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Read ✓ Crimson Desert By Melissa Jane – ❰Reading❯ ➸ Crimson Desert Author Melissa Jane – Ruthless Sons is Book Two in The Bittersweet Duet Little Doll Book One is essential to the development of the series Now back across the border LAILA realizes that all had not been as it seemed at the Ruthless Sons is Book Two in The Bittersweet Duet Little Doll Book One is essential to the development of the series Now back across the border LAILA realizes that all had not been as it seemed at the Florez mansion Learning to trust the man she wanted dead was going to take time Time was not on her sideFor AIDEN the damage was done There was no going back Except for one thing revengeGiving up was never an option for JUAN Not even now when everything had changed He lived and breathed the thrill of the chase and this time the end prize was too great to loseThis is a dark story where the taste for love and revenge clash in the most unforgiving ways.

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  1. Sammy ⭐️ Sammy ⭐️ says:

    4 Bittersweet StarsI'm going to review both books in this series as one I read these back to back because I had to know the outcome I'm a big fan of Dark Romance I love how fast paced they are that they hit a lot of emotions and that there's always someone to have a lovehate battle with Laila hasn't heard from her brother Ethan in weeks since their parents died they got into a routine of checking in with each other twice a week After going to the police and getting nowhere Laila decides to take matters into her own hands Armed with flyers of her brothers face she goes in search of the only family she has left While asking locals for information little does she know she's playing into the hands of the enemy Waking up in the boot of a car Laila assumes the worse but what lies ahead is far worse than anyone could imagine The Florez family are Mexico's most feared Dealing in everything from Drugs to human trafficking they will stop at nothing to get what they want After Ethan betrayed them they go after the one thing that will bring him out of hiding his sister LailaJuan Florez is the Cartel prince Growing up in a house of sex and violence he's one sick individual When he sets eyes on Laila he becomes obsessed the need to posses her fuelling his twisted mind Aiden was taken in by the Florez family after the brutal murder of his parents when he was 7 years old He's learnt to block out the criminal activity going on around him that is until the fiesty blonde turns up and everything within him wants to fight to save her I loved Laila that girl was no walk over she fought tooth and nail to survive the horrific events during her stay at the Florez MansionAfter a month there's still no word on Ethan and Hector the head of the Cartel family gets impatient revealing the only way to settle the score will be to sell Laila as a sex slave Aiden knowing full well how sick and twisted these people are he volunteers to train her in her new role What neither of them dreamed of was that they would form a bond to escape the hell hole together This is a story that takes you on one hell of a journey Although not as dark as some captive books I've read in the past it's defiantly one that made me uestion my own sanity because why on earth would I find myself taking a liking to Juan Don't get me wrong I loved Aiden and for me he was perfect for Laila but the way Melissa Jane portrays Juan had my evil smile showing it face Secrets betrayal and murder are just a few of the things that make this series great Melissa Jane is another Author I'll be adding to my rapidly growing list of new releases to look out for

  2. Jos Jos says:

    5 Dark Suspenseful Awesome StarsLoved Loved Loved this seuel I loved the writing as it flowed seamlessly the storyline it was sick dark twisted and yet the intense heat between Aiden and Laila yum the players in this story were well written so much so you loved the good guys and boy truly felt the hate for the the bad guys This story was the perfect conclusion for Aiden and Laila It was fast paced it was suspenseful and mysterious and yet it also had those sweet filled moments too For me the story had it allAll I can say is Aiden oh Aiden he was hot sexy swoon worthy arghhhhh he was the epitome of warped perfection Laila I truly loved herHer character was perfect for Aiden and I just loved every bit of them Now I would love a short little novella on the two of them in the future and see where they ended upany kids just anything to know they are doing GREAT because they both deserve nothing but true bliss

