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[Ebook] Drowning By Rachel Firasek – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ Drowning ⚣ Author Rachel Firasek – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Drowning is a New Adult Contemporary Romance suited for 18 due to some violence language and sexual content I dare youThose words would change adrenaline junkie Alice Harrison's life forever She's a p Drowning is a New Adult Contemporary Romance suited for due to some violence language and sexual content I dare youThose words would change adrenaline junkie Alice Harrison's life forever She's a party girl that doesn't believe in love until she meets a man that only writes about itSeth James escaped his overbearing father and moved into one of the James family's vacant condos hoping to create the music he loves in peace But the fragile calm he's envisioned shatters when a tiny woman with a world full of energy bounces out of the elevator and nearly takes him outWith the patience of a saint Seth seeks the dark that keeps Alice from enjoying life He challenges her to exorcise the demons in her past in order to discover the true meaning of love But when the walls fall down the hidden deceptions will bare the ugly truth about a woman Drowning in sorrow and a man who may not know how to be her hero.

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  1. Maayan Maayan says:

    LOVED IT Really Dark book EPIC Couple EPIC Bandmates A Really evil Character There were a lot of elements that I liked in the book Especially that the girl can sing and play an instrument and surprises everyone;

  2. Katrina Katrina says:

    Some stories aren't black and whiteJust like some livesSecrets can often be harm then good But for those keeping them Life must go on Scars aren't always shown on the outside often it takes longer for the ones on the inside to heal longer This story tells of dark dirty secrets but how love can be found despite the past It shows how light can be found within the darknessDrowning was certainly one of the most intense books I have read of this authors she touches bases with so many real issues in life within this story as dark as they may seem yet so very realistic and heartbreaking A rollercoaster of emotions is put forth giving the reader a lot of depth into the lives of the characters within the storylineDrowning is an Unpredictable story and at times intense and edgy with a haunting and dark storyline yet filled with light at the end of that dark tunnelIt will pull you along at a very fast pace This book is the first of this series a fascinating read filled with unbelievable heat tasteful yet tantalizing smexy moments and filled with an array of in depth charactersYou will feel the heartache love and hurt within the pages and the author has done a superb job of portraying all her characters in there dark and light moments Showing us true emotion and strong character traits Drowning is not for the timid with the reference to certain moments and scenes during the storyline No spoilers But it will certainly have you intrigued till no endI love all this authors work this is her darkest story yet but behind the pages you will find light in the darkness

  3. Pragya Pragya says:

    Read reviews at Reviewing ShelfHaving read The Last Beginning by Rachel Firasek and having liked it okay read my review here I was of the opinion this book would fare the same if not better Woah was I wrong? And let me get this straight going by GR reviews I am probably the only one who didn't like this bookI dived in with a lot of expectations considering the author But I figure I might have a problem with New Adult because all those books seem like a copy of one another to me A guy with a problematic past A girl with past troubles They meet fall in love want to make each other's life better Oh please I am so done with these Alright even if you want to bring the same idea again and again better make it innovative but realistic Most authors lose me there It's either the same boring thing all over again or something different but way off the reality mark for it to be believableI would applaud the author for the fact that the sexual scenes don't enter the book for the first half which is a major feat in itself in a New Adult book Well done Ms Firasek But apart from that everything else is a mumbo jumboThe book showed some promise to begin with and I was hoping for good things to follow But nope Guy sees girl and vice versa and they fall in love They know something just clicks I am so pissed with this This does not happen in real life atleast not that I know of You are writing a 300 page book devote 10 to let them fall in love But no that doesn't happen It's love at first sight you seeAnd then some things just fall in place James' family and friends love Alice from the very beginning even his father likes her While some keeps on repeating Alice's father for instance will be after her life for something he wants from her but will not tell her what it is 'You know what you took Give it back Are you kidding me? And this happens not once but twice I just lost my nerve thereAlso the fact that the main characters would try and stay away from each other because they are idiots and find themselves in each other's arms again and again Are you serious? Like Whaaatt??The only reason I kept going on with the book was my adamant self that refuses to leave books unfinished I struggled so much for it to finish and was glad when it did This book was a mess for me Nothing made sense some things were unbelievable the characters unpredictable read inconsistentPerhaps you should check out the 4 5 star reviews on GR before deciding if or not you want to read it I most likely am an anomaly in this case

