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[Epub] Brutal Precious By Sara Wolf – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Reading] ➶ Brutal Precious Author Sara Wolf – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Life meets death The end meets the beginning Eighteen year old Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years forty three weeks and two days Or so she thinks The boy she maybe sort of definitely lo Life meets death The end meets the beginning Eighteen year old Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years forty three weeks and two days Or so she thinks The boy she maybe sort of definitely loved has dropped off the face of the planet after his girlfriend's death leaving a Jack shaped hole Determined to be happy Isis fills it in with lies and puts on a brave smile for her new life at Ohio State University But how long can that smile last with all of her friends gone How long can it last with the guilt of Sophia's death crushing her And how long can it really last when Will Cavanaugh attends the same school taunting her Isis is good at pretending everything is okay But not that good The cracks begin to show Isis Blake is good at putting herself back together But Jack Hunter is better This book contains language and sexual scenes some of which may be unsuitable for younger readers This is the third and final book in the LOVELY VICIOUS series.

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  1. Christine Alibutud Christine Alibutud says:

    Life meets death The end meets the beginning HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF THE LITERARY GODS Sara Wolf has managed to put me back in the book high that I never ever want to come down from She has done it again brilliantly at that I've got admit waiting for Brutal Precious for almost 6 months was such sweet torture Add to the fact that the publication date was moved due to some issues I was seriously devastated BUT Lo and behold this book was very much worth the wait It did not fail me and it went past and rocketed my expectations AHHHHHH I LOVE THIS BOOK AHHHH I LOVE THIS SERIES I DON'T WANT THIS TO BE OVER EARLY WARNING THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN A WHOLE LOT OF UOTES FROM THE BOOK BECAUSE COME ON IT'S SO BRILLIANT And oh yeahit may also contain little bits of spoilers if you haven't read the second book BUT YEAH PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR FLOODING THIS REVIEW WITH MANY DIALOGUES AND LINES FROM THE BOOK I mean you can't blame me right? This starts off a little over after Sophia's death I must say the ending of Savage Delight left me utterly speechless It was really tragic and of course it is no surprise that after that situation every character is highly affected because of it East Summit High sort of wilted after Sophia died And most especially our one and only Ice Prince Jack Hunter I shivered looking at him He wasn’t putting on the lifeless emotionless act any He just was lifeless He was empty The spark had been sucked out of his eyes leaving pale shells behind His entire body his entire physical presence seemed like a shell – an illusion made of mirrors and brittle frost that would shatter at the slightest touch He was chilling to look at; like something that shouldn’t still be living or still moving A manneuin A zombie puppet Isis tried her best to bring life back to Jack but it seemed like an impossible case He eventually left and disappeared leaving his friends family and especially Isis worried and much miserable than ever before “It’s over” he said too calmly“What is?” I asked my stomach roiling He pushed off the wall and walked away with one last word “Everything” BUT NUH UH NO NO NO IT IS DEFINITELY NOT OVER Once again just when Isis was adjusting to her new college life and being the independent and crazy girl she is as well as being bullied by Nameless Ugh I hate Will so muchMR ICE PRINCE JACK HUNTER MCHOTTIE PANTS STRUTS HIS HOT BODY BACK AGAIN INTO ISIS' LIFE AND SAVES THE DAY And like the bomb she is just seeing Isis again blew cracks in that dam and she’s going to see me through the cracks the real me she’s going to see me like no one else has like I’m pretending not to be broken and dead inside and I have to leave have to compose myself but she doesn’t let me pull away wrapping her arms tight around my waist and keeping me pressed against her against her warmth and smell and her understanding silence Seriously that scene was justWOW You can feel the bittersweet tension But being reunited never felt so good She is here she is within reach She is real and corporeal and angry with me Maybe she’s never not been angry with me and that’s why it feels right We have always been at odds We have always clashed After months of feeling wrong this staring down my hellion mine? No I threw the chance to call her mine away – is the only thing that has felt right The planets are in place the last clockgear snaps into motion and the world begins to turn again as is proper and right And just a tad bit funny HAHA Everything happens all the time forever and this would be a terrifying concept if I wasn’t so enlightened and in tune with the natural forces of the universe which include but aren’t limited to; A taco salad B taco salad and C my own glorious ass glorioass Which increases in size directly proportionately to how much taco salad is in the area Science has come so far But of course much to my frustration they still try to push each other away especially Jack And of course add Will Cavanaugh meddling with their lives and problems of the past into the pictureIsis was like All I can do is hope and move on I can’t wait around I have my own life to live I just wish things had turned out differently is all Not