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Read ✓ Cara Mia Immortyl Revolution #1 By Denise Verrico – ➝ [Epub] ❦ Cara Mia Immortyl Revolution #1 By Denise Verrico ➧ – Vampires Mia and Kurt become involved in a deadly mission to harness the power of immortality Mia Disantini is a vampire whose greatest desire is to walk in the sun again She is enslaved by her charis Vampires Mia Immortyl Revolution PDF Î and Kurt become involved in a deadly mission to harness the power of immortality Mia Disantini is a vampire whose greatest desire is to walk in the sun again She is enslaved by her charismatic master Ethan and plunged into an ancient unenlightened Immortyl culture Cara Mia Epub / As Mia struggles for the freedom to live as she chooses she is trained as Ethan's Bird of Prey Soon she becomes the pawn of their powerful enigmatic elder Brovik in his deadly games of deception and intrigue against his rival Gaius concerning their forbidden science experiments When Mia Immortyl Revolution Kindle Ó Mia is cast out by Ethan she joins forces with Kurt and together the lovers steal fire from the gods and deliver it to Genpath Laboratories The company CEO Lee Brooks deceives and imprisons the pair While held captive Mia calls upon the aid of Dr Joe Ansari The couple is hunted for their crime and time is running out Will Mia and Kurt escape with their lives and succeed in their mission before their Immortyl enemies harness the power of immortality for evil purposes.

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  1. Nora Nora says:

    Cara MiabyDenise VerricoFirst of all let me start by saying I have never read any of Denise Verrico's writings before I was actually pleased when I found out that the book I was reading was based on vampires which is my favorite genre Denise is a wonderful and talented writer who goes to great depths to make sure the reader gets as much detail as possible so they can be pulled into the book However there are parts in this book in which I felt there was too much time spent on the detail The book is about two vampires Mia and Kurt who are in a experimental lab Each one in their own room with their own demands as what they need Joe who worked at the lab was instructed to talk to Mia and Kurt to get as much information from them as possible In doing so Mia needed to start at the beginning telling Joe her entire story beginning with how she became a vampire and ending with how they ended up at the lab During a few chapters with Mia giving her story is where I felt the book sort of dragged on and it was hard to keep my attention because during those times nothing real exciting went on Mia's master Ethan was a little disappointing because he turned out to be mean and abusive to Mia I guess I am used to vampire stories where the master of a newborn vampire took them under their wing protected them and loved them unconditionally I felt sorry for Mia a lot in the book because she was raped several times hit and humiliated This book has all the components of a great book love betrayal violence all the goodies And yes it was a bit slow in some parts but I did enjoy seeing the vampires not being the 'norm' and seeing them from a different perspective I feel it can be enjoyed by those who read it for they will follow in the footsteps of Mia and her struggle to keep her independence while searching for her true identity and love The reader will find out what the lab wants with them and what they are willing to do in order to get it The Master Vampires are also wanting answers to the secrets from MiaI give this book four starsReviewed byNora Barteauhttpnorachipleybarteaublogspotcom

  2. Latia Latia says:

    Just finished reading Cara Mia by Denise Verrico I stayed up all night to complete it knowing I had to be up early in the morning for work That is how wonderfully written and enthralling it isThis was my first time ever reading anything by Denise Verrico and let me tell you I cannot wait to read the next three books in the series The book is filled with passion sexiness evolution and so much She invokes all your senses with her writing Its as if you are there with these characters instead having a voyeuristic look into their livesThe book follows Mia and Kurt as they fight to be together by any means necessary They betray so many important people who had influence in who they are They cannot trust anyone for everyone can be a pawn of deception in their game of survival All Mia wants is to walk once in the sunlight and knows that it can be possible through lots of scientific research she has discovered She and Kurt find themselves in a security science lab where they were told they would be safe But are they really? if so why must the be separated Mia becomes allies with a Doctor who comes in to speak with her to know the truth as to why she is hiding She takes him from the beginning of how she was created into a vampire Immortyl to the present She endures lots of pain cruelty even toture as a vampire none that she ever imagined could be possible Giving your mortality for an immortal life isn't always what it seems to beThis was a page turner of a book I enjoyed it from beginning to end There were no slow dragging points to the story Anyone who loves science and vampires this is a must read for you

  3. Kristina Kristina says:

    If you're looking for something different in your vampire books then this is a good place to start Denise Verrico spins an original tale on vampiressomething unexpected and excitingShe has attention to detail and creates interesting multi dimensional characters in her stories Both Mia and Kurt are wonderful characters who make you want to root for them as they find their way through the many tials they have to faceThere are twists and turns love and unexpected events that keep you on your toes and keep you entertained I enjoyed it

