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[Ebook] Brisé By Leigh Ann Lunsford – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Epub] ❧ Brisé ➛ Leigh Ann Lunsford – Serv3.3pub.co.uk He was seven She was four Neighbors and best friends He was her protector She was his reason Each had their battles but they fought them together He had a plan She wasn’t aware She was seventeen He He was seven She was four Neighbors and best friends He was her protector She was his reason Each had their battles but they fought them together He had a plan She wasn’t aware She was seventeen He was twenty Tragedy strikes and their life is derailed She leaves to heal and fulfill a dream to dance on stage He is left behind and forgets how to live He stops searching She begins looking Can they ever set one another free or does fate have something else in store for them.

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  1. Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~ Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~ says:

    Angst lovers this one is for youI'm having a hard time rating this one There was a lot that I liked about it and some I really didn't like I found myself frustrated then not by most of the characters decisions But to give it its due it was a story that most certainly touched me I cried on and off for most of the story Luke while I liked him drove me crazy I didn't feel like I really knew him All I knew about him was how much he loved Phoebe I found myself hoping that he would move on at least a little so that he could be a whole person Maybe there was to Luke than Phoebe but I never saw it view spoiler I was so insanely angry every time he made decisions FOR Phoebe without actually asking her what she wanted That paternalistic attitude really turned me off completely and when he made that BIG decision without even really listening to her he lost any feels I had for him hide spoiler

  2. Stephie Walls Stephie Walls says:

    Every time I pick up a new Leigh Ann Lunsford book I'm blown away by her storylines the development of her characters and her ability to have me feel as though I'm living in the story with the characters but this time she totally knocked me on my ass This book is a heart wrenching soul searching frustrating tale of love that has to withstand not only the test of time but life's cruel obstacles Every woman needs a superhero like Luke Leigh Ann will have you sobbing laughing pulling your hair out at times but you WILL feel how real these characters are their pain their love their adolescence their fight their frustration and when it's over you'll wonder what in the hell just happened Brise is by far Leigh Ann's best book to date

  3. Tahsin Tahsin says:

    Beginning 5 starsMiddle 25 3 starsEnd 35 4 starsThis book touches on several delicate issues but it doesn't dwell on any of them I loved the beginning and then it started going downhill after that

  4. Aphrodite Aphrodite says:

    3 and a half starsI felt very frustrated while reading this there were so many times i put this down to take a breatherShe would probably be one of the most annoying characters I've come acrossThe story it self was good but because she was so immature in a lot of her decisions I didn't want to finish it

  5. Terrie& Terrie& says:

    This is my first book by Leigh Ann Lunsford and I can say that this was an epic roller coaster ride We're taken on a journey through the years with Lucas and Phoebe Watching as their pain becomes our pain Routing for them every step of they way Luke and Phoebe are truly meant to be From the beginning we know in our hearts they are soul mates They are what love stories are made of Unfortunately with all true love stories they seem to be destined for soul crushing pain that will test them to the core We all want absolution you don't go through life without pain Brisé is a well written book that gripped me from the beginning I couldn't wait to see how everything turned out I wasn't sure what to expect I believe that many of you will need a reading corner with some privacy for this one Somewhere that you can shed your tears freely And I do believe they will flow uiet freely so grab that industrial size box of tissue and carve out some reading time I will say however that while this book did stir many emotions within me I didn't cry heartless bitch I guess But I just felt that I didn't get a chance to see enough of their good and happy times together That Light which when absent makes the dark seem even darker Don't get me wrong I'm definitely not into the light and fluffy romance but in my opinion increasing their romance and passion would have made for an even emotional read Increasing our bond and love for the characters

  6. Cassie Cassie says:

    ARC REVIEW FROM ABIBLIOPHOBIA ANONYMOUS BOOK REVIEWS BLOG BriseI'm one emotional person right now Red eyed tear streaked snot nosed reviwer I just ended this book and I had to immediately put pen to paper Usually I wait a day or two but I have to get this one outYou can be my very own superhero and I will be your ballerina PhoebeAuthor Leigh Ann Lunsford I've been a fan of her since the beginning I was so excited for Brise but good Lord I had no idea what I was in store forThese two amazing character's you love them from the very first page and the tears started to flow immediately This book literaly grabs ahold of your heart and doesn't ease it's grip till the last word I was sucked into Luke and Phoebe's worldBrise is a story about friendship growing love heartache sadness getting torn down and rebuilding it all back up It's a book that has it all The character's we get to watch them grow evolve and breakNo yesterday's only tomorrows Phoebe So many times in this story I cried laughed and uit breathing That's what Luke and Twinkle does to you The character's are so lovable The story is wrote perfectly and you can definitely see how much this author has grownI forgot my cape tonight Twinkle I didn't save you but know I will always fight for you LukeBe ready to become a titty baby Have tissues handy and some wine Yes wine lots You'll need it I promise you that

