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Download PDF  Earthuake Weather Author Tim Powers – ➹ [Read] ➵ Earthuake Weather By Tim Powers ➼ – A young woman possessed by a ghost has slain the Fisher King of the West Scott Crane Now temporarily freed from that malevolent spirit she seeks to restore the King to lifeBut Crane's body has been ta A young woman possessed by a ghost has slain the Fisher King of the West Scott Crane Now temporarily freed from that malevolent spirit she seeks to restore the King to lifeBut Crane's body has been taken to the magically protected home of Pete and Angelica Sullivan and their adopted son Koot Hoomie Kootie is destined to be the next Fisher king but he is only thirteen years old too young his mother thinks to perform the rituals to assume the Kingship But not too young perhaps to assist in reuniting Scott Crane's body and spirit and restoring him to life.

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  1. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy Jayaprakash Satyamurthy says:

    Dear Earthuake Weather I wanted to love you; I really did Instead I just about like you and not a lot It's not you; it's me Really I loved Last Call and that's where your whole ethos of transplanting grail myth and ancient gods to modern day America began I didn't read Expiration Date which directly precedes you and maybe that's why things didn't go well between us It's my fault for not taking the time to get to know where you're coming from I've known and loved books of all sizes but I found your 600 pages hard to deal with I just didn't seem to have the time for your 400 pages of build up or for the over crowded rush of the last 50 pages; I wasn't willing to make the effort to care about your characters the alcoholic widower the split personality girl every personality unpleasant and some downright frightening the self righteous shrink turned bruja and her non character husband the adolescent Fisher King in waiting with again no character and the unpleasant gun toting martinet and these were the good guys And yet there was so much I wanted to like I loved the way you wove Greek myth speculative Shakespeare interpretations the Mexican loteria cards and into a frothy bubbling whole You're really good with free association and wordplay There's a lot of eating and drinking and twists in well known tales from The Maltese Falcon to The Tale Of Two Cities Three Latin palindromes at no extra cost A really creepy villainous shrink with some truly bizarre methods Then why didn't it work out between us? Maybe it was just that you took too much for granted let your bulk turn into flab rather than real heft Maybe you were so caught up in weaving your strange magical mythical stew that you lost track of character and plot structure Wow your plot was all over the place; three different sets of people slowly converging and I mean slowly to actually reveal the main aim of the damned story to resurrect the dead King and then bungling around making a botch of things just because they randomly won't listen to each other or the ghost guide they've summoned out of no apparent reason other than utter cussedness and wanting the novel to go on and on and on I know life is messy; what's fiction's excuse? And it isn't like this some Beckettian novel of the absurdity of literature and language and possibly life; it's an exercise in a deeply plot driven genre And you just spent way too much time showing people eating drinking and bickering I know Robert Jordan was doing pretty well with novels like that at the time; were you just trying to be like the cool kids? Was that it? Or no really it was me I know you tried hard; I know I could have tried harder I shouldn't have expected you to be another Last Call; that was unfair Every novel can't be Last Call and why should you? Please don't take this badly I'm sure you'll find someone else This is goodbye JP

  2. William William says:

    EARTHUAKE WEATHER was unfortunately a bit of a slog to get through Powers mashed together the worlds and characters of LAST CALL and EXPIRATION DATE but although like all Powers books it had its moments there were just too many characters that I didn't care about and too much time spent with them all bickering while sitting around in a variety of rooms or vehicles You know that long bit of the AVENGERS movie where they all act like spoiled kids? It's a bit like that but goes on for longer The Fisher King mythology took too much of a back seat to the ghost plot devices for me in this one and like EXPIRATION DATE I felt it suffered because of it Personally I'd have liked focus on the Tarot and archetypes to take center stage instead of the bickering characters and multiple real and ghostly personalities But again like EXPIRATION DATE a sub par Powers is still better than most everything else It's just that my expectations had been set too high after the brilliance of LAST CALL

  3. Soo Soo says:

    Need to ReviewThis book made me want to re read the whole trilogy again There are so many details that are woven together and come to a different lightconnectionetc in this book I actually listened to this one about 2x in order to make sure I had the eventsdetails down pat Powers is one of the best authors of taking old fablesmythsweird and making them a part of today

  4. Brian Rogers Brian Rogers says:

    I'm very torn on writing this review The first time I read Earthuake Weather when it came out some 20 years go I was really impressed This time through I just could not get traction on it and it ended up feeling much disjointed than the other two books in this series Last Call was the secret magical history of Las Vegas and every element in the poker game the tarot cards the fisher king Lake Mead Bugsy Segal it flowed from the nature of the story with the magic used built around the story and the setting Expiration Date was a look at the magical underbelly of Los Angeles linked to the history of Edison and Houdini Again every element drew from those points and the story and magic used were both tied to it Earthuake Weather is trying to meld the two while also adding the secret history of San Francisco and the other two books many of the elements especially the Winchester House felt like they were included not because they really fit the story but because they were in San Francisco The magical logic ends up feeling ad hoc than organic and the story feels overstuffed It doesn't help that much of the story relies on an a multiple personality disorder character to move forward which now to me at least just screams of being mid 90's trendy Yes Powers puts a spin on it with the ghosts but it's still such a dated thematic reference that it hurt the book for me at least on this readObviously this is an idiosyncratic review and probably one I would have discounted 20 years ago so take it with a big grain of salt

