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    BOOK REVIEW EUROPEAN COPYRIGHT LAWA COMMENTARYEdited by Michael M Walter and Silke von Lewinski ISBN 978 0 19 922732 7Oxford University PresswwwoupcomFOR IP LAWYERS AND ANYONE INVOLVED IN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS – A COMPENDIUM OF LOGICALLY PRESENTED COMMENTARIES ON EUROPEAN COPYRIGHT LAWAn appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green ChambersNew from Oxford University Press this is the English edition – translated from the German of this enlightening commentary on European Copyright Law much of it emanating from the support and research facilities offered by the Max Planck Institute in Munich The current edition reflects as did the first edition published in 2001 the increasing harmonization of copyright in the European Community and is logically presented in the form of an article by article commentary by a team of highly regarded experts in this important area of law The result is a thorough in depth examination of copyright related directives and regulations A survey of legislative materials legal instruments and bibliography precedes each directive or regulation cited and it is a heavy weight book in every sense of the wordPredictably European copyright has undergone a number of developments in the years since the first edition was published To mention only a couple of examples the Product Piracy Regulation 19941999 was adapted and reformulated in 2003 and the Enforcement Directive was adopted in 2004 Developments in the field of collective management have also taken place and are well covered‘European copyright still is not yet an overall an coherent system the editors observe ‘but rather a patchwork where however the contours of a consistent and comprehensive system may already be recognised’ Optimistically they foresee the probability off ‘a possible further harmonization which must be carried out with a view to maintaining and further developing authors’ rights at a high level in recognition of the eminent importance of the cultural sector for society as a whole’ Amen to thatThe book contains a wealth of diverse material from Fundamental rights European Competition Law and Free Movement of Goods and Services to the various directives pertaining to for example computerization satellite and cable technologies rental and lending rights and of course enforcement The work concludes with a commentary on the status of harmonization and outlook on copyright law throughout the EUSo within its than 1500 pages ‘European Copyright Law’ presents almost 100 pages of tables of cases and legislation plus lists of contributors and of abbreviations There is also a comprehensive index For researchers into the ongoing development of European Copyright Law its ramifications and conseuences this book is a gift and certainly a sensible purchase for any and all involved in IP

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