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[PDF.ePUB.MOBI]  Captivate Author Carrie Jones – serv3.3pub.co.uk [PDF / Epub] ⚣ Captivate ✈ Carrie Jones – Serv3.3pub.co.uk He smiles It's a wicked smile Kind but not kind Handsome but dangerous Feral almost I can see why Nick nearly killed him NickI ask again Why were you in the roadI was waiting for youZara and her frien He smiles It's a wicked smile Kind but not kind Handsome but dangerous Feral almost I can see why Nick nearly killed him NickI ask again Why were you in the roadI was waiting for youZara and her friends thought they'd solved the pixie problem And they did sort of The pixie's are all locked away deep in the woods But the king's needs grow stronger each day that he is in captivity while his control over his people weakens And it's enough to draw a new king into town Astley claims he is different He claims there are pixies who can live peacefully with humans that it doesn't have to be all violence and nastiness all the time Zara wants to believe himuntil Astley also claims that she is fated to be his ueenThere is no way Zara would ever turn pixie And she's got good friends who will make sure of that Besides she and Nick are so in love they're practically inseparable But when they very thing Zara wants to protect most is exactly what's at risk she is forced to make choices she never imagined.

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  1. Shannon Shannon says:

    Captivate picks up where Need left off The first half of the book is pretty much about building up the importance of Zara's and Nick's relationship and how in love they are They try to go on with their lives and live normally after imprisoning Zara's Dad and his pixie subjects More pixies are coming to their town and they can't figure out why Zara Nick Devyn and Issie all capture the pixies that come to the town and trap them in the house This is obviously only a temporary solution Two other pixie kings find out that Zara's Dad is imprisoned and weak so they decide they want to kill him and take his territory Astley is one of the pixie kings and he is actually saved by Zara in the beginning After meeting him she starts to wonder if all pixies are bad and if the situation is so black and whiteI had a lot of problems with this book First off Nick and Zara's relationship becomes the main focal point for the better half of the novel This is definitely done so the second half of the book and Zara's decisions will make sense but I uickly became sick of all the shivering and hand holding between the two I know they're teens but come on touching hands isn't such a momentous thing The puppy love pun intended really got on my nervesThen we get some new players on the field that really made me roll my eyes Let's just say there are creatures than pixies and weres and it gets a little ridiculous at times It seems like Jones is just throwing whatever mythological or supernatural creatures she wants into the story I kept waiting for a kraken to rise up from the lake or something Also missing from this was a bit of the creepiness that was in Need It was kind of spooky when Zara's Dad was following her around and staring at her from the woods The pixies just feel neutered in this one I liked it better when they were all evil or at least had that sense of otherness about them Astley the other pixie king had some potential in the beginning but toward the end I just found him boringI liked the end Sort of I need to know what happens next even though the story is so haphazardly told Thankfully I borrowed this from work and actually read most of it on my shift so I can't say I really wasted any time or money on it I'd say borrow it from a friend or the library if you're interested but I wouldn't buy the hardcover because it's just not worth itMy reviews of Need Need #1 and Entice Need #3

  2. Megan Megan says:

    Reading Captivate was so thoroughly unenjoyable that I found myself doubting how much I loved Need to begin with Which is crazy because I truly did enjoy Need and thought it was a great stand alone book So many probelems with Captivate I don't even know where to start The story itself wasodd There just wasn't a flow Lot's of dangerous action scenes Lots of pukey teen romace between Zara and Nick But a clear plot never seemed to take shape When everything was said and done Captivate read like a filler novel There was no blooming romance no intrigue or mystery to discover We only meet a handful of new characters And while their actions definately play a role in the story we don't spend than a few sentences with them Another issue I have with the story is the lack of growth seen in the characters Granted these are teens and the story takes place over a span of a fews weeks But considering everything they have done and gone through I expect a little self discovery and character development I think Jones expects the reader to accept the characters based on Need rather than based on any insights in this story While I found Zara to be a uirky likeable girl in Need here she is ridicuously attached to Nick and incredibly stubborn and singleminded Zara and Nick's relationship as many have pointed out is barely tolerable to read about I am ok with sappy displays of teen love in small doses Or if there is some danger or steamy scenes to balance out the I love you than you love me stuff But Captivate was simply undying love All the time It was so bad that I was actually rooting against Nick in the battle scenes Cause if he gets killed off I won't have to read about him any Zara is free to pursue a interesting guy I just get the feeling that Jones wrote Need as a one time thing and never had intentions or ideas for a suel But after it was published Need's popularity encouraged her to uickly poop out this one Clearly this series is now meant to at least be a trilogy but I don't know if I will be inspired to muddle my way through another mess