  3. VEL VEL says:

    4 Solid Mafia Cartel Stars Loved this two part series by Melissa JaneInnocent female Laila looking for her brother Ethan The only family she has She ends up in the wrong place capturing the attention of the most cruel Mexican cartel members unbeknown to herShe ends up kidnapped by the notoriously drug dealers and traffickers Juan Hector They're seeking revenge and payment of stolen revenue Laila's innocent search for her brother lands her as a prisoner objected to the most horrible and degrading inhuman crimesIs her one saviour going to be Aidan? Or is he just a mafia criminal liar playing games with her mind and heartIs her only destination to be sold as a sex slave or be killed due to her disobedienceThis two book novel had me engrossed with the story line learning the fate of Laila A storyline full of gruesome crimes twists and turns thriller and suspense with unexpected love bravery One to definitely Read

  4. KC -- Reading Is My Superpower KC -- Reading Is My Superpower says:

    I absolutely LOVED this series Melissa Jane has become one of my new favorite authors and I can not wait to see what she comes up with nextCrimson Desert is the conclusion to Little Doll I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one after the cliff hanger in Little Doll So when this one showed up on my kindle I ready to goLaila has been rescued from the horror house of Hector but she has a long way to go before she is actually safe There was so many little hair pin turns in this one that it kept me on my toes I thought I had it figured out and then a curve ball would come my way and I was left with my jaw on the ground I needed her to get her HEAI have to admit Iam struggling with how to write this review I don't want to give anything away And there are so many shifts and changes that make the story what it is that any hint of what is to come would take the element of surprise And that element of surprise is what helps make this book both books actually the fantastic read that they areI absolutely loved Aiden He is everything a good anti hero should be Alpha to his core with a tender side that is reserved for Laila alone My heart shattered for him and one point I could not believe the secrets that came out that had been covered up And I never saw them coming It was a fantastic twist to the story even if it was heart breaking Juan is the third main character in this crazy plot twisting ride And for as bad as he was I loved him too He was the perfect balance of evil to Aiden's good And even though he was the bad guy I couldn't help but to like him The life he grew up with had molded him into the man he was and Im here to tell you he is crazy Totally crazy There is something not right about him but I wanted to reach in and make life better for him I wanted him to get his HEA I wanted him to find his way out of the lifestyle because the perfect mate made him want to be better But his obsession with Laila and his bone deep hatred for Aiden was the driving force in his life Just wait until you see what happens it was not what I was expecting And it was brilliantI am doing the hope dance that there is something coming soon from this author And I am crossing my fingers and toes that it will be about one of the guys that were helping Aiden I know I know who are they KC?? You'll have to read to find out ;You need to read the 1st book in the series Little Doll prior to reading Crimson Desert You will be completely lost if you don't But I promise you if you love a good Romantic Suspense novel you will not be disappointed

  5. Jenn& Jenn& says:

    45 StarsWhat an exhilarating journey This book picks up right where book one left off and keeps you glued to the pages until the very end Melissa Jane does an amazing job bringing this story to life It’s filled with so much action and passion that leaves you sitting on the edge of your seatThe turn of events and how everything came to be was not something I was expecting Talk about getting that ‘Oh shit’ moment from the beginning And then from there you’re just pulled in I was so consumed with this story I was torn between reading slow to savor all the details and reading fast because I absolutely could not wait to see how it all played out I had knots in my stomach anticipating what was coming next Laila is one fierce strong woman that refuses to allow anyone to break her No matter what she goes through and the feelings she struggles with she just refuses to become a victim I absolutely love that about her character She’s put through hell and back yet she fights until the very endHeart pounding action will have you seeing this play out like a movie in your head Aiden is just badass and I love how he remains calm and takes control of every situation they come across He is unstoppable and will have you weak at the knees I adore all the little nicknames he has for Laila His sweet side had me swooning and totally falling in love with himLove hate and vengeance fuel the war and Aiden and Juan will have their standoff Juan is truly mental and it’s all for the love of the game But does he have what it takes to bring down Aiden?Loved this book love the story and absolutely LOVE the ending I’m looking forward to reading from Melissa Jane This series is one you do not want to miss

