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Read ✓ Christina's Bear By Jane Wakely – ❰Read❯ ➮ Christina's Bear Author Jane Wakely – Christina Mills’ loud bubbly personality gains her numerous friends and dating opportunities Unfortunately being labeled a “party girl” and dating a lot can give people the wrong impression When Christina Mills’ loud bubbly personality gains her numerous friends and dating opportunities Unfortunately being labeled a “party girl” and dating a lot can give people the wrong impression When Christina’s dates learn the truth about her they soon move onJames “Bull” Johnson is a restless bear shifter ready to settle down At the urging of his friend he relocates to the mid sized town of Chestnut Rock Bull hopes the nearby forest and being near his best friend will help soothe his bear and cure some of his lonelinessWhen Bull and Christina meet he recognizes her as his mate However their first two encounters leave Bull thinking Christina is afraid of him and Christina is confused by her feelings toward the stranger Both Bull and Christina have secrets and insecurities that keep them guarded but if they can trust one another they’ll discover they’re made for each other.

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  1. Julie Ramsey Julie Ramsey says:

    Christina’s Bear Chestnut Rock Shifters 2Book 2 starts a not long after book 1 Jenn and Matt are officially living together and Christina Jenn's BFF is minus a room mate So the uestion is move into a smaller apartment or go ahead and get the house she dreams of Matt has a few shifter friends James or Bull is a bear shifter He too is looking for his mate He is restless and Matt has been telling him about this little town of Chestnut So he decides to relocateWhen Bull meets Christina for the first time he knows she is him mate but Bull in a big guys and very intimidating When he thinks he has scared her away he thinks he may have ruined his chances with the one woman that will make him complete Christina knows there is a connection to the tall huge man And when Matt and Jenn come clean about shifters she decides to take fate into her own handsI actually liked book 2 a little bit that 1 Both are very good stories and worth the read I felt connected to the characters You already know Christina from book 1 I really hope each book Jane expands the story and we can watch new characters along with old ones Great short read Adults only complimentary book given for a free review juliesbookreviewblogspotcom

  2. Marisa Valle Marisa Valle says:

    Short but sweet Not a lot of character development but what is revealed are two very likeable people that have an unlikely but intense connection Surprisingly no mistakes so whoever edited this book is really good I'm hooked on this series now I expect to read about the bunny next LOL

  3. Ti Ti says:

    A bit pat a predictable read but fun nonetheless

  4. Talltree Talltree says:

    275 stars

  5. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    My Thoughts 4 out of 5 Unicorns I really liked itThe cover is pretty Again this is a short story and a uick read It definitely kept my attention and was an extremely enjoyable story This series reminds me of a shifter happily ever after fairy tale You get a little background on the two main characters some dating drama misunderstandings and some time with the Jenn Matt from book 1 I definitely don’t want to give you any details because I don’t ever want to ruin someone else’s journey I sort of wish finding a mate was this obvious to us mere humans and I’d like mine to be a shifter mate I really like Jane’s writing style I can’t wait to read story 3 If you are a shifter story lover and into short shories like I described then you will thoroughly enjoy this

  6. April April says:

    Yeah this story cleared up a few issues I had with the first book in the series The mates feeling are given in detail and everything flows betterThe main characters Christina and Bull are still a touch needy but I guess angst is a part of real life They make a really sweet pair and compliment each other nicelyI am always a fan of bear shifters I love their power and strength YumIt is a short read so there is only time for one hot and heavy steam scene But it is delicious ride'um cowgirlI'm really enjoying this little series and eager to see where the author will take us

  7. Mary Myers-Huff Barscz Mary Myers-Huff Barscz says:

    Christina is all alone in her apartment now that her best friend Jenn has moved out She is weighing the options of looking ofr a smaller place or looking for another room mate James or Bull as he is nicknamed is a bear shifter and is new in town he goes to a coffee shop to get a newspaper to look for apartments and while there he runs into Christina and instantly knows that she is his mate He will have to tell her about him being a shifter and see if she turns and runs like so many other people do from himI read this book in one sitting while I was relaxing in the bath Ready for book three in the series

  8. Marissa Ellermann Marissa Ellermann says:

    This is a short and sweet romance between Bull and Christina I am glad that Christina got her own story I really liked her in the first book in the series and I am always pleased when my favorite characters get their own happily ever after There was a lot of anxiety between these two characters as they slowly got together I did like that Wakely made a point to explain about the blood exchange being linked to the changing of the human partner into another shifter The first novel didn't really explain that very well so I was pleased that I received information

  9. Haikufall Haikufall says:

    I liked the feel of this book then the first the cute accursedness of the characters and how the whole book felt like a first day gone wrong was made it a fun read but I still wish it was a longer book

  10. Carmski Pescod Carmski Pescod says:

    A short beautiful romance between Christina human Bull bear shifter it's light easy to read and I loved the characters These are a good go to book of you read heavy books these are a lovely refreshing change can't wait to read the rest now X

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