  5. Mark Mark says:

    A two fer A reintegration of old mythologies into modern California and a recasting of personal struggles within a supernatural frameworkThe foundation is that in the 1800's Dionysus transplanted his domain from France to California the Fisher King is his human representative tied to the earth and the ocean and the Fisher King has just died causing a period of earthuakes during the struggle for succession Ancient and Californian lore are blended in strange and wonderful ways For example the Winchester Mystery House was build by the daughter in law of Oliver Winchester whose middle name was Fisher all true and therefore must have been a possible Fisher KingBlended into this mix are a slew of characters with a transformed depiction of normal troubles The story of a boy entering manhood is shown as Koot Sullivan having to take up the power and burdens of the Fisher King The story of a dysfunctional family is shown as Janis Plumtree who is possessed by spirits of her mother and father The story of grief is shown as Sid Cochran torn between summoning or letting go the ghost of his wife And for a bonus we get uotes from Troilus and Cressida Richard II and The Tale of Two CitiesThe main difficultly with the book is that it is simply too much Many of Tim Power's books start from a mostly normal situation and gradually add supernatural overtones This book starts with the full crazy and rarely slows down It is a loose seuel to Expiration Date and Last Call and I'd strongly suggest reading at least one of those first

  6. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    While Expiration Date happens after Last Call only a few minor characters crossed over Earthuake Weather takes the surviving characters from the first two books and adds a few to finally give the books a true seuelThis book does address one of the main weaknesses of the first two books This time around the main protagonists meet up early in the narrative and we don't need to wait until the book is almost over for the stories to intertwine The new characters seem better defined no longer just a mere uirk or two though that does still happen once or twiceIn addition this book makes the first two better by placing them in a different context For example the similarities between plots and protagonists of the first two books are explained and make senseHowever we're introduced to yet a third paranormal world While we haven't left the tarot or ghosts behind in the least the rules of Dionysus have been layered on top And the book does move towards a big finish that has to follow rules we don't understand at allDespite these problems this was the one book of the trilogy I was engaged with the most and raced to read There's enough explanation of the events from the first two books so you might want to just skip those and read this one but reading all 3 was certainly a better experience than any one individual book This is one time where the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts

  7. Michael Michael says:

    This is a seuel to two other books by Tim Powers one Last Call and another Expiration Date I liked Last Call a lot Expiration Date was also pretty good but I enjoyed it less This book was a combination of the two with characters from both and a fusion of the various supernatural rules from both The end result was that there was too much of everything Too many characters too many supernatural elements One of the things I like about some of Tim Powers books is that the supernatural slowly leaks in to a realistic world This book starts out swimming in the supernatural and it only gets deeper In addition most of the story is told from the point of view of some new characters that I find unapealing

  8. Pamela Lloyd Pamela Lloyd says:

    The first section of the book felt somewhat disorienting and fractured which may have been a purposeful reflection of JanisCodyet al Plumtree's multiple personalities As Plumtree and her new met friend Cochran meet up with the companions all familiar from the first two books of the Fault Lines series the book begins to gain cohesion In part this is because the enlarged cast has a single primary goal which provides a focus to both the novel and the characters even as each of the characters has his or her own personal goals and motivations Amazingly Power's manages to bring the multiple threads of plot and character development to a satisfactory conclusion

  9. Natalie Natalie says:

    Not as good as the previous two in the trilogy but not bad In this one Powers tried to pull #1 and #2 together but for me it didn't uite work There were too many characters and their voices weren't distinct enough from each other Also and this is just me I don't find wine its flavor history agriculture as magical and fascinating as some people do Powers among them Cards from their tarot forebears to contemporary games of chance and risk were the them so to speak of the first one so Powers's use of them in Last Call really got my interest I'll definitely be reading of his work

  10. The Tick The Tick says:

    I just had a really hard time suspending my disbelief Tarot archetypes? Sure Ghosts? Sure Dionysus? Sure All in the same book? Maybe not I also feel like the blurb really billed this as a team up between the groups from the other two books when most of the book was pretty much everyone from the second book plus Arky from the first book And apparently Plumtree was in the first book too but I don't remember her and I don't have the book to check any I liked the characters in the first book much better and was never as invested in Angelica Pete or Kootie

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