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[Ebook] Dark Highway (Jessica Shaw Book 3) By Lisa Gray – serv3.3pub.co.uk [BOOKS] ✭ Dark Highway (Jessica Shaw Book 3) By Lisa Gray – Serv3.3pub.co.uk An isolated highway in the middle of the desert—the perfect place to hide a secret

LAbased artist Laurie Simmonds disappeared two months ago, her campervan abandoned on the isolated Twentyn An isolated highway in the middle of the desert—the perfect place to hide a secretLAbased artist Laurie Simmonds disappeared two months ago, her campervan abandoned on the isolated Twentynine Palms Highway, miles from anything—or anyone With the police investigation stalled, her parents put all their faith in private investigator Jessica Shaw to find out the truth of what happenedJessica and her partner Matt Connor discover that two other women are missing, their disappearances connected to the same highway When a link emerges between these women and a group of former college friends, Jessica feels certain they’re closing in on their targetBut no sooner do they follow this up than Laurie’s parents get spooked and drop the case Jessica is blindsided but determined not to give up: three women are missing, and many may be at risk She can’t turn her back on them But the she pulls at the threads of the truth, the closer she comes to danger Can she find out who’s behind these crimes before they come for her?.

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  1. Diane Diane says:

    Dark Highway by Lisa Gray is filled with non-stop suspense as private investigator Jessica Shaw tracks down answers to a missing person case. This is the third book in the Jessica Shaw series and I could not tear myself away from this story!. The gripping worry of a missing child is enough for the parents of Laurie Simmonds to hire MAC investigations to try to find their daughter.
    Matt Connor has just hired Jessica to work with him as she is preparing to get her PI license. They take the case of the missing artist and begin to find more missing women in the area of the Twenty-Nine Palms highway. When the identity of a body is found in a shallow grave, the case takes a huge turn. What is the link between the missing women and the dead body? Jessica discovers it goes back to a previous generation of fraternity brothers and an event in the basement of their campus residence.
    I won't post spoilers, but this was a perfect weekend read. The mystery and trail of clues kept me so engrossed in the story I went to sleep with my Kindle in my hands and it fell onto my sleeping dog. We both jumped up and yelped!
    Publication Date: November 19, 2020
    Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book,

  2. Jackie Taylor Jackie Taylor says:

    Thank you to both NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK for providing me the opportunity to review Lisa Gray’s latest novel, Dark Highway.

    Dark Highway is the third installment in the Jessica Shaw series. It is not necessary to read the first two before diving into this one. All the reader needs to know is that Jessica Shaw is a private investigator who handles missing persons cases in Los Angeles, California.

    Jessica and her work partner, Matt Connor, have been hired to find a wealthy woman’s 24-year old daughter. During a preliminary interview, the woman reveals that her daughter is not the only woman missing from the community.

    The novel alternates between different timelines and perspectives, starting with Jessica and continuing with a new character every other chapter. From the quirky octogenarian and block captain, Mrs. DuBois, to the meticulous stalker and primary suspect himself, Burden, the reader learns more about the missing women and their backstories.

    Initially, their connection seems tenuous at best, linked only by the desolate Twentynine Palms Highway. As Jessica and Matt get deeper into the investigation, a patchwork of clues reveals a strong connection: all of the women know someone who attended the since shuttered Palms University.

    Just as Jessica is starting to connect the dots, the client fires her and Matt. Ignoring Matt’s command to drop the now unfunded case, Jessica doggedly pursues the answer to what happened to those women. When a stranger breaks into Jessica’s motel room and leaves behind a significant thread of evidence, she knows she is on the right track.

    The novel is fast-paced and keeps the reader guessing the entire time, down to the shocking twist in the epilogue. Although there was some odd phrasing and strangely arranged syntax, the overall flow was gripping and I found myself wanting to turn to the next page. I think it helped that she chose to make each of the women’s backstories the bulk of the novel, as opposed to learning about them through straight procedural work done by Jessica or Matt.

    Ms. Gray certainly has a knack for telling stories and I am glad I stuck with her series. After the first book left a bad impression, I wasn’t sure whether I could return to her writing, but it has steadily improved with each new novel released. Book three is easily my favorite of the series and I genuinely believe the author has hit her stride. Cannot wait to see what she does with the fourth Jessica Shaw novel.

  3. Ray Moon Ray Moon says:

    Jessica Hired To Find a Missing Girl, But That Number Keeps Growing

    The novel opens with four young men driving down a deserted desert highway with a dead woman in the trunk. The atmosphere within the car isn’t any better. As directed by Dusty the driver stopped alongside of the road. Dusty grabbed two flashlights and popped the truck. He told one of them to grab the shovel and start digging.

    The storyline switches to Jessica Shaw on her first day of work for Matt Connor with whom she worked in the first novel of this series. Jessica and Matt are sitting with a Laurie’s mother in a restaurant. Laurie has been missing for two months. During the interview, Laurie’s mother told Jessica that her van was discovered on the shoulder of the Twentynine Palms Highway. Also disclosed during the interview were the identities of two other women who disappeared on that same highway. While hired to find one woman, there are now two additional missing women.