  4. Emily Emily says:

    With his own demons to confront Seth James has started anew trying to prove to his judgmental father that he knows what he is doing with his life His first big step is moving out and booking gigs with his band Seth doesn't expect his new neighbor Alice Harrison to blow his mind though Seth knows she is about to become something special in his life but Alice has walls erected so high that even he is not sure he can break them downAlice has lived her life carefully guarding her secrets but after another incident of her need for adrenaline left her sister blind Alice is trying to change Even though her sister does not blame her Alice feels it deep within and when her father reengages in her life Alice finds herself spiraling but Seth seems determined to conuer every hurdle she is up against Powerful story Alice is a wounded soul and her pain is so raw throughout the story Trust doesn't come easily for her and she opens that tiny door and lets Seth slip in Seth tries his best to prove to her that he is worthy of every ounce of trust she gives him but outside interference has a way of complicating a new relationship and they both will need to decide if they are willing to weather the storm

  5. Susan ...so many books and so little time Susan ...so many books and so little time says:

    Have you ever wondered what it would be liketo have your whole life a complete messand wonder if you can ever get out of itand have the hope of finding something betterto hopefully finda reason for living Wellthat is what Alicehas had to do her entire lifewonderand hope for something good to come into her lifeand luckilywhile bumping into someone while coming out of an elevatorshe finds itor should I say himSeth JamesRachel Firasekhas written one hell of a storyfrom beginning to endwith many twists and bumpsit leaves you wondering what is going to happen in the end I will say that this story is not prettyat least not the life of Aliceand some of her story may make you cringebut you have to read it from cover to cover Her life does have a happy endingand much like Alice's life in Wonderlandthis Alice needs to go through her rabbit whole of a lifeto come out smiling in the endAnd I will sayif those words don't get you to want to read the bookoooooooh those very HAWTvery hot love sceneswill surely get you wanting to read and and oooooooh yeah

  6. Sue Sue says:

    This story just tore me up sucked me in and spat me outHow can a Father be so dam sickSomething happens where the two sisters have to be together one causing an accident that left her sister blind she's riddled with guilt Seth comes into her life with so many hang ups and problems that they are a magnet to each other A hand to a glove they fit perfectly Pain hurt raw emotion and as for Agnes she is a bitchI was given this as an ARC by the author for an honest and open reviewGreat start to a series Can't wait for book 2What? You've not read it yet?

  7. ysar ysar says:

    Soon to be twenty year old Alice Harrison is on the surface an uninhibited adrenaline junkie who's always chasing her next thrill  But beneath it all she's haunted by a horrific childhood and overwhelming guilt over the plight of her half sister Molly  To make up for the accident that took Molly's sight not to mention be near the one person in the world who's ever loved her Alice has taken up residence in Molly's condo helping her as she learns to navigate the world without vision  The last thing she needs right now is a complication especially when it comes in the form of a drop dead gorgeous musician moving in across the hallSeth draws inspiration from the darkness he sees in other people using it to give words to his music  His father may not support his dreams but with his best friends and his brother in the band he has the support system he needs to pursue his dreams  What he doesn't need though is a girl to distract him and complicate things  Especially the sweet girl with the haunted eyes who lives across the hall  If only she wasn't so in need of savingEvery time The Basement was mentioned all I could picture was that gay club down on Congress  And then I started trying to figure out if the Harrison house was over in Westlake  And then I wondered why a gunshot victim would be at Seton instead of Brackenridge  None of those are really problems with the story at all; I just didn't realize when I picked up the book that it's set in Austin and once I did I couldn't shut that part of my brain off  It makes perfect sense that Rowena would shop at the Domain but with the band being such a large part of the story I'm surprised Dirty 6th didn't garner of a mention  See?  I shouldn't read stories set here  I end up uestioning everything for no good reasonI hesitated to grab this book since it promised to be a little angsty than I normally go for but I can't say I regret it  It hooked me from the very beginning and before I knew it I'd read through it all in one sittingAlice is a really interesting character a bit wild definitely damaged but with a sort of confidence and free spirit I wouldn't normally expect from someone who's been burdened with her life  Her inner strength and somewhat normal façade keep the story from going straight into dark and that's what kept me reading  Despite the suffering she's endured she's not altogether closed off  She understandably has trust issues but her goodness shines through and while she may not be a saint she's impossible not to like  As Seth can attest  Speaking of SethDamn  Easily one of the hottest men I've read in romance he's multi dimensional and not your typical knight in shining armor  He practically oozes sex appeal and while he's no stranger to the mirror he's not so cocky about his looks that I want to slap him  Unless he's into that  AhemWatching Alice and Seth give into and fight against their feelings for each other makes for an incredibly entertaining and emotional read and while I did want to shake some sense into each of them a few times they didn't fall into that cliched mess normally found in romance books  They disagree misunderstand fail to communicate and somehow find their way back and when things take a turn for the truly dark they make it worth surviving FicCentral received this book from Itching for Books for free in exchange for an honest review Even so we're far too opinionated to let a freebie influence our thoughts or the contents of the reviews we post here

