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[Epub] Helix Wars By Eric Brown – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮Ebook❯ ➭ Helix Wars ➮ Author Eric Brown – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Helix Wars seuel to the best selling Helix is a fast paced adventure novel about the ultimate threat to the Helix itself and to humanity whose role it is to protect itThe Helix a vast spiral of ten th Helix Wars seuel to the best selling Helix is a fast paced adventure novel about the ultimate threat to the Helix itself and to humanity whose role it is to protect itThe Helix a vast spiral of ten thousand worlds turning around its sun Aeons ago the enigmatic Builders constructed the Helix as a refuge for alien races on the verge of extinction Two hundred years ago humankind came to the Helix aboard a great colony ship and the Builders conferred on them the mantle of peacekeepers For that long peace has reigned on the Helix But when shuttle pilot Jeff Ellis crash lands on the world of Phandra he interrupts a barbarous invasion from the neighbouring Sporelli who scheme to track down and exterminate Ellis before he can return to New Earth and inform the peacekeepers.

10 thoughts on “Helix Wars

  1. Michael Hanscom Michael Hanscom says:

    First off to borrow an old cliché don't judge this book by its cover The cover of a suited warrior firing a laser rifle against a backdrop of explosions gives the impression that this is a military sci fi novel a genre which I'm not terribly interested in Instead this book the second in a series has much in common with Larry Niven's Ringworld as it deals with the interplay between races on a giant helical constructed world wrapped around a star like a slinky with thousands of cylindrical worlds strung along like beads on a necklaceHowever much the construct may invite comparisons to Niven's Ringworld though Brown's worldbuilding isn't uite so engrossing The structure of the Helix allows for lots of variety in environments and races but leaves a lot of the technical underpinnings for instance how do the individual worlds have gravity? to be either entirely unexplained or brushed off as technology so advanced we can't understand it The concept sounds very hard SF but the execution leaves something to be desiredThat said the book isn't at all bad though it's not likely to end up as my pick for this year's PK Dick award for which it is one of seven nominees I just hoped for a little Niven like exploration of the hard SF concept that instead acts as little than an interesting background for the story itself

  2. Keith Keith says:

    I tore through the first Helix ravenously was pretty blown away by the setting the ideas and the rollicking pace That pace is present again here with things moving at the same action thriller clip and it's a real page turner I missed the sense of awe and wonder in the first book this is of a slightly traditional actioner but it was inevitable after the first book traded so well and heavily in the introduction of the world It does mean that while the action is really gripping there isn't the same element of surprise running throughout Saying that it does pull out some pretty inspired and epic ideas here and thereStill going strong give us a third

  3. Moonshadow Moonshadow says:

    Amazing story A worthy seuel to Helix

  4. Lee Pfahler Lee Pfahler says:

    Not as good as Helix but still a good read

  5. Max Max says:

    This uncomplicated scifi war story the seuel to Helix is reminiscent of Jack Vance for its exotic races Larry Niven for the idea of a manufactured many world environment and Neal Asher for obvious reasons Believable characters two of which also featured in the first novel and who go through many adventures Easy reading guaranteed

  6. Monica Monica says:

    Another great adventure I didn't think it was uite as good as Helix but at the same time it was so imaginative and engaging I thought the human was a bit of whiner though and he got on my nerves a bit I think Eric Brown predicted the Soy Boy but all the other characters were very likeable and i enjoyed being on the adventure with them

  7. Natalie Natalie says:

    Okay Not as good as Helix

  8. Les Les says:

    Following on from the earlier book Helix where a human starship crashes onto a huge and spectacular helix shaped construct containing thousands of worlds Helix Wars continues the story a couple of hundred years later It's a good yarn no doubt about it but this was definitely my least enjoyed Eric Brown story to date The reason for this is not so much with the delivery which is typically good but I was surprised to find myself rushing a little and trying to avoid text skipping during a large portion of the book This is the first time I've experienced this while reading Brown's work I think I know why many of the action seuences were just a tad painful and certainly felt like the author was positioning them in the story for the sake of having action not so much because they'd add to the story which I guess in general they did it's just that it was a bit too much I don't remember Helix being like this With all that said the tale itself is good and contains the usual Eric Brown epic scale and wonder huge alien artifacts species and cultures lots of good sci fi stuff It's certainly advisable to read Helix first as this introduces much of the background information and characters that have roles in this book The conclusion is okay with enough room left for further expansion etc and I sense that there could be further Helix stories in the future Mostly recommended mainly if you enjoyed Helix but it's not a book that I would steer a first time Eric Brown reader toward

  9. Bob Bob says:

    Sigh very disappointing First of all this is a seuel and I didn't read book 1 so maybe it's better if you've read the first one The idea is an interesting one a ringworld type story but I wasn't pulled into the story at allThe big premise is that humans are made peacekeepers of this fantastic ringworld type construct with thousands of alien races on it Humans are demonstrating an astonishing spectacular incomprehensible incompetence at this job one of the things that put me off throughout the book Apparently the god like race that put them in charge made a monumentally stupid decision here The main character also sucks all the excitement out of the story which is terrible because he was a really likable guy This just wasn't a good story for him to shine Let me say it this way I like sci fi action books and I also like slow moving introspective philosophical sci fi books This was the worst of both a naively pacifistic main character racked with self doubt is dragged along on an action adventure that he's too incompetent to take part in very much and too self conflicted to think about very much BlahInteresting premise and some fascinating creativity in some of the worlds that he created but overall I didn't like the way it turned out Perhaps I should say that the setting was awesome but the storyline sucked

  10. Bruno Di Giandomenico Bruno Di Giandomenico says:

    Welcome back to the worlds of the Helix This time we get to know a little bit about some of the races which populate some of the worlds We come across the bad Sporrelli who live in a dark and depressing world and are governed by a fascist dictatorship hell bent on conuering a world with some metalWe know the race which acts as Engineers and repairer of the Helix and a gentle and delicate race which give peace another meaningAn earthling must wade among these races to fulfill his destiny and become hero notwithstanding his peaceful natureWe get a glimpse of what the Helix is really made of but I think it is too little for the nature of the helix 10000 worlds to explore thousand of races some of them has been there for a few thousand years and so little contact That is strange let us hope mr brown can tell us right now it is tantalizing but little

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