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Download PDF  Fighting Fate (Harrow #1) Author Scarlett Finn – [Read] ➪ Fighting Fate (Harrow #1) Author Scarlett Finn – Ivy Dune knows how to survive Even when her paycheck to paycheck life is ripped from her by a vicious crimelord without a conscience Ivy knows she’ll do whatever it takes to make it to the other sid Ivy Dune knows how to survive Even when her paycheck to paycheck life is ripped from her by a vicious crimelord without a conscience Ivy knows she’ll do whatever it takes to make it to the other side alive Dax Harrow has made a living off of blood and painboth in the ring and out As an enforcer for the most lethal family in California Dax knows the bounds of loyalty and will do anything to pay back the debt he owes them no matter the cost When Ivy is placed in Dax’s care neither of them are prepared for the fallout As enemies close in around them Ivy and Dax must be prepared for the fight of their lives.

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  1. Amanda Amanda says:

    4 starsAn infuriating mafia enforcer falling for a woman that doesn't belong to himA woman with the worst luck ever finding herself relying on the most unlikely man to save herThis is my first Scarlett Finn and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually enjoyed Fighting Fate I was lured into reading this by the mafia theme however truth to be told there isn't much mafia biz going on This plot is very much focus on the romance Although this is not a dark romance this is definitely grey Some of the actions by the hero are uestionableIvy Dune is one of the unluckiest woman I've read Not only that she is struggling with living in Vegas she even managed to piss off the mafia prince Trystan She ended up getting captured and train to be his future submissive wife Dax Harrow is the loyal and dedicated enforcer of the family He is the anti hero of the story the most unlikely man that turn up to be the salvation for Ivy In order to train up Ivy for Trystan Dax was assign to get her ready aka 'fuck her to submission' They were both thrown together in a situation that both have no control of and later formed an undeniable bond that lead to a point of no returnTo say that I'm angry with Dax in the beginning is an understatement Not because he was cruel but because he don't give a rat ass about the heroine demise There is no compassion at all Can you imagine that when Trystan attempt to rape a woman he don't bat an eye and even help to hold down her leg? I can't even Gah Since then I on his ass waiting for him to show a trace of humanity behind his tough exteriorI don't want to just survive I want than thatMore? There is no you breathe in you breathe out that's itIs great to see the transformation in Dax learning about his past and his motivation I appreciate that he still manage to stay true to his character of being a domineering male even after he start having feelings for Ivy He is the kind of man that doesn't meant what he said Sometimes he portrayed himself like a chauvinistic pig and talk to her as if she is just a piece of meat But we know that underneath his tough guy exterior he had a little mushy beating heartAs for Ivy I like her sarcasm in the midst of her doom future Every time Dax said something demeaning to her she will have something to counter back and drive him up the wall She planned to seduce her way into Dax's cold heart in order to escape her demise but she didn't plan to fall for this complicated man If I got any better babygirl you'd have died and been sent to paradiseIf I was in heaven you wouldn't be the one delivering me to ecstasy I heard you've already paid your room deposit in hellWhat will happened to this unlikely couple? Dax is not suppose to keep the girl for himself And she is destine to be ruin by the mafia prince who wants to make her pay Babygirl there's a lot going on here that you don't understand There's a lot of back room family politics with a bit of betrayal and sabotage mixed in We're in a fucked up situationDuring the first half I was dying to see Dax crack his ice cold heart for Ivy While the second half I'm dying to see what kind of plan will he come up to keep her for himself I enjoyed seeing them being in a committed relationship together against the bad guys I would have gladly rated this 5 stars if not because of a little glitch in the plot nearing the end view spoilerI can't believe how easily he lost faith in her after all that they have went through He acted as if he got drugged or brainwashed I'm definitely not liking that part And how the whole fiasco managed to get solve was also a tad anticlimactic I was expecting Dax to go out gun blazing hide spoiler

  2. April ♥"LOS" ♥ April ♥"LOS" ♥ says:

    This book is so Hot and Sexy Dax is my new book boyfriendAs an enforcer for a wealthy and dangerous family it is his job to make her submitGrowing up on the streets and fending for herself she refuses to be brokenDax Harrow and Ivy Dune are an unlikely and unconventional couple who have overcome tremendous odds but will it be enough?When Ivy landed a job at an upscale Vegas resort she thought her life was finally moving in the right direction Little did she know she would end up on a crash course with disaster known as the Stark family Dax has spent his life fighting both in and out of the ring but he never expected the fight of his life to be over some woman Adopted into the Stark family at a young age Dax takes his role as enforcer and bodyguard to a new level There is no line he won’t cross in the name of loyalty After one fateful night when Dax and Ivy cross paths both of their lives change in a way neither could have predicted Coerced into an arrangement that is bound to break them Dax and Ivy must stand together against a force greater than themselves As their enemies close in Dax realizes this may be the one fight he’s destined to loseFans of the Explicit Series by Scarlett Finn will fall in love with Dax and Ivy this book is a must read

