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[Ebook] Cold Light By Traci L. Slatton – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❤ Cold Light free download ➞ Author Traci L. Slatton – Serv3.3pub.co.uk The end of the world brings chaos madness and psychic powers For Emma and Arthur separated by an ocean it brings a love that demands everything Emma's beloved daughter is kidnapped by vengeful raiders The end of the world brings chaos madness and psychic powers For Emma and Arthur separated by an ocean it brings a love that demands everything Emma's beloved daughter is kidnapped by vengeful raiders and Emma embarks on a soul crushing journey to rescue her When Arthur finds Emma can she trust him Against impossible odds Emma draws near the rogue camp where she also confronts the deepest choice of her heart.

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  1. Anzu The Great Destroyer Anzu The Great Destroyer says:

    At least I’m not alone I have Death to accompany me Long story shortAfter her daughter is taken by a band of raiders Emma leaves her family behind and embarks in a trip to bring her back The trip makes Emma cross paths with an old lover Arthur who is set on winning back her heart Together they join forces to infiltrate the kidnapers’ group in order to get Emma’s daughter backMy thoughtsFinding a good post apocalyptic book is difficult because most of them follow the same story 75 percent of the population is dead and the rest is suffering to survive in a post name your disaster world where even toilets could bite your genitals off This makes me judge books in this genre according to what makes them stand out from the crowd Fallen book #1 of the After Trilogy impressed me through its characters and interesting idea regarding the supernatural powers that the apocalypse brought I was hoping that Cold Light would be a nice read but I was badly mistakenMy first problem is the too sudden start I feel like I was dumped into the story with no explanation whatsoever Emma’s daughter Beth was taken Why? How? What? Deal with itMy memory isn’t the best out there I have read Fallen approximately one year ago and now I don’t remember much of it I even forgot the main characters’ names Cold Light has minimal reminders of what happened in the previous book It took me a while to get what’s going on in the storyEmma bothered me a lot throughout the story Her decisions were extremely strange and she was constantly contradicting herself I felt that the story was useless and just an excuse to get Emma and Arthur together This means that the focus of the story shifted from finding her daughter to hooking up with Arthur I wasn’t too happy about this but I still pushed myself into finishing the book Or at least I tried up to a pointAround 50 percent of the book Emma shows her true self She is a selfish woman who likes to act like a bitch because she can After she stupidly puts herself in danger she gets saved by the people who once were her friends How does she repay them? By making a PMS worthy scene She was unbearable Emma’s attitude and the idiotic shift in the story made me give up the book approximately 67 percent along the way I will not continue reading this seriesReview also posted on

  2. Ezinwanyi Chinyere Ezinwanyi Chinyere says:

    I don't know why Traci L Slatton keeps torturing me WHY? Ms Slatton certainly knows how to keep you glued to your seat Such great writing that I didn’t put this book down until I finished it I knew I should have waited until the 3rd book came out because now I have to wait in agony This was a great follow up to Fallen and I hope the author MAKES Emma take a stand Don't take the choice out of her hands pleaseIf you remember from Book 1 Emma and her youngest daughter Mandy were separated from her husband Haywood and her oldest daughter Beth Emma didn't know if Haywood and Beth survived but she fought hard to keep herself and Mandy alive She met Arthur a leader of a new community in France and became his woman Together Emma and Athur led and organized the community building a new life together In the end Haywood found Emma and Mandy leaving Arthur behind and devastatedBook 2 begins 1½ years after Haywood rescued Emma and Mandy from France and returned to them to Edmonton Of course tragedy strikes again Raiders kidnap Emma’s oldest daughter Beth and they don’t know where she was taken The search for her daughter brings Emma face to face with the love she left behind Arthur and her community They are mad at her for abandoning them but they love her enough to help her search for her daughter Beth Together Emma her husband Haywood Arthur and the rest try to rescue Beth from a gang of raiders Meanwhile Arthur and Haywood insist that Emma honor her feelings towards them Though Emma tries to get rid of Arthur Arthur and the gang refuse to let Emma leave them again because they feel that their destiny is intertwined with Emma’s Haywood Emma’s husband isn’t willing to leave her to her old lover either So Emma has to make a painful choice again She was separated from Haywood for most of Book 1 and we know know she has been separated from Arthur almost the same amount of time Who will she choose this time around? How will her choice affect her children and the community? What I liked in this book is that the author didn't focus solely on Arthur Emma and Haywood but on the looming confrontation with the Mists For any human life to go on the mists would have to be vanuished So she didn't focus on solely on the uncomfortable triangle but what must happen for life to continueThe plot and character development was so descriptive and engaging that I can't stop picturing everything I feel like I just watched a movie in my head I have really enjoyed the old characters and a few of the new ones The secondary characters add such a uniue richness to the overall story that you can’t help but feel connected to them as well I still love Laurette’s barbed tongue as she kept me entertained needling Emma Much to my surprise I also found myself liking Emma’s husband Haywood He is strong he is kind and he also loves his family In Book 1 I was definitely Team Arthur now I am on team Family because Beth and Mandy have suffered a lot and need stability in the AFTER In the end this story is about Emma for me I love Emma She is a fighter and she is strong I don’t envy Emma’s dilemma at all I can’t wait to find out how this conflict will be resolved I will be waiting anxiously for Book 3 the final book in this trilogy

