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[Ebook] D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths By Ingri d'Aulaire – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰Read❯ ➲ D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths Author Ingri d'Aulaire – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Here are the gods goddesses and legendary figures of ancient Greece mighty Zeus with his fistful of thunderbolts; gray eyed Athena goddess of wisdom; Helios the sun; greedy King Midas lavishly depicte Here are the gods goddesses and of Greek Kindle Ö legendary figures of ancient Greece mighty Zeus with his fistful of thunderbolts; gray eyed Athena goddess of wisdom; Helios the sun; greedy King Midas lavishly depicted by Caldecott winners Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire In a relaxed and D'Aulaires' Book Kindle - humorous tone these splendid artists bring to life the myths that have inspired great European literature and art through the ages creating a book readers of all ages will cherishFor any child fortunate enough to have this generous bookthe kings and heroes of ancient legend Book of Greek PDF/EPUB ✓ will remain forever matter of fact; the pictures interpret the text literally and are full of detail and witty observation The Horn  BookThe drawings particularly the full page ones in this oversized volume are excellent  and excitingly evocative The New  York TimesParents uncles and aunts who have been searching for a big picture book that has good reading aloud value for the younger ones and fine read it yourself value on up have it in this volumea children's classic Christian Science Monitor.

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  1. Calista Calista says:

    I have recently been reading George O'Conner's books of mythology and he had pieces of stories I have never heard before After reading this I now know where he got this information from or at least a place This fills in many gaps of the myths I did not know These are mostly uick and simple tellings of the Greek myths It's a great way to get an overview of mythology without having to read Homer or other tomes I have read both the Odyssey and the Iliad I love great myths and these seem to have a special uality to them There is something special about them that wing the imagination away This goes through the history of the canon and ends at the Trojan war Many of my favorite stories in the myths are here I'm so glad I have finally read this classic I see so many people talking about it This is a work we should all read It's too bad it wasn't reuired in school Well now I have read it I thoroughly enjoyed reading this

  2. & & says:

    This is the very first book I remember reading all by my little self when I was three and I have read it a million times My copy is old stolen from my elder brother in fact; it was his first taped back together missing it's covers and extremely well loved It has inspired a lifelong fascination with mythology and the ancient world and probably played a large part in my obsessive need to learn everything about everything not that that's possibly but it's fun to try The stories have been dialed back a bit for bitlets but the stories still hold true to the original intentions in my opinion The illustrations might not be fine art prints but they are lovely when you're small and don't diminish as one ages Go find a copy and read this Read about Persephone eating pomegranate seeds Eos forgetting to ask for eternal youth for her love Selene learning from her sisters mistake and keeping Edmynion held in eternal sleep Hephestus and his robots and Hermes' childhood antics You won't regret it and you might want to continue to want to read and about Greek mythology

  3. Brad Brad says:

    I remember taking this book out of the library at my elementary school ueensland Downs Elementary School when I was in Mrs Sanders' class for grade three We were in the library for a library period and I asked Mrs Dalgliesh our groovy librarian for a book I can't remember if I was the one who suggested Greek Mythology or if it was she but I do remember her aiding me at the card catalogues then she sent me off to the shelves to track down 292 DAU JUVThat little journey changed me irrevocably I devoured D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths in what was then record time and within days I was debating my father on theology I demanded to know why I couldn't worship Zeus instead of his God; I wanted to know why if the Greek Gods came first they had a flood Heracles was resurrected and Phrixus was saved from being sacrificed by his father by the presence of a golden ram amongst other things I wanted to know how Christianity could have such similar mythsIt was the beginning of the end of my religiosity and the penultimate blow to my catholicism It was the end of my acuiescence to unjust authority It was the end of acceptance without uestions It catalysed my constant search for understanding It was the beginning of my father's disdain for me and his fear of my mind the latter I've always suspected was close to the root of much of the abuse I suffered at his hands It was the moment of my enlightenment And I've loved this book deeply from the second I first closed its cover until today I finished reading it to our twins last night To hear them talk today they are in love with the book themselves though I doubt it can be felt as deeply as my love for the book We encourage them to think for themselves to uestion to seek to demand that authority earns respect so their experience with the book isn't as revelatory as mine They have parents who've been answering their uestions about gods life death where babies come from about anything since they were asking uestions They haven't needed to find that power for themselves we've pointed the way to that power from the start Still they love this book and I hope they share it with their kids if they choose to have kids in turn D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths is a marvellous book full of marvellous stories and now the Greek playwrights and poets and philosophers await Medea first? Hmmm maybe The Birds? Or should it be The Iliad? I think I will let the twins decide