  3. Yelena Bosh Yelena Bosh says:

    45Another easy read because when you find an author that has stories that capture your mind and soul? That's it I can honestly say I will pick up any book by Scarlett Finn from here on out Prior to starting the book I saw a few comments about some readers not particularly liking Dax the ever sexy male alpha I didn't want that to cloud my form of thinking in any way so I set it asideThis story is dark but not as dark as I expected It was a pleasant surprise to see such a deep and raw element of kidnapping control be turned into an addictive read that had me thinking everything I thought I knew about what makes someone a bad person It really did 'Do you think you're a tough girl?' he asked 'You have no idea what you did tonight no idea what I'm capable of You should never piss off a man who has no conscience' Ivy is a girl who doesn't seem to have luck on her side Being nearly rapped followed by kidnapping her to be trained into a submissive for a guy that she hates than the devil is only the bare beginningShe had never been content with her lot in life she didn't want money and riches; she just wanted to belong to know that she would be ok and that she wasn't alone That dream seemed to be getting distant every dayDax is an enforcer of all things that should make him a bad guy but with a heart that somehow manages to beat faster through all the mess of trying to claim a girl that shouldn't be his But having Ivy submit with her rebellious nature is anything but an easy task if possible Guilt and shame were a brainwasher's best friend Fighting Fate is one of those stories that unexpectedly grab hold of your mind and heart and everything else leaving your sanity in a trail of broken pieces It's a story of a strong minded girl that has a tough life a life that shouldn't be called a 'life but she has to find a way of surviving Despite her struggles before being kidnapped she keeps her self worth her respect personalityGiving up would be easy Yes That is always the fastest and easiest option when the going gets toughLetting go of your respect and what you think is right for you is also something easy to do Very easy to a weak scared and brainwashed mind Her body did what Bruno wanted it to but there was blank determination in those chocolate eyes She was doing what he did a job what needed to be done ButThere's always a but to every fighting chanceWhen you know what is worth your respect and life in general you do what you have to do in order to find a way through to getting back into a life that you shouldFighting to stay alive when you have everything working against you is hard damn hard and sometimes even impossible But do you know what is even harder?Fighting against someone fateTake that as you will but until you read this story I'll give a subtle reminder of all the sexiness that goes on in it too Through all the hardship that Ivy goes through and the constant changing mindset that Dax seems to have between fighting for what he learnt and his relationship with her it's a plot twisted story that will bring you to a reading high You get everything and anything between the pages of a strong book with such perceptive ideasFightingCruelDark but grey tooPOV challengingSexyRawEmotionalDeepSmartSexyAction packedExcitingI couldn't have been honored to once again having read a story that I will read over and over again The only element that made me give it a 45 instead of 5 was how Dax handled his family I was NOT expecting for him to change his mindset about Ivy so damn uickly I was sure that he would fight heart and soul just to keep her as his and protected I DID NOT expected that ending between what seemed like brainwashing of his own by the people that seemed he realised wasn't his family a little too lateDon't get me wrong I LOVED the ending It was the perfect mix of sexy and heartbreaking It was an ending that should have happening the way that it did but I just was not so sure about the way the the lead up to that was done That's just my opinion and it's only a small thingThe story was undoubtedly wonderful It was dark enough but at the same time it had a sexy element all throughout It had characters that I am sure we will all grow to hate especially with their devilish personality but it also had a way of showing why those characters were that way Not that it's an excuse for their unnatural behaviour BUT the author captured their back story so well that it made you double think of the glimpses of good that might be hiding behind all that darkOne of my favourite parts however was seeing the beautifully tainted relationship between Dax Ivy develop PERFECTION would be an understatementFight for what you know is you Give up what you can live withoutTrust your gut when fate doesn't seem to be in your favourRead Fighting Fate and bow down to Scarlett Finn in creating a world that anyone would happily lose themselves in over and over againThat's allThank you Scarlett Finn for creating a world of characters that I can only ever hope that my own books will hold between their pages xx

