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[PDF] Guardian of the Dead By Karen Healey – serv3.3pub.co.uk ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Guardian of the Dead By Karen Healey ➺ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk You're Ellie SpencerI opened my mouth just as he added And your eyes are openingSeventeen year old Ellie Spencer is just like any other teenager at her boarding school She hangs out with her best frie You're Ellie SpencerI opened my mouth just as he added And your eyes are openingSeventeen year old Ellie Spencer is just like any Guardian of PDF/EPUB ² other teenager at her boarding school She hangs out with her best friend Kevin she obsesses over Mark a cute and mysterious bad boy and her biggest worry is her paper deadline But then everything changes The news headlines are all abuzz about a local string of serial killings that all share the same morbid trademark the victims were discovered with their eyes missing Then a beautiful yet eerie woman enters Ellie's circle of friends and develops an unhealthy fascination with Kevin and a crazed old man grabs Ellie in a public suare and shoves a tattered Bible into her hands exclaiming You need it It will save your soul Soon Ellie finds herself plunged into a haunting world of vengeful fairies Maori mythology romance betrayal and an epic battle for immortality.

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  1. Lawral Lawral says:

    There is a lot to love about Guardian of the Dead Here's the shortlist a smart kind of nerdy heroine the freedomrestrictions of boarding school use and explanation of Maori myth by a white author who has the balls to point out in the text the colonial nature possible inaccuracies and just plain wrongness of Maori myth written down by white people high school use of a university library because serious shizz calls for serious research patupaiarehe fairy type creatures one of whom is Titiana in Iris's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream because I'm not the only one who likes art to imitate life casual treatment of varying sexualities a hottie who is half Maori half well something else and I could go on But do you want to know what I loved the absolute most about this book? The ending I won't go into detail or talk about the action ending because I don't want to ruin it for you cause oh my gosh is it cool but I can still tell you why I love this endingThings go crazy Ellie falls in lurv which may become love in the future and Ellie and love interest have to save the world It's life changing obviously but Ellie doesn't let it derail her life completely She doesn't possibly blow off her art school application The Lost Saint or get married right out of high school Twilight Saga or ditch her best friend in the face of tru lurv Infinite Days and harsh circumstances Extraordinary or even and this is the big one drop out of school in order to save the world which apparently cuts off the possibility of being a brilliant academic and instead becomes a mostly silent side character in the round up the loose ends epilogue Hermione oh HermioneInstead Ellie keeps going gets excited about going to college and majoring in Classics and tells love interest that she'll visit him when she's on break She simply takes all that she's learned from these life changing events with her because that's what smart girls doSo if you want to read an urban fantasy a little light on the urban grit or paranormal romance a little light on the romance that's headed by a smart girl this is your book It's also your book if you want to read the Maori Percy Jackson euivalent a good boarding school romp a murder mystery a different kind of fairy bookBook source Philly Free LibraryHow often do you see YA books with a teen character who is asexual? Not often I'm not going to lie and say it's not a big deal at any point but it is not THE big deal And it is not a problem ever except to the people crushing on the character

  2. Mitticus Mitticus says:

    35 mythological stars “You’ll see the big stories the ones that have formed the shape of the world around you And you carry your own mythologies with you so you can see the stories that are important to you the ones that parts of you believe”Eleanor Spencer is a good girl so after her mother survives cancer and wants to spend some uality time traveling with her husband she offers attend a boarding schoolPoints for not whining about it Then paranormal stuff happen Cute guys Some crazy murders aside Other good points Multicultural characters Diversity ethnicity and gender orientation Māori myths Did I mention she is not orphan vegetarian but big and can use taekwondo?Not so good Low self steem shocking in YA right? And about Mark view spoiler I'm not happy with the lots of lies excuse me omissions he tells Ellie and that she forgive him so easily specially the monster thing Ellie is right when says he is very much like Reka hide spoiler