  6. Escape Reality with Books Escape Reality with Books says:

    What a stunning conclusion to Laila and Aiden’s storyIt’s filled with action suspense violence yummy steamy scenes and the thrills keep you glued to your screen as you follow the story being played out in front of youThe story takes off where Little Doll finishes in that Laila has been kidnapped by Aiden and Jorge and has been taken back across the border to San Diego and has just learnt that Ethan is alive Juan is still obsessed with Laila and is chasing them to take Laila and to kill Aiden for his betrayalLaila Ethan Jorge and Aiden take off across the Country with the help of an ex Marina buddy of Aiden’s in a thrilling and suspenseful cat and mouse game with Juan following closely behindIt all comes to a head in Mexico at the mansion when Aiden decides he has had enough of being chased and wants to take out Hector and Juan so they can be free to stop runningLaila again proves what a strong character she is having gone through so much trauma and still being able to pick herself up and willing to fightFor a former drug and human trafficker Aiden redeems himself by proving to Laila that he wants her and is willing to give up everything to keep her safeDanny is a great secondary character He’s funny witty and willing to help out at any costCrimson Desert is twisty dark violent and amazing I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Tanya

  7. She Hearts Books She Hearts Books says:

    I couldn't wait to read this book after the end of Little Doll I wanted to see what was going to happen next with Laila She is now on the run with Aiden who has taken her from the cartel Of course Juan isn't going to just let her go so he is chasing them down to get her back and kill Aiden This book is pure action from beginning to end Melissa keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what Aiden is doing and if Laila will ever be free of this nightmare She will find out a secret that changes everything including her desire to kill Aiden I won't even tell you what it is except to say that I was totally shocked when it was revealed Love that about this book I give Crimson Desert 5 hearts

  8. Louise Seraphim Reviews Louise Seraphim Reviews says:

    Again another unforgettable and amazing story This second part in the story of Aiden and Laila was 100% full on action from the first pageIn Little Doll Book 1 Laila goes off hunting for her missing brother Ethan Whilst hunting for him in San Diego she is captured and taken She then wakes to find she is bound and blindfolded in a van Once she knows of her surroundings She finds herself in a huge sprawling Mexican mansion Yet it's in this opulent home she finds she is actually a prisoner and a slave Whilst imprisoned in the home of the man who is known as Águila to most people Laila is tortured and raped and prepared to be sold to someone who likes to do things much worse than the Áuila and his son Juan Yet his other son Aiden after having seen enough of what goes on his home for 2 decades has had enough Then he sees something in Laila that he just can't shake off He is determined to help her in any way possible That is just a short summary of Little Doll to lead us in to Crimson DesertCrimson Desert starts off right where Little Doll left There was a uite a big shocker for the ending of Little Doll and now we get to find out With Laila and Aiden on the run now every page is laced with sheer tensionThe first part of this book has Aiden explaining a lot of truths to Laila We were left thinking the worst of Aiden and Laila didn't know who to trust any She thought Aiden was the only person left she could put her trust in and he let her down It's here in Crimson Desert we find he didn't It was all part of a bigger planThis book shows the tension and nail biting moments whilst they are trying to get as far away from Mexico as possible Even though they have some help people are still getting hurt along the way We also find just how far the Áuila's reach in America is Plus we find out how badly Juan Aiden's brother wants Laila too He sees her as his now and will stop at nothing to get his claws back in to her The amount of times that Laila ends up being taken is awful Yet still her strength is amazing She just keeps on fighting no matter what they do to her I also found the relationship between Aiden and Laila was perfect Considering what they both have to go through to get to be together it just seems to make them stronger The times when they are alone are tender and intense yet still incredibly hot Whatever happens it doesn't stop them from wanting to fight whatever they have to be free of Aiden's family Also Aiden's friend from his past Danny is uite a strong figure in this book and I absolutely love him He is deadly yet manages to have the most amazing sense of humour Perfect friend in all the situations they get themselves in I found myself wondering what his story was too as he was such an awesome character to follow I would most definitely say Laila is a cat with 9 lives in this book Stronger than steel and has an amazing way to compartmentalise everything that has happened to her Yet I loved her I thought she was a perfect lead character and everything she did screamed 'kick ass survivor' Also her ability to turn from shock to revenge was excellent I was definitely thinking revenge was a perfect plan along with her Like Little Doll this book had some pretty deep and risky subject matter to it but again it was done incredibly well The pictures author Melissa Jane paints with her writing are grim and dark but they are done in such a finely detailed way it's perfection Like art I love finding a new author that wows me I just hope she is a fast writer so I have to read soon ; An overwhelmingly huge 5 starsI was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review

