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[Ebook] Defining Marriage By Matthew Baume – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Ebook] ➠ Defining Marriage By Matthew Baume – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Only a few years ago marriage was defined as an exclusive club for heterosexuals only Today it has expanded to welcome gay and lesbian couples across the entire United States Defining Marriage traces Only a few years ago marriage was defined as an exclusive club for heterosexuals only Today it has expanded to welcome gay and lesbian couples across the entire United States Defining Marriage traces the decades long evolution of marriage through the personal stories of those who lived through it Writer Matt Baume provides an intimate glimpse into the private lives of those who dreamed of marriage in the s the survivors of the s the audacious pioneers of the s the tireless soldiers of the s and the champions who won marriage today Along the way he explores the individual stories of the people who participated in this revolution examines what marriage has become and shows with vivid compelling personal narratives how the act of Defining Marriage forever changed the lives and loves of the people who fought to define the institution As the journey to euality unfolds over the years Baume finds himself unexpectedly evaluating his own self contradictory life as a marriage activist with no plans to marry his longtime partner Over the course of years the story of marriage is recounted through intimate revealing conversations with prominent LGBT figures allies and grassroots activists Dustin Lance Black shares the story of how his escape from childhood abuse prepared him to bring hope to millions; Dan Savage recalls his stubborn rejection of the closet at what was then an unthinkably young age; and Andrew Sullivan remembers the call for marriage in the s that earned him enemies amongst conservatives and ueers alike Baume visits with Rob Reiner who inherited a passion for social justice from his real life parents and his television family; San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom whose personal principles tested his career ambitions when he stood up to an unjust law and the President of the United States; and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray a former seminary student who picked up the mantle of LGBT liberation after the death of a friend and mentor We meet accidental activists thrust into an international spotlight like Amy Balliett of Join the Impact; Book of Mormon star Gavin Creel; and Clela Rorex who in became America's first government official to issue a marriage license to gay couples As marriage transforms people all over the country find themselves and their loved ones at a crossroads of history Molly McKay who showed up at marriage counters to demanded a license every Valentine's Day for a decade until someone finally said yes; Jenny Kanelos a small town girl who mobilized all of Broadway; Juan and Tim Clark Lucero forced to race against the clock to marry before their legal window closed Baume provides rare behind the scenes access to personal conflicts around the national struggle While furious protestors clash on the steps of the Supreme Court we are ushered inside to witness the same debate playing out amongst the Justices Readers witness gay political leaders locked in desperate emotional struggles to pass marriage bills in the back halls of capitols and are are privy to the conversations of families as they discover what the shifting landscape of marriage means for their own relationships From decades past to this moment in history from halls of power to private bedrooms from the political to the personal Defining Marriage is the story of how people from all walks of life fought to change marriage and how fighting for marriage in turn changed them.

8 thoughts on “Defining Marriage

  1. Jesse Jesse says:

    Wonderfully writtenBesides a few grammatical errors this book is well researched and thoughtfully conveyed The pattern of writing comes across exactly as the author speaks complete with his somewhat uirky sense of humor As someone who never actually considered marriage even after DoMA was struck down I still devoured this book I can't wait to see what he comes up with next

  2. Arthur Schenck Arthur Schenck says:

    I watched Matt Baume's videos for years and came to think of him as sort of the storyteller of the fight for the freedom to marry in the USA So I expected his book would be an expansion of that especially telling some of the stories that went on in background I wasn't disappointed—it was all that and What I didn't expect was how often I'd find tears in my eyes especially from reading the stories of people who I'd never even heard of before but who were important players in the battle I was surprised at how often Matt's stories brought up strong memories of my own like learning that California's Proposition 8 had passed and many of those memories were painfulOn the other hand there were also laughs and happiness reading many of the stories and the incidents that led ultimately to full marriage euality in the USA It was great to get them in the context of the larger decades long story of the struggleThis book will appeal to anyone who wants to know how marriage euality came to the USA—the things that worked and the things that didn't yes and also the people and the events that all made this happen Matt had a front row seat for the story and he shares his personal journey woven into the larger one Ultimately Matt's book will appeal to anyone who understands what the battle was always all about LoveI highly recommend this book

  3. Linda-Grace Linda-Grace says:

    I loved this book Review to follow

  4. Logan Hughes Logan Hughes says:

    Matthew Baume intertwines his research on the history of the fight for gay marriage in the US with his own personal journey to coming to terms with his own attitudes about marriage and his relationship Baume is an entertaining storyteller and the stories he tells fascinating tracing the fight for marriage euality from the 1970s when ueer activists were deeply uninterested in fighting for marriage because it was seen as a sexist antiuated institution and why should we pretend to be like straight people? Meanwhile a handful of bemused or subversive public servants managed to actually legally marry some couples simply because there was no overt rule against it While he's doing this research Baume is actively fighting for marriage euality in his home state of California Yet his longtime boyfriend has no interest in marriage he doesn't see why their commitment needs to be blessed by the state Baume does a good job of playing up the contradictions of this period of his life making the book feel like as much like a personal memoir as a history book view spoilerThe twist ending is that Prop 8 is overturned and he still doesn't get married The ostensible conclusion is supposed to be that surprisingly becoming an expert on marriage allows him to make peace with his committed but unmarried partnership But I kind of ended up with the feeling that he still does want to get married His nod toward beginning to agree with his partner's point after this long love song to marriage seemed a bit perfunctory and rationalized There are legitimate arguments against marriage but this book doesn't really present them it presents the opposite hide spoiler

  5. emma emma says:

    I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed it immensely Well researched personal and has a clear focus I'm a huge sap so I ended up crying a fair few times this book was just very very real and moving A good read for anyone interested in LGBT issues in general and marriage euality in the US in particular Next I would like to read books about these kinds of grass root lgbt activists in every country

  6. Brandon Brandon says:

    Matt Baume does an exceptional job not only providing the reader with a thorough yet readable history of marriage euality in the United States and backgrounds of the dozens and dozens of key players in the fight but he also allows his own personality and feelings to be present in the narrative It was a truly moving and informative experience and I highly recommend it

  7. Rev Sarah E Northall Rev Sarah E Northall says:

    Journalism as social historyI'm scared said PigletA story will help said PoohHow?Oh Don't you know? Stories make your heart grow

  8. Jānis Lībeks Jānis Lībeks says:

    Listened to most of this book in audiobookpodcast version Matt makes marriage euality a very personal story

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