along with a burlesue and peep show vibe But it's still a hysterical read even now In the Preface alone there is the best footnote ever writtenSo follow Frito Spam Moxie and Pepsi four boggies from the Sty as they journey to drop the One Ring into the Zazu Pits and rid Lower Middle Earth from the machinations of the evil Sorhed the Great Carbuncle of Doom with a little help from their friends Goodgulf Greyteeth Stomper the Lone Ranger and wretched little Goddam while still finding time to stop for a visit with dear Uncle Dildo fresh from playing another game of four letter Scrabble

  9. Stephen Robert Collins Stephen Robert Collins says:

    Don't try to read this if don't love LOTRs this very funny this joke book that will have you gigging

  10. Mike Mike says:

    I almost gave this book a 5 and I may yet go back and alter the start count before completing this review It's definitely worth at least a 45I first read this book when loaned a copy by a high school friend Yes I had read The Hobbit and the three volumes of The Lord of The Rings before picking up this slim but powerful volume As soon as I read it I ordered two yes two copies of the book from a long since gone bookstore Since that day I try to maintain ownership of two copies of this book and have had to purchase several Why two? uite simply one to have as a loaner and one to have to re read when the mood strikes me If you paid attention to the had to purchase several phrase you'd either think me a terribly forgetful person that loses things a compulsive cleaner that tosses things prematurely or a well meaning book lender that doesn't often get a certain book back bingo Yup Bored of The Rings is like a sock in a dryer Sometimes it seems to slip into an alternate universe and then I am down to one or occasionally none Yes I have loaned out the last copy than onceI am considered by most to be an intelligent smart and educated fellow so why do I have this seeming blind spot to the probability of this books return? Simply because it is the parody to define all parodies IMHO No one would consider it high brow literature but it manages in about 200 paperback pages to lampoon twist puncture and if you will defile a lengthy intricate and amazing tale in six books as defined by the author in a way that seems so natural so precise so funny as to have no eual let alone superiorI grant that humor is highly subjective but there are certain universal concepts that funny men throughout the ages have used to get people to laugh We have names for these tools and constructions pathos irony sarcasm hyperbole plays on words aka puns jokes We classify jokes knock knock elephant etc We analyze verbal written and visual comedy Our greatest playwright wrote Comedies as well as Tragedies; both survive today as high school reading assignments and actively performed plays by our leading lights of the stageBored of The Rings uses many of these time tested methods plus knowledge of the original tale to create a weapon of mass amusement It has very shallow as well as mid range and deep jokes It assails one with its silliness and its cleverness all at once I will never meet Henry N Beard and I don't know if I have ever read anything else by him but this book still brings a smile to my face just thinking about how to describe itDon't mistake my praise for blindness This book is not fair This book attacks ethnic and social groups some mythological some realistic It blends a kind of written slapstick with the thinking humor of witty people but it can offend and offers no apologies So not everyone will embrace it or offer a kind review but that should not stop you from trying itIt's difficult for me to say so much about how I enjoy this work without giving you examples of what I find so funny Even today years later I recall certain things that I will say to friends or associates But to present them here would be a double injustice first to the work itself as often a line or two may be independently funny but in context it is hilarious; and second to you as spoilers are often cherry picked from the best of anything and thus lessen your enjoyment when you finally decide to brave the waters Yes mixed metaphors are probably in the book too But let me this approachIf you have read any of my previous reviews you'll note that I recently read a parody of Frank Herbert's Dune Doon was less than I expected and hoped for and yet I thought it was a pretty good lampoon of the classic Nice puns good translation of essential story elements and characters etc but it just didn't click in the way I wanted As I read it I realized that I was comparing it to Bored of The Rings And as I wrote that review I acknowledged that in doing so I probably liked it less than it deserved and would someday read it again to see if it grew on meAnd now a week or two after that I realize that it is the seemingly effortless way that Mr Beard created his savage parody of The Lord of The Rings that I was judging Doon by I doubt that I will ever consider another lampoon as completely funny and as well constructed Certainly it truncates off the end of the original as most such books will but it has this coherency this clarity of wit that makes the book hold together so well in both the reading and the recollection of itTo fully appreciate it one must have read the original Liking the original is probably also a prereuisite since it is in the details of the parody that some of the best humor awaits you Having watch the epic trilogy LOTR of Mr Jackson might not be enough The visual clues created by the movies are similar to but different from the books and of course you don't have the original language to compare against the biting prose of BOTR That's my take on how best to prepare yourself for this slim tour de force Now it's up to you to read it Hope you do Yes I updated it to a 50

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