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[PDF] Farewell to Lancashire The Swan River Saga #1 By Anna Jacobs – serv3.3pub.co.uk ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Farewell to Lancashire The Swan River Saga #1 By Anna Jacobs ✸ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Cassandra Blake has raised her three motherless sisters The girls are the pride of their father Zachariah When Lancashire's cotton supplies fail due to the American Civil War the mills fall silent and Cassandra Blake has Lancashire The Epub á raised her three motherless sisters The girls are the pride of their father Zachariah When Lancashire's cotton supplies fail due to the American Civil War the mills fall silent and there's no work There are stark choices Farewell to PDF \ stay and risk starvation or pack up and begin again elsewhere Cassandra has fallen in love with Reece Gregory When he's given a chance to start a new life in Australia he promises to send for her Then an old feud to Lancashire The eBook ☆ tears the family apart Cassandra is kidnapped and her sisters are forced to sail with a group of desperate cotton lasses to the Swan River Colony Penniless and alone Cassandra is determined to find them again but there is a painful to Lancashire The Swan River eBook à price to pay.

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  1. mois reads mois reads says:

    Sisters A lovely read from Anna about 4 sisters destined for distant shores and heartache along the way a very enjoyable read and looking forward to the next instalment 5 STARS

  2. Lauren K Lauren K says:

    This was not the light headed historical romance that I had expected although it had started that way Instead it revealed the depths of hardship during the American war which had huge effects onEngland’s sustainability Four sisters nurse their sickly father as they waste away due to hunger and poverty The only hope for Cassandra the eldest is her friendship with Reece who visits weekly and they discuss the pleasures of books and travel They love each other but in those tough times he was unable to offer her marriage He takes a job offer in Australia with plans to send for her in a year or two when he is financially stable Meanwhile an estranged uncle takes pity on the sisters and provides them with additional food and support but this infuriates his wife who has a hateful grudge against his family She is a wicked woman who is truly sociopathic or mentally unwell and will not let anything get in her way of running the girls out of town When Cassandra is kidnapped and tortured the girls have no choice but to take their Aunt’s orders and leave not only their hometown but also their country They are forced to take ship and immigrate to Australia without knowing if their sister was dead or alive Cassandra is a very strong character and despite the trauma she experienced she continues to move forward out of responsibility to her sisters and for the love of her father I was uite upset by her experience and hoped it wouldn’t break her or her ability to rekindle her loving relationship with Reece Thankfully she pulls through and embraces her new life in Australia There are plenty of sub plots with other minor characters which I assume will continue on throughout the trilogy I highly recommend Farewell to Lancashire for historical fiction fans who want a taste of early Australia I’ll definitely be reading from this author starting with the seuel to this title Beyond the Sunset which focuses on the youngest sister Pandora

  3. Tracey Tracey says:

    I really enjoyed this well written and well thought out story Such an easy read wasn't too heavy but was interesting and kept my attention Farewell to Lancashire is the story of Cassandra Blake and her family I was interested to read how the American Civil War cut off the supply of cotton to the mill towns in Lancashire and how that effected hundreds of families who depended on work in the cotton mills My only complaint is that you are left desperate to read the next book in the series as there's still situations to be resolved and uestions to be answered

  4. E.A. Harwik E.A. Harwik says:

    Yesterday evening I picked up `Farewell to Lancashire' and read it cover to cover Rather annoying I'm busy at the moment and I had to start work at 4am today`Farewell to Lancashire' is the most gorgeous story The novel isso empowering for the reader for the characters and the plot so rich It's uite impossible to put downI'm uite sure there is something in the water in Western Australia that turns people like Anna Jacobs into authors It couldn't be just skill and hard work or they'd be all over the worldA warning to those on a strict budget Anna Jacobs is such a clever author she can actually manage to insert addictive advertisements for her next novel in the series 'Beyond the Sunset' within the lines of her novel We `poor' readers must run out and start to search knowing the novel is still several months from the bookshop

  5. Susan Susan says:

    An historical romance with a very convincing background as we learn of the hardships that hit the Lancashire cotton mills as a result of the American Civil War blockade on raw cotton exports Cassandra is a strong individual caring for her father and younger sisters I must admit I found the scenes of her aunt's machinations against her a tad over dramatic but Cassandra overcame her turmoils to begin a new life in the Swan Colony in Western Australia I was left with uestions at the end what was going to happen to sister Pandora homesick for Lancashire and to the sister's inheritance? However I then found that this book was just the first in a trilogy I don't need an excuse to follow the story further


    Brilliant as alwaysThe Blake family members seemed very respectful and liked by people who new them how awful the way their aunt hated them and what she done to them all especially Cassandra evil women thankfully the vicar and his wife helped them all be together and glad their uncle changed his will in favour of them as the aunt got her commupence in the end can't wait to read the next book

  7. Ayny Ayny says:

    It had suspense than I had thought and enjoyed learning about emigration to Australia This is the first of a three part historical romance saga

  8. brenda young brenda young says:

    GreatI enjoyed reading this the first of three books in this series and I'm looking forward to starting book two

  9. Margaret Williams Margaret Williams says:

    Interesting storyline and historically worth telling but a lightweight read

  10. Kim Kim says:


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