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[Ebook] Ferret Fun By Karen Rostoker-Gruber – serv3.3pub.co.uk [PDF / Epub] ❤ Ferret Fun ✅ Karen Rostoker-Gruber – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Fudge and Einstein are ferrets Marvel is a cat Two ferrets plus one cat eual trouble But Fudge and Einstein are ferrets Marvel is a cat Two ferrets plus one cat eual trouble But.

10 thoughts on “Ferret Fun

  1. Sandy Brehl Sandy Brehl says:

    Charmingly comical characters with enough sinister tension to create a few shivers with the laughs Useful talking points about bullying building friendships Anyone needing articulation practice with initial f sounds will find an abundance in this story

  2. Lynn Davidson Lynn Davidson says:

    When their owner brings a cat home for an overnight stay the ferrets Fudge and Einstein feel threatened The cat Marvel is set on eating them but they find a way to make play interesting than being enemiesAmusing story with funny illustrations especially the expressions

  3. ElizrdbthSpeaks ElizrdbthSpeaks says:

    fun times i wish i knew guess i could google it for the right term but like comic style layout very fun cool 2 read

  4. Richard Richard says:

    Fun read for the kids but the story feels like it moves too fast for how it gets to the end with the cat and ferrets playing together The biggest problem was the raisins Never EVER give ferrets raisins

  5. Rachel Dutton Rachel Dutton says:

    This is definitely a cute book for a child beginning to read The two ferrets were best friends who were weary of a new roommate a cat The pictures detail of all the commotion going on between the two ferrets and the cat Their expressions also helped to show how they felt while interacting with each other From reading the book I think it tells children to not be scared of someone new and not judge them You could end up becoming best friends with them Teachers could use puppets to tell the story and get the children to interact by asking them what they think might happen next This is also a great graphic novel to start with when teaching students what a graphic novel is It is not too detailed and easy to understand the pictures

  6. Bridget R. Wilson Bridget R. Wilson says:

    What I thought Fun indeed I loved it This is definitely the first ferret book I've read I think it's needed though as ferrets are becoming and popular as pets The illustration style almost like a comic book is great and suits the story perfectly My favorite illustrations are Fudge and Einstein dancing and Marvel chasing the ferrets last page I originally thought this would make a good addition to my pets story time but I've changed my mind I think Ferret Fun will be best used with older children elementary age

  7. Angie Angie says:

    Fudge and Einstein the ferrets are relaxing in their hammocks when their owner brings in a new friend Marvel the cat Marvel isn't sure what to make of them and things they are rats which she loves to eat She tries to get them until they get her back and scare her But they decide in the end to be friendly and play a nice game of chase This is a fun book I like the interaction between the ferrets and Marvel The illustrations are in a graphic novel format which will make it very appealing to kids

  8. Angela Lambkin Angela Lambkin says:

    How do the two ferrets deal with Marvel?I enjoyed the story and the brilliantly colored illustrations but I would think that the captions in each comic part could be easier to figure out how to enlarge them as one goes from one to the next I found this to be a bit frustrating and I am not a young kid either Therefore I would like to recommend this ebook for four stars and for kids ages 6 8 I received this ebook for free and in return here is my honest review Karen By Angela

  9. Christiane Christiane says:

    Ferret friends Fudge and Einstein are rightfully nervous when their owner introduces Marvel a hungry cat who is convinced they are rats This is a picture book but the story is told in comic book panels with word balloons It is very beautifully drawn and colored The expressions on the animal’s faces are hilarious and I love how the ferrets manage to solve their dilemma I once watched a friend's ferret for the weekend and my cat reacted exactly like Marvel did

  10. Tam Tam says:

    I liked this book just as much as my boys ages 4 8 did It's written in comic book style and I liked the illustrationsExcerpt from the book after the owner introduces Marvel the cat to the ferrets Fudge and EinsteinFudge said to Einstein I hope this friend brought raisins Einstein replied I love raisins Marvel saw the ferrets and said What are you two? You're not cats I know cats You're not dogs I know dogs Are you rats? I love tasty I mean I love rats

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