  9. Heidi Sturgess Heidi Sturgess says:

    The dedication was privatebeautiful and so appreciated ♥Still trying to catch my breath from being sucker punched at the end of Book #1  Little Doll I'm rather eager to sink my teeth into Crimson Desert So the truth is revealed to Laila as to how Ethan's path crossed with Aiden's and I'm an emotional mess I'm crying I'm angry I'm relieved and it's actually just a huge emotional clusterf# Aiden shows real compassion and understanding and Laila is hurting which is understandable  Hell this chick has balls of steel  She's strong yet gentle she's a survivor in all senses of the wordWe also get to see of DannyAiden's friend and partner from the Marine's We also see a different side to Jorgehe's than just a hired thug  Jorge may have been Aiden's  right hand man at Hector's place but not all is as it seemsOur friends may have crossed the border but they're not safe yet and Hector's reign of fear terror and power seems to have no bloody end Jaun has other ideas than Hector where Laila is concernedhis obsession with her is both a blessing and a curse Why blessing? It's that very obsession that is going to be his downfall uite honestly I'd love to get Hector and his demon minions and torture them myself oh the things I have thought ofThe stakes are definitely higher in Crimson Desert and this becomes very obvious when Laila in all her wisdom does something with disastrous conseuences but in her defence she thought she was doing the right thingTowards the end things really heat up and again its an emotional roller coaster for me  Jaun has seriously lost the plot and what he reveals to Aiden brings me to my knees Jaun try is the devil's spawn An awesome HEA to a brilliant read  What a beautiful and amazing love story that developed amongst such crueltyThe sad thing with both Little Doll and Crimson Desert is that in it lies a truth a very scary and very frightening reality Not everyone has an Aiden May these sick people be brought to justice and may the victims recover and heal ♥Another ★★★★★ shout from the rooftops read 

  10. Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books) Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books) says:

    You are a cancer so filled with hate and destructionHector has tirelessly built the reputation of the Aguila to be one that is synonymous with fear and dread An empire built on horror and pain yet one woman Laila is the key to his destruction His son Juan has become obsessed and will stop at nothing to be able to be the one to crush her own her and revel in her pain Hector's reputation is damaged as she is the repayment for a special order that started the whole mess He needs her back and fast Will family loyalty or the desire for her ownership win? Picking immediately up from where book one left us with our jaws hanging open we uickly learn about Ethans rapid descent into the criminal underworld of drug trafficking and how one special order changed his loyalties Unable to watch as underage girls were lined up to be sold to a known monster Ethan and Aiden set a plan in motion to bring the whole scheme down Treading carefully as the Aguila's reach is far and wide their plan was running smoothly until Laila stumbled into the mix This action packed story has our rag tag band on the run trying to keep one step ahead of the Mexicans whilst learning so much about each other The connection between Laila and Aiden runs deep and even at times when he has pushed too far she can't deny the pull she feels Laila grows into a magnificently strong survivor taking each moment of horror absorbing it and learning from it Aiden relives the tragic events of his childhood and realises that the truth is damning than he was first led to believe With a climatic showdown taking place where all the players first assembledwho will walk away? A 45 star epic read

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