Download PDF Dr Fegg's Encyclopedia of All World Knowledge formerly The Nasty Book Author Terry Jones –

Download PDF  Dr Fegg's Encyclopedia of All World Knowledge formerly The Nasty Book Author Terry Jones – [Ebook] ➬ Dr Fegg's Encyclopedia of All World Knowledge formerly The Nasty Book ➫ Terry Jones – An illustrated compendium of humorous facts such as the recipe for oxygen tart and an explanation of how man evolved from small rocks An illustrated compendium of humorous facts such Encyclopedia of Kindle Ñ as the recipe for oxygen tart Dr Fegg's PDF/EPUB ² and an explanation of how man evolved from small rocks.

10 thoughts on “Dr Fegg's Encyclopedia of All World Knowledge formerly The Nasty Book

  1. Manny Manny says:

    I bought a copy of this marvelous book when I was a first year undergraduate and it became a favorite in my circle of friends We would freuently uote from it There is a decent article in Wikipedia Here are the first two paragraphsBert Fegg's Nasty Book For Boys And Girls is a humorous book first published by Methuen in 1974 which purports to have been written by a psychopathic character Dr Fegg In fact the book is the work of Terry Jones and Michael Palin who adapted a range of material from scripts written for the television comedy series Monty Python's Flying Circus Some material was later used in Palin's 1977 TV series Ripping Yarns The first edition was sold bearing a sticker on the front cover which read A Monty Python Educational ProductThe book may be seen as a satire of children's education literature; whether it is actually written for children or is intended as a parody aimed at adults is open to interpretation It satirises elements of educational text books as well as annuals which were popular hardcover publications for children featuring short stories comic strips and games often based upon television series and films of the dayIt had some rather fine bad poems which I have been attempting to reconstruct Here is what I can recall of Depravo the Rat who I now learn is one of the two official mascots of Grizedale College Lancaster Clearly famous than I'd thought which makes it all the mysterious that the poem is not in fact easy to locate I like being very rudeEating half digested foodAnd seeing ladies in the nudeEven nasty little frogs when little girls look in their mincesTend to go all soppy and turn into handsome princesBut there's no chance of that with Depravo the RatI'm a loose living dirty little scabSo stay away do gooders don't do being nice to meOr I'll make your life real hellI'll slit your face I'll wet your bed I'll wrap your nostrils round your headI'm Depravo Depravo the RatThe filthiest creature that could beWell I'm glad to see that other students loved him too And here's about half of A Garden is Rather Like a Poem which I am also surprised not to find at once on GoogleThe first verse has explained that gardens and poems have a lot in commonInstead of metre there's something neater ie rows of pretty thingsInstead of rhyme there's parsley and thymeAnd the sound of the lawn edger singsMy garden has a compost heap and herbaceous borders as wellAnd where a poem has a thoughtMy garden has a smellBut how did it start and end? If someone can enlighten me I'll be pathetically grateful

  2. Tallburt Tallburt says:

    Undoubtedly the most important document ever written in English

  3. Steve Steve says:

    I read this back it when it was Dr Fegg's Nasty Book of Knowledge It is a sick weird book of funny psychopathological ramblings about rats and the Bournemouth killings There are songs too I think It's the perfect gift for that maladapted teenaged relative with a crepuscular sense of humor

  4. Johanna Stein Johanna Stein says:

    Disgusting and hilarious One of the few comedy books that I loved and uoted as a kid that I still love and uote though nobody gets the references as an adult A necessity for Monty Python fans

  5. Ian Wood Ian Wood says:

    Dr Fegg’s Encyclopeadia of all World Knowledge was originally published in 1974 as Bert Fegg’s Nasty Book for Boys and Girls it was re published in 1976 and then revised Dr Fegg’s Encyclopeadia of all World Knowledge in 1984 when I bought itI think I know why it was written after the success of ‘Monty Python’s Big red Book’ and ‘Another Monty Python Papperbok’ Jones and Palin realised that if they put some of this rubbish out as a Jones and Palin they would be in for a two way rather than the six way split of PythonWhat is of a mystery is why anyone would buy it I would hide behind the foolishness of youth but since I also read ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ in 1984 I’m not sure that it cuts any ice I can only think that since I enjoyed the Python films buying crap books was a worthwhile pastime I’m not sure that cuts any ice neither Anyway it makes my book case a uarter of an inch longer than it would otherwise have been If only I measured books by the mile

  6. Karla Keffer Karla Keffer says:

    My mum bought this book for me the Christmas I was twelve in 1988 At that time we didn't know it would be our last Christmas together She died of cancer in October 1989 I am thankful that one of my mum's last gifts to me was such a perfect exemplar of all I loved best about her

  7. Robert Robert says:

    Python esue in its surrealism and commitment to overly long bits but far to many reactions are disappointed grimaces as opposed to hearty laughs

  8. Driscoll (Joe & Jerry) Driscoll (Joe & Jerry) says:

    I really like Monty Pythonthe BBC series the dead parrot the cheese shop fish slapping the silly walks the lumberjack song the CDs of the songs and skits The Holy Grail Life of Brianeverythingexcept this book It was just not funny Oh there was a mild chuckle here and there but in general it was a waste of time

  9. grundoon grundoon says:

    Maybe it's me maybe it just doesn't stand the yes of time or most likely maybe it simply wasn't all that good to begin with Very Python esue of course yet in a very one note way Despite the variety in format there's little variety in humor Which is not to say I didn't smirk my way through much of it or snort a few times Jones and Palin do a style that's fun and essential to the formula But they were only one of the three writing teams and that's pretty much what it feels like a one ring Flying Circus

  10. Andrew Andrew says:

    Another must have for the Monty Python fan this book from Michael Palin and Terry Jones has elements that are either inspired by or filtered through their previous work with Python or in Ripping Yarns Very funny and although nominally a young adults read it is probably suited for their parents

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