  4. Suzanne (Lily) Suzanne (Lily) says:

    Loved it Broke the book slump I'd slipped into I had to sit back and get my head in some sort of order to be able to write this review First up it's dark involves kidnapping and characters that have little value of a human life So why the high rating? As with all dark stories there's the element of good attempting to triumph over evil It's not always successful and like all good fights It's how you fight that countsI was excited to read this book When Lady Sassy saw the offer to review this book she took one look and thought of me the Dark ueen as she refers to me and said this is for you We know each other well I love a dark story and although this isn't the darkest of dark it's far from sweet If you're into dark reads you'll get an idea of what you're in for when I say the beginning reminded me of another book Captive in The Dark but not for long The H Dax was definitely no Caleb since he wasn't about revenge and he was obviously a novice at the task of training a slave He was about carrying out an order given from a man that he respected Not a lot of background information on the characters is provided only enough to take the edge off my curiosity His partner in crime for this story was Bruno and seemed well versed in mind games and how to twist someones self belief a character you loved to hate A character that garners no respect and never fails to grate you with his cold and heartless behaviourThe chemistry between Dax and Ivy is undeniable from the moment they first meet each other There's angst in that their relationship is not up for consideration and initially that suits them both fine When Ivy is asked to chose between the lesser of two evils she finds herself relying on Dax to help her find a way out of the mess she finds herself inIvy is doing everything right she is not asking for trouble if anything she down right avoids it Finding herself at the mercy of men that see her as a solution to their family problem was disturbing and there seemed no viable way for her to escape the fate that seemed to be assigned to her As she struggled to hold her own it was hard to determine who was actually in control Doubt crept in words were twisted thoughts skewed Ivy was named aptly She was uncontrollable survived in the most unexpected circumstances and near impossible to get rid of A strong h that gave it her all There was a moment that had her considering a TSTL move fortunately for her that moment is saved by the storylineSomehow along the way I fell for Dax and his charm He was believable except for the rare moments when he uestions himself I struggled with these moments Be prepared for steamy scenes the first one caught me off guard I didn't expect to see it as anything other than abhorrent but it was turned around in a way that I would put it up with some of the best I've read Dax was all about fitting in and belonging Being a respected useful and valued member of the family He would do anything for Mauri without uestion even tag along making sure Tristan didn't tarnish the family company imageThis is a dark romance meeting the family didn't constitute a home cooked meal around the dinner table I don't recall one bunch of flowers being mentioned No fancy dreamy dates or dancing the night away Then there was the family businessdry cleaning and haulage That cracked me up never heard it explained that way before haha Was it a triangle? I don’t think so There are two men that have very different reasons for wanting Ivy by their side One option is off the table IMO right from the start the other is not so clear And this is where the mind games beginThe title Fighting Fate gives an impression that the end is inevitable And it may very well be but a fight is what you get from all of the characters No one is prepared to back down which makes for an unpredictable ending Where the story takes us is what appears to be a safe haven but I'm not that sure It wasn't a cliffhanger nor a HEA or HFN It was simply a break in the story that felt right Hoping the next book features Blase a character introduced in the final chapter and one that spiked my interest without even having met the guyThis review and can be found at

  5. Deborah Deborah says:

    Mixed feeling on this oneI have very mixed feelings about this bookIvy is working as a private attendant at the GoldSpring Hotel and while it may not be the glamorous job she'd expected it was a job and it paid the bills Until one night she was attending a private party which got out of hand when one of the guys grabbed her and tried to rape her Ivy escapes but money and power talks and she's firedThe guy in uestion is Trystan Stark and he doesn't appreciate being disrespected he's a rich entitled spoilt brat but he's a powerful one since his family are the most lethal crime family in CaliforniaTrystan is happy playing his way through life however his father Mauri decides it's time he settled down and had a family and so a deal is struck and Ivy finds herself kidnapped and held by two men Bruno and DaxWe know from the blurb or less what happens so the story is the journey not the ending and this is where I'm not sureIt's a difficult situation all round as Bruno and Dax try to train and control Ivy I will say this book's nowhere near as dark as I expected or it could have beenDax took a while to grow on me and I switched at times from liking Ivy to having her annoy me I felt at times she should have been a little understanding considering Dax explained how the family worked and his relationship to themWith me being undecided on this book I didn't really intend to continue on with the second 'Fighting Back' even though I'd downloaded them together but the ending had me intrigued not so much Ivy and Dax but Blase so I'm going to see where this goes

