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[PDF] Harrison Bergeron By Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❰Download❯ ➺ Harrison Bergeron Author Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – Serv3.3pub.co.uk It is the year 2081 Because of Amendments 211 212 and 213 to the Constitution every American is fully eual meaning that no one is stupider uglier weaker or slower than anyone else The Handicapper Gene It is the year Because of Amendments and to the Constitution every American is fully eual meaning that no one is stupider uglier weaker or slower than anyone else The Handicapper General and a team of agents ensure that the laws of euality are enforcedOne April fourteen year old Harrison Bergeron is taken away from his parents George and Hazel by the government.

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  1. Seemita Seemita says:

    A rather stinging unsettling account of a likely future where absolute euality doesn’t naturally translate into celebrations until the constructs establishing it are also ensured to be without prejudice Ouch did I say too much? Rejoice in this much in love couple from that land then

  2. Flannery Flannery says:

    This short story takes about 5 minutes to read and it is absolutely worth it It is set in a society where in an effort to make everyone eual anyone who is above average in any respect is given mechanisms or hindrances by the government to suppress whatever it is they can do If they are mentally gifted the Handicapper General It was written in 1961 gives them an earpiece which plays annoying noises when they are thinking If a person is attractive they are forced to wear masks The story focuses on a couple and their son Harrison who excels at nearly everything and as such is covered with hindrances than any other citizen At the risk of this review taking you longer to read than the story I'll stop there Go read it at

  3. Lyn Lyn says:

    Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut is a short fiction dystopian vision that leaves the reader thinking long after the short prose is over One of the great things about Vonnegut’s short fiction is that he is able to tightly wind a story and never meanders off on tangent even though those wanderings are often entertaining in his novels Bergereon is the alpha male amidst a society of forced mediocrity Best line in the story when asked if he would be a good whatever the answer “as good as anyone else”

  4. Srividya Srividya says:

    Eerily brilliant short story The story is about an imaginary world where everyone is forced to be eual in every conceivable way often through the use of handicaps Handicaps are ways by which excellence is brought down to mediocrity and voilà people are eualStories like this truly scare me not merely because of the unimaginable horrors it portrays but mostly because in a world that is so full of competition what if people were to get tired of it and deem mediocrity to be the rule of law? Worth pondering and downright scary right?I value my freedom too much and this book has just brought to light just how free we are today in the world we live in Our world with all its faults and misgivings is still a free one compared to the world described in this story A world where parents don't even have access to the basic emotions or knowledge to mourn the death of their sonWords said by Milton eons ago despite being completely out of context in this regard come to my mind Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven I use this uote very loosely here to mean that it is better to live in a world where everyone is not eual than to live in one where everyone is forced to be an eual by taking drastic measures to bring down excellence rather than raise the mediocre and especially where this euality is brought about without any care for their personal needs That is truly a dreadful state to live in at least in my honest and humble opinion

  5. Prashant Prashant says:

    Damn you VonnegutAll these years you let me think that 1984 is one of it's kind For god knows how long have I felt awed by the world Orwell imagined 1984 to be And here comes a SOB who writes stories which take hardly 5 minutes to read and leaves the reader scarred for life In spite of the dominance of Orwell and presence of Fahrenheit 451 on the similar lines Vonnegut is able to deliver the message safely and elouently The story is set in the future when 'Euality' is the norm and 'Competition' in any sense is firmly punished People are forced to wear masks to cultivate euality among the ugly and the beautiful A boy named Harrison who is superior to all others decides to flaunt it The story gravely shows the dilemma and confusion of his parents who have lived in this world for too long to take notice You can read the story hereHere is a better story from the same author 2BR02BIf anyone has the desire to read something good on the same lines of creation of an utopian egalitarian society then my recommendation is The Valley of Masks

  6. Sonja ✧・゚。★*☾ Sonja ✧・゚。★*☾ says:

    ❛The year was 2081 and everybody was finally eual❜ This was a very interesting short story Despite the fact that the story is set in a dystopian world I really enjoyed reading it I seriously love reading dystopian fiction schadenfreude at its finestThe first sentence of the story proclaims that everybody is eual—but as I continued to read on it uickly became apparent that this “euality” the narrator goes on about could not be further from the truthIn the world of Harrison Bergeron euality is enforced by the Handicapper General and her agents So in reality everybody isn’t eual at all because the very existence of the General undermines the whole idea of euality How can everybody be eual when she possesses power and authority over everyone else?The whole system collapses in on itself if you think about it for even a single moment which is most likely why the inhabitants of this dystopian world are prevented from thinking intelligent thoughts OVERALL Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron pokes fun at those who seek to achieve absolute euality Utopias do not exist try hard enough to forcefully create one and you might just end up with a dystopiaThis entire story reminded me of the most famous uote from Animal Farm ❛All animals are eual but some animals are eual than others❜

  7. Peter Tillman Peter Tillman says:

    Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron which I hereby nominate for Best SF Short short Ever And the only SF story ever to grace the op ed page of the Wall Street JournalDo reread it if its been awhile And if you somehow missed it one of Vonnegut's best Hell one of English literature's best Hot stuffIt was then that Diana Moon Glampers the Handicapper General came into the studio with a double barreled ten gauge shotgun also available there in French Hindi Urdu translations