  3. Evelyn Amaro Evelyn Amaro says:

    Read my full review on ParomantasyThis book in one sentence A haunting heartwrenching action packed emotional rollercoaster of a read that will leave an impression on you long after your finish the book To say that I love this book or this series would be an understatement Traci Slatton has done an immpecable job with what I thought would be an impossible hurrdle for her two main characters to overcome after the ending of Fallen Not only did she do the impossible but she made me love the characters and the new additions to the book even Emma has seen faced and survived the impossible She has seen the world destroyed by mists that ravage everything in its path She survived while caring for her child and several abandoned children She offered her body to a man Arthur in exchange for his protection and shelter in his camp and found unexpected love in a world filled with grief She found out that her husband and other daughter survived in a safe zone in Canada She also discovered that Arthur is the cause for the mists and that her husband risked his life to come for her She leaves with her husband to Canada but her heart remains with Arthur and the people of the camp who became family Now after a year away from Arthur and from being rescued by her husband the impossible has happened again Her daughter has been taken and it is up to Emma to get her back In order to do so she is confronted by her past and by the one man who both stole and broke her heart Arthur Arthur caused the mists and it is up to him to stop them but not before he gets what he feels is rightfully his Emma She has a husband but this is a new world a new day and what they feel for eachother is uncomparable But will she be able to see past his mistakes and take him back or will her attachment to her past life leave him without the one person he desires the most? They must work together to bring back her daughter while Emma must make one of the hardest decisions in her life leave with Arthur the man of her dreams or stay commited to her husband the one who has been there for her since their teenage years With her daughter in danger her heart on the line and two men vying for her effection they make their way to perform a rescue mission only to raelize their worst nightmares are just now coming true and that the past never stays buried for long There is just so much to love about this book I became fully invested in these characters With each page I felt like I was reunited with family as Emma reunites with Arthur and the gang Emma and Arthur are both perfectly flawed and I love and respect them for it Emma continues to be a perfectly flawed heroine stuggling to do what is right for her family Arthur is both the hero and sinner causing destruction by inventing the mists but doing everything in his power to make things right His strength is remarkable being able to survive and believe the world will be better with his inner demons always around him and the world on his shoulders The love between Arthur Emma is deep and special yet Haywood is also a remarkable person The husband we only briefly met in Fallen is fleshed out and he is wonderful He is the conventional hero and your heart does go out to him even if we the readers know Emma belongs with Arthur The world building and the characters created are so relatable different and intriguing that readers can't help falling in love with them I know I couldn't Like Fallen Cold Light will be sure to stay with me long after I finished the book

  4. GONZA GONZA says:

    The first one was a little bit better but still a very fast paced and enjoyable reading I am just disappointed because I found out now that there is a fourth book now

  5. L.A. L.A. says:

    Posted first on Blog Critics as Book Review 'Cold Light; Book 2 of the After Trilogy' by Traci L Slatton Love is an emotion that is often difficult to understand While deep and abiding love doesn’t always dwell with one person Love of a family member love of a friend and love of that one special person meant just for you often get twisted especially when making choices in youth Such is the case for Emma who in the beginning Fallen Book 1 of the After Trilogy she hooks up with a team of ruffians to rescue herself her daughter and a group of orphans When she is finally rescued by her husband and returned to her own home she finds she has lost a piece of her soul held captive by the man she sought for help In Cold Light Book 2 of the After Trilogy by Traci L Slatton Emma has come to terms with her loss She loves her husband and her children need her Yet she knows deep in her heart the love is different The yearning continues Yet life decides to intrude and throw her another obstacle Her oldest daughter Beth is kidnapped during a raid and she knows that if she does not go after her Beth’s life will become a nightmare Because of her prior experiences and the strange gift she has received from the mists she is capable then her husband to mount the charge Haywood must look after Mandy she has already been through much and they both understand one of them must stay The safe zone were they have made their home is no longer safe The mists have been coming nearer and the people are afraid Emma has a strange feeling about the returning mists only one person seems to hold the key and she left him on another continent Beth is only nine and her main concern now She must go into the unprotected zone there is no one else Can she find her before it is too late? Can the strange sighting of the mists have something to do with her other life and Arthur? Slatton has given us another stellar example of life after the fall Emma is brave and bold and attracts people due to both her personality as well as her power Yet she must be careful she does not want to be known as a witch The characters that begin to surround her are gregarious and mysterious When she runs into her old nemesis and love Arthur tension only gets stronger Slatton brings in all the heat and heart that keep you warm even as danger and darkness descend This is a wonderful second part to her series keeping you looking and hoping for There is such difficulty due to her depiction of characters; you root for them both to be the final winner of her love This is a difficult task yet she does it with aplomb If you enjoy end of the world novels full of adventure and romance this will be the work for you The characters are likable and the story holds both romance and loss Slatton has found the key to lock the two together