  4. Denise Verrico Denise Verrico says:

    If you enjoy a darker urban fantasy I think you will enjoy Cara Mia This isn't a mystery or romance but it has strong relationships My novel creates a new vampire world yet preserves some of the old traditions The vampires in my book are biological mutations and science plays a strong role Mia is an independent modern woman who struggles for freedom in a male dominated ancient society I don't skimp on the blood but there is humor

  5. Stephanie G Stephanie G says:

    When we first meet Mia Disantini she is a young actress in New York She is turned into a vampire by very handsome and charismatic Alpha vampire named Ethan The relationship at first is sweet and Ethan is Mia's entire world After a few years she soon realizes he isn't what he seems Ethan doesn't teach Mia much about her new world and keeps her hidden away from others Mia soon sees the cruel side of Ethan and learns of the his and his maker Brovik ambitions to use science to profit from their immortality Mia finds refuge from her existence in Kurt Kurt was also turned by Brovik but is nothing like Ethan He is a skilled pianist and looks like an angel He is one of the few that don't want to use Mia for sex and just wants to love her They both want to be free of their masters walk into the sun together and be rid of their blood addictions They can trust no one and live in constant fear When they get their hands on very important discs they go to Leisha They don't trust her but they are out of options and are at the point of no turning back Mia is a very strong and intelligent character Ethan physically and mentally abuses her and uses her as a sex object to gain power She has also been physically assaulted by other vampires but she still fights on Even when she wants to just give up she still goes on and she will do whatever she needs to do to survive Kurt is another favorite of mine To say he as faced his own challenges is a serious understatement His family was sent to a Nazi death camp and he was taken in my a pedophile until Brovik turned him Life didn't get much better for him He was still used as Brovik's tool and looked down upon by other vampires Yet he refuses to let them destroy him and will do anything for Mia Together they are at their best Philip was another great character He added humor to the story and really got Mia thinking about Ethan Another one of Brovik's Philip was fun loud and treated Mia with the respect she deserved I would have enjoyed reading about him Dr Joe Ansari really stood out He was the doctor that was the only one Mia and Kurt would talk to once Leisha tricked and trapped into her lab At first he thought of them as monsters but as he listens to Mia's retailing of her life he sees beyond the fact she is a vampire She has been mistreated and by the end will do whatever is necessary to help her and Kurt Overall I really enjoyed the book At first it was slow and took some time getting into Science plays a part in the book and isn't the most exciting thing to read about But once Mia got to the part in her story where the veil finally dropped on Ethan the story picked up fast The characters are well written and the story is different from what I usually read which was a nice break from the norm Cara Mia is the first book in the Immortyl Revolution series Book two isn't out yet and is called Twilight of the Gods I will continue on in the series because I'm really interested into what happens with Kurt and Mia now and what roll Joe will have if any Stephanie G

  6. Bertena Varney Bertena Varney says:

    If you like your vampires with a mix of science fiction then Cara Mia Book One of the Immortyl Revolution by Denise Verrico is the book for youThe story begins with the main character Mia running for her life The reader is not sure if she is chasing or being chased is she is the vampire of the story or simply another victim The story begins with a fast pace like that and to hold the reader until the endYou learn she is running form her abuse lover Ethan and the story that they hold together is told through very dark and violent flashbacks Ones that show her being mentally physically and sexually abused You begin to see her character develop and why she is so willing to walk into the sunAs the story continues you realize that even though the book is listed as urban fantasy it has a very strong science fiction twist to it the main story is about how she and another vampire named Kurt has turned themselves in for research and experimentation They hope to find a cure for being an ImmortylThe author portrays them as the dark monsters that we are used to but then with the help of her character Dr Joe Ansari they begin to develop into real people for both him and the reader the story tells of their struggle to find humans they can trust to help them while trying to cure themselves from the monsters that they are Even from the beginning these Immortyls are different than their counterpartsIf you enjoy movies such as Ultraviolet and Aeon Flux you will love Denise Verrico's Cara Mia Book One of the Immortyl RevolutionParanormal Literature Examinerhttpwwwexaminercomx 43744 ParanLexington Vampire Examinerhttpwwwexaminercomx 12968 LexinAssociated Content Contributorhttpwwwassociatedcontentcomuser

