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Read ✓ Discover Canada By Leigh McAdam – ❮Download❯ ➾ Discover Canada ➼ Author Leigh McAdam – Outdoorswoman Leigh McAdam has been to 54 countries on every continent except Antarctica Her popular outdoor blog hikebiketravelcom which attracts a large following of kindred spirits vicarious travel Outdoorswoman Leigh McAdam has been to countries on every continent except Antarctica Her popular outdoor blog hikebiketravelcom which attracts a large following of kindred spirits vicarious travelers and increasingly admirers of her fine photographic skills receives page views per month Now in Discover Canada adventures selected from the author’s vast experience of year round outdoor experiences are presented with detailed maps and McAdam’s stunning photographsWriting as she travels — with good humour wisdom and verve McAdam guides readers to spectacular wilderness locations as well as sites of historical interest adventures in all ten provinces and three territories are rated for difficulty and come with information on getting there the length of the trip and estimated time to accomplish it Valuable preparedness tips adventure highlights and interesting facts round out this essential guide for the wilderness adventurer Selected to highlight areas of outstanding natural beauty in warm weather or winter ice and snow these adventures are designed to be experienced while hiking climbing paddling rafting biking skating or cross country skiingWhat better way to experience the Canadian landscape than by travelling through spectacular mountain and coastal scenery under your own steam This book shows Canadians and wilderness enthusiasts all over the world what treasures can be found in Canada’s great outdoors.

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    As a travel writer I've dabbled here and there in what might be called adventure travel Still for the last several years the majority of my trips mostly guidebook gigs for Lonely Planet have had precious little in the way of elements that might prove fatal Oh I've been stung by scorpions in Belize leapt over poisonous snakes in Taiwan faced drowning on shoddy watercraft in Malaysia flown on and once jumped from tiny airplanes But for the most part I haven't had weeks long adventures in the wild the stuff of legend often resulting in glory and sometimes in the adventurer being found years later in a cave having spent their last hours gnawing sherpa jerky final doomed entries scrawled into the battered leather bound journal that will eventually be found alongside their corpse by some future hopefully fortunate adventurerNo I'm not that sort of adventurer I like comfort too much and sherpa meat is bad for my goutLeigh McAdam on the other hand is that sort of adventurer She's lived her life in the spirit of Earnest Shackleton and Amelia Earhart and I should know having followed her adventures on Hike Bike Travel from the comfort of hotels hostels and less transitory homes for yearsLeigh writes about doing the sort of stuff that I wish I did and probably would do if only they were a bit easier She snowshoes in Alberta in 20 Celsius temperatures goes cross country skiing in uebec and kayaks in the icy waters between Newfoundland and Labrador And that's just for startersTo be fair to myself I did that last thing in 2001 But it was summer and I wound up seasick and barfing on a baby sealLeigh not only does all this stuff but she writes about her adventures beautifully and takes amazing pictures along the way So naturally my expectations were high when she sent me an advanced copy of DiscoverCanada 100 Inspiring Outdoor AdventuresAlso I was a little jealous And since this my blog and my readers expect no less allow me to digressIt all started around 1990I was getting my BA degree in Brockport New York clocking crazy bicycle miles daily through the dull and flat terrain of western New York State I was dreaming of traveling someplace else someplace with hills ocean and nautical cuisineI was sick of chicken wingsAt some point I found a book at a yard sale a 1978 publication by Mandy Joslin called How do you bicycle across Canada? Slowly very Slowly An avid cyclist since the 13 Joslin's book gave me focus for the adventurer I wanted to be I was most interested in the final stage of Joslin's journey which took her across Newfoundland I vowed to repeat the Newfoundland part of her adventure and headed out with a fully loaded GT mountain bike that June intending to make it to Newfoundland by JulyI only got as far as Prince Edward Island a lovely place but hardly a substitute before my money ran out I hopped a train to Montreal where my friend Lewis picked me up and brought me home Though I didn't make it to Newfoundland I did eventually but that's another story that trip marked the start of my life as an international traveler Since then I've circled the globe a few times become intimate with several exotic lands written hundreds of travel articles authored two books of short stories and authored or co authored thirteen travel guides for Lonely Planet not to mention hundreds of travel articles from strange and interesting spots around the globe So much for bona fides; point being it was a book called How do you bicycle across Canada? Slowly very Slowly that put the travel writing bug in me as well as my penchant for cumbersome titlesSo back to this review eh?Discover Canada 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures hits all the notes of great travel writing being informative inspiring and fun The book is chocked with information from the obvious how much stuff costs to esoteric but ultimately valuable tidbits like what to do when you run across predatory animals while hiking alone in the Canadian BackwoodsAt the risk of digression let's again revisit our juxtaposition of regular travel writer with adventure travel writer shall we?A few years back I drove from Boulder to Denver and wrote about interviewing Bobcat Goldthwait Around the same time Leigh McAdam was riding her bicycle halfway across Canada and writing about almost being mauled by an actual BobcatA subtle difference I know The information Leigh gives for each of her hundred adventures is so detailed that she could have gotten away with just providing the guidebook type facts; this alone would have allowed any adventure minded reader to follow in her footsteps or tire tracks ski trails or kayak paddles as the case might be and Discover Canada 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures would still be well worth buying But Leigh goes deeper crafting each entry in a way that makes every destination pop to life and seem not merely worth visiting but worth reading about as well And then there are the pictures which are spectacular enough to make the book excellent coffee table gift book material for that special someone in your life with little or no travel adventure aspiration Of course the fact that Discover Canada 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures starts in the best of all Canadian provinces only serves to make it a must own on my list

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