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[Ebook] Glimmer (The Retroact Saga, #2) By Stacey Wallace Benefiel – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Glimmer (The Retroact Saga, #2) Author Stacey Wallace Benefiel – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Zellie Wells' life is changing Her relationship with Avery is growing stronger every day but their parents are still giving them ultimatums and trying to keep them apart Her newly discovered powers ha Zellie Wells' life is changing Her relationship with Avery is growing stronger every day but their parents are still giving them ultimatums and trying to keep them apart Her newly discovered powers have all but disappeared Benjamin another young Retroact is back and has brought with him a painful shared vision and a troubled past While working together to figure out what the vision means Zellie discovers that Benjamin is a worthy friend and mentor If only he could keep his hands off of her if only she wanted him to.

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  1. Lacy♪ ♫Movements of a Demigod ♪ ♫ Lacy♪ ♫Movements of a Demigod ♪ ♫ says:

    First let me say that I could not put this book down I absolutely loved it and was so engaged by it that the world could have passed me by and I never would have noticed it It seems that Zellie's life is never going to be uneventful Zellie and Avery are struggling to take their relationship to the next level while learning to adapt to Zellie's powers and their uniue parenting situation We are also reintroduced to Ben the hottie as Claire would call him The arrival of Ben helps Zellie to explore of her abilities than she had thought possible but also causes jelousy from Avery As if Zellie's life wasn't already complicated the past begins to catch up to Zellie and Ben and someone is trying to get rid of them for good Then the unthinkable happens and Zellie's dream of Avery death stops Can Zellie really lose Avery? Can Zellie manage to save the day?Benefiel's work will completely captivate you The characters make you fall in love with them If you are a lover of paranormal young adult books then this book it definitely one that you will not want to pass up I can only think that if Glimpse and Glimmer were this good then Glow is really going to blow us away

  2. Stacey Benefiel Stacey Benefiel says:

    Hey AllI'm involved in the love tropes paranormal sci fi and fantasy Goodreads book of the month clubJoin the group and you'll get a free PNR book and a chance to chat with the author of the book that monthFor instance I'm April and I'll be giving away The Retroact Saga yes all six booksThere will also be giveaways and other fun bookish happeningsJoin us club starts in October but you can jump in anytimeSWB

  3. Brianna (The Book Vixen) Brianna (The Book Vixen) says:

    Review copy provided by authorWhy I Read this Book I read Glimpse the first book in this series and I really enjoyed the story This series carries a very uniue paranormal story that just grabs you I definitely wanted to read about Zellie and the complications that surround her If you’ve read Glimpse you’ll definitely want to read GlimmerWhat I Liked In Glimpse we didn’t really get to know Benjamin we just got to meet him He was a very intriguing character and in Glimmer he’s one of the characters that takes center stage I like Benjamin; he’s cocky funny and smart I like that he makes Avery feel uncomfortable and keeps him on his toesThere is a character in this book that at first seems like a new addition to the group However that is not the case This character was in Glimpse a little bit even had a few lines of dialogue I just didn’t know that he was going to have a bigger role in Glimmer This move was very well played by the author There were also some interesting twists and turns to the storyline that I didn’t see coming Just like with Glimpse there’s no cliffhanger ending but there are some loose ends that need attention Glimmer ends well considering there is another book in this series; you know there’s to come the door is not closed yetWhat I Didn’t Like There were a couple of moments in this book that I feel could use a bit of clarity One thing in particular that I needed clarity on involves the circumstances surrounding Rachel view spoilerRachel’s demise wasn’t clear to me; I feel like I missed something It was like one minute she’s alive the next she’s telling Christopher that she’s dead Even Christopher didn’t know she was dead hide spoiler

  4. I& I& says:

    Sometimes YA leaves me feeling unsatisfied Some YA novels feel too young too light too teen angsty or too recycled Happily none of that is the case with Stacey Wallace Benefiel's books She has created a world just like ours except for the addition of people with powers such as communicating with spirits rewinding events to make them go another way and seeing the future People with these powers have no other abnormalities and the rest of the population is left in the dark Glimmer picks up where Glimpse left off Zellie and Avery are trying to be together despite warnings by their parents to stay apart to prevent Avery's death that Zellie glimpses every night Zellis learns about her powers and has continued interaction with her grandmother and aunt who are also gifted like Zellie I found Glimmer to be faster paced than Glimpse The story moves along uickly until the surprising conclusion I actually gasped out loud twice I love to be surprised like that One of my favorite things about Benefiel's writing are her well developed minor characters They each have such well defined personalities and add a lot to the story I would recommend Glimpse and Glimmer to fans of paranormal fiction and YA They are such sweet booksJust One Gripe Christopher is a major character in the story He was introduced very briefly in book one by his last name which made his inclusion in Glimmer confusing for me until I figured out who he really was The Best Thing About This Book I just loved the sweet and tender love story The paranormal aspect was also very uniue and well done Appropriate for a younger audience YesScore Characters 45Plot 45SettingImagery 45Originality 45Ending 45Total Score 2025

