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[PDF] Freewill Freewill #1 By Elyse Draper – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Ebook] ➣ Freewill Freewill #1 By Elyse Draper – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Freewill is a Young Adult slipstream novel that embodies both science fiction and dark fantasy with strong paranormal romantic overtones Within its pages a world comes to life where mythology is real Freewill is a Young Adult slipstream novel that embodies both science fiction and dark fantasy with strong paranormal romantic overtones Within its pages a world comes to life where mythology is real Freewill Freewill MOBI :ç and evident in humanity's interaction with the ethereal Others Ellie once a human but now an Other an empathic creature surviving in a fugue state inside the otherworldly veil for over sixty years has been finding the strength to exist through her compulsion to be a muse; that is until she meets Christopher Christopher a present day young man with the special talent to foresee the truth of the intangible Others uickly becomes Ellie's heart's desire Ellie and Christopher inevitably find themselves developing an unusual relationship where touching one another can only happen in Christopher’s dreams Unbeknownst to them ever since Ellie's birth in destiny's hand guided by mythical forces and fairytale lineage has been pushing them into each other's embrace while also potentially into the arms of evil Others called the Timoro and into the sights of dangerous feuding organizations the Symboulio the council of the ancient and divine and the Symbio the new world council of acceptanceIn this first book of the trilogy the readers start to understand that Ellie’s transformation into an Other as an empath is exceptionally rare; only happening one additional time over years ago Finally awakened by Christopher’s presence if she does not build a connection to lessen the burden of feeling the world’s emotions she will cease to exist Delving into a mixture of historical events mythical manifestations and folklore the setting provides glimpses into familiar images that lull the reader into believing they know what may happen next but that doesn't account for Free Will.

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  1. Elyse Elyse says:

    Some scholars say when it comes to decision making humans are the sum of their experiences and conditioning; thus freewill is an illusion While others say when we are confronted by primal choices the decisions that weigh heavily on our hearts experience or destiny cannot predict the result but our hearts can surmise the final outcome When the judgment before us carries extreme perceived conseuence yet we still make the choice whether resulting in action or inaction that is freewillI hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it And I hope you can find your own definition of freewill along the way

  2. ∙• Carol •∙ ∙• Carol •∙ says:

    OK so here's the deal with this book and why it took me so long to review My Kobo was having some troubles but I fixed it And I loved this book so very muchAt first I was going to write a review that included spoilers but I changed my mind because I want everyone to read about how much I enjoyed this bookElyse provided me with the entire trilogy to read and review through We ♥ YA Books an amazing group on here and even though school's started already I was so hooked that I couldn't put the book or rather eReader down I thought the storyline of this novel was so original as Iv'e never read any book like it and I've read some pretty strange books STRANGE in a good way I promise The only reason I'm not giving this book 5 stars is because part of the time I was a little bit confused about what was going on you'll understand if you read but things cleared up when the plot came together Although with some issues that have to do with some minor characters I'm still not 100% clear onFreewill is definitely a good start to a series as it gets readers hooked on the story as soon as you meet the main character Ellie AMAZING job in creating such intriguing personalities and I'm BEYOND HAPPY that Lune was one of these I have such a soft spot for dogs that I just loved the addition It's so hard to explain a book without ruining or spoiling it for others so all I'm going to say is two things to wrap up this review1 THANK YOU SO MUCH ELYSE I'm so happy I signed up for this R2R and can't wait to read the next two Ahh You don't even understand how excited I am I just love Ellie and Christopher2 Anyone reading this review bottom line is I really enjoyed reading this book and definitely recommend it to all of you Give it a chance and hopefully you'll like it as much as I did ★★★★

  3. Rhomy Rhomy says:

    Well well encountered feelings toward this book that ended up in a very good sentimentI say this because at the beginning I honestly wasn't sure what I was reading each chapter talking about different people and things that didn't seem to connect at all but then as the story develops I understood a little bit and the ending really gave closure to those loose ends that were bugging me And it was like OMG The story goes around two main characters that are Ellie and Christopher both have complex personalities and some personal baggage that make them incredibly appealing as protagonists But there are many other characters not as important but entirely interesting as well such as Ann and James our green eyes bad guy or Lune the most incredible dog I've ever read about He is just A MA ZING As weird as it sounds the dog is probably my favorite character in the whole bookYou'll understand what I mean if you read itAnyway my feelings went up and down I laughed with them but also felt their sadness At one point my heart just shattered And the end oh that end What will happen next???The plot is completely ORIGINAL and left me wanting to know MORE Luckily I have the second and third book in the trilogy to satisfy my curiosity YAY

