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Download PDF  幻夜 Author Keigo Higashino – ❴Read❵ ➵ 幻夜 Author Keigo Higashino – 幻の夜を行く男と女。息もつかせぬ傑作長編阪神淡路大震災の直後に、出会った男と女。男が犯した殺人を知る女は、彼を徹底的に利用し、野心を 幻の夜を行く男と女。息もつかせぬ傑作長編阪神淡路大震災の直後に、出会った男と女。男が犯した殺人を知る女は、彼を徹底的に利用し、野心を実現していく。だが彼女にも恐るべき秘密が――。名作『白夜行』の興奮が再び.

10 thoughts on “幻夜

  1. Christie Christie says:

    Keigo Higashino's thriller books have a power of making the world feel dark and depressing I felt like I needed to go look at pictures of puppies or baby pandas after I finished reading this book just to cheer up a bit The book has his signature profiles of characters and plot twists You knew along the way what truly happened and who the characters really were but you kept reading waiting to see how these truth would get revealed in the book The ending was the most depressing part of all I expected something different I hoped to see just a little bit of justice being served bad person getting punished good person getting what he deserved But none of that happened It's a cruel book so I think I will stay away from cruel books for a while Ok where are my puppies pictures?

  2. Asita Asita says:

    To hear the author you might think he was grievously deceived by some femme fatale in his early age and had since developed some misogynous plus masochistic complex The way he portrays what he calls the 魔性な女 makes me sick and reminds me of those classical Chinese ghost story writers who envisioned dangerous yet enchanting female foxesghost to stimulate their sexual fantasy The ending is simply stupid a dead end of the author's self repetitiveness

  3. Cheri Cheri says:

    speechless I wish there is gonna be an English version of this novel so people could read it

  4. Li Zhan Li Zhan says:

    Page turner Depressing and yet addictive

  5. Riiko Riiko says:

    I've been hearing that this one is like 白夜行Byakuyako for much older audience and I agree with that since they both have got the same kind of unsettling and thrilling undertones to themHowever I soon figured that it doesn't necessarily mean Gen'ya is sophisticated than Byakuyako What I couldn't uite get fond of this particular novel is that it shows who's conducting what absurdity for whom ie Ikuo even commits a murder for Fuyumi and you can clearly see the latter is controlling the former Byakuyako was much subtle in that sense and less direct in depicting who's doing what for whom or for what purpose which left a room for imaginationGen'ya is still a good story but I'd rather choose and reccomend Byakuyako over this one if given a choice between the two

  6. Xukai Xukai says:

    Finished almost half of this book in one day Cannot stop myself reading The stories are well designed The scenarios are weird as well as logical The usage of words are uite fined I read it when eating coding sleepingWhat an amazing book I believe I can finish it by tomorrow

  7. Min Min says:

    To me the first half of the book was far better than the rest Thrilling story but I wish it ended differently

  8. Bigpapa44 Bigpapa44 says:

    Just allright but the writer is just so good at storytelling

  9. Paigez Paigez says:

    A seuel to White Night Journey Less impressed than I was for that one Still not bad

  10. Sitha Damayanti Sitha Damayanti says:

    Keigo Higashino is one of Japanese best mystery authors

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