  6. Nanci **Warning**IWasASailor⚓️MyMouthisDirty Nanci **Warning**IWasASailor⚓️MyMouthisDirty says:

    3 12 I need to finish two before I decide what my review will be

  7. Linda Linda says:

    With Fighting Fate somehow Ms Finn has found a way to make this story not only suspenseful and dark but blend in a good dose of hot and sexy tooIvy Dune has been on her own since she was a teenager she has moved from job to joband city to city now living in Las Vegas and securing a good job at an upscale resort she may finally be able to settle down for a whileHowever an encounter with a spoiled son of a crime lord Trystan and his enforcer Dax Harrow turns from being a private waitress for their suite to attempted rape Ivy being an intelligent and smart young women is able to escape but Trystan just can not let it go he whines about it for weeks even with Dax trying to get him to see reasonTrystan's father wants him to marry and settle down hoping that marriage will help him to mature but to get Trystan to agree is to meet his demand He will settle down if they can get Ivy to agree to marry him and be a dutiful wife that will tolerate his gambling whoring and drug useThe incident at the resort left Ivy unemployed given that Trystan's family is not only very rich customers but dangerous a few days later however her roommate lets her know about a live in maid position available for a wealthy family Ivy secures the job and a few days later finds herself abducted throw in the trunk of a car and unaware of what is happening until she arrives at a gated mansion and the first person she recognizes is Dax Dax does not particularly agree with the plan to make Ivy submissive to Trystan but he has always been loyal To the family since Trystan ' s father Maurice took him in as a young boy though he may not agree He will do as he is toldIn the case of Ivy Maurice right hand man Bruno is present to mentally break Ivy and Dax's job will be to sexually break herBeing locked in a cell in a basement with no food or water to spite how strong willed you are will certainly make you a little compliant even if all you have to give up for some water at the time is just sitting down and being uite And only talking when answering a uestion Days of back and forth and struggle of wills goes on and Ivy is determined to not break but if she does it eat how can she possibley stay strong enough to get away when she has a chance Studying the dynamic she assumes that Dax may be in a similar situation as herself and may be being forced to do this so she chooses to submit to Dax better him than the disgusting Bruno and at least she was a little attracted to him when they first met Both of them are determined to not allow emotions to become involved but as time goes by Ivy finds herself caring for this cold attractive man who on occasion show her a softer warmer side Unfortunately for Dax he finds himself and attached to Ivy and less and less willing to turn her over to be Trsytan's brideHow to get out of this should he trust that Ivy feels the same way should she trust him twist and turns ensue through the endCan love be a redeeming factor? Arc graciously provided by author for an honest review

  8. Miri Miri says:

    375 stars Fighting Fate is not your typical book i will say i had a few mixed feelings abut this booki did like the back and forth from Ivy and Dax bot of them have been through difficult childhoods and life has not been easy for either one of them Dax can be a bit of asshole he had moments where he would show his true self and i really enjoyed those parts I love when he was trying to fight Ivy advances and how own feelings Ivy shes a fighter shes feisty and determined to not let others break her The book is considered dark but i didn't see a lot of darkness in this book There was a also mention of the Mafia family but there was not a lot of Mafia craziness going on either I felt the story focused on the romance between Dax and Ivyi do want punch Trystan in the face for being a dickfurther the story ends in a different way than im used to There is no cliffy and I'm not even sure the story will continue The author did leave the end in a way that shes able to continue If she does I will definitely read it i want to know what happens between these twoArc received for an honest review

  9. Karma Queen Karma Queen says:

    ARC provided in exchange for honest reviewIf you're looking for hearts and flowers romance this is not the book for you If you want suspense excitement an intelligent heroine and a hot alpha male then you've picked up the right book As noted in the blurbs for the book Ivy is a survivor and when she pisses off the son of a major crime boss she's abducted and put in the care of Dax Harrow His directive is to break her and mold her into the perfect wife for the spoiled brat she stood up to in the first placeIvy has no clue that being married off is the planned end game but does her best to try to win Dax's trust Despite his loyalty to the crime family he does fall for her and has to decide what he can do to prevent her planned fateWill they get their HEA? Both are naive about some things in their own way Read this book to see if they are successful in fighting fate

  10. Phoenix Phoenix says:

    45 out 5 starsI always love Scarlett Finn She knows how to weave a story and keep the reader enthralled until the end At first I worried that this book was going to be a little too dark for me and had to put it down but trusting in Finn's creativity I picked it back up I am so glad I did This book not only was about physically fighting but the emotional battle that Dax and Ivy must with each other and within themselves I love it when the woman makes the man a better person no matter the ending but this couple is a good one So many people just want to give up but they want to live and so they fight to survive and to loveFor reviews go to bbsbookreviewscom

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