    The main storyline proceeds with trying to link these three cases as it can’t be a coincidence that all three disappeared along the same desolate highway. I would like to say that the main story line had many twists and turns, but for the first part of the novel, there seems to be only dead ends. My interest was maintained during this part of the novel by flashback chapters in the voice of the victims that describe their interaction with a mysterious individual. There are flashbacks with the victim from the prologue that provides the background leading up to her death. Also, there is another thread in the voice of what appears to be an abductor working on a new abduction. Otherwise, the story is told in the voice of Jessica and Connor. You may have the feeling that all the different voices past and present would cause this novel to be difficult to follow. I did not find that to be the case. In fact, it solidified the grip on my attention.

    The B-storylines are centered on Jessica and Matt. From their few days together in the first novel, she found him to be equal parts infuriating and arousing, and he was a frequent liar. As Jessica still needs more hours to qualify to a PI license in California, she asked for a job from Matt. Since less is known about Matt, his B-storyline is a little richer. Their interaction was quite entertaining, especially when a literary grenade exploded! LAPD Detective Payne, Jessica’s father’s old friend, makes an appearance in the B-storyline and a cameo in the main storyline.

    As for aspects of the novel about which some reader may object, there was a detailed description of a rape in the voice of the victim so it was more horrifying than titillating. Otherwise there are not any intimate scenes though there was a close call. There is a measurable level of vulgar and questionable language, but it did not rise to an objectionable level for me. In the last chapter when Jessica was driving off away from the sunset, there was one significant loose end that was not tied up. I was starting to be upset. Then, I discovered that there was an epilogue that tied up that loose end to my relief.

    I really enjoyed reading Dark Highway. In my opinion, it is an excellent addition to this series. If you liked Thin Air or Bad Memory, you should read Dark Highway. If you haven’t read the those previous novel, you can start reading with this novel as adequate background is provided so you should not feel that you are missing anything. I rate this novel with five stars.

    I have received a free e-book version of this novel through NetGalley from Thomas & Mercer with an expectation for an honest, unbiased review. I wish to thank Thomas & Mercer for the opportunity to read and review this novel early.

  4. fleurette fleurette says:

    I liked the idea, but the whole book unfortunately didn't work for me. And it's mostly my fault.

    There are some very specific things about books that I don't really like, and sadly two of them appeared in this book. First, I don't like flashbacks. Very often I simply skip them. Here, chapters about the past events made almost half of the book. And although I tried to read them, I had the feeling that they did not bring anything new to the main story, except maybe adding depth. Which is actually good. It just wasn’t up to my alley.

    The second thing is narrating from too many points of view. There is Jessica POV and Matt POV, there are three points of view for each of the three victims, there is mysterious Dea POV, and there is a point of view of a man who might be the murderer. Oh, and in the prologue, we have a scene from another POV, which does not come back later. It was too much for me. These two things made it not a book for me.

    But like I said, I like the general idea of the plot. The way the murders were related to each other and how they were related to past events. And although I fairly quickly predicted who the murderer was and why they chose these particular victims, it was an enjoyable and quick read.

    I also liked the characters, especially Jessica and Matt. I haven't read the previous books in this series, so I don't know their story that well. But they're fine, although Jessica, in my opinion, took unnecessary risks sometimes. Also, I'm not entirely sure about the relationship between Jessica and Matt, it is so unreasonably complicated. But maybe this thread will be developed more in the next books.

    Overall, it's a good book that just didn't work for me. But I may read previous books in this series or the next ones one day.

    Thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  5. Zita Zita says:

    An interesting, fast-paced, suspenseful layered mystery…

    This is the third book in the Jessica Shaw series that can be read as a stand-alone.

    Private Investigator Jessica Shaw has returned to Los Angeles joining up with another investigator, Matt Conner, whom she had met previously, while she works on getting licensed in the state. Experienced in missing persons cases she works on locating a woman whose vehicle was abandoned on the Twentynine Palms Highway two months prior. With the police not having made headway into finding their daughter, Laurie Simmonds, the parents sought outside assistance. Research reveals that Laurie was one of three women to vanish from that particular highway. Are these disappearances related? When Jessica finds the correlation between these missing women she knows she’s closer to learning what happened to them but then the clients cancel the investigation. Why would parents do such a thing? There are secrets being kept and Jessica is not one to give up on a case even if there’s no payday at the end.

    This book is an interesting, fast-paced, suspenseful layered mystery with a compelling heroine. There are multiple points of view and different timelines as the lives of the missing women unfold around the time of their disappearance which gives the victims real depth. What is happening in the present truly began in the past and Jessica follows the many threads. She’s uniquely qualified to understand the emotions of those searching for the missing.

    Though not a prerequisite, having read the previous books in the series gave this reader a deeper understanding of Jessica who has continued to grow over time as life throws its darts at her, she’s an intelligent, tough woman with relatable vulnerabilities. Jessica and Matt have a shared history before this reunion and there are intense moments between them that could prove challenging, sometimes the line between professional and personal can become blurred. I was disappointed in the character of Matt who I had liked in the first book but you never know what an author will do in subsequent books, perhaps he’s still redeemable.