like us dating Because that would be horribly stupidly selfish slash impossible in the face of Sophia’s death And Jack was like It’s either a testament to her infuriatingly persistent personality or a testament to my unwillingness to let go of the last few moments in my life I recall being truly happy Happy? I’m unsure if I was ever happy even with her It’s a mishmash of fuzzy memories and stolen moments of tenderness all laced with the searing edge of guilt that is Sophia’s faceMaybe I was happy But it’s pointless There’s no real value in being happyThere’s no real value in something that doesn’t last And there friends were like It’s hard I get it After everything that’s happenedI don’t know what it’s like but it’s gotta be hard And I’m sorry But he really likes you Isis And you really like him And you guys are like really interesting together and you light each other up in a weird symbiotic way And life is short Sophia taught us that And I think you deserve a shot at each other before you write each other off completely out of misguided martyrdom And Charlie was like “You’re distracting him You’re a goddamn distraction he doesn’t need right now And Nameless aka Will was like “You were a fat fucking ugly bitch You were lucky I even let you hang around You were so fucking lucky I even wanted to touch your fat stinking carcass No one else did No one else does Not even that fucking pretty boy He’s just fucking you because he pities you He sees how pathetic and ugly you are and he’s taking pity on your piggy ass” AND I WAS JUST LIKESomehow they start all over again by rebuilding their friendshipBut we all know what happens when you try to just be friends with someone you really really REALLY love like If I open my mouth the darkest spear of secrets would pierce her throughI love you I want you I want you as than a friend I want you in my arms in my bed where you’ll be safe and ecstatic and all mine I want to show you how good a kiss can be I want to show you life isn’t always suffering – it’s pleasure too My brain screams it but my mouth never moves condemning me to silence I have to be stone The slightest crack and I’ll spill my every secret at her feet – that I crave her like a parched plant craves the rain That the only time I feel alive – honestly radiantly alive is when I see her purple streaks the outline of her shoulders her smile Okay I just really have to say this I SERIOUSLY LOVE ISIS AND JACK TOGETHER They definitely make up the most unusual couple and I think that is what sets them apart They'll be sweet in a minute but then start bickering and fighting at the very next second And can I just say that their fights are the most adorable They're like one of my favorite book OTPs Their connection is something else and I just can't help but want to have a relationship like they have They are justTHE BOMB Yes okay I got seriously frustrated when they just didn't give in to their desire for each other but the all the sexual tension and the waiting was worth it The way they came back to each other was so magical and sweet and funny and just perfect I love youI’m sorry I’m sorry for saying it but I love you And you don’t have toyou don’t have to do anything or say anything I mean I could just drive you home right after this if you never want to talk to me again I’d understand because girls saying I love you is something you get a lot and you hate it I bet but I realized a lot of things lately and the biggest thing is that I probably love you I’m not sure but I think so and it’s not very romantic or confident to not be sure but I barely even know what love is I just sort of learned a bit of the definition but I know that what I feel for you fits that tiny bit and I want to learn and I think you would help me learn but also I just love you no weird creepy learning involved I just love you you stupid idiot I love the way they show their affection to each other It's definitely extraordinary for sure You wouldn't know whether they'd kiss each other senselessly or start kicking each other Man it was the bestYes I am a sucker for love hate relationships AND HELL TO THE YEAH THIS BOOK GAVE ME A SERIOUSLY MASSIVE LAUGHING FIT DAMN THIS BOOK WAS SO HILARIOUS ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF ISIS' ANTICS AND DIALOGUES It’s a fun and uniue experience There’s a lot of sand I trip on a rock and stub my toe so hard I possibly now have weird deformed hobbit feet I feel like vomiting A seagull almost shits on my arm“It’s okay buddy” I shade my eyes and look up at the sky “Luckily for you I am both stunningly good looking and benevolent I forgive you” They’ll define the rest of my career slash life slash future prospects with Johnny Depp I have to start taking things mildly seriously now Ugh Just the word sends shivers down my spine Serious Seeeerious Cereal ous Trix are for kids College is not for kids College is for grown upsI don’t feel like a grown up I also liked all the characters They all had fun and appealing personalities even the secondary ones Well everyone except Will This book also tackled loss and coping forgiveness friendship realization of reality family ties and of course finding one's self Definitely all in one AND OMG THE FACT THAT THIS WAS WRITTEN IN BOTH ISIS' AND JACK'S POV WAS TOTALLY AND UTTERLY BRILLIANT I just loved getting inside their heads It was beyond amazing Seriously you can never go wrong with this series And oh yeah Jack HunterWhat this book taught meI can't wait for Sara Wolf's upcoming works This series gave me one of the best times of my life This is definitely part of my SERIOUSLY BRILLIANT SERIES category AHHHH I DON'T KNOW I JUST WANT TO BABBLE ON HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS SERIES FIVE FREAKING BRUTAL PRECIOUS STARS

