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Read ✓ Divine Children By Lucas Kitchen – [Reading] ➼ Divine Children ➲ Lucas Kitchen – An aging star ship captain dies leaving his massive vessel on a collision course with a nearby planet Meanwhile an unexpected object appears in the night sky Ernst a 19 year old orphan in a primitive An aging star ship captain dies leaving his massive vessel on a collision course with a nearby planet Meanwhile an unexpected object appears in the night sky Ernst a year old orphan in a primitive utopian dwelling tribe offers to seek out council from the wizards across the sea His people think he's crazy to even attempt such a dangerous journey but he gains confidence when Enna his unpredictable wild haired friend joins the adventure Along the way he discovers that he possesses mysterious unexplained powers Ernst and Enna must find a way to stop the late star ship captain's tyrannical successor Huxley Bradford before he intentionally destroys Ernst's entire race in a methodical act of genocide The story takes a turn for the unexpected when these young heroes discover a forgotten secret about the world they thought they knew Ernst will either be broken by the journey or molded into the leader he must be in order to save his people Enter a rich world of colorful characters layers of mystery and powerful ideas.

8 thoughts on “Divine Children

  1. Penny Penny says:

    I am always on the lookout for Sci Fi from authors with new voices It’s not that I hate big publishing companies or the books they produce but there is something really punk rock about reading a book that was published on a small scale by an entrepreneurial writer I think it was how Sci Fi was meant to be read Indie Authors and Indie Publishing Companies often get a bum rap for bad formatting and editing but that is certainly not the case with Kitchen’s book The writing is slick and polished and produced in such a way that you hit that magical sweet spot of reading; you no longer see words on the page just images in your head It’s good stuffThis story comes together like a seven layer dip of futuristic drama and traditional parable There are plenty of twists and turns that keep the plot fresh and uniue; so be prepared to turn this novel into an all night reading marathon The subject matter is accessible for young adults but not so juvenile that it won’t appeal to older readers as well All in all I was really impressed with this Sci Fi gem and I will be sharing it with my book club and the kids I work with at my local high school

  2. Judith-Victoria Douglas Judith-Victoria Douglas says:

    Indie Sci fi at its bestAnyone who trolls Indie authors about poor writing etc has not read this book It puts many Indie books to shame and could fit right in with the Sci FiFantasy greats We have so few nowadays I am always looking for a good book or movie with original ideas good characters great writing an enthralling story and an ending I can live with This book has it all and Lucas Kitchen needs to enter it in a Sci Fi contest so he can get the recognition he deserves Others have given good comments on the story so any here would only be spoilers If you haven't read a good Sci Fi recently try this one It says volume 1 so I wonder if there will be to this storylineI won this book in a Goodreads giveaway in hopes of a review

  3. Lucas Kitchen Lucas Kitchen says:

    It was amazing I loved writing this one

  4. Silas Silas says:

    This was an interesting take on mashing up fantasy and science fictions or rather fantasy as science fiction It's not your typical fantasy story which was refreshing but I also didn't uite have enough build up to really get invested in the characters I did like that violence wasn't just an accepted part of the story for the main character which is rare in fantasy I find Overall I enjoyed the book but didn't find it terribly memorable

  5. Toni L. Toni L. says:

    This was uite a different book but I reallyenjoyed it Will there be a second book?

  6. Jo Jo says:

    Nice fantasy story about two children who learn about their new powers

  7. Aaron Blakeley Aaron Blakeley says:

    There are books with complexity and depths best described as epics There are stories that span multiple books in series Divine Children is not one of them Among all the science fiction you can choose to read Divine Children deserves your consideration If I were to compare it to something modern I would say it has the breadth and scope of the movie Oblivion and affords the same courtesy by not leaving you hanging If it was a beer it would go down smooth and clean without being pretentious I can highly recommend the the Divine Children Then only reason it has 4 stars instead of 5 is the last few chapters tied up loose ends so uickly that it felt a bit unnatural

  8. Coy Lothrop Coy Lothrop says:

    This was a fun listen Fast paced a detailed world setting with lot's of interesting description and a plot that twists around to a great finish This new author is really getting his writing legs and it's showing I look forward to from this new voice in the genre

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