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[PDF.ePUB.MOBI]  Four of a Kind Author Valerie Frankel – serv3.3pub.co.uk [PDF / Epub] ☉ Four of a Kind By Valerie Frankel – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Besides the fact that their kids all attend the same fashionable Brooklyn Heights private school Bess Robin Carla and Alicia have little in common Thrown together on the tony school’s Diversity Comm Besides the fact that their kids all attend the same fashionable Brooklyn Heights private school Bess Robin Carla and Alicia have little in common Thrown together on the tony school’s Diversity Committee the women impulsively turn their awkward first meeting into a boisterous game of poker Instead of betting with chips or pocket change however they play for intimate secrets about their lives   As the Diversity Commitee meetings become a highly anticipated monthly ritual the new friends reveal with each game Picture perfect Four of MOBI :ç housewife Bess struggles to relate to her surly teenage daughter and judgmental mother Robin a single mom grapples with the truth concerning her child’s real father Carla an ambitious doctor attempts to balance the colossal demands of her family with her dream of owning her own private practice And to distract herself from her troubled marriage shy copywriter Alicia fantasizes about an attractive younger colleague   Putting all their cards on the table the four women grow to rely on one another bracing for one final showdown.

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  1. Jocelyn Jocelyn says:

    “A man’s growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends” Ralph Waldo EmersonI sat down to write this review in the same manner I write every review I wanted to diplomatically describe the details of the book something you can easily find on or Goodreads and therefore do not need me to repeat here I was then going to give my impression of the book where the author excelled what was interesting about the plot describe the challenges the four main characters faced in their lives at home at work in love All of this would have been interesting and informative but it would also be stagnant It would be run of the mill It would be something you could find in the hundreds of reviews on line or in magazines and newspapers It would be something you could find just by reading the book yourself Which I highly recommend you doInstead I want to do things a little differently I want to explore the theme of this book and how it relates to life Because isn’t that why we read fiction in the first place? To learn about ourselves to understand our lives our hopes dreams fears and failings? Four of a Kind by Valerie Frankel Ballantine Books February 7 2012 is a novel about FRIENDSHIP Friendship is crucial in life It is an integral part of our happiness Strong social ties are key to happiness Gretchen Rubin in her book The Happiness Project routinely points out that “To be happy we have to feel strongly connected to other people” She even has a post on her blog with 8 Tips for Making Friends In that post she talks about how the “mere exposure effect” makes you like someone better Basically just by repeatedly seeing the same people you will in fact like them better Another tip she gives is to join a group “Being part of a natural group where you have common interest and are brought together automatically is the easiest way to make friends” This is what happens in Valerie Frankel’s completely entertaining novel Four of a Kind Four women are brought together as part of a school diversity committee each woman has a child in the same school Ironically the diversity committee is a very diverse group women who would never be friends if not forced together On a whim the women end up playing a game of Texas Hold’em but instead of money the currency is secrets Secrets in their marriage secrets with their careers their children their parents Every woman has a secret in her life and even though she keeps them close to her heart and aches because of them she is really just looking for the right person to tell When these secrets and worries and fears and hopes begin to come out the women realize they are bonded closely than they ever could have imagined These women found each other and as a result have built honest beautiful complicated relationships Rachel Bertsche’s website and book MWF Seeking BFF was devoted to the challenge of finding friendship once you are no longer in structured friend building environments school offices teams Her message struck a chord Why is it so hard to make friends as you get older? Studies constantly point out the health benefits behind having friends For example did you know that gossiping with friends can help lower stress? Friends give you an impartial outlet to vent your frustrations They can listen to your complaints offer advice and guidance and be the shoulder to cry on They can also help you find joy and happiness in life They get you out of your routine and can help you discover new aspects of yourself It is easy to isolate yourself to retreat into your own world and shut people out Women often feel competition and jealousy even with their closest friends They strive to have the most successful life; the best clothes career husband children vacations Women can sometimes see that green eyed monster lurking when a friend’s life seems to be sunnier than their own So in trying to prove that our lives are successful and that jealousy never crosses our mind we put on false fronts fake faces We live in a false sense of security with our hundreds of Facebook “friends” But what about real live interaction? An email message pales in comparison to lunch with a girlfriend By reading Four of a Kind you will find yourself longing to have the close friendships that evolve throughout the novel You may not envy their struggles and fears but you will rejoice in their successes and find yourself routing for all of them in the end When you turn the last page you will have an immediate urge to call your closest friends and organize a girls night out I highly recommend you do thisThis review can also be found on wwwbookfindscom

  2. Frank Frank says:

    Valerie Frankel's last book Four of a Kind is another great book carrying all of her wit and girly insight Most women are familiar with her way of exposing a woman's fear struggles and insecurities This book is no exception except it also includes their strengths developed through friendships and the importance of those friends Another title for the book might have been Friends This is not a surface friendship This is the relationship that the woman needs with other women like Monday night football for the guys Would these four be as revealing to anyone else probably not What are the struggles like picking up kids and dropping them off and dealing with spouses who are in the world during the day and the endless issues of managing a household which means all those in the household? And although this is certainly a girly book it is one that guys might want to read if they really want to understand their spouses and what goes on 8 to 5 when they are in the office