  2. Perks Of Being A Fangirl Perks Of Being A Fangirl says:

    Just finished the book and can you see that massive smile taking over my faceIsis' sarcastic demeanor had me bursting out laughing in the crack of dawn and uite possibly waking up the household at 3AM in the morning but who cares it was infectious Honestly I feel like we see a desire from Jack we never saw from any of the other books His desire to be with Isis really made me feel like we meet a deeper Jack who will strive for what he desires Sadly this is the end of our journey with Jack and Isis but i'm sure we will meet again when I want to relive the whole adventure with them again

  3. Aj the Ravenous Reader Aj the Ravenous Reader says:

    This review has politely minor spoilersIt pains me to give this book only three stars because I was so prepared to give it a five because obviously I have fallen madly in love with the first two books the characters Isis and Jack even Wren and Kayla and the author herself that if I could give the first books than five stars I would but this third book lamentably did not fully live up to my sky high expectations The first parts kept up my hopes for the book and all the feels I had during the first two books came rushing back up to the part when Jack helplessly couldn’t do anything but hold back his feelings for Isis making Isis pitifully suffer and hold back her feelings for Jack too I was expectantly trusting that the rest of the story from that point on will see my high regard for the series through but the plot sort of went astray I feel like several chapters of the book were wasted on unnecessary events and material when they could have been used to further develop and focus on Jack and Isis’ character and their story and when it came to the chapters meant for such development they became too hurried and a bit bereft of merit and substance It even came to a point where I had to ask if this was really the final installment of this amazing series I’ve come to admirebecause it could easily have been mistaken for a cheesy romantic slash detective slash comedyJames Bond story and it felt like there were no proper resolutions for the conflicts in the story Also up to now I still couldn't decipher the relevance of the titles from the first book up to the last I still loved the book I still adore Isis’ sarcastic and hilarious rumor and I still love Jack’s icy cool personality There were also many events and dialogues that were engraved in my heart that when I was almost convinced to give this book a failing rating the little pretty and tear inducing moments made me reverse my decision Also most importantly the book was consistently highly entertaining and I also like to take special note of the fact that it gave me a happy endingHahahaI am a fickle pickle ;

  4. Penelope Douglas Penelope Douglas says:

    Now now nowI will drop everything to read this now All good vibes going to Wolf so she works productively and gets this manuscript out asap ;

  5. Me, Myself, and I Me, Myself, and I says:

    So like It's July 12th right? And the year is 2014? Where art thou Brutal Precious?I don't think the world fully understands my predicament you see After reading two books out of three in this wonderful perfect series I've come to a realization I am uite addicted to the banter that goes on between Isis and JackI need Isis Blake in my life So I would very much so appreciate if you would You know Allow me the opportunity to read this bookNot like I stayed up until 3 in the morning so it would officially be July 12th and I could read it or anythingHell I'll even pay you? You hear me ? All I'm askingIs for you To give me the bookAnd no one needs to gets hurt alright?