  8. Autumn Autumn says:

    One glance at the cover and I thought just another cookie cutter NA novel I honestly dont know why I signed up for this review But I did In a way it was your cookie cutter NA novel but where it counts it sure as feck wasntAlice Harrison is an adrenaline junkie She thrives on it She gives it all up after she coaxed her older sister Molly into jumping from a cliff into a body of water I probably shouldve paid attention to said body of water but it me its really not that important Only Molly jumped wrong she didnt get a good start and as a result is left blind Riddled with guilt Alice put her life on hold to take care of her sister She swore off her old ways She now lives with Molly in a condo taking care of all her needs Much to the dismay of her parentsAlice and Molly share a dad Alice is the product of an affair Rowena Mollys mother basically hates Alice and is always willing to let that be known which is fine because the feelings are mutual E Harrison their dad is a sadistic SOB No seriously he abuses Alice he ties her up cuts her and sweet jesus he does a lot of unbearable things Hes left her alone for 2 years but now hes under the impression Alice has something that belongs to him and he will stop at nothing to get it backSeth James owns the building and just moved across the hall from the girls Right away hes taken with Alice Sweet and Innocent Alice Hes lived the life of spoiled rich kid his whole life While Alice has been in the real world Hes in a band with his brother Gabe and his two friends Evan and Deacon Oh and some ratchet chick Seth and Alice both know they arent good for each other but like moth to a flame they cant stay away from one an other Seth slightly gets caught up in all the stuff with Alice and her dadI think for me what tears this book apart from allllll the other NA boy saves girl novels is the characters are so incredible real Like each and every character I found myself thinking omg I know that person Okay save for the sadistic dad that one im not so sure of but really how could I know I feel like my faves were the band The interactions between them felt like ones i’ve had with my friends A bunch of jokesters but when it came to the important stuff they were honest and true friends to the MC’s Oh I should perhaps mention the book is written in Dual POV one of my favesSeth is AH MAZING Seriously AH MAZING I did have a few issues with Seth though im not going to lie But before I state them I want to remind you incase you dont know im weird and I obsess over the most ridiculous things so please feel free to take this and just this part with a grain of salt 1 Seth on the cover and Seth in my head DO NOT MATCH The guy on the cover lacks all the muscles ive heard about And though hes head is down he looks to be in his mid thirties instead of 24 I honestly think the cover would be better without the peoples but to each their own I apologizes for my ridiculousness and trust and believe im in NO WAY bashing the book or cover im just opinionated 2 DID HE EVER GO TO THE LITTLE GIRLS PARTY? That ones going to eat me alive I like to think he kept his promise and perhaps played a tune for herAlice was a strong and amazing character herself To live through the things she did just makes me so ecstatic she is fictional And I feel its important to say if you are being abused or know someone who is theres help out there PLEASE do yourself a favor and callI love this book I LOVE Firasek’s writing I NEED to own this in paperback and just hug it Just give it a big ol bear hug Book lovers im sure you can relate on some level