  3. Ali Ali says:

    I love the cover of this book I like the shade of blue and the painting on the tea cups However nowhere in this book does anyone drink tea It's of a boozing it up poker playing book so I think the cover is misleading I liked the characters and thought the plot was interesting but there was a rawness to the language that I found a little off putting Usually that kind of thing doesn't bother me at all but it just seemed a little incongruous with a tale of four women's lives

  4. Maureen Ann Maureen Ann says:

    I loved this book It is the story of four women who all have children attending the same expensive private school At the beginning of the school year Bess invites the other three women to become part of the school's Diversity Committee and attend a meeting at her house Bess is a perky blonde housewife of a very successful driven husband Carla is a black physician who lives with her husband and sons and is extremely straightlaced and strict with her kids and her own personal behavior Robin is a Jewish single mother with a daughter and a secret about her daughter's father and her own personal history And finally Alicia is a working mother of a scholarship kid with a husband who is really not her partnerEach of the women has big secrets and even bigger aspirations They are all shy and a bit afraid of getting involved but as the story moves on the women become closer to each other They become sounding boards best friends comforters and secret keepersThe reason I read this book was because BN shared a story about the cover design on their blog The author admitted that the four teacups really had nothing to do with the story and they don't but said that the four different cups represented the four women; the same but with cosmetic differences I liked that idea and really wanted to read the book I am so glad I didThe one caution I will offer is that there seems to be a lot of sex in this book This is not necessarily a bad thing as it can be a useful literary device but I was unaware going into it what I would encounter

  5. Shannon Bradley Shannon Bradley says:

    I picked this because I had just finished a heavy book and I was stressed out and wanted something light What a surprise While this was funny and entertaining it was also deep in its own way and touched a lot of sensitive subjects for me As always Valerie Frankel brings truly likable and lovable characters that you grow to care about and be interested in I was sad when the book came to an end

  6. Alyce E Alyce E says:

    Was it good? No Did I read it voraciously? Yes

  7. Nawnee Nawnee says:

    I won this book from Goodreads having never read anything by this author I'm very glad that I wonValerie Frankel's writing style lays her characters bare for the world to see flaws and all These four women not only share their weakness's with us but also their inner strengths that have developed through their friendships and the importance of those friends This is not a surface friendship This is a bonded relationship that is just what these women needed This book reveals those inner thoughts dilemma's and fears that run through most women's brains 247 Granted the thoughts are different from person to person but it's that fear of not really being heard that keeps these inside and I'm sure it's not a totally unfounded fear Like other married women out there my husband tends to tune me out regardless of what I'm telling him This is where good friends come in and pick up the slack This is part of what this book is trying to put across we need our friends to make our other relationships successful unless your one of the lucky ones whose husband clings to every word and you feel like you can tell him anything then just count your blessings This book also goes through the daily struggles that these four have going one everyday Like organizing your children's schedule and still being able to just get to an appt on time This is just a small exsample of the turmoil and chaos involved in running a household smoothly There is so much going on in this book but I don't want to ruin it for anyone so I will just leave you with this This is a great writer that really knows how to draw you into a story and hit home the point of how important it is to have friends

  8. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    really enjoyed Four of A Kind The author could not have created a group of different women They say opposites attract and that could not be obvious with these women I really enjoyed how much the women gained from each other Whether it be the strength for Carla to stand up to her husband or Bess to stand up to her mother each of the women grow as women because of the strength of their friends As their relationships with each other grew so did their desire to correct the wrongs in their life one way or another When the chips are down the strength of their friendships pull them together in a way that none of them expected

  9. Crystal Crystal says:

    I liked This book a lot In the age of making friends as adults which sucks it’s a feel good story about friendships It doesn’t matter how you meet or why you may be so different What matters is you support each other and have fun

  10. Margaret Margaret says:

    I marked the book finished but I couldn't force myself to finish I didn't get beyond Chapter 4 I wanted to like this book It implied that it was about 4 women who found similarities that would bind them together as friends I love books about strong women strong friendships I love books that depict women who support encourage listen to and when necessary show a little tough love toward each other Perhaps if I had read further the characters would have turned out to be those women Four women come together to form a Diversity Committee to promote diversity and multicultural events at the privileged private school their children attend They are in a loose manner of speaking diverse themselves Bess is the wealthier of the 4 women and the head of the committee She is a stay at home mom raising 4 children Ok Diverse? Robin is a single mother who is comfortable enough with finances that she can support herself and her daughter through her job doing telephone surveys She is Jewish Ok Diverse? Alicia is fairly dowdy and works 9 5 while her husband remains unemployed after his company down sized Ok Diverse? Carla is a doctor and is black Ok Diverse?Their first meeting at the home of Bess is spent breaking out the drinks and the cards to play poker not for money but for the telling of secrets in order to get to know each other The dealer tells a secret and the winner gets to ask a uestion regarding that secret After 3 poker games and that many chapters I learned TMI about their sex lives lack of sex one night stands and their frustrations with their husbands Really? Who reveals this stuff to women they are meeting for the first time A couple of the characters after meeting the husbands began to mentally size up their male anatomy Ugh While some of the women had some serious issues in their lives obesity rebellious children high profile mother the threat of losing a job the conversations between the women were too contived coming off as flippant and a desperate attempt at being with the times I didn't get the idea that the women were really interested in being friends the kind of friends that I would want anyway; but as I said I didn't go beyond the fourth chapter There are other books out there about women and their friendships and this one was just a waste of my time I do hope though that the women put away the cards and finally finally get on with the planning of the multicultural events for the school otherwise they have wasted the school's time too

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