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[Epub] Easy Minimalist Living By Jennifer Nicole – serv3.3pub.co.uk ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Easy Minimalist Living By Jennifer Nicole ❤ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk A Proven Step by Step Guide to Declutter Your Home in 30 Days Learn how to organize your life One small step at a time Stop feeling overwhelmed This working mother thought she had it all a full career A Proven Step by Step Guide to Declutter Your Home in Days Learn how to organize your life One small step at a time Stop feeling overwhelmed This working mother thought she had it all a Easy Minimalist PDF or full career a full closet and a big family But for some reason she always felt stressed She didn't own her stuff any It owned her She realized that trying to change everything at once was a monster task Organize your house one room at a time By breaking down your house into rooms you start to focus on daily manageable tasks so that you never feel overwhelmed again Trying to organize everything is a daunting project but breaking it down into manageable tasks takes away the stress and allows you to have daily victories Clutter free in days With our easy step by step calendar and organization journal to follow you never have to worry about getting lost in the clutter Your home will start to transform one section at a time You can easily stay on track and get excited about your house again Turn your house back into a home Remember how you felt the first time you walked into your house That sense of excitement and wonder Well it's time to take that back and turn your house into a place that makes you feel warm and safe Your home will be the place where you feel secure and comforted again The ancient Japanese art of organization Having spent extensive time traveling the world there is no country organized than Japan Take the ancient art of flower arranging and apply it to your home so that your home is not only clutter free it is also beautiful in it's simplicity Just follow this simple guide and watch your problems disappear Once you start organizing your house you will discover a new inner strength Your confidence will go through the roof and you will want to invite guests over again You will find that you have free time to spend on your hobbies and passions It's actually easier to maintain a well organized house Easy Minimalist Living is the easiest way to uickly remove the clutter and disorganization from your life and home forever.

10 thoughts on “Easy Minimalist Living

  1. Kevin Kevin says:

    Best of the Minimalist books that I've read recently this one gives concrete examples along with todo lists For someone interested in this kind of lifestyle I'd still recommend You can get it for free Walden and On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau in the format that works for you

  2. Princess Jessy Princess Jessy says:

    As someone who struggles with waaaay to much stuff for living alone This book helped a lot Gave me the encouragement I needed If you have Kindle unlimited it's free for you So if like me you need a little help jumping on this band wagon check this book out

  3. Janice Hamby Janice Hamby says:

    Some useful tipsThis book has some value in that it does suggest a few useful tips but it oversimplifies the process Thai is it tells you what to do without detail or how to work through the challenges of some tough decisions For example saying that some things are of sentimental value but you should get rid of all but a few didn't help you figure out which go and which stay Nor does it give enough information on why things hold sentimental value in the first place It is also guilty of inconsistencies eg in one place directing 4showing piles and in another 3 That said it was a uick read that did provide a bit of motivation to find a in depth book on minimalism

  4. Mark Cook Mark Cook says:

    Great bookLoved all the ideas in the book I can’t wait to get started I know sentimental items are going to be tough to let go Maybe you could address this area a little suggestions as to how to get through that part Thanks so much


    Best book for the retired who have too much useless stuffAlthough disabled years ago and no longer able to go shopping Internet shopping has been a great way for me to shop I really started out shopping for Christmas birthday presents but also realized it was a great way to shop for myself As it turns out I've got too much stuff really no need for all of it This book is great I am decluttering my house of all the stuff I don't need so that my family won't have to deal with it someday when I pass on Thank you Jennifer Nicole for this wonderfully helpful book

  6. Bookreaderljh Bookreaderljh says:

    Didn't really learn much new from this book I know HOW to declutter it's the DOING of it that is always the hard part But I am on a cleaning out mode as I transform my spare bedroom into a real home office Over the Christmas break I've filled my very large garbage bin but still so much to do This book is good on setting up a 30 day plan I know I won't do it in 30 days but it gives me a list to check off areas as I do get them done and some of the tips are also definitely worthwhile Read this book make a list and then find the time to put the plan into action

  7. Ru4repeat Ru4repeat says:

    I loved how the author touched on not just organizing the items in your kitchen bedroom or bath but also your computer the paper that comes into your house and your self I found this book very helpful and will have to reread it again to remind myself of the wonderful helpful tips that I know over time I will forget

  8. Liv Remez Liv Remez says:

    Maybe this book is not a good starting point on the path to minimalistic lifestyle What happened to me is that she didn't inspire me enough before starting giving commands And I'm normally a person that's easily motivated I threw away half of my house after reading a few pages of KonMariI am getting a scanner though mind you

  9. Laurie Laurie says:

    Maybe later?New year let’s declutter right? Maybe But this book didn’t get me off the couch or anything It does have a nice 30 day plan and good tools and recommendations for those who are ready but I was looking for a push motivation verveand I didn’t get that

  10. Esther Esther says:

    30 day planHelpful suggestions towards the minimalist lifestyle I liked the idea of her 30 day plan for decluttering I agree with her that trying to clutter the entire house at once might cause fatigue and loss of interest

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