  6. Heather Heather says:

    Cold Light is book two in the After trilogy It is a dystopian novel about a a woman who goes in search of her daughter who was stolen by raiders Emma the main character is a mother of two and is married to Haywood Book two picks up a short while after book one ended Emma has returned home with her husband and left her lover Arthur behind in Europe The author creates a uniue and rich world full of psychic abilities and the harsh realities of a post apocalyptic world A mist has taken over and consumed a large portion of society The mist not only devours objects but also people and animals The mist also gave humans either psychic abilities or left them insane Society falls apart and must somehow be put back together In the midst of this Emma must find her lost daughter There are safe zones where groups of people have established a working community outside of the safe zones lawlessness prevails The remaining resources in the world are scarce and freuently fought after Travel is limited to horseback as the gas supply at this point in the trilogy is virtually non existent Emma is caught between her duty and loyalty to her husband and her lingering feelings for her lover Arthur who has traveled the world to find her again This book drew me in immediately I was mesmerized by the world that Slatton created She transported me to the desolate and baron landscape where she took me on an incredible adventure The characters were well developed and dialogue was seamless Even after not having read the first book I was able to fall in love with and become invested in the outcome of this book 5 Stars Well doneThis book was given in exchange for a fair and honest review

  7. Stacey Kennedy Stacey Kennedy says:

    Book two of the After series did not disappoint in fact I husband enjoyed it better than the first And it starts off with a bangAfter being rescued from Europe by her husband Haywood Emma is trying to build a life in the After with him and their two daughters But when their older daughter Beth is kidnaped by the raiders their lives are thrown back into turmoil Emma sets off on a suicidal? rescue mission alone across frozen Canada to save her daughter not realizing she won't be alone for long And danger is always awaiting her Emma meets up with new alliances and old friends on her way to find the raiders but she never imagined who would be her daughter's kidnapper or who would help her in her rescue mission Lots of action emotional turmoil and tough choices or Emma in this installment And the mists are changing Becoming bolder and human themselves and much harder to keep away Will there ever be peace for Emma and her loved ones in the After? I really enjoyed this loved how we jumped into the action from page one Emma is faced with very difficult decisions for her family and for heself She is vulnerable and strong at the same time She is not perfect and faces her mistakes and the hurt she is inflicting on Haywood throughout the book She is torn between love and the duty of family And all the while trying to get her daughter back from a madman The writing in this series is fantastic so descriptive and gripping Can't wait to read book three

  8. JenniferJ JenniferJ says:

    I have long awaited this second book Cold Light after the way Fallen ended I was NOT dissapointed Emma's daughter has been kidnapped by a rogue group and she goes on a suicide mission to get her back I was very excited to be reunited with a few of the cast from Fallen and am still in anxious need of book three now to see how this all wraps up Emma is one strong and determined woman but Arthur is just as determined I am torn on which way I want Emma to go because with the one man her husband she has the strong history and children but she shares something with Arthur that I dont think she and her husband ever really had or ever willI can't say much without a spoiler comment but I will say I didn't really like the way Cold Light ended I would not want to be in Emma's shoes and have to make the choices she is being forced to but it's time there can be only one victor in this war

  9. Rebecca Skane Rebecca Skane says:

    Emma crossed an ocean and made it back to her husband in Canada But raiders enter their safe zone and steal her other daughter The man who saved her in Europe comes to her calling in Canada despite her husband Full review Cold Light Book Review

  10. April April says:

    Disclosure This ebook was provided to me free of charge through NetGalley for the sole purpose of an honest review All thoughts comments and ratings are my ownReally interesting tale that had my attention the whole time The pace was wonderful and the characters engaging Beautiful storytelling that kept me on the edge of my seat

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