  3. Kayla Kayla says:

    This is the seuel Captivate by Carrie Jones which follows the events after Need This book follows Zara as she must try and find Nick who died and was taken to Valhalla She meets up with the Pixie king Astley who swears to protect her She must find and nick and save him but will he forgive her for what she's done?CHARACTERS I still love Zara she is so cool and view spoiler hide spoiler

  4. hayden hayden says:

    CAPTIVATE was better than NEED for a number of reasons 1 Astley was introduced and even though that may seem like a bad thing because it puts Zara into an inevitable love triangle it's nice to get an insider pixie's perspective on things through Zara's eyes It's nice to see that Zara puts a lot of trust into him while barely knowing him It's nice to know she can trust him like that Besides Astley is awesome And him and Zara together make A and Z 2 Nick started to really annoy me in the beginning of this book I'm not even sure exactly what it is about him that did that to me but I started to lose a lot of my preconceived interest in him when Astley was introduced Zara's caring for Nick however made me begin to like him again because everything Zara experiences I feel like I experience it right along with her which is what I was really getting at with this #23 Zara loses a lot of her original awkwardness which makes me glad because that was what really turned me off of NEED I'm glad I stuck with this series because Zara really comes into her own in CAPTIVATE Astley may bring some of that out of her but it's out nonetheless4 The action was a lot prominent in CAPTIVATE In NEED I felt like it was just kind of there because it needed to be but in CAPTIVATE it was a lot natural like it actually should've happened instead of just happening because what the heckWhat happened at the end of this book really surprised me I thought it was going to take longer to happen like maybe at the end of the third or at the beginning of the fourth but it's happened and I can't change thatCAPTIVATE was captivating than NEED and if I hadn't have had ENTICE right there to read I would have been extremely angry with that cliffhanger In fact I probably would've thrown it out my windowCan't wait for ENTICE

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I loved this than the first one Why probably because of Astley I'm such a sucker for the other guy I swear it is my downfall in books I so rarely prefer the main guy The evil pixies are still trapped in the house in the woods Zara and the gang continue to monitor them but something is up A bunch of new pixies have been coming to town and they are up to something Nick believes they should just continue to kill them off one by one But when Zara runs into one tied up to a tree near death she just can't let him die She helps Astley escape and learns that he is also a King Her pixie blood is drawn to him and turns her skin blue and makes her faint when she is near him Talk about falling for a guy except she is in love with Nick Nick doesn't believe any pixie can be good or should be trusted He is way to keen to just kill them all off without another thought But the Zara hangs out with Astley the she believes maybe there can be good pixies Maybe she shouldn't judge all pixies the same since we shouldn't judge all people the same She wants there to be good ones since she is after all half pixie I loved Astley He was so sweet and also funny when he was naive to human ways You hold it right there Hold what? Astley asks and I swear I think he really means it It's an expression I hiss It means stay still' I loved his protectiveness of Zara but didn't find it overly zealous like I did with Nick I looked forward to his every scene I glanced ahead just to see if he was going to be in the next scene Zara's dad says that while he is stuck in that house wreak pixies and Kings will continue to come to try to take over his territory When another King shows up he is far from Astley's kind There are some truly evil pixies out there He destroys the house and injures Nick beyond repair Zara will do the unthinkable to save him What I also loved about this one was the big game changer I love when an author takes a character to a place she doesn't want to go Zara hated pixies and never wanted to turn but sometimes it is the scary thing that is right for the character Zara has big changes ahead of her but I am positive Astley won't let her down This one ends of kind of abruptly Not a total cliffhanger but everything is still up in the air unresolved I must get the next one immediately I felt like this one had way action than the first and I can't wait to see where the story leads next and of course Astley

  6. kiwi kili kiwi kili says:

    Hey guys It's April now because this thing has been waiting for me since April and we're pretending I'm not a procrastinator Time machines; say whaaaaat? And we're going to do another Keels reads a book online with percentagesthingy Or whatever You know how this works I start reading making comments at various places as I go along With percentages so you know approx where I am in the book I will be doing this ALL in one stretch and then will go back and add GIFS later for your amusement I know I'm the greatest So Shall we begin?There's some irony there1% ZARA speechifying Remind me again are you in high school? Are you? THIS IS NOT A WOOOOORD ISSI You are no longer allowed to imagine anyone is dead Somehow this seems grammatically incorrect to meSomeone help me out? If I'm wrong I will apologize to Issi Not to Zara though NEVER TO ZARA Actually I suspect it probably IS grammatically correctbut it still sounds weird out loud And CRIKES I've read books when the characters are worrywarts before but this is actually ANNOYING I don't Need descriptions of how you are imagining your dead boyfriend Zara dear In fact I do not care for him I think you should dump him Nick thinks insane blush mode is cute Why? Why? Why do we need a literary cliche on page two??? I know what to expect butbutthis is actually just CRUEL Wolves are not like humans WHOA BLOWIN' MA MIND ZARA 2% Winter in Maine is not fun Bad news guys Zara's still not over this whole cold thing from book oneWhoa Dev dated a girl back in forth grade??? I don't think I knew what dating WAS in forth gradeAnd wait a flippin second This coach puts the four of these trouble makers in a group together for gym class?? When he yelled at them not once but TWICE already??? Jeez I wanna go to this school You get days off in cross country for one thing plus you can skip class apparently whenever you want I COULD GET AWAY WITH MURDER You know I could 3% Now was not the time We were in PE SINCE WHEN HAS THIS STOPPED YOU BEFORE????? 4% PIXIE TIP Pixies do not look like Tinker Bell Although they occasionally wear tutus Seriously who doesn't? Ermis this comment supposed to make me like the characters' tone ? BecauseA Pixie Tip WTF???and B Who doesn't? I doesn't that's who 6% Pixies are out and about putting people in danger attacking poor innocent speshul folk like Zara and making trouble They are SO dangerous in fact that Nick the mostly werewolf boyfriend gets chided for patrolling on his own This town is flippin' dangerous And what does our brilliant Zara do?She goes running BY HERSELF Most times I think she's asking for this stuff I pull out my cell phone punch in 9 1 1 but don't hit Send Because seriously? What would I say?Try Hi this is Zara Whatsherlastnameagain? and I'm down by the railroad tracks and just heard something that sounds like a person who's badly hurt Wait for police cars to come while standing safely by the road? Sure I can do that Then when she DOES call someone who is it? Nick Who is at work With his phone off Yeah there's a reason Zara's karma is this bad 7% Valhalla? Norse mythology? Andpixies? WTF This is MESSED UP Do you know what he is Halfling?UmVampire? Please say vampire Is it too much to ask for vampire? 9% UmI think the pixie tip here was supposed to say that scary movies HAVE evil things in them But the wording actually just said scary movies are evil Hear that folks? HORROR MOVIES ARE EVIL EM CALL THE DOCTOR WE WATCHED THAT THE SHINING TV SPECIAL WE HAVE THE TAINT WE IS GOING TO DIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE 10% Aw nope Not a vampire Another pixie kingOOH LOVE INTEREST #2 KEELS CALLS IT Kids put me down for 150 in roulette I'm feelin' good about this one 13%Norse myths Valhalla Valkyries I'm saying this RIGHT NOW if they bastardize Loki I will MESS THEIR SHT UPOh well and Zara's right about googling Valkyrie and getting the Tom Cruise film first but the SECOND HIT in Wikipedia is about the Norse bits And wouldn't you put that in there to begin with? Valkyrie Norse? Huh sounds like a bad romance Just to save on time? 15% No Nick or my grandma would have smelled him there You know their noses NO WITH THEIR TOES 17% Okay so bitch move here but hear me out I kinda agree with Zara's pixie dad on this one Her mom decided to sleep with him decides not to stay with him The pixies only become evil psychos without a ueenHe HAD a ueen She DITCHED him If their biology is written for them to need to drink blood hehe vampires when they don't have a ueenDoesn't this make things sorta not their fault?I mean don't get me wrong it's their fault for DOING the deeds all in all but isn't it Zara's mom's fault for being like see ya later husband o mine I'm marrying a human instead WhooZara should make up a word for pixie sympathy She has a made up word for everything elseAnd Zara DON'T BE FLIPPING CONTRADICTORY If you're gonna be all chill about having a werewolf for a boyfriend He is NOT an animal then you're gonna hafta get over the pixie dad thing as wellBecause one of those things IS stranger than the other And no it's not the pixie bit The whole 'Nick protecting me' thing drives me insane I can protect myself OH NO YOU MOST CERTAIN CANNOT 20% Blond man waiting in the road who you hope isn't there for you? Well is he hot Zara? Tell us if he's hot