  3. Megan Megan says:

    Guardian of the Dead is a uniue YA novel that takes place in New Zealand and involves Māori indigenous New Zealand myths I wanted to love this novel so much and almost did Unfortunately it suffered from a severe case of literary ADD Did it want to be a coming of age novel? Māori folktale? Urban fantasy adventure? Love story? Of course it can be all of this and but when one aspect of this story picked up the others would suffer Guardian of the Dead begins with seventeen year old Ellie in the middle of her first year at a private boarding school on New Zealand’s South Island Initially the reader becomes invested in Ellie’s world as she struggles to fit in crushes on a mysterious loner and starts discovering clues that something in her world is amiss The Ellie we first meet is a smart snarky girl who would be a great protagonist if it weren’t for her ridiculously low self esteem Yes this is a YA novel and teens are infamously insecure but Ellie takes it up a notch She freuently describes herself as a girl who is both overweight and extra tall While at first it is interesting and refreshing to read about an overweight main character it becomes old very uickly as so much of Ellie’s inner monologue is self bashing over her size Although we first meet Ellie at her exclusive boarding school that is not what this story is about As with many YA books these days as the story picks up Ellie’s teachers homework and responsibilities uickly fall to the wayside In fact Karen Healey introduces so many ideas and concepts and story lines that Guardian of the Dead doesn’t really flow into a seamless novel Everything ties together but I couldn’t help thinking that this novel needed a bit focus It either needed to have some sections cut while others were expounded upon; or it needed to be turned into a two or three part series It’s hard to articulate what I mean without giving away spoilers Guardian of the Dead introduces to many twists and ideas that all I can say is this ended up so much differently than what I expected when it began Further ideas people and small plot lines are introduced that don't actually matter to the ultimate climax of the story Finally Guardian of the Dead takes place in New Zealand and involves a lot of traditions and culture about the islands I couldn’t help getting the idea that this was written for a New Zealand or Australian audience because so many words ideas and attitudes were alluded to without a full explanation Not that the novel suffered from it everything was easily figured out from the context in which it was written And truthfully it was refreshing to read a novel about a foreign culture without a ton of info dump; however some background information would have been appreciated Although I loved this story while reading it and definitely recommend other fans of YA to check it out I couldn’t help wonder if the main reason I like it so much is because it is all new to me? I love folklore and creation myths and Guardian of the Dead has a ton of it If I were at all familiar with the folklore in this book would the lack of focus be irritating? Possibly But despite it’s flaws Guardian of the Dead also has a likeable central character a mystifying mystery and a sexy guy What else does a decent YA need?

  4. Thomas Thomas says:

    Eleanor Ellie Spencer is attending a boarding school in New Zealand in lieu of her last year at high school Her parents have left on vacation to celebrate her mother's miraculous recovery from cancer and they have left Ellie in the prestigious yet dreary Mansfield College Things are shaken up a bit when her best friend Kevin becomes attracted to an ambiguous woman even though he has always claimed to be asexual And later on Elie finds herself falling for the mysterious Mark Nolan a young man in her Classics class that everyone seems to be talking about Guardian of the Dead never really caught and kept my attention One contributing factor could be my lack of knowledge regarding Maori myths and folklore as they seem pretty prevalent in the book Sometimes when the characters described the myths I felt like they were reading it from a textbook rather then having a normal conversation At some points the book bored me because it felt as if the author was stringing events together instead of creating a solid storyline Honestly by the end of the book I was glad to be finished with itStill the book had some good parts People who are aware and understand Maori legends will wholly appreciate it and devour all of the allusions and references in the novel The horror and action seuences were great and provided a break from the slow pace of the first 200 pages Healey's writing was good and she has a noticeable knack for imageryI would recommend this book to anyone who doesn't mind a slow start and individuals that know about Maori culture

  5. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I was lucky enough to read this book in manuscript form It's funny intense magical dark and scary an urban fantasy for teens in a New Zealand setting so vividly and perfectly described that I honestly felt I was there even though I've never been to New Zealand in my life I love the distinctively different magic in this novel and the emotionally truthful relationships among the characters I can't wait to read many novels by Karen Healey

  6. ~Tina~ ~Tina~ says:

    I didn't really know what I expected when I got this book not really familiar with any New Zealand myths so I was pleasantly surprised how good this book really wasKaren Healey weaves an interesting plot that mixes myths mythology and mystery that makes Guardian of the Dead a very uniue take for this particular paranormal element The writing draws you in leading you into the drama but with a leashed paceThe characters were written really well and I connected with all of them right away I liked there banter and the easy way the story folds around themAt first I thought this wasn't a book for me and not till I got through the first 100pgs was I even hooked But after a certain point it becomes extremely intriguing It commands your attention While the story may confuse some which in a way it will just keep in mind that you have to take the time and not rush this book to get the answers you needI don't want to say to much as not to give away what this book is really about So all in all I thought Guardian of the Dead was a gripping captivating and thrilling book that I loved It's different in all the wonderful ways imagination can beI would love to see in this world A very well done read

  7. Nafiza Nafiza says:

    Guardian of the Dead gives a new perspective to the usual spiel of boarding schools the outcast heroine and the hotch potch of supernatural elements The story is set in New Zealand and the setting closely reflects the story and mythology contained within the pages of the book It starts strong but somehow in the middle it starts to lose its hold on the pace and the narrative and never regains it in uite the same way The mythology is not inserted into the story as seamlessly as possible and while it is fascinating the freuent breaks in the narrative to explain the local legends gains a lectureacademic uality that detracts from the story as a whole Ellie Spencer is interesting – refreshing even but she doesn’t have any definitive delineating uality at the end The relationships are dynamic and the interactions between the characters are well crafted but at the same time I felt a certain distance between them and myself as the reader I couldn’t connect to them as I would have wanted to However when all is said and done I did like better than some of the other books I have read so far It took the same story added a few other elements to it and set it in the rich historical and mythical culture of the Maori that has been little explored so far

  8. Milly Milly says:

    If you enjoy reading about mythology magic supernatural beings and learning about new cultures and folklores of other countries and in this case New Zealand's this is your cup of tea And if you like reading about strong heroines and young adult romance then you definitely need to grab this book The book is about Ellie a teen attending a boarding school in New Zealand In her obsession with a mysterious guy in school Ellie finds herself with potential magical abilities and becomes involved in a war between faeries Although I found the book a little slow to start due to character and plot development the action packed into the pages starting in the middle of the book than made up for it I have to admit though that the foreign words and concepts slowed me down here and there as I had to look to the Glossary section of the book for explanation Thank God for the Glossary Nevertheless the book was full of humor interesting tidbits and culture and heart breaking moments that put tears in my eyes that I'm sure I'll be remembering Ellie and Mark for a very long time For a new author Karen Healy did a wonderful job weaving such a memorable story

  9. Lightreads Lightreads says:

    When you have as many TBR books as I do it's hard to keep track of what came from where If I had to guess I'd say I got this book off a list of good LGBT young adult or possibly a friend recced it due to the presence of an asexual character The book isn't worth it just for that nothing is worth it just for checking a diversity box but it is worth it It's a lively bit of fantasy about a girl at a boarding school who you think you can fill in the rest of this one and you can in broad outline but not in the specifics I ended up reading a lot of wikipedia articles on Maori legends to get educated enough to keep up with this one It's a bit literal about its magic metaphors than I like my fantasy but there's this very real warm heart of friendship and young bravery to this book and it workedIt's a debut and it shows but I liked it I liked Healey; this is one of those books where you get to learn a lot about the author just based on what she loves And I'll read her next book sure but I'm really interested in her fifth her sixth her tenth I have a feeling one of those will be a knockout

  10. Diane Ferbrache Diane Ferbrache says:

    Ellie is just getting over the shock of her mother's cancer when she is sent to a boarding school on the south island of New Zealand There she makes a couple of good friends excels in her classes especially Classics finds herself strangely attracted to a young man and encounters a woman who seems to have a strang power over her Ellie's odd misgivings about the woman prove to be true when Ellie learns her true nature This is a mysteryadventure novel deeply influenced by Maori legends and folktales Incorporating the legendary creatures and creation stories of New Zealand's indiginous peoples Healey tells a story of what happens when the spiritual world interacts with the human one The story unfolds slowly reaching a dramatic war that could mean the end of all life on the islands of New Zealand With a little romance thrown in this is an interesting and engaging storyReview is of an advanced readers' copy

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