  9. Laura Laura says:

    35 starsI downloaded this when it was free First read for me by this author There were some issues with chapters starting in the middle of a page or a chapter ending too early etc but that's a formatting issue The product description does warn this is not for the faint heartedAlice is 19 she's a tough girl She's into free falling off the edges of cliffs etc The book starts where she is living and caring for her 24 year old half sister Molly Molly has been blinded and Alice holds herself responsible They are living in an apartment paid for by Alice and Molly's father Alice hates her father but for the last two years he had left her alone but now he is back and Alice's old demons are also backSeth is 24 and has moved into the apartment opposite His father own the apartment complex Seth has a band he plays the drums and writes most of the songs but this is not a book about a rock star thank god These two meet and have an instant attraction but Alice doesn't want to get involved but they both find it hard to fight their attractionThe story is told from both their POV's The pacing of their romance is good they take their time but through this time we slowly learn of what Alice has gone through at the hands of her father It's not sexual abuse but it is horrific abuse Then we learn that Molly went blind after Alice encouraged her to free fall Molly is a sweet character We then meet Seth's brother Gabe who I loved I think I preferred him to Seth and the other members of the band I was hoping the story would have a secondary romance and it did but will it end well?Seth has some issues from his mother leaving but he realises Alice has far issues and he wants to be there for her I think the plot was a little weak in some aspects plus a little far fetched at times but it still held my attention The sex scenes were a bit lacking There is never any foreplay just straight to it and over very uickly I did feel the connection between Seth and Alice thoughLuckily a certain character gets his just desserts but I felt a little cheated that we never really understood why he did what he did I feel the ending was a tad rushed and would have liked an epilogue but then I realised this is a Series of books This story is complete and has an HEA but I'm hoping we will read about Alice and Seth in the next book Also she told Seth something that had happened to her through her father's abuse and he just sort of brushed it aside I would think that would have uite an impact on a couple so was surprised it wasn't mentioned again or discussed I expected Alice to feel sadness that she would not be able to give Seth something he may have wanted He never mentioned it so that all seemed a bit odd to me but like I say some of the plot was a bit weak but that's a small criticism as I did like these two togetherNow about the next bookI've just looked it up and it's about Gabe but I was a bit shocked to read the product descriptionyou'll know what I mean once you read this bookI will be reading Gabe's book as I liked his character For a freebie this was a pleasant surprise and well worth reading

  10. Chu Chu says:

    Review Originally Posted at Book FreakRating 45 StarsREAD THIS I DARE YOUI LOVED IT I loved the cover the chapter headings and everything inside the book I wasn’t expecting myself to go gaga over this one – but I did Finishing this with my heart intact was a miracleHow in the world did you survive Alice?My hands were shaking I was afraid for her terrified I wanted her suffering to end It was terrible to watching her be afraid watching her experiencing pain and trying to put a brave front in front of everyone when all she desperately needed was a hero to save her from the villain Don’t get me wrong this girl is TOUGH and when I say tough I really mean sturdy tough one that can really shame men But watching her suffer alone was tiring and all I wanted for her was to go find that prince charming and swoop her off her feet and slay that effin dragon Gaaaahd I so hate THAT DRAGON I don’t think any villain can match himShe was an adrenaline junkie until THAT accident It put leash on her search for that rush she always wanted She didn’t believe in love until she meets someoneSeth James – he’s hot then he’s cold He’s got his own problems and baggage and one look at this girl – he just knew she’s got on her back He had bad relationship experience and was often drawn to women who needed him He was supposed to be on hiatus creating music in peace But seeing her just brought about anything but peace He tries to fight it tried to stop whatever it was burning between the two of them but the attraction and the intense curiosity about this girl with an intense look of sadness and suffering in her eyes made him pursue her So he tries to destroy the walls that surround her heart only when it did he wasn’t THAT sure if he was ready to face her demonsSo much for prince charming he had that moment of ‘doubt’ and he had to have that great big wake up call from his side kicks to finally realize that indeed he was ready to become her hero and was ready to fight off the big demons for herWOW Some novels will have that power to provoke and poke your emotions will make you want to stop reading but its powerful enough to glue your eyes on each pages your heart desperately aching to find the happy ending you wanted badly to happen There were twists that had my jaws dropping and my heads shaking in disbelief yeah a WTF moment some scenes that made my heart break so badly I can hear the pieces falling into the ground clearly and scenes that brought relief mending my heart and soothing the pain that it had causedThis is a great book to start off the series enough for me to anticipate for the next one★Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review★

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