  6. Cece ❀Rants, Raves &Reviews❀ Cece ❀Rants, Raves &Reviews❀ says:

    Just casually spiraling out of control from how much this book means to meThat’s right motherfuckers there’s a third book Isis Blake is back and she gonna live her best life out of spite “I’m a freshmen Undecided Nuclear Thermophysics Culinary Arts Depends on how I feel when I wake up that day” She is off to college and as a current student I definitely felt a connection on the transition period Shes in a new place away from her defining family Shes been hurt and gone through so much shit and it has honestly changed her “So I just kept it A braver Isis would’ve used it A not guilty Isis would’ve used it” But that’s not her any and she can’t pretend to be “But Sophia was her redemption her idol her friend If I lost all three of those I’d be broken too” Goddamn it my heartFinally the slow burn romance is working up to somethingbut its not just some happy lala land But this book wasn’t all existential crisis It was pretty fucking funny tooThe classic struggle of college stress “My life is over”I get up and collapse next to her on the bed“Finally Time to die” Making new relationships “She puffs out her cheeks and stands “Anyway I like you but you’re ruining my life Bye” BITCH MEEEEEEE The parties this one right here is for all the millenials in the crowd “Is this just” I pause and listen to the speakers “Is this just someone saying ‘ass’ on repeat?”Kieran stops looks up and starts laughing “Holy shit you’re right What’s happened to music?” Jack Hunter the asshole is here too but his POV has developed and become open about his feelings Seeing beneath the whole ice prince bullshit “I’m broken shattered like a mirror of lies She would try to pick up my pieces and only cut her delicate fingers on them” And i didnt cry onceAs predicted there was plot development that was outside of collegehint hint mafia shitand it was dark and fucking awesome I mean really who just wants ti read about college life but these two psycopaths hatelove while mafia and like damn boi “She shudders hugging herself and laughing harder “I’m nobody important”You are the sun I try to say” MY HEARTTT GODDAMN IT JACK TELL HER HOW YOU FUCKING FEELL I CANT TAKE THISIsis also feels hurt and depressed and is open about fears that I know myself and many others feel ourselves “Every second I watch them touch is every second further the darkness drills into my head No one will ever look at me like that No one will feel that deeply for me No one will treat me that tenderly No one will ever love me like that” I literarlly need this book to be less relatable because it is literarlly ridicous how much of myself I saw on these pages it physically hurts feeling my own inner thoughts written out “I see what you mean now” She says “Someone like you so vibrant and funny is rarely tired It must be so strange for you when you are” Sometimes you just feel so exhausted and tired of being so vibrant for everyone else You know how you should feel or act or be but you just can’t right nowOverall I’m so happy the seuel andthis finale lived up to its height and honestly I enjoyed the maturity and situations than the first book with high school And with that I’ll leave you with one last uote cuz as you can tell I really loved this book’s writing style and just had so so many good lines and topics “and I hate myself I hate who I used to be and I hate who I’m trying to be and the people I loved betrayed me and I betrayed myself but I hid it away instead of teling telling somebody anybody”

  7. bibliophile (Romance Addict) bibliophile (Romance Addict) says:

