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Download PDF  Don't Know Much About Geography Everything You Need to Know About the World but Never Learned Author Kenneth C. Davis – ➽ [Download] ✤ Don't Know Much About Geography Everything You Need to Know About the World but Never Learned By Kenneth C. Davis ➲ – Davis consistently does what your junior high teacher probably didn't; he makes geography amusing and riveting From early concepts of whether the world was a disk floating in water Thales or pear shap Davis consistently does Much About ePUB ☆ what your junior high teacher probably didn't; he makes geography amusing and riveting From early concepts of whether the world was a disk floating in water Thales or pear shaped Columbus Davis explains earthuakes rain forests Atlantis and whether there are canaries on the Canary Islands In short he covers the scientific physical and political history of the Earth and does his level best to raise our collective geographic I Don't Know Kindle - while entertaining us.

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  1. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    Now I first read Kenneth C Davis' Don't Know Much About Geography Everything You Need to Know About the World but Never Learned when it originally appeared on the market in 1992 it was a nice and most welcome break from my massive and literary mega tomes heavy German PhD Comprehensive Exams reading list and I certainly at that time did in fact sorely need a perusal choice that was both informative and engaging but also without too much academic dryness and monotony And yes considering what I was expecting and wanting from Don't Know Much About Geography Everything You Need to Know About the World but Never Learned the book and by extension of course also the author indeed very much achieved and than reached my expectations a fast and fun read and although I did at times think that Kenneth C Davis' repeated mocking of the Bible while not inappropriate and an issue to and for me personally and in and of itself might have perhaps been just a trifle too off topic with regard to a book specifically about geography generally I did really and truly enjoy Don't Know Much About Geography Everything You Need to Know About the World but Never Learned and the author's staunchly politically liberal centrist and very much anti fundamentalist and right wing extremist tone of narrational voice and in retrospect especially that Davis was warning about man made pollution caused climate change and resulting global warming tendencies at a time where and when these were not even a topic that most meteorologists and climate scientists were as yet considering with in any manner sufficient urgency and concern However and the above having all been said and while on my recent reread I still very much and with all my heart tend to actively do agree with Kenneth C Davis's political stance and the liberally centrist most delightfully anti extremist and fundamentalist tone and feel of Don't Know Much About Geography Everything You Need to Know About the World but Never Learned there are simply too many factual often calendar date and time based mistakes presented and featured for me to now consider than a three star ranking at best As honestly Kenneth C Davis getting the date wrong with regard to when North and South Vietnam reunited as well as making some rather basic errors with regard to the timing of both the Apollo and Viking space missions and a few other such doozies this really this truly should not happen and albeit it does in no way make me in any way despise Don't Know Much About Geography Everything You Need to Know About the World but Never Learned it definitely and indeed does take some of the shine off of my erstwhile wholehearted and total enjoyment and appreciation of and for this book

  2. W. Derek Atkins W. Derek Atkins says:

    I read this book and found much of the information interesting and fascinating However I found numerous factual errors including the following1 Davis writes that Texas was annexed into the United States in 1836 This actually occurred in December 1845 p 1162 Davis writes that the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific was the site of the detonation of the first nuclear bomb in 1946 The first nuclear bomb was actually detonated on July 16 1945 in Almagordo New Mexico p 1843 In his list of the longest rivers in the world Davis neglects to mention the Volga River in Russia p 1884 Davis wrote In its post 1854 uest for modern power Japan did not make the mistake of turning inwards as so many other countries have done p 258 However this statement ignores the fact that beginning in 1603 Japan did just that and isolated herself from the outside world for two and a half centuries5 Davis writes that North and South Vietnam were reunited in 1976 This actually happened in 1975 following the fall of Saigon p 2646 Davis writes that on July 11 1969 Apollo 11 landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon This event actually took place on July 20 1969 p 3247 Davis writes that In August 1975 Viking 1 landed on Mars and Viking 2 landed on Mars in September 1975 The actual dates for these two landings were July 20 1976 for Viking 1 and August 7 1976 for Viking 2 p 325In addition I found that Davis wrote with a fairly strong liberal bias throughout the entire bookWhile I found the book uite readable and learned many fascinating facts I was disappointed by the factual errors that I recognized in the book If Davis was wrong about the facts I listed above what other facts did he get wrong in this book?

  3. Barry Barry says:

    Written by a historian this book is chock full of facts trivia and tidbits about history geography and science It's an interesting read especially if you enjoy learning about a wide range of social studies While it's interesting there is one major flaw a lack of maps Sure there are a few maps thrown in but they are historical maps like the first maps that were made and not useful to a modern reader This book is indexed comprehensively like it is designed to be a reference book but without maps it cannot be a usable reference book There really is no excuse for the lack of maps which I figure were not added either for budget concerns or because maps would have swollen the book to between 450 and 500 pages My other complaint about this book lies in its billing as a humorous book when in fact the humor is almost unnoticeable Yes there are attempts at humor but they are mostly so overdone that they fall flat Who killed the Dead Sea? Help me Rwanda etc While this book is interesting because of the wealth of information in it it's certainly not a must read