That will make figuring it out SOOO much easier 21% or I've lost forty I points or somethingAnd trust me kid; those were 40 points you could NOT afford to loseAnd yep he was there for her He's now hot by default 26% Do goodernessIs it my turn to make up a word now? Please? Pretty please cherries and sprinkles? Ironically I donate these two ice cream toppings because I hate themAlso apparently muppets don't USUALLY kill people Well that's a relief Honestly I'd be MUCH worried about having a muppet kill me than a pixie I'm a chick so pixies wouldn't drink my blood they'd if anything just try to marry me That's a lot easier to handle than a giant Cookie Monster blundering at you screaming COOOOKKIEEEEEEE in a way that makes you believe YOU are the cookie he wants to eat now THIS COULD BE YOUAlso Grover is a pyromaniac And death by fire sounds harsh man 28% Is Nick's only purpose in this book to BE MAN call her baby and protectstalk things? 29% Hehe Zara makes a list of illegal things they've done ON PAPER Not even hidden away on her computerBetter hope those useless Maine cops don't find THAT little slip up 30% Nick's fingers stroke my skin Creeeeep eeerAlso why are these children obsessed with bagels??? 33% 'Look at my lips They are too thin They hardly even count as lips'HEY WAIT A MINUTE I HAVE THINISHSMALL LIPSDon't be hating on people with little mouths Small on the outside CAVERNOUS on the inside 34% Okay so are books like TV shows now? Do authors get extra cash for dropping as many brand names as possible?Jus' wonderin' 40% ZARA And why has nobody told me this before?Oh Zara CLEARLY because it wasn't necessary to the plot then It is NOW 41% Awpoor Zara's havin' a meltdownshe's so SPESHUL she can't even handle itshe's feelin' a bitBLUE HahahahahahahaCough Okay I'm done now Blueheh For those of you who haven't read this book and are thanking your lucky stars you didn't Zara starts turning blue in the book Yeah actually full on blue skin I didn't want you to be left out of the joke I KNOW I'm so nice 44% KEELS' PREDICTION NUMBER TWO SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN CONVENIENTLY SO ZARA WILL HAVE AN EXCUSE TO KISS THE HOT BLOND PIXIE AND THEN BECOME A PIXIE HERSELF BUT DON'T WORRY SHE WILL STILL MAKE THINGS WORK WITH NICKApparently pixies smell like Dove soapGuys? Guys? CONSPIRACY THEORY ALERT 53% Pixie Federation They Flipping Have A Pixie Federation Anywho there's ANOTHER pixie king coming for ZaraThree's a crowd folkswho apparently is as evil as evil is evil I WANT HIM NOW 55% We fall asleep there curled up together fully clothed obviously because we haven't actually had actual sex yetYeah but have you had NON actual sex yet? That's the REAL uestion Zara 58% Ooooh spooky Things smell like death Tell me Nick what does death smell like? Is it like pain which apparently demands to be felt?? 63% Bum badda ba bum bum badda BA bum bum badda BA bum bum budda DAAAA That's Ride of the Valkyries for all you who didn't know And YEAH That's right The valkyrie just showed up to snatch Nicky boy giving us a perfectly good excuse to now kiss hot blond Astley yeah 66% My cell Call it if you need me he says I won't need you I tell himBut thanks YES SHE DOES ASTELY SHE DOES NEED YOU NEEEEEEED Well screw you Zara Hey guys guess who just went into the woods by herself again? Ya huh ZARA And guess who swung in to her rescue? Yeah uh huh ASTLEY SIGH HEAVILY 68% Astley's completely right Zara; we all need to be rescued some timesJust you than anyone else 69% Oh my gollywollydoodlealltheday Oh goodness Oh hilarious hysteria The evil pixie's name isFrank ITS FRANK FRAAAAAAAANK 70% They are now speaking about Odin and Thor Let me reiterateIf they bastardize LokiI WILL MESS THEIR FACES UP 74% Geez Zara of COURSE Nick's parents are dead You hadn't figured that out yet??? CrikesWait a second where does this kid LIVE???? 82% I'm not most people says Zara TRUST US ZARA WE KNOW 86%Umyou don't cook spaghetti in a pan Oh also Keel's Prediction #3 or whatever we're on There will be a completely normal explanation as to why Cassidy and Dev are hanging out that doesn't have to do with LOOOOVE so Issi and Dev can still be an item 87% Not only is Zara a pixie now she's even a SPESHUL pixie Because she can heal in superfast time Sigh Goody for you Zara Goody for you Uh oh guys Looks like I have glitter envy 95% Yup Cassidy is part elf She was chillin' with Dev to learn the secrets of the trade S'all cool now brosOh and about five sentences later Issi announces she and Devyn are a couple now Brilliant 98% Wait a minutethey just learned that Nick is still alive the fate of the world rests in their hands and there is probably a giant battle leading to a possible apocalypse coming and they head to a DANCE??? A FLIPPING SCHOOL DANCE???What is the world coming to?? Well then WELL THEN WELL THEN Looks like we're done Sowhat was the point of this book actually? What was the plot? WAS there a plot???HmmmI shall ponder thisAt least they didn't bastardize Loki my warnings SHALL be heard And at least I got a good pot of new money for my hypothetical bank account because of all my predictability nessYay Keels finally got to make up a word too Aw so happy now See y'all later when I put the GIFS inAnd while you wait go check out my review of the first book