    5 'I'm Stronger' Stars“Living is really weird You never get used to it But it happens anyway And sometimes you find things that make it a little comfortable and you try to hold on to those things and the tighter you hold the faster they slip away” Although this book dealt with very dark issues it was also funny and cute at times I guess I really enjoyed reading this trilogy because of the amount of feelings I experienced while reading I cried laughed and I was very angry at times I rooted for some characters and yes I got shocked many times There were multiple plot twists that I didn't see coming and I had few failed attempts of guessing what would happen nextBrutal Precious is the final book in the Lovely Vicious trilogy It follows Isis a girl who has been through many hardships and how she tried to get over it The end of the second installment was very shocking and traumatic for both Jack Isis and now they're both trying to move on I don't want to spoil anything for the reader because it's hard to write about the plot of this book without spoiling anything However I can say that this book isn't YA like the previous books since both Isis Jack graduated high school and are attending college It changed into an NA book and this is what I really like in this trilogy “But what kind of barbed love could I offer her? I’m broken shattered like a mirror of lies She would try to pick up my pieces and only cut her delicate fingers on them Any love I could give her would hurt her when all I want to do is heal her I want to build her back up not tear her down with me” The first book Lovely Vicious started out when Isis moves to a new town and attends a new high school By the third book though the characters are college students and so much have happened By the end of this book we also get a sneak peak chapter of them older which only made me so happy I can honestly say that I cared about the characters because when I read the last chapter I felt so proud and had to wipe few tears here and there Happy tears As for the characters Isis was hilarious and cute She was also strong and went through big character development which only made her likable Jack was kind of hard to like at first since he was very mysterious and the readers didn't know whether he was actually evil or kind Wren and Kayla were one of the main characters and although we don't have a POV from their perspective they were a very important part of the book Wren is significant due to his action in the past and his involvement As for Kayla she's Isis's first best friend which was a good development for both characters “Listen to me carefully sweet girl Don’t live any other way than the way that makes you happy If you aren’t happy leave your lover If you aren’t happy uit the job If you aren’t happy do to make yourself happy Because you are the only one who can make yourself happy” As for Nameless he was a great antagonist An antagonist I would pleasurably smack him on the head multiple times to maybe wake him up from his crazy fantasies I must applaud for Sara Wolf because although I really hated him and he deserved everything that happened to him I felt sorry for him because of his past He was scarred for life which only made him twisted and crazy I don't understand why I felt sorry for him either Yet I have mix feelings for him like hate anger and also sympathy I can't help it “Hiding is for babies And ninjas” As I said perviously I love the fact that this book has many anime references as I have also stated before I love anime So it just made this book even relatable to me since I'm a big fan of this “What about your funeral eh?” She asks “You mean the one that is never going to happen ever because I am going to gather the seven Dragonballs and wish for eternal life?” She laughs “Yeah that one What’d you want for it?” I muse it over for all of six and a half seconds “Makeouts Naked dancing Maybe a cake” Anyways I loved this series and I must admit one of my most favorite contemporary reads ever I just adore all the characters especially Isis I appreciate all the character development from the main characters to the side characters It just shows how people change as they grow up This trilogy have seriously made me think about so many aspects of life “But this boy This stupid wonderful boy just might be worth it”

  8. Brittany Brittany says:

    4 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟 “Sometimes when life kicks you in the ass you have to kick it back In the nuts With steel toed boots Essentially if someone anyone kicks you it is very mature to take the high road and not kick them back But it’s not fun And I’m all about fun One hundred percent fun One fundred percent” What a fantastic ending to this SUPER FUN series As a whole I absolutely loved each book They are witty yet pack a punch to your heart I loved all the characters but my favorite would be Isis She would totally be someone I would want to call my friend The dialogue in these books is fabulous Along with the plot and pacing I can not recommend them enough I was so happy to see things come together in this last one All my uestions were answered and I got my HEA so my heart is back on track

  9. Elva T Elva T says:

    When does this come out? I've read the first two books in the past two days I need Brutal Precious now

  10. Noodle Noodle says:

    This whole series was so freaking awesome i literally can not even think of anything else to say or write about regarding it other than you HAVE to read it I loved every single second of this story It's been an extremely long time since i can fully say i enjoyed a book so while reading this i was so giddy jumping up and down in my seat because this book has finally gotten me out of my rut Like I've said in the reviews of the past two books I love Isis and Jack and I love this book and I am so sad it's over but I loved it and you should read it and love it with me I would looove to have a little continuation of the story like another epilogue thats maybe kind of as long as a book or maybe 10? I don't know its just a thought ; A billion trillion stars for this whole series and a billion trillion times thanks to Ms Wolf for writing this masterpiece I don't remember if I've mentioned this yet but i very much LOVED this series Reread October 17th 2015xxx

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