  4. Nathan Albright Nathan Albright says:

    Don't know much about geography? You're not alone Neither does the author Or to be precise sometimes the author confuses writing about geography in such a way as to educate inform and amuse audiences who often consider geography to be boring with writing thinly veiled propaganda that engages in double standards in terms of what the author seeks to promote and what he seeks to attack This is the sort of book that is written for the people who know little about biblical historical geography and like it less given the author's hostility towards the Bible and to the high regard that many people still have for it It is written by people who are left of center politically in that the author whines about how environmentalists are often considered to be extremists and about the threats to intrusive regulations from Republican administrations promoting bogus scientific theories like the Gaia hypothesis and holding to scare tactics about global warming and the like showing that bad science is acceptable if it promotes wealth redistribution to poorer countries and serves progressive political agendas In addition this book writes in such a way as to guarantee its obsolescence especially in that it writes about geography from a current affairs perspective rather than seeking to write about that which is timeless and true and of evergreen relevanceIn terms of its contents the author divides geography into several sections and discusses various topics of importance by seeking to answer humorous uestions After a short introduction that discusses a harrowing experience as a child being confused that the Nile was shown as flowing up the first chapter discusses matters of conceiving the world and on mapping it areas of fundamental importance in geography The next chapter talks about the naming of places under the guise of pondering why the badlands are called bad looking at mountains and making most of the book's blunders in exploring physical geography while seeking to mock the Bible The third chapter explores the geography of the oceans and seas The fourth chapter in looking at elephants in the alps addresses matters of political geography and the effect of human geography even the unsavory personal lives of some explorers like polar pedophile Robert Peary whose book about exploring the North pole included child pornography under the guise of ethnographic studies 217 After this the author spends an entire chapter talking about environmental geography and progressive social causes and the view that the earth is some sort of living organism and another chapter talking about space in which he shows his knowledge of astronomy to be particularly slight not including any of the recent planets and their discoveries while making the odd claim that Pluto may be part of another solar system 314 After this the author includes explanations of the names of states and their nicknames and a listing of the nations of the world and their status vis a vis the United Nations that appears as if it would have been accurate in 1992 at bestThe subtitle of this book is Everything you need to know about the world but never learned but it is clear that the author has a skewed form of knowledge In writing a book in such a fashion as to attempt to enlist contemporary conditions for political causes the author leaves himself open to criticism in being biased in several ways For one this is not geography written with an eye towards education but rather indoctrination into some sort of leftist viewpoint that views the wealth given to certain countries not as a gift from God to be carefully stewarded which would be the biblical perspective but rather that it should be given to poorer countries despite their corruption and their gross inability to handle the resources they have already been given Nearly everything about this book that is viewed as relevant is relevant only to serve some sort of bogus political aims not because it is actually worthwhile or necessary knowledge In fact someone who read this book would not be wiser than most people in terms of their actual geographical knowledge but because their so called knowledge would correspond to the prejudices and political worldview of a certain unsavory class of people they would feel themselves to be a lot smarter than they were like many of the people who post the leftist drivel that is so common on contemporary social media There is a worse thing than being ignorant and that is being ignorant and thinking oneself to be wise which is a mistake this author makes to a large degree

  5. Jvtv Jvtv says:

    Puts me to sleep sometimes but I'm learning things Some of those things are interesting The book sprinkles excerpts from people in history My favorite is by Neil Amrstrong the man on the moon We were still thousands of miles away but close enough so that the Moon almost filled our circular window It was eclipsing the Sun from our position and the corona of the Sun was visible around the limb of the Moon as a gigantic lens shaped or saucer shaped light stretching out to several lunar diameters It was magnificent but the Moon was even so We were in its shadow so there was no part of it illuminated by the Sun It was illuminated only by earthshine It made the Moon appear blue gray and the entire scene looked decidedly three dimensional The sky is black you know It's a very dark sky But it still seemed like daylight than darkness as we looked out the window It's a peculiar thing but the surface looked very warm and inviting It was the sort of situation in which you felt like going out there in nothing but a swimming suit to get a little sun From the cockpit the surface seemed to be tan It's hard to account for that because later when I held this material in my hand it wasn't tan at all It was black gray and so on It's some kind of lighting effect but out the window the surface looks much like light desert sand than black sand p324

  6. Scott Worden Scott Worden says:

    I enjoyed learning certain aspects of the book weather patterns deserts planets cyclones etc That was also its downfall not enough geography and about other history and astronomy I also found that the author didn't go into enough detail eg the difference between an ocean and a sea and just randomly put things together without much thought behind it

  7. Larry Wegman Larry Wegman says:

    Interesting although with almost history than geography and an I think inappropriately opinionated outlook on a lot of things stating things as fact which are actually controversial

  8. Sigrid Fry-Revere Sigrid Fry-Revere says:

    Clearly not everything but very fun to listen to in the car

  9. Jeff Jeff says:

    Good book similar to America's Hidden History The author claims he's going to make Geography less dry for readers but I don't think he really accomplishes that by discussing such things as ancient Mesopotamia Egypt Greek Persian etc societies Certainly his tidbits are informational if you are already interested in Geography but not enough to make the layman suddenly become a fan I also thought his chapter on climate was too preachy And I don't know if there's an updated edition but the copy I read was copyrighted in approximately 1993 He mentions several times about how there's going to be an update to his figures in the late 90's but it's annoying to know that we've passed that milestone and here I'm reading about outdated material

  10. Crabbygirl Crabbygirl says:

    read with my son for our geography course it was a thorough trek thru history seen through the eyes of a real estate broker location location location where it was history we had already covered it was great but when it was recent and we didn't have the base knowledge it was hard to grasp because let's face it geography without a framework is a boring list of never heard of placesthe book was published in the early 90's and it's a product of it's time pushing an environmental agenda and raising all sorts of warning bells actually it was uite a downer in that aspect all the worries for the environmental age have gone nowhere acid rain artic ice melting the hole in the ozone layer carbon emissions

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