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Download ☆ Greek Mythology Mythology Around the World By Simone Payment – ❮Ebook❯ ➨ Greek Mythology Mythology Around the World Author Simone Payment – Greek mythology is the foundation for Western art and literature Some of our most influential Western writers such as Chaucer and Shakespeare studied Greek myths and built upon them Students are taken Greek mythology is the foundation for Western Mythology Around ePUB ☆ art and literature Some of our most influential Western writers such as Chaucer and Shakespeare studied Greek myths and built upon them Students are taken on a guided tour of ancient Greek myths in this book with its colorful and illustrative images and learn the Greek Mythology ePUB ✓ importance of these myths in Greek society Supports English language arts content standards reuiring students to identify and analyze the characteristics of various literary forms and genres such as myths.

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  1. Nhi Nguyễn Nhi Nguyễn says:

    I really like this book I like the way the information is organized and presented very thoughtful and comprehensible The author didn't just present the Greek myths and stories She also explained what purposes they served in Greek people's lives at that time and in our lives today what moralslessons ancient Greek people were trying to teach and what natural phenomena they were trying to explain through these myths and stories The myths and stories mentioned in this book are perfect for those who are new to Greek mythology and would like a general view or a basic touch on the popular Greek myths So intensive reads are reuired I spotted some mistakes though For example Phaethon was the son of Helios the Sun God not Apollo which is like the God of Light including Sunlight I mistook these two when I first got into Greek mythology too ^^ You can read about their differences here this is still an enjoyable read This book is great for young kids and teens to get to know Greek mythology

  2. Jenny Jenny says:

    This book not only contained Greek Myths but explained their impact on the Greek society and way of life

  3. Jen Wehage-Barrera Jen Wehage-Barrera says:

    Dr Bindman I did two myth reviews The other was from a book that also had HERO stories I thought that would be fine but did this review from a different mythology book just in caseMYTH – PandoraThe most powerful god Zeus noticed that humans were all men so he created a human woman The gods and goddesses gave her an abundance of gifts thus naming her Pandora meaning “all gifts” Zeus’s gift was a jar or box filled with gifts with definitive instructions not to open it Eventually curiosity got the better of her and her naïve brotherhusband They opened the jar releasing poverty jealousy revenge and other evils of the world The only gift left in the jar when resealed was hope This non fiction book includes explanations of myths categories gods heroes and some myths The accompanying pictures are mostly photographs of ancient Greek buildings statues and other daily items Paintings are also included from a multitude of artists and eras The text itself is appropriate for an upper elementary grade student through grade 7 Beyond grade 7 this book would be helpful when studying mythology using multiple sources The reader would need to be mature enough to handle the depictions of nudity common in ancient Greek artifacts and renderingsTarget Audience age 9 – 13

  4. Stephen Nace Stephen Nace says:

    Well as I read the book Greek Mythology by Simone Payment I was seeing that most gods from Greek Norse and Roman Mythology that they were all the same Zeus was the main god and it built of from there Apollo was another important god same as Poseidon and Hera Apollo was god of sun music archery poetry and medicine Poseidon was god of the sea and Hera was god of marriageThe books shows how important some gods are than others Also how the content shows how they were and what they didI would give this book a 810 star rating since they had good content but should of had on each god

  5. Liliana Liliana says:

    So this book obviously is about Greek mythologythe gods goddesses heroes and myths It doesn't go too much in depth but it does a good job talking about these things in general It was extremely short yet informative My favorite part was all the pictures I pretty much knew everything it talked about I was glad to see that a few details I had not heard about yet though so it was of a re fresher for me Loved the pictures though

  6. Jenny Matzke Jenny Matzke says:

    It served its purpose but wasn't all interesting

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