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[Ebook] Change Your Mind And Your Life Will Follow 12 Simple Principles By Karen Casey – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰Read❯ ➵ Change Your Mind And Your Life Will Follow 12 Simple Principles Author Karen Casey – Serv3.3pub.co.uk A finalist for the MS Society Books for a Better Life Award Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow has sold nearly 70000 copies in hardcover The much anticipated paperback edition comes with a new A finalist for the MS Society books for Mind And Epub á a Better Life Award Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow has sold nearly copies in hardcover The much anticipated paperback edition comes with a new preface from Casey who continues to be an active participant in helping others heal through recovery Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow suggests that we have only two real choices in life The first is to fall into despair become numb and let fear have its way with us The second is to open our hearts to those Change Your PDF \ around us to heal ourselves and each other by changing how we respond in every interaction We cannot change a person We often cannot change a situation We can change how we react We can learn to act out of our own hearts rather than to react in hurt or anger We can remember we are not in control When we stop focusing on problems solutions tend to appearOrganized around very simple steps this book gives readers the tools to find within them the positive peaceful response to every curve ball life throws at themReplaces hardcover Your Mind And PDF/EPUB Ã edition ISBN .

10 thoughts on “Change Your Mind And Your Life Will Follow 12 Simple Principles

  1. SheAintGotNoShoes SheAintGotNoShoes says:

    IHATEDTHISBOOKThere I've said it I do not believe that I have ever read a book that upset and angered me than this oneShe strongly believes that before birth we choose the people who will come into our lives yes even the ones who do great harmabuse to us So I understand her correctly and she has made this point over and over so I think I got her viewpoint down pat a baby decides before hisher birth that he will choose someone who will molest her then another who might steal the entire contents of her bank account who may rapeassault lie cheat etc ???Is she seriously saying before I was born I chose a guy in 1973 to grab me off the street and get me halfway into his car preparing some really bad intent ? If I came to earth and picked people who would ultimately molest me mug me in the subway a mother who beat me silly had someone steal 1000 from me get grabbed off the street etc then I am truly beyond help who in their right mind would chose to bring evil into their lives ?She also firmly believes that every encounter was pre arranged and holy Holy ?? The two guys who threw me down the subway stairs was a holy experience ???? This beggars beliefI could not possibly review this book without mentioning my own personal circumstances to name a few because it was extremely hurtful and triggeringBoo hiss

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    There is some good advice but I'm for expressing anger in a healthy way that solves problems not for total anger suppression which this book advocates

  3. Jessica Jessica says:

    I liked the book for it's message though I have found many that were pleasurable in their readI know what I got from it hopefully what I missed didn't happen to be importantBut the messages were worth repeatingGratitude is a choiceLove each other If you can't love one another at least do not hurt each otherCultivate love and your experiences in life will be lovingThey seem so common sense but sometimes you have to see the words and have someone else stick them in front of you for you to get the messageNow try putting them into practice

  4. Keith Randolph Smith Keith Randolph Smith says:

    It will make you want to have it with you at all times Rational with a big dose of heart Not full of mumble jumble Practical

  5. Carrolet Carrolet says:

    This book hits at the very core of my struggles The 3 stars is a reflection of that than the actual writing and message Giving it a higher rating would suggest I can actually change I underlined several things and will try to implement what’s been recommended one day or hour at a time Will definitely reread for reinforcement

  6. Salma Salma says:

    A lot of platitudes Some interesting concepts but generally of the same of the usual self helpchange your perspective genre

