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[Epub] Here Lies Eric Ambler By Eric Ambler – serv3.3pub.co.uk ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Here Lies Eric Ambler By Eric Ambler ⚣ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best CriticalBiographical Work Only an idiot believes that he can write the truth about himselfHere Lies is an insightful look inside the life and work of one o Winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best CriticalBiographical Work Only an idiot believes that he can write the truth about himselfHere Lies is an insightful look inside the life and work of one of our greatest thriller writers In this Edgar Award winning autobiography Ambler applies his deft touch to his own story his South London childhood his brief engineering career his time as an advertising copywriter and of course the publication of his revolutionary Here Lies PDF/EPUB or spy novels He then explores his time at war his service in the film division of the British War Office and his resulting screenplaysHere Ambler presents a compelling account of a life as enigmatic as it was exceptional.

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  1. Mike Mike says:

    Having read a handful of Ambler’s fictions I was keen to learn about the man himself This book was a tremendously fun way to do it Ambler is a likeable companion as he takes you through the story of his own life from son of small time theatre folk to bestselling international author and friend to the stars Although it ends rather abruptly his years in Hollywood and Switzerland are hinted at than described it lifts the lid on a fascinating period of history from the 1920s to the Second World War There’s a lot here for fans of Ambler’s novels We follow his growing interest in international politics and his development from naive youth into well travelled and expert handler of an expense account and there are some great cameos from figures such as Winston Churchill David Niven and WS Maugham The only shame other than the abrupt finish is that there is so little of Ambler himself His worldview is suggested but not fully described and certainly not analysed This may be the product of his fictional style for which the protagonist is often the least interesting character and is often the vehicle through which the reader meets far fascinating people and enters thrilling new environments

  2. Keith Currie Keith Currie says:

    Eric Ambler's autobiography begins with a great opening chapter Coming round from a near fatal road traffic accident in Switzerland he describes his experiences as well as including some hilarious accounts of interviews with people at book promoting events After this the book settles down into pretty standard stuff his family his childhood in South London school days early work his ambition to be a playwright his first novels The final third of the book focuses on his war experiences with some dramatic escapades in Italy with John Huston The story ends shortly after the war with some thoughts about writing fiction and writing screenplays There was perhaps less than I would have liked about the genesis of his novels but throughout Ambler presents an entertaining and interesting picture of himself his family and his life The account is genial and often frank but also selective Less perhaps is revealed than is immediately apparent

  3. Michelle Kidwell Michelle Kidwell says:

Here Lies
by Eric Ambler
Agora Books
Biographies Memoirs Mystery Thrillers
Pub Date 26 Jan 2016
I am reviewing a copy of Here Lies through Agora Books and NetgalleyIn this insightful autobiography we get a look into the lives of one of the greatest thriller writers Eric AmblerThis book talks about everything from his South London Childhood to his brief engineering career to his time as an advertising copywriter as well as publishing his spy novels He even goes on to even talk about his time at warI give Here Lies five out of five starsHappy Reading

  4. Debs Carey Debs Carey says:

    Someone who's opinion I valued recommend The Mask of Dimitrios as a really good thriller so when I saw this autobiography by its author on a Kindle deal I grabbed it I struggled with it initially feeling bored as there was no immediate connection I went back for a second go and things picked up as it moved in to the 'interesting people I met' section and to be fair the connection had started to buildBiographiesmemoirs are a genre I'm particularly looking at as a writer and I learned a fair bit from this one if not the inspiration that I was seeking

  5. Cristie Underwood Cristie Underwood says:

    The author wrote a great account of the personal journey they embarked on The honest and detailed writing made it easy for the reader to feel invested in their journey

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