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Free ↠ Eidolon By Jenessa Grimm Gayheart – [PDF] ✩ Eidolon ❤ Jenessa Grimm Gayheart – A millennium into our future Hickory Stevens knows that the remains of his ancestors’ world are buried beneath the ground of the reborn city of Portla and when he wishes to know about this world he A millennium into our future Hickory Stevens knows that the remains of his ancestors’ world are buried beneath the ground of the reborn city of Portla and when he wishes to know about this world he does not expect that he would learn it from someone who lived there one thousand years ago The Council says that it is forbidden for anyone to know anything about the time of Before for fear of bringing about the same disaster upon themselves When Hickory’s father uses a mysterious machine from the time of Before to save the Elder Council Member’s granddaughter the stable life that the people of Portla have always lived is suddenly turned on its end As Hickory’s father brings to light the unmistakable merits of knowledge of Before resolve will be tested of those who believe in the cautious words of the journal of Captain Balti the man who saved Portla’s ancestors and experienced the disasters that wiped out the worldStumbling into the haunt of the Eidolon Hickory starts discovering some of the intriguing mysteries of the past and visiting the Eidolon repeatedly he realizes that the world of Before is inspiring than foreboding.

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  1. Doreen Dalesandro Doreen Dalesandro says:

    Kindle freebie 10312

  2. Brian Brian says:

    Grimm shares with us her take on the idea of people rebuilding civilization centuries or millenia following some cataclysmic event not far from our own present dayThe story focuses on a boy and his small community and their divided opinion on the value or danger of history The catastrophe that devastated the world is attributed to mankind's own misdeeds so many are concerned that reclaiming knowledge of the past may doom them to repeat it The protagonist and his father act in their belief that the benefits likely outweigh the dangers though they seem hesitant to upset the status uoAlong the way are some ambiguously supernatural elements that add to the mystery all that came beforeThis story is clearly an introductory tale the author hinting at a larger world and many secrets awaiting discovery Already Grimm's seuel Eidolon Trees of Change is available for Kindle print soon to follow A book geared toward teens most of the tale is from a young person's perspective the downside of that being that some of the interesting events enacted by adult characters are presented second hand or from a distance Hopefully the young people will take a prominent role in the central action of the subseuent story line

  3. Jake Jarvi Jake Jarvi says:

    A really great YA novel that has good hearted characters at it's center who not only keep us involved in their adventure but serve as great examples of fully engaging with your community and those around you I had a hard time at first because so many people are introduced at that first meeting and I couldn't keep everyone straight Once it started following Hickory and getting into his and his dad's relationship with Before it was really great I couldn't wait to find out about the Eidolon and what influence she would have on the unfolding of events I loved Hickory and Abacus and uantum I thought the building excitement about the Before was really great Really fantastic relationships and personal momentsAll of the relationships between the characters and the way they interacted was really greatThe only thing is that if someone didn't know this was the first book of a trilogy they'd think the ending came out of nowhere It felt very abrupt and didn't resolve any of the story lines It feels like the end of a chapter instead of the end of the book Since I already have books two and three it's like No worries crack open the next one But if I thought it was a stand alone book I'd be like What?Good stuff On to book two

  4. Kerry Kerry says:

    This story was an interesting take on a post apocalyptic world It left uestions than answers however I thoroughly enjoyed the character development and personalities of the main characters Hickory and Abacus Using modem day object names as people names by the way was very creative It gave the sense that this community was indeed 1000 years away from our current age I had two issues with this book that kept it from being a 5 star story First I wished the overall plot had advanced at a faster pace and ended with a stronger cliffhanger Secondly I wish this book had a better exterior cover that hinted at the plot The current cover appears to be the wrong size and only indirectly represents the story lineI will be looking for the next book in the series This book piued my curiosity

  5. Dee Dee says:

    On the whole I enjoyed this book but all the council meetings got rather tedious I realize they were employed to show the egalitarian nature of the society but they just began to get on my nerves This novel showed that religious extremism will exist no matter what book is followed the Bible or an historical journal

  6. Keith Hughes Keith Hughes says:

    I'm a sucker for rooting around lost civilizations stories which is what enticed me to try it out I liked the characters and the uniue world building I look forward to reading in this series

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