    An advanced reading copy was obtained from the publisher via NetGalley.

  6. Lauren Payne Lauren Payne says:

    When a young artist, Laurie Simmonds, goes missing and her camper van is found abandoned at the Twentynine Palms Highway two months later, Jessica Shaw and Matt Cooper are brought in by her parents to investigate what happened. They discover two other women have gone missing with similar connections. When the identify of a body is discovered in a shallow grave off the highway, this story takes a sharp turn and secrets begin to unravel.

    Dark Highway is a fast paced, mysterious thriller with twists that kept me guessing right up until the end! This story is centred around revenge and grief but all is not what it seems. This novel is told through alternating perspectives and different timelines. I enjoyed the engagement between the different character stories, it was well scripted, overlapping but not confounding.

    The characters are excellently portrayed, well drawn and distinguishable. The story line was full of suspense and I loved watching the stories come together, I couldn’t put this book down! It has everything you want from a gripping, mysterious read.

    I have to admit that this is my first book from the Jessica Shaw series but I will most definitely be adding the first two books in the series to my list!

    4/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Thank you to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK for allowing me to read and review Dark Highway.

  7. Ebony Ebony says:

    This is book 3 in the Jessica Shaw series and I think you need to read the previous books in the series to get a better understanding of Jessica and why she’s working in a private investigator office in order to get her PI license. And book 1 in the series actually introduces the reader to Matt Connor, Jessica’s boss at the PI agency and explains their relationship in more detail than this book.
    ‘Dark Highway’ begins when Matt and Jessica are hired to look into the disappearance of LA artist Laurie Simmonds who was last seen on an isolated stretch of highway, hours from where she lived. As they begin to investigate, Jessica and Matt discover two other women have disappeared who were last seen on that same stretch of highway and who all have a connection to a crime committed 30 years ago.
    I found a ‘Dark Highway’ a bit slow to begin with. It took me until 50% in to really get into the book. I also found it s big confusing and hard to follow with the back and forth in time jumps and chapters from multiple characters perspectives. But it all came together in the end for a great conclusion. And a twist at the very end was good, I wasn’t expecting it. Overall a very solid mystery/suspense novel. 3.5 stars from me.
    ** I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher**

  8. Becky Hodson Becky Hodson says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author has a nice style and flow to her writing and characters are well developed. I love that the main character, while being an intelligent, passionate woman, is also flawed. To me, it makes her more real, more relatable. As a woman, it's nice to see strong, intelligent female lead characters, especially in roles such as Private Investigator. I liked the fact that she doesn't feel the need to tie herself to one location, but instead gives herself the freedom to move around when she feels the need to.

    Rather than a straight run through the sequence of events, it tends to jump backwards and forwards in time throughout the novel. That is something I've always enjoyed, though I know that style isn't to everyone's taste. It means you find out about the ultimate reason behind the kidnapping at different points, it develops slowly, giving you glimpses into the villain's mind.

    It is somewhat formulaic, but that doesn't detract from the novel at all. In fact, despite guessing the overall arch and who had done what before I was halfway through, the book still kept me interested enough to read the entire thing in one sitting.

  9. Lisa Davison Lisa Davison says:

    Jess Shaw is back in this 3rd novel of the series. Working towards getting her PI license, Jess is working with Connor, but this decision may be problematic, given their brief but intense history. The two of them are hired by a wealthy woman to find her missing daughter, who seemed to have disappeared into thin air. As Jess and Connor begin their investigation, they find 2 cold cases involving similar disappearances of young women, but there is no obvious connection among the 3. However, more detective work unearths a woman's disappearance 2 decades old, yet this body has been recently found in the barren land along the Twentynine Palms highway. Just as they're making headway, the husband of the woman who hired them orders them they are fired. Jess, though, cannot stop. As she unravels the complicated tapestry of the missing women, Jess finds the connection and solves the case. However, in the midst of the investigation, she gives-in to her feelings for Connor only to find out her trust has once again been misplaced. It will keep you guessing until the end. I still wish that Jess could find some happiness -- maybe in the next book.

  10. Aleana Harris Aleana Harris says:

    This was a good mystery.

    Jessica is hire to look for a missing woman Laurie who is artist and have been missing for two months the only thing the police found was her abandoned vehicle.

    As she and her boss Matt look into her disappearance the missing woman mother Renee give them a possible lead of two other missing women who also last seen on Twentynine Palms Highway which is very isolating.

    As you read it jumps from Jessica to Matt as they investigate ,to the missing women and what they were doing before they disappears and to the criminals who doing this you get inside their heads as they go about their life without realizing that they are in danger. I like Jessica and Matt as they work together but I coulda done without their romantic relationship. I rather they investigate while they try to put pieces together which I was enjoying until romance part came. Still looking forward to reading more about Jessica.

    I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and voluntarily leaving my review.

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