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    This book introduced me to Greek mythology and I've yet to find its eual in the genre I first read this in grade school having found the hardcover version in my school library I checked it out several times though it's an oversize book and was therefore as a hardcover a bit heavy to drag home and back I always felt it was worth itThe artwork is incredibly detailed and beautiful and the written portrayal of the various gods and goddesses heroes and monsters is highly sympathetic toward and attentive to the strengths and failings of human beings of both virtue and weakness strengths and failings which the Greek deities were believed to share themselves in no small measureFrom the drawing of the family tree of deities the Titans led by Cronus proceeding to Zeus and his siblings to their children to the map of ancient Greece with notable mythical events and sites marked where Zeus flung Hephaestus where Aphrodite rose from the sea to the drawings of constellations as various heroes and creatures were placed in the sky by the gods there is a powerful and humbling sense throughout of what ancient Greek civilization has provided us Even now as an adult when I read it I am impressed by all the words and terms that Greek folklore has beueathed to the English language and no doubt its sister tongues panic from the satyr demigod Pan echo from the nymph of the same name cursed to forever repeat the words of others narcissism from the youth Narcissus who pined away from desiring his own reflection in the water etcHighly recommended not only for children but for anyone who loves well drawn and well narrated folklore

  5. Susanna - Censored by saudionline.co.uk Susanna - Censored by saudionline.co.uk says:

    I adored this book when I was a child

  6. booklady booklady says:

    One of those books every home should have and every child should read growing up I wish I had read it then but no However I still have somewhere my very worn copy of Edith Hamilton's Mythology which I read over and over Instead I first enjoyed D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths with my own childrenDid theywe believe in the Greek and Roman gods? No than Mother Goose but they formed the imagination and are part of our Western understanding of who we are We come from the Greeks Best of all this book is beautiful The author artists Ingri and Edgar D'Aulaires have created a sumptuous treat both for eye and imagination It is a book which teaches and also satisfies the soul No idea how many times this reading makes Hopefully it will not be my last

  7. Shelle Klein Houser Shelle Klein Houser says:

    This book is amazing The retellings of the myths are vibrant and fascinating and the illustrations are mild enough for a child to enjoy but compelling enough to interest an adultWhen I was a kid I used to take this book out of the library over and over and I would read it when I was at a friend's house and they had a copy Naturally I had to buy my son Archer a copy of the book because I wanted him to love it like I did Kids don't always love what their parents love however so I put it on his shelf and waited for him to discover itOne day he asked me about a myth so I started reading him the book then I had to go do something laundry maybe I forget what I came back a while later to find him buried in D'Aulaire's Greek Myths and completely ignoring me An hour later same story He re reads it now as I re read it when I was a kid Also sometimes I re read it as an adultIf I could give this book 6 stars I would

  8. Emily Emily says:

    62313I read this again and again as a child My intimate knowledge of the stories helped enormously in my high school English classes It breaks my heart a little that my son is for some perverse reason of his own fixed in the idea that he doesn't like Greek mythsUpdate of 8914Now reading this aloud to my son slightly against his will as it was clear he'd never read it on his own He was engrossed by the first section and the text when read aloud flowed better than I'd expected it to Feeling encouraged9314The gods are jerks for the most part The illustrations though I love them so much I think they really made the book for me when I read it as a child all those pretty goddesses Unfortunately another goodreads reviewer has pointed out the oddness of none of the horses pulling chariots having harnesses which I would never have noticed but henceforth this will bother me whenever I see the cover

  9. zzzz zzzz says:

    I know this is like everyone's favorite childhood mythology book including mine I think but I don't like it It does that thing where rapes are glossed over as marriages which is horrible to read if you know what actually happens in the myths I know that they can't actually talk about rape in a kids book because we can't ever bring up anything sex related in a kids book but it makes me really uncomfortable you know?Also my brother and I were flipping through this book the other day and we saw a drawing of the Andromeda incredibly pale skin blue eyes blonde hair Andromeda who is an Ethiopian princess I know that she gets white washed in every painting ever so the d'Aulaires' were probably just following in that tradition but come ooooooon She looks like she's from ScandinaviaBesides that though there are lots of stories in here so it is a good introduction to Greek mythology The drawings aren't artistic masterpieces but most of them are uite nice

  10. Joanna Joanna says:

    I discovered this book in the 5th grade in my school's library I would sit cross legged right on the floor by the bottom shelf where it was kept spread out the huge thick book on my lap and read while I looked at the wonderful drawings When we moved I semi forgot about the book not remembering the author's name; when I was in college I was walking by a bookstore in a mall when I glanced at the display case to see a book with the same style of drawings I immediately went in to discover the store did not have my beloved book on Greek myths but they could order it for me I jumped at the chance to finally own the bookThis is a wonderful way to introduce children to Greek mythology The stories are engagingly told and the drawings catch the eye and compliment the myths well I do have to admit the book while still big was not as large as my 10 year old self remembered

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