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[PDF] Darren Shan Demonata Collection By Darren Shan – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❴Download❵ ➺ Darren Shan Demonata Collection Author Darren Shan – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Darren Shan's Demonata Collection11 Books SetThe Thin Executioner HBDemon ThiefLord LossSlawterHell's Heroes This is the endDark CallingWolf IslandDeath's ShadowDemon ApocalypseBlood BeastBec Screams Darren Shan's Demonata Collection books SetThe Thin Executioner HBDemon ThiefLord LossSlawterHell's Heroes This is the endDark CallingWolf IslandDeath's ShadowDemon ApocalypseBlood BeastBec Screams in the Dark.

10 thoughts on “Darren Shan Demonata Collection

  1. Tyler Deal Tyler Deal says:

    You really have to read the whole series in order to truly be able to understand and enjoy these books The fact that the plot line throws you a little off track seems like the books should have been released in a different order and each book does have its lull points shouldn't discourage you from reading on Found the books easy to read and enjoyable

  2. Trutze Trutze says:

    I came to this books by mistake i wanted to buy the Darren Shan series Cirue du freak etc and accidentally bought one of the Demonata books i still haven't read the Darren Shan series yetSo after reading the first pages of Lord Loss I was sure this had nothing to do with Vampires spider loving kids etc but never the less became one of my favorite book series DI really enjoyed the horror i guess for younger folks that would be uite scary i would have loved it as a teen tooSome people seem to think some passages are too slow but i personally liked them very much those moments make the books believable natural I always have a hard time stomaching when characters in books or movies are presented with supernatural things and just accept them as normal adapt to the new situation very uickly see why such behaviour might be needed for certain stories but I absolute LOVE that Darren Shan gives the characters space to cope in these booksSome character development didn't happened to my full liking but i can see how it was necessary for the story and could appreciate it Having that said there is a lot of character development going on the characters are by no means flat and one dimensionalAfter finishing all books I still thought about the story and characters for some days especially the endingIt's a pity the audiobooks are so hard to get and only cover books 1 6 they are really really good had to buy mine second hand though because audible and no other online store had them to purchaseBy the way other than some I really like the order of the books no matter how much i wanted to know how the last main character went on the next book and character captured my interest with pages and i never looked back Also the order of the books gives you some aha moments later in the series i strongly recommend to read them in published order

  3. Pa Zao Pa Zao says:


  4. Leander Leander says:

    Started this after finishing Cirue Du Freak and I have one problem Darren Shan seems obsessed with Wolves I mean no harm there But in Cirue Du Freak he says that vampires were made when the blood of wolves was fused with that of humans by Mr Tiny And in the Demonata it's written that werewolves were born when Demonata demons copulated with humans So if that's true then vampires and werewolves are basically half brothers Anyway thus series became damn boring around the ninth book The same old repetitive stuff And also while in Cirue Du Freak Darren Shan has worked meticulously working everything through to the end writing everything every losse point together he seems to be rather sloppy in this series

  5. Viktor Viktor says:

    All time favourite series

  6. Ross Ross says:

    This series kickstarted me into reading as a young adult

  7. Natasha Moore Natasha Moore says:

    These are books I can read over and over Although I'd suggest they aren't suitable for younger readers due to the vivid descriptions of demons and deaths ect Darren Shan is one of my favourite authors and never disappoints

  8. AhmedΔ AhmedΔ says:

    The demonata series This one went further than any other book any other author any other mind Darren created a world in which humans are constantly shadowed by demons living in another realm There are than one intelligent life in the universe demons and non demons Humans are considered lesser intelligent and were refused entry on a ark created by the demons mortal enemies Old OnesCrazy huh?Darren captivates you in a whirlwind of trouble bringing fights from 1500 years ago depicting their lives and speech outstandingly well waging wars between worlds I applaud him from deep within my heart His ability to express the feelings of the characters when in strife when in love when in anger and depression is uniue to him and must be appreciated from all corners of the world He and he alone will show you the meaning of jack of all tradesAll in all this is possibly the most maddening frustrating insane amazing outstanding excelling books series of them all The ending no spoilers will leave you unhinged and disturbed for days How Darren Shan reveals the continuity of the human journey against the impending apocalyptic and blood lusting demons is the biggest twist of them all It left me speechless It was bizarre finale to a lovable nostalgia ridden it was my childhoodseries

  9. Saqer Alkhaja Saqer Alkhaja says:

    amazing book its a must read if your into the fantasy type of books its starts of with the each heroes story and background and how they all meet and the adventures they all have I'm not going to ruin the story for you guys but its a must read for me

  10. EveLyn EveLyn says:

    a very beautifully writtenabsolutely wonderful and fast paced book series chock full of feelsI'm a HUGE Shanster and I'm hooked

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