  7. Shelby Shelby says:

    Finished It was really good I would say that it is better than the first book I thought this book went into detailed than the first book and it was written better too I can't wait to start the next book

  8. Kristi Kristi says:

    I Need I was completely Captivate d I devoured this novel This is such a fun and entertaining series I absolutely loved it Zara my favorite phobic is back and even entangled in a pixie web I did not see the story developing this way at all The introduction of Valhalla took the story to a whole new level and I can not wait to see what Jones has in store for us next The plot was an emotional roller coaster I was up I was down I was thrown for a loop and it came screeching to a stop all too uickly I mean really How could you do this to me Carrie Jones you KNOW what I am talking about Loved the new character of Astley I still don’t have him figured out and I think that is exactly where Jones wants readers to be Is he good is he bad? Is he playing Zara for a fool or is he really there to give a helping hand? I DON’T KNOW And I can’t stand it Overall Captivate is a fantastic read Intriguing characters engrossing plot blood thirsty pixies can it get any better?

  9. Nic Nic says:

    I really wanted to like this series but I give up halfway through this book I can't finish it right now maybe one day I will It is just too silly Nick and Zara are driving me crazy all with all their mushy love talk and I'm a big fan of romance in books If you are like me and thought the first book was okay and hoped this was better I'm afraid you might be disappointed

  10. Kate Kate says:

    May contain spoilers from Need please read at your own riskCaptivate was an amazingly entertaining read Like its predecessor Need the novel is full of creative elements The words fly off the pages sucking readers into this uniue world that Jones has created The plot picks up right where Need left off Zara is beginning to settle into her new life with her grandmother her relationship with Nick is going strong everything seems to be a positive except Zara's father He and the other pixies are a sore spot that Zara just cannot ignore And to top everything off a new pixie king emerges causing Zara to uestion everythingWhile this novel is missing a few elements that made Need so special for me Zara's continuous listing of phobias and the creepiness factor Jones than makes up for it through her usage of powerful emotions This novel will make you laugh make you sigh and than likely make you cryIn regards to the characters I am happy to report that for the most part they remained true to their personalities Zara is still her phobia loving self Nick is still a little over possessive etc However it is the newer characters made me scratch my head a few times while trying to understand their purpose Astley is a prime example of this While he has the possibility to be a wonderful sexy character he can sometimes come off a little boring Yes this is his introduction novel but I wanted to get to know him better I wanted to see if you can trust a pixie Unfortunately with this novel readers are only able to put out their feelers for him and the truth behind his character and motivation will not be revealed at least until the next novel Having enjoyed novels similar to these I am very curious to see what path Jones will take with Astley I have a few hunches but I will have to wait and see if I am rightWhile I did not overall love Captivate as much as Need Captivate still has a lot going for it There is plenty of romance sadness changes in character development etc For those of you who enjoyed Need Captivate is a must read For those who have been a little hesitant about reading this series I say give it a try It is a truly amazing series

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