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Read ✓ DuckTales Rightful Owners By Warren Spector – ❰Download❯ ➸ DuckTales Rightful Owners Author Warren Spector – Life is like a hurricane DuckTales is back Written by the creator of the Epic Mickey video game Warren Spector and illustrated by fan favorite Disney artists Leonel Castellani and José Massaroli this Life is like a hurricane DuckTales is back Written by the creator of the Epic Mickey video game Warren Spector and illustrated by fan favorite Disney artists Leonel Castellani and José Massaroli this is the latest and greatest of the Disney Afternoon Revolution that “might solve a mystery” but will definitely “rewrite history” After entering into an all or nothing bet with his nemesis Rockerduck Scrooge DuckTales Rightful PDF \ and the gang must traverse the globe returning his collection of exotic artifacts to their rightful owners.

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  1. Soobie& Soobie& says:

    I watched the DuckTales as a kid and I loved them I fear that not all episodes crossed the pond though A couple of weeks ago a friend showed me a place where I could watch cartoons for free and there were so many episodes When I saw they made a comics out of it I was curious I had to keep a lookout for it because it was a bit expensive but I finally managed to find a decent copy for a decent price Too bad the comic wasn't worth itAs another reviewer pointed out this is PC at its extremes Webby convinces Uncle Scrooge to give back all the treasures he's been collecting and gives lectures to Huey Dewey and Louie all the time I remember I love her character in the TV show and I have a plush Webby to prove it but now Not so much I find the story boring and slow I wasn't even interested in the outcome They go someplace there are the Beagle Boys messing up with their tasks and then they flee That's the plot repeated three times SIGHAnd what's worse what's Gladstone doing here? You have no idea how difficult it is to write a review with the English names of these charactersI like Leonel Castellani's art the one in the first episode But the other artists are somewhat lacking compared to him Well it was disappointing And it pains me to give it only one starI'll give a chance to the Darkwing Duck reboot People say it's way better than this The thing is that I wasn't that into Darkwing Duck as a kid I'm not even sure I watched the TV show

  2. Adam Graham Adam Graham says:

    I picked this up via Interlibary Loan after reading 12 issues of the great continuation of Darkwing Duck put out by Boom Studios I was hoping for the same uality here Unfortunately it misses by a mile I was never expecting much other than a comic that captured the fun of DuckTales and instead I got this The plot itself is massively contrived with Webby coming to the conclusion that Scrooge should return all the items in his collection to their rightful original owners Scrooge to the idea until John Rockerduck decides to do it and it becomes a competition between them I'll allow contrivance as this is Ducktales but the way the plot plays out is dumb The story manages to be boring and repetitive poorly paced and nonsensical and not in a funny way The villains are incompetent and stupid In addition the characters are portrayed way differently than they were on the TV show as they are often way out of character Scrooge's reliance on Gladstone and his luck in Issues 3 and 4 is problematic to say the least v the TV show In addition apparently someone at Boom apparently noted that Ducktales lacked a strong female lead and decided that Webigail needed to be changed to fill that need Thus in Issue 1 we have Webigail acting like she's been hanging with Occupy Duckberg and suggesting that Scrooge made Eskimos poor by finding gold in the Klondike and then giving a feminist lecture to the boys in Issue 2 This bizarre PC tilt of the stories was out of place for DuckTales but everyone goes along with it until the last two to three pages when the story contradicts the entire point it was trying to make throughout the book I rarely give out one star reviews but this book was an absolute fail on every level The only good thing about it was that many of the covers looked nice but most of them also didn't have anything to do with the storyI'll take this back to the library so it can be returned to its rightful owners and they are welcome to it

  3. Megan Megan says:

    I wanted to like this I really did However there were several disappointments that prevented me from giving it a higher ratingFor one thing what did they do to Webby? In the show she was sweet However in this story she was transformed into something I didn't recognize as much Did she ever give you the impression on the show that she was very bossy even snarky and demanding at times? On top of this she had to have a lot of things in the museum explained to her even though she took part in some of the adventures where the items were acuired How could she not remember the baby dinosaur? She was the one that found it I realize that they probably altered her to combat any She's not a good role model for my kid She's too weak complaints but it really damaged the original chemistry of the show and doesn't explain her apparent amnesiaSome Ducktales major villains were not part of the story and that disappointed me Where was Magica? Where was Mama Beagle or even the main beagles? Why wasn't Flintheart the one to make the bet with Scrooge? Instead they were replaced with Darkwing Duck villainsOverall it was not a very good homage to the show and I wish they had done a better job A lot of the art was lazy or simply didn't look right and so much potential was lost Ducktales deserves better

  4. Albert Albert says:

    DuckTales volume 1 is a great read Unfortunately the Saturday morning worthy plot got hurt by the inconsistent art Numerous artists should not affect the look of a book showcasing licensed characters Yet there are times the coloring is off or the inking is amateurish

  5. Stuart Stuart says:

    Had alot of call backs to the original series

  6. Angela Angela says:

    Fun Uncle Scrooge is persuaded to return his treasures to their rightful owners So all the gang go off on an adventure to do this It brings back memories of the TV show

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