  7. Nicole Nicole says:

    375 4 StarsPhoebe is the girl Luke loves most in the entire world but a string of losses causes their relationship to tear apart at the seams An angst lover's dream book and I am not one but I couldn't put it downI swore that this book wouldn't get to me but the end had be shedding a few tears The back and forth emotions between Luke and Phoebe the tragedies and the sudden twists gave me a headache but Brisé is definitely a guilty pleasure read There's a tough choice Luke made that really threw a wrench into the relationship and I couldn't help but root for his HEA He really had the best intentions Phoebe was rather all over the place and immature at times but she was entitled because of her age and pastIt's nothing new for the genre but I do recommend that you give this a read

  8. Akeisha -Til& Akeisha -Til& says:

    Reviewed by AkeishaRating 5 Beautiful StarsI received an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewThis is why Brisé is currently sitting as my # 1 read for 2015 so far I read Brisé a while ago and I think I waited this long to write this review because I wanted a reason to skim through it again If you have never read any book from Leigh Ann Lunsford this is the book that will make you an instant fan Brisé stirred so many emotions in me from the very first page to the last page Leigh Ann is beyond creative expressive I am not sure what else to stay than she was born to do thisBrisé Where do I start with this emotional read From the first paragraph I started to get a little misty eye and I think I wasn't prepared from what I was about to read Leigh Ann did warn me to come with tissues Do I ever listen? No lolBRING YOUR TISSUES“ Well I am a superhero and we'll get rid of” I tell her with all of my seven year old authority”“ Okay” she says “ I'm going to be a dancer like my mom You can be my very own superhero and I will be your ballerina” Can I just say how this gripped at my heart The story follows two childhood friends Lucas Nichols aka Luke and Phoebe Wells I enjoyed the journey Leigh Ann with both characters from childhood friends to adulthood Within the book the relationship between the two friends change and how each of them handle many situations that was thrown their way I loved both characters from the beginning to the end I loved how strong Phoebe was despite all that was going on around her How could you not?I think the I type I might say too much so I am going stop now If you are looking for a story with depth heartache healing forgiveness then this is the story for you Brisé is very well written flows beautifully and makes you feel every single thing Secondary characters were also greatBravoFavorite uotesPhoebe“He wraps his arms around me and gives me every ounce of his love It seeps out of him enveloping me in its warmth His love creates a barrier from the outside forces I can't bring myself to overcome His love will heal me”“ It wasn't a goodbye kiss” I see the briefest of smiles form on his lips “ A goodbye has a chance for a hello This is not goodbye because this is The End”Luke She's my oxygen and I hers

  9. Jennifer Sons Jennifer Sons says:

    I was given the book for an honest review for Through the Booking Glass blog OMG It's been over a week I'm still wrecked What an amazing book This book is the 1st I've read of author Leigh Ann Lunsford it won't be the last It had me hooked from the very beginning when they were just little kids It had the right amount of angst sadness joy love sorrow surprise heat suspense Luke PhoebeTwinkle grew up together he made a vow to always protect her from harm What no one knew was that she would have one hell of a rough life Not only did Phoebe have to deal with medical problems her whole life but tragedy strikes Luke is faced with some tough decisions Luke is amazing He was so protective strong Even in the darkest of days Luke always was there for his Twinkle It made me cry several times from the overwhelming love that these two had Towards the end the book take a turn that I WAS NOT EXPECTING I was saying NO NO NO I know Ms Evilness Lunsford did NOT just go there YEP She did I still love her but I did hate her for a brief minute ; I LOVED the ending It was a perfecting ending for this beautiful amazing story There are MANY touchy subjects in here but all very relevant It's a story that needed to get told I'm honored to have read it

  10. DJ Sakata DJ Sakata says:

    My Rating45Favorite uotes“he’s so stupid I could put his brain in a hummingbird and he would fly backwards up a camel’s ass”“It hurts me to hate him but it hurts to love him Two emotions that mean the opposite are closer than people realize”“He was my calm before the storm and the raging inferno of my fire”“His anxiety mixed with mine euals a dosage Xanax hasn’t formulated yet”“For one day one month one year or for one lifetime whatever time we are allotted I want every second with you”My ReviewI am proud to confess that I have read every book the talented wordsmith known as Leigh Ann Lunsford has published I think that gives me fan girl status But I have to wonder – is she just a bit evil? She seems to excel in causing her readers and her characters considerable torment by allowing them a glimpse of great happiness and epic love then yanking it away and keeping them apart then getting them back together multiple times all due to stubborn and short sighted behavior There are also going to be snippets of witty humor sizzling sensual scenes and twists and turns in the story that are going to either blow the top of my head off or have me wanting to throw my kindle across the room I know the drill I know her emotive writing and mad skills are going to turn me inside out yet I am like a rubbernecker at a train wreck – I sense the carnage but I cannot look away That evil temptress has me addicted transfixed and holding on to my beloved kindle for dear life while she grips and sueezes my cold heart in her well manicured hands She is just far too good at this and I find myself yet again worshipping at her altar

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