  7. Nico Nico says:

    I've had this book forwellat least 10 years I think It's an easy read and it's the kind of thing where you can open to any part of it and read a section without it being an issue that you're kind of skipping around I mean some back tracking might be needed but generally it's written in a format so you can skip around That's just my opinion Today I opened it up again and gave it another look and a bit closer this time While I am agnostic I appreciate the references to Godwhich in recovery context is usually called Higher Power For someone atheist or agnostic reading this it may be a bit bristling But you can just take what you like and leave the rest as the saying goes Perhaps replace with something like universe goddess HP spirit breathwhatever fits I liked reading some of the book today because I needed to look at something light but also keeping me in touch with program principles Not that changing one's thoughts is light work it's not But the writing is easy and that's all I mean by that I don't entirely agree with everything Casey asserts As another reviewer mentioned not discussing anger in a healthy way or other negative feelings is not really recovery based behavior to me Part of healthy recovery is being able to be vulnerable especially with emotions to those closest to us This is a good little book to read if you just need to review and reflect on things like letting go detaching with love live and let live trusting HP staying in the moment peace and calm opening heartsmind to universal type of love etc It's always good to hear another person's story and perspective even if you don't agree 100% Reading this book today helped make my day just a bit manageable and calm

  8. Ashley Ashley says:

    I’m so conflicted about this book I’m not even gonna worry about cleaning this up from the silly ramble it ended up being because I’m exhausted lolThumbing through it it seemed pretty decent and nice and short but there were some things in here that I just couldn’t get behind at all I think I know where she was coming from and how she meant some stuff but it just seemed super super extreme to me specifically thinking about her ideas on detachment especially from other peopleLikethere’s an entire universe between the two extremes of being detached and being involved in an unhealthy or codependent relationship or being obsessed with controlling another personbutting in where you don’t belongI was in a really bad place in my life a year ago and I was trapped in these horrible cycles that I’d long since given up even trying to get out of I had 3 people in particular really take serious effort to shake me up and force me to see the reality of my situation and they kinda helped drag me from the rubble of my lifeAfter reading this book I feel like the author would’ve been horrified by their actions feeling that was a lesson I needed to learn on my own and it shouldn’t be forced on me by another personBut there are situations where things need to be brought to your attention in pretty forceful ways when you’re totally blind to the reality of your situation and in such a deep pit that you could never make it out on your own I would think she would understand this given her history of addictionI don’t knowI just felt super weird about thatAgain there isn’t a single part of me that believes she’s suggesting people be uncaringunlovingshe just seems to be coming from a history of some hardcore codependency given the content of other chapters and I think that’s really impacted her opinions onpresentation of this Maybe I’m fooling myself but I don’t believe I’ve ever really had problems with codependency I always isolated from people I didn’t want to rely on others or try to control them so it was pretty difficult for me to get through the sections where she’s REALLY hammering in how detrimental it is to everyone involved if people offer advice without being asked or whateverIf my friends waited to help me until I asked for their advice I’d probably be dead So yea I say all of this to basically say it’s important to take everything with a grain of salt and keep it in perspective I had to be very conscious of her history w codependency when I read those sections of the book because they can send a dangerous message to those of us who tend toward isolation

  9. Zee Zee says:

    Although I thoroughly enjoyed this read and it definitely helps me regain control of my outbursts there are a couple of things I'm not fond of So I cannot say this is a full 5 starsThe first thing attaining world peace This is unrealistic She mentions this numerous times throughout but it's not possible considering the fact that people aren't black and white—peaceful and chaotic both through free will There are gray areas and other factors controllable and uncontrollable that contribute to each especially chaos so these principles cannot apply to themThe other is how simple doing these things are Like her I've experienced abuse growing up but unlike her I was affected differently Why? Because there are other different factors and because of the fact that we're two separate people who are affected in different ways So it is much difficult for me and I'm sure others to practice these principles For her to say that it's simple as just not thinking about it or redirecting your thoughts even if it's day by day makes me shake my headRegardless this was lovely and I absolutely adore the principles she presents I'm currently incorporating and simplifying these into my journal and then writing about my personal experience when it comes to the principles So far it's made me realize about myself than I thought was possible

  10. Shelby B Shelby B says:

    This book was lovely 100% recommended This book talked about treating others with kindness and how to take care of yourself And changing your mind for the better good I enjoyed this read All I wanted to do what read and not do anything else

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