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Read ✓ Bred by the Berserkers By Lee Savino – ❮BOOKS❯ ⚣ Bred by the Berserkers Author Lee Savino – Two Alphas breed their human mate The final installment in Brenna Daegan and Samuel's storyRead the first installment in book #1 Sold to the Berserkers and second in book #2 Mated to the Berserkers Th Two Alphas breed their human mate The final installment in Brenna Daegan and Samuel's storyRead the first installment in book Sold to the Berserkers and second in book Mated to the Berserkers This novella is a free gift to you from the author for joining her mailing list.

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  1. ❤️ Paulette Alphas Review ❤️ Paulette Alphas Review says:

    Title ➳ ❤ Bred by the Berserkers Series ➳Berserker Saga #25Author ➳ Lee Savinoღ I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was written from Samuel’s point of view♥●• Deagan wants a family Samuel doesn’t Samuel is wrestling with demons of his own Samuel fears two things that their children would be monsters like them or will Brenna may not even survive until birth► Brenna is coming into “Heat” – Will Samuel deny her what she craves the most? Will Samuel take the chance of losing Brenna in childbirth?💞 This was very short read➦📚 Hope you enjoy this read also always keep in mind this is just my opinion📚 Grab yourself a copy of this steaminess for just yourself➦ 💕 would I recommend this book Yes📚 The Berserker Saga Reading Order1 Sold to the Berserkers – Brenna Samuel Daegan2 Mated to the Berserkers – – Brenna Samuel Daegan25 ➦Bred by the Berserkers Brenna Samuel Daegan 💕3 Taken by the Berserkers– Sabine Ragnvald Maddox35 A Berserker Birth novella 4 Given to the Berserkers – Muriel and her mates5 Claimed by the Berserkers – – Fleur and her mates ➦ 💕 I received an EXCLUSIVE copy of this book in exchange for my honest review of it 💕 💕 This has not influenced my review 💕 ✎Paulette Review ❤💕

  2. angela angela says:

    This was uite short but a good story it's the third book in a series Which is good to know ahead so you can read them in order since it's easy to not realize that I made a mistake and read them out of order hopefully this might help someone else from doing the same

  3. Maria Dimitrova Maria Dimitrova says:

    If you sign up for Lee Savino's newsletter you get this story for free I wouldn't recommend reading this without reading the previous two books as this is a continuation and explores what happens right after the end of Mated to the Berserkers This time we get to spend some time in Samuel's head and let me tell you the guy needs some serious therapy D Too bad he lives in a time when psychoanalysis didn't exist ; Reading this I felt as if I'm back in the awful days of teenagehood and having mood swings I alternately wanted to strangle him view spoilerespecially after the way he reacted to the news that Brenna's pregnant hide spoiler

  4. Bubbles The Book Pimp Bubbles The Book Pimp says:

    25 in the berserker saga series Freebie found on authors website Short and sweet and to the point Sets up the following story

  5. Badh Badh says:

    This is the 3rd book that we see Brenna Daegan and Samuel in However if you want to get this one you can't go to You can only get it when you subscribe to Lee's newsletterIn this book Samuel worries about what may happen if and when Brenna becomes pregnant He is afraid that she won't be strong enough or something bad will happen He tells Daegan that they have to make sure that their beloved never gets pregnant However Daegan has always wanted to have a family and he knows that everything will be fine if and when Brenna gets pregnant This story is a nice look into Samuel and what his worries are in his life Just because he has his Brenna and she is able to calm his beast doesn't mean that all his worries are over especially since he's the Alpha and there is always going to be something about the pack that he is going to have to worry about Parts of this book also help to give us a little bit of set up about the rest of the series so it's definitely worth getting it

  6. Cathy Jackson Cathy Jackson says:

    While Bred By The Berserkers Berserker Saga #25 is situated between Mated To The Berserkers Berserker Saga #2 and Taken By The Berserkers Berserker Saga #3 this was my second read I have yet to read Mated To The Berserkers Berserker Saga #2 With that being said I didn't feel as if I didn't miss anything Again I loved Lee Savino's writing and this book was no exception Samuel is wrestling with demons of his own How will Brenna and Dagean react to a side of their mate that he barely understands himself? Will the triad be able to acclimate to Samuel's past history? I thought Lee wrote this book excellently Reading each word was like watching magic happen Thank you Lee for another amazing book

  7. Louise H - ⭐ Life in the Book Lane Reviews ⭐ Louise H - ⭐ Life in the Book Lane Reviews ⭐ says:

    35 stars This would be 4 stars on This is a conclusion to Brenna Daegan and Samuel's story and told from the Samuel's pov It's a pretty uick read and will only make sense if you've read the previous books I loved getting inside Samuel's head and my word Brenna is even tougher than I first thought I love this world that Lee Savino has created and have enjoyed all three books I'm now looking forward to meeting Sabine Ragnvald Maddox in Taken by the Berserkers and yes I will be reading the next book

  8. Rhonda Hicks Rhonda Hicks says:

    Samuel and Daegan have fully mated with Brenna She loves both man and beast in both of them Her men are having strong words about whether or not to have a family and breed with her Daegan wanting to and Samuel not So many things could go wrong They could lose her in childbirth it's not the demon itself he's worried about coming out the man demon he's not sure he can hold backFollow this installment of the Berserkers tale and see which direction they have lead Lee Savino in this time

  9. Terry Sasada Terry Sasada says:

    Continuing story of Samuel Brenna and Daegan They have finally claimed Brenna as a man a wolf and a berserker All three live inside the man always wanting to break out and kill Brenna is their calm They have accepted that she loves them and can calm their beasts like no other Are the battles over? It was for such a short while and now there is at stake now they have to mount a rescue Can't wait to read the continuing story of Brenna and now her sister

  10. Erica Erica says:

    This uick read is only available if you sign up for Lee's newslettee Dagean Brenna and Samuel’s story is coming to an end but the series will continue Dagean has always wanted a family Samuel is petrified at the thought of what it could mean His fear of what their child would be or what could happen to Brenna forces him to deal with the horrors of his pastLucky for him his mate loves them and accept him no matter whatLoved this short read

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