  7. Bitten Twice Bitten Twice says:

    In life Mia seemed to be this strong fearless femme fatale who rose to meet every challenge After her turn Mia seems to struggle a bit with not taking on the insecurities of her Master someone she thought she loved Mia does find herself though and when she does she becomes a formidable force to be reckoned with Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe that Mia and Kurt felt the twinges at their first meeting The twinges that make you realize that you actually believe someone is beautiful Or when you come to grips with the fact their very voice touches your soul Cara Mia does not just have a romantic flair Denise Verrico laces the book with action and humor Much of the story takes place as a reflection The reader trying to figure out why Mia and Kurt are separated in lab being diagnosed like specimen But don’t worry Mia unfolds a great tale often reminding her sueamish captor that the juicy parts are integral to the story As a Book One in the Immortyl Revolution Cara Mia introduces you to strong characters who as the saga suggests are turning against the vampiric politics charting their own destiny and those of others Who can they trust outside of each other?Mia and I hit it off right away The story resonated with me The beginning of the story seems to move at a different pace from the point the story became a reflection but I uickly adjusted to the voice Any adjustment was not enough to stop scrolling the pages Yes I was reading a digital version Mia stood out to me as a character until I met Kurt then for me he just seemed to steal the show The character development with Kurt was phenomenal I watched him grow with each encounter I’m looking forward to seeing him again in Twilight of the GodsThis was a jacket to jacket non stop read I give it 5″ of fang

  8. Sapphyria Sapphyria says:

    When Mia awakens in an alley abused and discarded by the man she thought she loved her master Ethan she flees into the night and away from the cycle of abuse When we meet Mia again we find that she is being held prisoner in a laboratory with her boyfriend Kurt who is locked in a separate room Enter Dr Joe who is desperately trying to figure out the what's and why's of Mia and Kurt Dr Joe is able to get Mia to talk and she tells the story life This tosses the novel into flashback mode while we learn about Mia the Immortyl's and why Mia and Kurt are in the laboratory Mia yearns to live a human existence that she feels is possible with all of the advances in technology In a story of twists turns back stabbing and deceit we are introduced to a different group of vampires; vampires of flesh and blood who's hearts beat What a magnificent teller of vampiric tales is Denise Verrico This novel is captivating and intriguing There isn't one dull or slow moment throughout the novel It grabs you from the get go and doesn't release you from its grip Ms Verrico is able to write as though the characters are in your living room with you not just in your head as you read and absorb what's going on in the pagesMia a very strong and intelligent heroine She has been through a lot in her life and has bounced back from the horrors that abounded Kurt is a very gentle vampire when it comes to loving Mia He also has had a nightmare of a life both human and vampire Dr Joe who is sceptical and views Mia and Kurt is a strong secondary character who softens after hearing their stories The entire cast as well as the plot are written uite well I strongly recommend this novel to lovers of scientific exploration and of course vampires

  9. Ami Blackwelder Ami Blackwelder says:

    Cara Mia written elouently by author Denise Verrico It is book one of the Immortyl Revolution As the reader is drawn into her gripping prologue we learn Mia is the main character involved in an abusive relationship that may have just ended with her beaten and left on the streets Denise Verrico intensifies this reality with the presence of a conversation inside of Mia’s head leaving the reader to uestion if Mia is merely human or something ? As the story progresses the reader learns of characters named Joe Doctor Ansari Lydia Kurt Ethan mr Salvi Leisha Phillip Jean Brovik Gaius and Richard Though many humans and mundane activities occur in the initial part of the novel the story is woven with threads of the paranormal and we uickly learn that there is going on than what is at the surface With delicious descriptions and characters the reader can really sink his or her teeth into this story is page turner Dennis Verrico cleverly incorporates unpredictable plot lines that weave through tones of the ordinary and provocative The novel has a lot of meat to devour and I enjoyed the twisting journey of the characters The novel concludes allowing for the continuation of the series and grips the reader even further into this mysterious world I would recommend this novel to the YA and paranormal interested fans wwwdeniseverricowriterwebscomReviewed By Ami BlackwelderMarch 27th 2010httphotgossiphotreviewsblogspotcom

  10. Katie Katie says:

    Enthralls you right from the beginningI knew I was going to enjoy Cara Mia right from the start Denise Verrico’s novel has style intrigue and some interesting twist that will keep you turning page after pageThe book opens with a distraught Mia cast out by her master near death and left to wander the cold streets of New York looking for sustenance and a place to hide from the sun When next we meet Mia it seems she has truly hit rock bottom But not all is as it seems Though she is held seemingly against her will in a prison like cell of a lab there is to discoverTold mainly in flashback Mia’s history slowly unravels plunging us into the world of the Immortyl’s That’s right Immortyl with a y These aren’t the creatures we are used to seeing They are flesh and blood with beating hearts and a strange condition a genetic alteration of sorts that makes them stand apart from the standard creature of the night With her new take on Vampires she not only shows us what they are but takes us into a new society Sadly women are seen as no than property and decorations Mia however strives to be Through her struggles Mia proves time and time again that she can hold her own and is so much than a pretty little thing to be owned And as her tale moves forward toward the present you will see just how much she is It was a thrilling read that kept me glued to the pages I cannot wait to see from this author

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