  4. Elsa Carrion Elsa Carrion says:

    Title Freewill Author Elyse DraperGenre YA Paranormal Dark Fantasy with some RomanceEbook 4377 about 250 pgsSeries First of ThreeI finished Freewill a few days ago but wanted to read all three before I wrote the review I love that I didn’t have to hang on a cliff hanger for very long all I had to do was go to the next book Love thatThe plot was uniue and the story was well written no errors that I can remember of The story is unlike anything I have read recently and can’t say enough how good it was It’s very nice to have come across something different and this good The story is about Ellie and Christopher both with special abilities but only one of them so far that can go from our world into another world that is parallel to ours But enough of that the books synopsis explains it better I liked Charlie but loved Christopher I believe in sole mates and love at first sight So I loved her concept about sole mates And what story would be complete without the evil character and boy did this one have badevil characters James psychopath “V” demented Aztec Priest Esidor demented Nazi Soul Sucking General The Symboulio – brainwash organization The Timoro – revolting repulsive horrid nasty malevolent merciless killers I think I covered most of the evil ones A little different and confusing in the beginning but hang in there it all comes together at the end and its well worth it With plenty of twists and turns I didn’t want to put it down but sleep won at the end Fast past story once you get past 13 of the book that I recommend to any age group If you like fantasy you will like Freewill

  5. Sara Sara says:

    I received this book from the author for an honest review I signed up for this book but didn't have very high expectation And the beginning was a little confusing to keep up with But this book ended up uite good and I cannot wait to finish the trilogyFirst I have to talk about the end I only had 10 or so pages left and was thinking this is a such a bittersweet ending but I was happy for a few of the characters THEN on the very last page that all was ruined I was just so shocked by what happened on this last page and couldn't believe it Now do not go read the last page to see what I am talking about Read it from the beginningThis book is told from a few different povs The beginning was a little harder to keep track of but it all ties together as the story progresses There is still a lot of mystery left unanswered after it ends but that's what makes me excited to start with the next book This story is mostly about Christopher Ellie and James I like to compare it to Christopher being the live person and Ellie and James are like the angel and devil on his shoulders It was really a lot of good sidebad side with these two And there was a very sweet new romance in the works that almost brings you to tears in the end and is where the bittersweet comes in I do not want to give anything away and you can read what the book is about in the book description I will say though that I really enjoyed this book I highly recommend it Great introductory book to what I hope is a wonderful series

  6. Shelly Hammond Shelly Hammond says:

    This is the first book in a trilogy and it sets everything up perfectly The author is a brilliant story teller who immediately sucks the reader into the story and keeps them glued to the pages from beginning to end You will find yourself caring about every single character very uickly and at times you will want to hug them and at other times you may wish you could reach in the pages and give them a bit of a swat upside the head I won't give the story away but there are a lot of twists and turns within that will leave you on the edge of your seat and right when you think you figured it out you will realize you really didn'tThis book has a very uniue concept and the author delivers a perspective on the world that hasn't been seen before This book sets up the first of a trilogy that if the other two follow the same pattern promises to deliver a brilliant and entertaining reading experience and one that should not be missed by serious readers of all ages Extremely fun and entertaining read and one that left me eager to get to the next in the series

  7. Drew Drew says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Freewill The plot was original and the characters were easy to relate to The paranormal aspect of the book was full of refreshing twists unlike recent books in this genre It was good to read something that hasn't been rehashed over and over again like other authors do these days No vampires or zombies here and that is great Elyse does a great job of giving her characters life The character James was creepy and in some ways he reminds me of someone I used to know; in fact the similarities were uncanny and frightening I am definitely looking forward to the next installment in this series keep up the great work Elyse

  8. Angela Angela says:

    7 out of 5 stars Goodreads should really provide than five stars This is an excellent read for everyoneThis was the most vivid story I've ever read Its perfectly detailed settingcharacters etc As if I was really there and experiencing what Ellie did Characters are perfectly developed the pacing was greatthe plot was really one of a kind; not like an ordinary thing you can read nowadays There were also great lessons along the way Its really a package of a good book and I'm thankful that Ms Draper gave me a copy even though the giveaway was closed Thanks you MsDraperI really enjoyed reading this and I am so excited for the next part

  9. Hydra M. Star Hydra M. Star says:

    Over all I really enjoyed this book It's written for young adults So it is romance minus the good stuff as those who like me enjoy erotica might see it However the storyline characters and world that Elyse Draper creates in this book are engaging enough to keep even my perverted mind interestedThe book ends with such a cliff hanging that if I did not already have the second and third book in the serious waiting on my Kindle to be read I might would be annoyed with how little is resolved by the book's end So if you're interested in reading this ghostly romance series go on ahead and get the Kindle version of the trilogy that has all three books in one

  10. Michelle Hankes Michelle Hankes says:

    If you are in the mood for a paranormal romance a dark and angry villain and a lot of fascinating twists and turns then this is the book for you Freewill offers the reader a chance to look at death in the face in a way that no other writer has taken on The story of Ellie and Christopher will capture you right away and keep you turning from page to page Awash in beautiful words and poetic passages Elyse Draper's start to the Freewill Trilogy will keep you begging for Rated PG 13 for content and theme

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