  5. Vicki Keire Vicki Keire says:

    When I saw that Glimmer had been released I rushed to download it on my Kindle I have been eagerly awaiting this seuel and I was excited that I might be one of the first to read and review it I rushed through the reading part just like its title Glimmer shines with wit the return of beloved characters unexpected twists humor romance imagination and that aching mixture of sexual attraction and innocent love most of us only experience around the magical age of sixteen or so But then when I got to the actual reviewing part I stalled out a little because I realized I had something worth thinking about on my hands Something new I think Not just a good story but an emerging talent in a vibrant new genre Let me come back to this point First the bookDid I mention humor? Stacey Benefiel outdoes herself here I laughed out loud times than I can count I recounted parts of the book for friends who laughed along with me Just a taste Zellie wondering just what the heck you do with your dream boy once you have him panting in your arms thinks I guess if you make a guy talk like Yoda you're not completely messing up I almost choked to death when I read that I laughed so hard Since then it's kind of gotten stuck in my head at the most awkward moments Mmm Kiss you I will Love you I do My husband thinks I'm crazy Really disturbing I know and it's all your fault Stacey Wallace BenefielMany of the things left hanging in Glimpse get addressed here we discover a lot about the mysterious Benjamin; about the Society of Retroacts and their Lookouts; Zellie and Avery's impending little brother; and how family ties so badly shaken in Glimpse wind up merely stirred but settled in Glimmer I loved reading about the Pacific Northwest Without giving too much away I have to say that setting is important in this seuel I loved the way Benefiel writes small towns If you live in one or come from one you will recognize the authenticity with which she writes My two wishes for this series I would like to see a thorough exploration of gay characters and perhaps a deeper understanding of how they operate as Retroacts andor Seers Also even the best of them come off a bit creepy I wonder if Lookouts ever get jealous of their sister's powers? It seems to me they have a lot of grunt work and little gloryA warning Benefiel writes realistically and humorously about teen sex She handles it in a responsible straight forward manner and the actual writing is incredibly tender highlighting the strengths and vulnerabilities of both characters The sex uestion has got to be one of the hardest things for a YA writer to navigate just as it is for real life teens I think Benefiel's handling of it is magnificent; it irritates me when people freak out about things like this but some of them do so consider yourself warned What is even curious is Benefiel's blending of Zellie's religious upbringing with her powers as a Retroact and her burgeoning sexuality Raised to be in church every Sunday and then some Zellie must suddenly navigate both the supernatural and the sexual and she's not finding her answers in her father's bible I love the way Benefiel portrays church life as not just holier than thou It's also wacky and irreverent and the place to pick up boys Glimmer is in part the story of a young woman who must carefully pick through the values her parents have so carefully instilled in her to find the ones that will work for her bizarrely unconventional life She makes mistakes of course but Benefiel has lain enough of a small town family and moral centered universe that we can watch Zellie stumble and still hope not to see her fall On the whole I think Glimmer is a better book than Glimpse Perhaps my favorite thing about reading it was seeing the ways in which her writing had become sophisticated Glimmer is a tighter focused book with a cohesive magical system I look forward to learning about her world of Retroacts Seers Lookouts of finding out about Zellie and Avery of finding out what happens to Benjamin and in general just losing myself in her world