  8. Simeon Simeon says:

    There are two paths to euality elevating some people and breaking others Actually ignoring for a moment the second option which is the theme of Vonnegut's story the first is pretty divisive all by itself All our modern political ideologies seem concerned with it after all the extent to which a society a government should be responsible for its people and whether helping each other actually infringes on some inalienable right of not having to help each other The reality is that all this nonsense about how involved a modern civilization should be as a whole in helping people isn't an interesting uestion The answer to the uestion Should we feed the poor? is always Yes That's the moral answer though not always the practical one There's nothing wrong with saying that we can't feed the poor right this second because we are also poor – that’s ok; it shows an understanding of both our responsibility and our shortcomings – but rationalizing amorality or selfishness or greed via sociopathic grade egotism masuerading as philosophy or whining about an ever flexible definition of property which notion by the way is only a temporary contrivance of a our scarcity driven existence is an excuse for barbarism Many will object claiming that giving their money away to the poor is unfair Good point But suppose for a moment that you agree to live in a civilization among other humans and you agree to make the concessions necessary Why would you ever do such a thing you ask? Well it’s impossible to be one billionth as grotesuely rich as many many people are in a civilization without that civilization In fact someone like the CEO of Viacom whom I understand to be – and forgive me if I’m wrong – not only physically weak but mentally challenged as well would without a doubt be many times poorer all by himself out in the wild with bears and wolves and insects for company Think about that for a second Suppose we had not an anarchy but a complete independence of each other The richest man would be absolutely poor Although such a materially poor soul might actually be happier And that’s the point actually that having homeless people is pretty much the fault of having a society in the first place – like an unpleasant side effect – because having a society means that you can purchase land what a notion and soon be left with no place to build a house or make a little homeIn other words poor people today are many times worse off than they would be without a civilization compared to everyone else – the definition of wealth while rich people today are many times richer than they would be without the modern civilizationSo you tell me to whom falls the responsibility of maintaining civilization of paying dues for its existence of feeding the poor if not those among us who benefit the most? Because trust me if you’re poor you know what I’m talking about given a choice between living in the wild without technology and being homeless today it’s hardly a choice at all Maybe you’d build a little home in the woods and plant a wee garden and grow tomatoes or something Or you might starve to death The point is either way you’d certainly be better off than sleeping next to a dumpster in ChicagoSo end of tangent discussion of the first path to eualityThe second path breaking others down so we are all eual also bears a modern ideological parallel of social restrictionSuppose someone doesn’t like marijuana and as a bigoted corollary determines also not to like anyone who does like marijuana I was thinking about this the other day I don't do drugs personally not because I think it's wrong I simply can't afford them but imagine someone who decides to smoke some pot which I hear is an excellent drug and other people found out These other people would actually want to come into his house and arrest him I know Isn’t it hilarious?I mean wait Here he is in his home after a long day's work and he decides that he’d like to inhale some harmless smoke and feel mellow There are actually people out there in our exalted government who believe that the correct social response is to immediately burst into his house and arrest him All this is done at great expense something like 40000 taxpayer money per year per potheadSo instead of building schools and playgrounds and parks they would rather lock people up to make sure absolutely sure that these criminals are no longer inhaling any smoke It boggles the mindIf you thought this was a nice moral age of reason I’m sorry to break it to you but we live in a barbaric world full of savages and moronsAlright so abusing other people because they are different which can be uncomfortable is wrong That’s part of Vonnegut’s pointA superficial warning is that there’s a difference between fairness eual advantage and eual disadvantage Running a society based on social and genetic lottery is a stupid idea but we don’t have the technological or moral know how to do otherwise and simply acknowledging that it’s a terrible thing we are doing is probably a good startI mean it’s all a sort of evolution of our economic moralityFor the modern person it goes something like Libertarianism a little smart a lot stupid Obviously being successful under such a system in contrast to some meritocratic alternatives would be a matter of opportunity not talent But most notably a libertarian society would forgo all regulations and standards as things uickly fester into a sort of corporate feudalism complete with separate cartels and a nice oligarchy etc Every day we forgo some freedoms in order to safeguard others You give up the freedom to pee in the water supply in exchange for the freedom to not have to drink pee etc But libertarianism some people like pee Meritocracy closer Even if it were possible to actually reward effort based solely on merit a meritocracy would still rely on some sort of genetic or environmental lottery Clearly not the paradigm of moral evolution Rawlsianism seems the likeliest to produce a fair society Though personally I’m rooting for a post scarcity socialistic anarchy utopia That’s just me

  9. Katelyn Jenkins Katelyn Jenkins says:

    WellWell WellWhat can I say other than that was a doozie? sigh This little ol' story made me feel in a way I didn't think possible in so few of words On the outset I really wish to believe that I came into this story truly unknowing of what level of freedoms I had in my United States society but now I am uestioning that For science fiction the story seems so fantastically real even with it's silly suggestions of weights government ear plugs and face masks to make all eual in to all others Is that really it? Is this what makes a person eual? To give weight and eualize everyone to mediocrity? And OH MY GOSH the end? When the parents simply forget the outcry their son managed to achieve? A few moments of freedom knowing very well the found love and minute romance shared would really only be that a minute? Seemed all worth it Legit but it still makes me uite sad this glimpse into an alternate universe I want to know

  10. Sofia Sofia says:

    ChillingI keep thinking of all the handicaps we are saddled with by society The worse the kicking yourself in the ass bit is that most of the handicaps are there by our own choice albeit unconciously Society is devious like that

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