  6. Sandra Pulliam Sandra Pulliam says:

    I want to start this review by saying that this is going to have spoilers because I don't know how to say everything I need to say with out them First off I really like this series I started reading this online while at the same time reading Infernal Devices by Cassandra Claire at night I was concerned that I would not be able to concentrate on this book because lets face it Cassandra Claire's books are best sellers and just awesome Here is where my problem starts I could not get this book out of my head in order to read Infernal Devices I kept putting down that book to come to my computer and pull up Glimmer and continue reading What does that say? That Stacey Benefiel's books should be sitting on all of the displays at all of the book stores right next to best selling authors Ok that being said let me talk about the book I gave this four stars only because I thought the story jumped from one scene to the next without fully finishing out what was currently going on One minute Christopher is the bad guy the next he is helping save the world with Ben and Zellie Out of no where Grandma is dead and some new character is the bad guy trying to destroy the world I felt like there should have been of a transition between the events that brought them together I liked how she incorporated different sexualities into the story line without skipping a beat She captured the teenage persona so well and the descriptive writing makes you feel as if your watching it on a movie screen The love between Zellie and Avery is written powerfully the action scenes are fast paced and exciting and the dreams and visions are well plotted Another reason it only got four stars is in my opinion as a mother of 3 teenage boys I thought the language was way to strong and the sex scenes are way to descriptive Though I thought the struggle Zellie has about losing her virginity was very real and well thought out However I feel that this book will appeal to the young teens and tweens but is not appropriate for anyone younger than 16 When I think of YA a 13 or 14 year old does not come to mind That is just me as an old 37 year old mom but to each his own Besides that I think this series and this book were awesome Stacey Benefiel is going to be a big deal and I for one am glad I get to go along for the ride

  7. Toniann Toniann says:

    I started reading 9 with the idea of getting through 3 chapters Its 1230 I just finished withour stopping for a minute While I liked the first book the second was much better I cannot wait to read the third insert smiley face The characters that I loved from the first book came to life much uicker this time around had hot friends to boot I usually pick up on what is going to happen early on and this time not a clue I was interested and surprised all the way until the end I can't wait to see where we end up now that the loophole is in effectI would start with book 1 get on board with this series its much better than I could have imagined keeps you guessing wanting

  8. Kourtni Kourtni says:

    First I must say that I am absolutely in love with these characters Zellie and Avery make me smile they are adorable and Ben is great too The story line is amazing and I was enthralled throughout the entire book I read it in less than 24 hours The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars is that it felt a little rushed in some places Also I didn't feel like the characters emotions really portrayed the severity of the situation at times I would have really gotten worked up over certain scenes had the characters been a little less nonchalant about what was going on All in all it was an awesome read and I cannot wait for Glow

  9. Lauralynn Elliott Lauralynn Elliott says:

    Stacey has kept me entertained once again I'm really picky about YA books so I don't read too many of them But I love this series and I'll keep reading the books There was a little sexual content than I've seen in other young adult books I've read but the fact is that this is what really goes on with teenagers and the author really does a good job in portraying the thoughts and feelings of young people in this age group Another winner

  10. Liz Liz says:

    455Zellie has recently discovered she’s a Retroact and it’s not long before she discovers the identity of the boy who hijacked her rewind Ben a male Retroact rare and uniue and in full control of his powers Zellie doesn’t appreciate having to listen to this guy tell her what to do but desperate times call for desperate measures and soon enough everyone is in danger and time for complaining is over Zellie has to protect the people she loves before it's too lateGlimmer is an exciting follow up to Glimpse which further explores the world of Retroacts Zellie learns about her powers in this one and we also learn a lot about the male Retroact Ben Ben I have to say was just awesome I mean as much as I love Avery and Avery and Zellie together Ben just made me laugh so much And he had this secretive side too which made me even curious about him – plus I absolutely loved the way he teased Zellie I think Zellie and Ben made uite an interesting pair and I think Ben’s influence made Zellie even determined than she was before He was a experienced Retroact in some ways and I think Zellie’s jealousy about that was realistic and well portrayed; she wasn’t whiny but you could tell Ben's control over his powers annoyed her And Zellie isn’t the only jealous one – needless to say that Avery isn’t too happy about the situation either I think Zellie has been through so much already but wow Glimmer just puts her through so much She has to deal with devastating loss she’s forced to stay away from Avery it was so awful Poor Avery I think I missed him just as much as Zellie did she’s got to learn new powers – there’s just so much to do in such a short space of time And the revelation towards the end – I was really not expecting that One thing I really enjoyed reading about was the relationship between Zellie’s mum and Avery’s dead dad Their situation was strange to say the least especially with the baby on the way and I’m not too fond of either one of them but they just seemed so happy together despite all the obstacles between them and it kind of gave me hope that Zellie and Avery would be able make it against all odds Zellie’s dad however seemed intent on keeping the two apart though who can blame him really after what happened? I have to admit I did laugh a bit at his reaction to finding Avery and Zellie alone together Of course Zellie wouldn’t stand for this and found a way of communicating with Avery despite the restrictions her dad had set out I really liked reading the notes they wrote each other and thought the teen voice came across really clearly In conclusion Glimmer was a great seuel to Glimpse and I really enjoyed finding out about the world of Retroacts especially concerning what happened to the male ones I’d recommend the Zellie Wells series to anyone who enjoys a mixture of paranormal comedy and romance and I look forward to reading the next book in the series

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